Second Moon of Autumn 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Greetings dreamers, artists, healers, moon lovers, it’s the new moon time again. Our Second New Moon of Autumn begins on Monday, the 8th of October, 2018 at 15° Libra and the Full Moon is October 24. How did you handle that rising magnetic energy last month? Was it a little more intense than usual? It was intense for everyone, so you are not alone in your struggles, choices and or challenges. For newbies who have just joined us, please read this first.

This moon cycle is about our character, our nature and how we navigate to recognize an ability to find personal strength. Remember, at Elder Mountain we encourage sobriety as part of our healing and spiritual journey (no pot, wine, drugs, meds, shamanic plants or any other perception altering substances). We do this for many reasons, but mainly because we work with the emotional body, the soul body and animism body.

Adding this type of bravery to your agenda for the month, can include sobriety if you want to challenge yourself? As a long time healer, I have found detoxing such things helps us gain clarity of all our other mental or emotional issues. Just becoming sober, even if you do not have an addiction problem, decreases the emotional issues almost by forty percent of ones chaos and bringing some needed peace and calm. Think its easy to make such a sacrifice? Its not because no real healing is easy.

In order for us to be healthy, we learn to be honest with our self and to be honest with others that we love and respect. We get a lot of trouble that comes our way from being honest with people, especially with those we love. And even more trouble when we are honest with our self. It takes practice to do this, taking our healing and spiritual journey seriously to the next level, the more seasoned of us, have learned that there are no rewards when we do soul work, because its to build “our” character and strengthen our nature, and detox our body and mind. This type of work is not about others or for the reward system, other than the detoxification of our soul (astral body). We are the protectors of these bodies… everyone else wants its light.

We have a two-fold month, one which is our ability to communicate and the other, our ability to listen, and listen deeply through without the coyote rebellion, with patience and a practice of contemplation. Compassion comes from the combination of patience & contemplation. How do we start to get there. We set our intention each new moon, to learn to listen deeper by paying attention to our life, our actions, our words, our confusion, our impatience. Then we use our intention each month to see what we are blind to about the self. 

When our attention is scattered or easily distracted, we hesitate in our actions, which can lead to stagnation or frustration or both. Add patience as a practice to this, we begin to whittle off the sharper edges in our responses to our  life and we learn self-control. In a world where one side is repression, and the other is total freedom, we must find where we are at in life, in order to find our balance inbetween both.


Lunar work is simple, but it is a very difficult practice. This is because it’s not predictable, its flexible to the unknown. We do not know what our emotional challenges will be for the month to come, and this is “why” we set one intention to become “aware” of what we need to heal or wake up to, within. This is a difficult circle to walk blindfolded, because it’s a spiral and spiral medicines are the most complex to master. 

Some of you can learn how to jump off of the repetition wheel that makes us feel stuck in life. For others, emotional decisions are made blindly, over and over again, causing us stress. We chose to work with one inner intention that allow us an emotional focus, when the mind and body live their own life, we must support our emotional growth. We commit to our emotional nature, which ultimately detoxes us karmically, and serves our soul.

I often say that a Buddhist Meditation teacher has the easiest job on earth. This is because with any struggle you come to them with, the answer is always: Meditate. They are right, its good to meditate for the mental body, it slows the mind down and makes us more peaceful. And for the Yoga Teacher, they say: Do Yoga. And they are right, its good to do yoga for the body to keep it optimal and helps us be more peaceful. And the Healed Healer says: Feel. And they would be right, because to just feel our feelings, or to feel in general is something people don’t do, plus it helps us nurture the self when we feel chaos and overwhelmed by the accumulation of life and the big life changes. Do all three and you will certain be able to flow.

The river flows when there is water (emotion) and in Autumn and Winter, this is the time that water accumulates and overflows in the Spring. By Summer there is the least amount of water and its very dry. Like nature, we too must learn to “adjust our emotional flow” with the ebb and flow of the moon.

The moon and natural magnetic energy affects our emotional body, our dreaming and the connections with our soul. Our soul stays just at the far edges of awareness, like trying to wake up in a deeper layer of dreaming, its really difficult even to open our eyes. So too with our personal issues, it takes us a long time to open our eyes and see what is holding us back. Others can point it out, but we do not act upon it. Not until we see it, then we are ready to act and change. Any sort of spiritual practice weekly, or going to healers, assist our emotional healing because being supported and sharing our burdens, is healthy.

Artem Rogovoy.pngIf last month brought forth some struggles that you are still facing today, move into this moon cycle with that struggle and chose your new moon intention on its opposition. If you feel hot, set an intention for cool, if you are angry set and intention for joy. In all oppositions there is great healing.

We cannot heal everything we wish in a short amount of time. What we can do is to choose what is most important to heal and focus on that. There is a saying:  “Though a tree grow ever so high, the falling leaves always return to the root.”

When we come to a point in our life, where change is occurring and we feel unstable, we must return to memories of where we were strong in our past. To remember what we have accomplished, when things were difficult, in order to regain our proper perspective again. When women tell me they fear making a change, if they are mothers I tell them: “If you can birth a baby, you can overcome this.” Sometimes just a reminder of our strength helps us regain it. We are always given chances to make a change, and we must learn to support that change with practices.

The Oracle: Confusion

In your mind you glimpse it,

but doubt it can be done.

Unsure whether to advance or

withdraw, you don’t know the next step.

If you are doubtful right now about something, you cannot be single-minded. And if you are not single minded, you won’t achieve what you seek. This reading represents emotional blockages, which is sometimes called psychic blockages, which gives rise to self-doubt. If you spend your time developing confidence (believing in yourself and your choices), you will have achievement eventually. It maybe that you are held back by a lesser person than yourself, who is causing your self doubt, but you fear accepting this truth. Until you are clear, there can be no resolution. Work towards being clear.

It’s difficult to make changes, changes in relationships, changes in careers, changes in our attitude or boundaries, change about who we are ten years later. Our flexibility requires creativity, so if you fear telling someone you have to let them go for your health and peace of mind, then practice letting go of smaller things until you feel strong enough to do it. We don’t expect a puppy or child to know everything or make the right choices, we need to give ourselves the same benefit. 

angela perrini illustrations

This moon cycle, chose one thing that you know you must change. Start by just practicing acceptance of the idea of that change, all month-long. Remind yourself what your goal is with that particular change, even if it takes a year or two to accomplish it. Emotional problems and challenges are not any more difficult than physical ones are. We think there is more at stake with emotional decisions because we refer back to love or being loved, or fearing a broken heart and rejection again, but that is because this is based on feeling and feelings expand and contract. And memories linger until we face them.

Body and Soul must be united to get that mental body under control, in order to take a step forward. The mind is geared “not to change” and it resists change, and that is always a challenge to our emotional body and our emotional sensitivities.

Be your own teacher with devotion to your practices, and your own best friend, who tells you the truth about any change you really need to make, regardless of how difficult it is. Fear is a very powerful energy and we can only dilute it a little at a time. But we have to invest in finding out about that fear of ours, to make a real change. 

There is no wrong or right here, there is only personal responsibility for the outcome once we have decided to make the change. That is what the emotional body fears most… its called blame, rejection, shame, anger etc. by the “other” involved in our changes. Anything that we truly struggle to know, requires a commitment to move forward to a healthier place. Tell yourself its going to be tough and its ok. If we accept that is tough, then we have the ability to actually do it. If we fear that its tough, then we never get around to it. Acceptance versus Fear.

Examples of Autumn New Moon Intentions or come up with one of your own. The most important is to “Chose only One Intention” …

I am honest with my feelings

I focus on my balance

I practice a daily grounded routine

I give myself permission to grieve

I am patient

I love myself

I nurture myself in healthy ways

I am healing my addiction

I express gratitude

I am patient

I communicate honestly

I trust myself

I practice right relationship

I trust my intuition (the first time)

I give myself permission to be angry

I ground myself when I am too emotional

I am sincere

I meditate for inner peace

I am creativity

I accept my struggles right now

I accept myself

I hold myself accountable

I support myself

I am honest with myself

I have healthy boundaries

I forgive myself

I have healthy emotional boundaries

I honor my needs

I am healthy

I am beautiful

I am kind

I embrace change

I tell the truth

I am compassionate

I observe

I trust

Love and Blessings to you this moon cycle

and don’t forget to set your “one release intention”

on the Full Moon on October 24th…  Phoenix

Source: Leaves by Angela Perrini; Artem Rogovoy; Inagakko Lake

* If you use this work in your personal moon circle or moon work, please ask permission from Elder Mountain Dreaming before sing her work. Phoenix works with dreams, dreaming and dream or sleep issues; a folk healer and shaman for transitions, life changes or difficult situations. Any individual or family work that require a shaman (non-drug non-plant). She is also an exorcist, remover of spells, hexes or dark magic. Works by phone, skype or in person. Please write:

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