Goddess of Sobriety

By Phoenix and Burnt Stone of Elder Mountain – There is a pandemic going on in this world, a drug pandemic, a crime of pain, not passion, that is unfelt and unresolved in the expansion of the pharmaceutical phenomena. Meds, Drugs, Shamanic Plants, Shamanic Drugs, Pot, Hybrid Pot… all at the cost of destruction of the astral (soul) body. Pro pot, drug, shamanic plant people have no idea what this does to our astral (soul) body, yet defend the use with their opinions of a strong willed mind and mental body. Its been said in the last forty years: Meditation… not medication of any kind.

Only the individual on a spiritual journey can decide if their holistic path is pure in each body (physical, emotional, mental or soul bodies) or not. I am here to play devil’s advocate and do not support the Buddha-bonger, happy high crystal people who were born in the 90s. None of this was happening 200 years ago, nor 1000 years ago, 3000 years or 10,000 years ago, these are the lost children. The destruction of our soul needs an advocate and I am one of the biggest as a pure shaman.

The sixties unleashed not only drugs but the shadow sides of drugs and shamanic plants and mushrooms etc, that are catching up fast with a soul’s price to pay. The more we avoid pain and or karma, with drugs to suppress, medications to relieve emotional feelings, to vastly check out of emotional responsibility, to vision when one cannot vision and therefore not suppose to, the further we remove ourselves from our own personal strength to work with our own personal pain, chronic pain, severe pain and disabling pain. To be committed spiritually to sobriety of all kinds, is to be in the paths of …

“less is more so the soul can heal”

The Greek Goddess Sophrosyne and Roman Goddess Sobrietas is the personified Spirit (daimona) of moderation, self-control, temperance, restraint, and discretion. She was one of the good spirits to escape Pandora’s box and abandoned mankind in her flight back to Olympos… 


Hail to the ocean that flows in my blood,
Hail to the ocean that flows in my heart,
Hail to the ocean that throbs in my mind,
Hail to the waters that gave life to this world.

Hail Aegir, Ale-Brewer, King of the Northern Seas,
You whose cauldron overflows with good ale
And washes foam on all the shores,
The gift you give can be taken away,
And I ask you, in your generosity,
To take it from me forever.

Let drink have no more hold over me,
Let the substances that cloud my mind
Like staring through the waves of ocean
Be gone from my life, and not be missed.

Hail Ran, Green-Eyed Queen of the Northern Seas,
Whose hair lies in all the seaweed waving,
These longings are wound all through my mind
Like strangling weed, and I would be released.
Draw them from me, set me free to swim
And not be drowned in the ocean of addiction.

Hail Kolga, Cold One, Lady of the Iceberg,
Give me clean cold clarity in my mind
That I might never be deluded by that desire
And will always know when I am slipping too close.
Freeze that creeping longing in its tracks,
Entomb it forever in the arctic ice.

Hail Duva, Hidden One, Lady of Mists,
Draw back the veil and show me the way through.
Send me those to help me find the way,
Pearls of sanity in the fog,
Islands of common sense in the ocean of delusion,
And may my heart be open to hearing their words.

Hail Blodughadda, Bloody Mermaid,
Strip the chemicals from my blood,
Take the longing from my body,
Make it crave a healthier gift,
Release me from all physical cravings,
Bare your shark’s teeth when I begin to fail.

Hail Hronn, Lady of the Whirlpool,
I beg you, keep me from getting sucked down
Into the maelstrom of addiction yet again.
Devour the fears that bound me to that path,
Help me to face all new ones with better tools,
Drag me gasping from the spinning hole.

Hail Hevring, Mourning Mermaid,
Help me to face the sorrows in my life
That I tried to avoid with drugs and drink;
Wash me clean with my own tears,
Show me how to properly grieve
And learn, finally, to let it all go.

Hail Bylgja, Lady of the Breaker,
The undertow that I fear will sweep me away.
Spare me, Lady, and let me remain
In control of myself, and I will praise
Your name, and the names of your sisters,
Your father and mother, and your beautiful realm.

Hail Bara, Whale-Goddess of the Tsunami,
Whose wrath batters the cringing shores.
Help me to deal with my own anger,
Show me better ways to deal with it
Than resorting to the old roads
Of drowning the fire with intoxicating waters.

Hail Unn, Lady of the Tides,
Teach me not to be impatient
But to understand that all things come
In their own time, on their own tides.
Show me a future where I am serene
And can make my way with clarity.

Hail Himinglava, Fair-Weather Goddess,
Sun Shining Through the gray clouds of depression,
Give me your gift of ephemeral joy
Through new means that make me stronger
Instead of weakening me. Shine the Sun
Through the clouds, and light my way.

Hail to the ocean that flows in my blood,
Hail to the ocean that flows in my heart,
Hail to the ocean that throbs in my mind,
Hail to the waters that gave life to this world.


If you sit on the fence of not sure about starting a drug/plant spiritual journey, then your intuition says no. I am here for those who do not want the delusional and perception altering spirituality, that brings your soul into the shadow groups behind the veil of those who lead these circles around the world.

If you want the real stuff to heal, to grow, to mature, to heal relationships, to vision with pure soul, and work on any addictions then Elder Mountain supports you.  Many shamanic plant people have substituted one drug for a plant drug and justify it, as its become a deadly pop culture tradition. These people are not shamans, they are drug and plant dealers.

Artwork:  “Sobrietas” Engraving 1560, Printed by Cornelius Cort, British Museum

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