Soul of the Empath

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – We empaths are a complicated mess for many years until we get serious about our the commitment to our emotional healing journey.  Someone had asked a question about changing from a mental government, to an empath government. My answer was no, because the path of the empath is very difficult to attain groundedness emotionally and takes a long time to heal.

Empaths have so many emotional issues that it would be added stresses and deeper emotional conflicts unexpressed to run a mind/body world. The empath is unique for a reason, and the eternal soul depends upon our emotions to heal, in order to get our emotional body and soul body communicating together.

The Mind’s goal is to get into the body and silence it at will. To get it i to the present moment rather than out there in space and idealism. Anyone who has done even two years of dedicated Zen or Buddhist meditation, knows how noisy and bossy the mind is. It  can be settled with practices.

Vyacheslav Larionov water 2
Vyacheslav Larionov

The Emotional bodies on the other hand, has an evolution that is very different than mind/body, it is one of love, self love, and heal ones emotional issues, whether they are this life’s issues, past (emotional) lifetime’s issues or a little of both.

The Emotional body’s journey or ultimate journey is so one can get to have a mystical and magical relationship to their soul body, and we have several souls, but they are very elusive.

Those of us who have out ut of body experience(s) know by experience that there is no emotion in this, emotional just peace… the darker side of that is the most dangerous which is “escapism” based on personal fears, from dealing with our powerful emotions which can lead to mental illness or powerlessness.

Escapism is a Neptunian reality, because too much suffering hurts and drains us after a decade or two, so we seek softer lights rather than harsher or bright ones. So many seek perception altering plants to escape, or escaping into our dreams, but so much of this can lead us into shadow spaces without the conscious  awareness of our soul and her fragility, and that shadow is allowed into our souls spaces in waking life, as well as our night dreams.

Creativity and Nature are two of the most ancient ways to express emotional body ssues in a softer and more positive way, like art, dance, song, movement and creative healing. Also spiritual disciplines that dissolve stress.

The emotional body of the empath and our interior soul, have a symbiotic relationship that can never really be separated except from perception altering plants/drugs which eradicates the soul slowly and pushes the interior soul out of the body. Our journey is to unite soul and emotional body in a healthy way. This is extremely difficult and there are no shortcuts.


As a dreamer (shaman), i see so many soul astral bodies of living people wandering lost, and fragmented (our soul we were born with should be both protected and safe inside us). There are fragmented parts from child abuse, shamanic plants abuses, addictions, and thus our soul gets shoved out by theses things and literally, this part of our soul follows along outside the person like a hungry ghost.

A psychic would say its a dead ghost that has no relativity to the person other than a spirit helper or an ancestor, but shamans know better than using 1300 ce middle ages applications of the dead aspects of living people.

People tend not to know the many difference between an empath and an intuitive / psychic medium type. Empaths can be intuitives but its extremely rare for intuitives to be empaths…. even though both have emotions and an emotional body.

The structures I work with as a folk healer and empath was to spend decades healing my emotional issues, real relations, and also learning to grounding them with spiritual disciplines like zen and the bardo, otherwise the soul aspects, both the mental astral body and the soul astral body within, are at risk all the time without the cognitive mind even aware.

The other soul bodies we have is the shadow or demon body from our past life karmic fragments, animism souls (dark or light), and the divine or higher self, but for any of these to be connected to even in the smallest way, much less even understanding it from experience, we have to start at the beginning of the root self to heal, to speak our emotional truth even if the mind trashers cut us down and apart.

The emotional body and the soul body (the one that is within) is always trying to communicate to us in her ancient languages of dreams, signs, syncronicities, symbols nature, animals,. This is why before the patriarch the goddess cultures were symbolically birds, animals, nature, woman / moon, and woman, woman being our feminine or our soul.

Volpi, Alfredo – Mermaid, 1960

A hug free diet (no hugs) is one positive way to get your personal space under control. Also one can assist that by carrying a bottle of water with them when they go to social functions, to absorb everyone’s emotional issues (negativity). At work, at home, at a spiritual circle, sweat lodge, when you get a massage etc. Works every time but it has to be a REAL & DISCIPLINED commitment.

I was born at the 100% level empath, real empaths suffer immensely in many ways, until they get a grip on their real issues: their real emotional diseases, their lack of personal boundaries or defensive boundaries; becoming aware of their own victim consciousness; or going to the mind-defense systems because their emotional karmic body has suffered child abuse or their own abuses from past life karma, that have left them with a disabling defense mechanisms.

If you feel bad about saying zen or martial arts with the hug abstinence to gain emotional energy awareness, then actually do it once a week or once a month as a practice, and then you are telling the truth. I have seen a lot of scapegoating in social media empath groups because they fear being “exposed” of their authentic self and truth to share their own shadow, even with strangers. And that is understandable, but to “defend” ones fears is the opposite of healing ones fears.

Hopefully social media empaths will someday seek real healers and spiritual circles in person, face to face to heal some of these issues that are seen so easily on groups like facebook, which is emotional defensiveness 101. Or the extreme opposite of compassion overload.

Empaths deal with real emotional sickness and some on the verge of emotional disease and breakdowns,and that is what brings us to crisis which is the real state in which we have to heal because we no longer have a choice. Undoing this ball of string since childhood is a real hard journey to heal and the more we heal, the more we expose of the self and more deeper healing. Its an endless caudron for real empaths.

I could write five books on this subject, but books are not putting you into action and the healing path! 

To work with Phoenix, one on one as an Empathic Healer, or to be on our once a month lunar work study, please write to:

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    Excellent info..Thank you…So joyfully I am reading here and refreshing my soul in so many ways.


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