First Moon of Autumn & Autumn Equinox 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, we have three events on this first full moon of Autumn. The Autumn Equinox on Saturday, September 22, along with Libra in Mercury from September 22 – October 9 and the Full Moon of Autumn, on Monday September 24, 2018. These are very strong communication scenarios for the second half of this moon. For the newbies, you can read our Lunar Work Study directions here.

Magic begins with Autumn’s first night
as green turns gold and trees reflect
red’s passionate fire. The sacred prepares us
to listen quietly to the return of the whispering
winds called the Spirits of the North (night).

Let your path be filled with nature’s harmony,
for she shows us the cyclical deaths of transformation.
She shows us the more gentle ways of this
special beauty.

Walk through the season of the night – holding
your ancient grandmother’s light, her candle of
symbolic wisdom. She knows that suffering is
tolerable, when we realize that deeper within us,
there is a warm fertile ground, covered very
old leaves.

We glow when we relight our seasonal hearth’s
fire and our soul, the one that we rarely ever meet
in the world of love, comfort and joy, returns. She
shows up when we call upon our strength, when
must learn the blessings of letting go,.

Elder Mountain Dreaming Magic

This is the season of the 7 Dreaming Sister’s return, we look for these Pleiades in Autumn and Winter in the Northern Hemisphere’s skies, visible from dusk til dawn in October and disappearing in April. Its also a time when the whales migrate, and all the Harvest Festivals begin. So take time to hike in the forest or enjoy a festival, as nature changes her dress and puts on her northern coat.

Each moon now, is getting stronger and stronger, because the magnetic energy is rising on earth, and this coincides with our emotional body, our soul bodies, and the dreaming astral bodies. In mundane terms, its important that we sharpen our communication and listening skills,  especially if you one uses social media. Our challenges this moon cycle are:

We have two T Squares (tension for growth), these are always challenging. In the first triangle we have Mars (our actions), Venus (our love) and Uranus (life’s chaos). If you have a soul mate or relationship  ivery important to you, this is the triangle that can play out with tension, to help you break through an issue..

The second T-Square is the big one – Sun/Mercury, Moon/Chiron & Saturn, all very personal planets in a very tight orb. 1. Moon/Chiron (is our woundedness of our emotional body, unconscious or consciously, inner child, working on it or not);  2. Saturn (powers of authority or lack of, personal shaming of others, scapegoating of self or others) and 3. Sun/Mercury (communication and personal communication to find resolve or to project and shame-blame). This second one can lead us down the rabbit hole of justification and egocentric satisfaction.

I wanted to address social media in this article with Mercury in Libra presently, because there is a huge communication pop culture boom going on in its fullness. A product of our age that falls under the “Pluto in Libra” generation’;s gift to the world. These were the kids born (1971-1982). Social Media and our new way to communicate without an emotional body, is going to make our Mercury Retrogrades much more challenging and even more unpredictable as time goes by because two thirds of our communication is missing (physical body, emotional body and soul body), and all one gets in social media is the mental body. This Autumn and Winter, before the Spring Equinox we have three Retrogrades: November 17, Dec. 6, 2018, March 16, 2019.

If we remove our computers, cell phones, lights and electrical gadgets from our life, we are left with “Nature’s Mercury”, a two way door of syncronicities, signs and intuitive communication and the old psychopomp herself “which is the one who hovers over for more insight, but never dares enters that swriling spiral.”


Mercury Retrogrades are difficult because our mental communication and emotional communication are not naturally synced because we must deal with the unconscious and our life lessons. When we tend to lean heavy on our mental body in today’s world, we put our mind in a mini (matrix) and leave our emotions always questioning our struggles. Mercury rules our immediate spaces and this modern cell phone, web communication phenomena leaves life open to not the elephant in the room anymore, the the troll called “ignoring” and “egocentrism” in social media lands.

Full Moon Oracle: 3 of Clubs

A three of clubs card appeared around the new moon and I have held it since this full moon trying to see what would surface around it. The Three of Clubs is about practical developments in social matters and in business matters, expanding of your opportunities, growth, and advancement. The uses of common sense, and good judgment (perspective). A clover leaf, good luck, and fortunate circumstances.

Something growing, plants, hair, nails, etc. Increased understanding, or expanding one’s knowledge base by learning new things. It can represent both formal training and self-edification. How do we receive all these blessings of the three of clubs for the rest of the moon cycle? By focusing on the shadows sides of our communication issues. More specifically, any sneaky egocentrism that comes or way or we send out. Egocentrism is very subtle behaviors of getting what we need consciously or unconsciously. Its also the opposite of self care.

We can put our communication into creativity or we can put it into egocentrism, which by definition is the inability to untangle subjective reality from objective reality and an inability to understand or assume any perspective other than one’s own. If someone offers something new on your plate of reality, if you are confused, then you say they are confused. If you share that there are chemtrails, then a person responds with group tribal power and says what drugs are you smoking, instantly going to denial.

We do have a choice to unplug a bit our self if we find the self in the quicksand of mind-drama.  We have the ever so present public shame-blame also on social media, out of the unconscious aspects of our mental body. Below this lays the old wounds of fear, anger, jealousy, frustrations of everyday life of everyone.

The keys that we hold are to remember that its about “our” healing, rather than fixing, giving and saving this world. We also have to practice calling the self out, pulling back and taking breaks. Compassion works both ways and if you are not focusing on the changes and hard decisions you need to make, then your just focusing away from what you need to do.

The Goddess of this moon cycle is here.

Set your full moon intention wisely… I encourage you to face your fears one day at a time and heal what troubles your heart with slow and steady conviction, sobriety of course (the unseen world is way to dark not to for those of us who see it, feel it, and have to interact in it as a shaman), and dedication to you healing, as part of your spiritual path! Phoenix

New Moon Chart…

Full Moon Sept 24, 2018 Astrology Chart.png


If you are interested in being on our once a month work-study, please write to To work with Phoenix one on one for any issue, or  six month session work, her bio is here.

Source: Poem Autumn by Phoenix; Beaked Goddess large eyes, wing-like arms, and energetic chevrons, found in a megalithic passage grave, ca. 3500 BCE from Horta Velha do Reguengos by Barbacena, southwest of Monforte (Alto Alentejo).

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