Third Moon of Autumn 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Welcome dreamers, artists, healers and  moon lovers… our last New Moon of Autumn begins Wednesday the 7th of November, 2018 and will be followed by the Full Moon on Friday the 23rd of November. I hope you felt supported last moon cycle with any struggle, difficult choice or challenge, as you developed and practiced patience, self respect and self love for at least another month. For the newbies who have just joined us, please read first

This moon is traditionally a moon of mirrors, with a rulership over oracles, the tarot, omens, any sort of divination, metaphysics, signs and synchronicities in life. These tools can help assist us by diverting our mind’s linear direction of perspective, into the circle closer to perception, as a mirror towards our intuitive nature.

Its here we paying attention to the unseen, the synchronistic and the dream imagery, whether these are in our waking dream or our night dreams. Get a reading this month or do one of your own readings for the whole month, to see what direction its moving in.

Oracle for this Moon…

A guest comes from the south, leaving something good, precious goods, valuable baubles, golden bowls and jade cups. Yin powers occupy the center and there is a response from the outside. Precious goods and valuable baubles presages wealth, but the fact that some are bowls and some are cups indicates a banquet with friends. A guest coming from the south means strength responding to weakness. Golden bowls and jade cups mean that we will receive respect if one’s actions have been respectful. This is a great auspiciousness, especially in relationship to partners or abundance.


To attain what we desire as a receptive, an empath or a dreamer, we must learn to make sacrifices our whole life. Many know that practices such as gratitude, humbleness, deeper listening, getting in line last, when we wish to be a successful first! All these practices help us slow down the mind in its busy talking world. One of the harder tasks that rules maturity, is to finally accept difficult lessons and pain as part of life, especially as we get older. Not to accept the victim, but to have a positive attitude towards our most difficult challenges which build character and personal strength.

We can grow weary of struggle, especially after our thirties, it can bring up our woundedness that seems unchangeable. Sometimes this can make us bitter sweet in the Season of the Night (Autumn and Winter), it can deepen our fears, or leave us unforgiving and angry in the blame game… that our unhappiness somehow, is other peoples fault at our core. We live a dance of light and shadow and the challenges to heal and grow are held with our personal struggles.

When we do begin to mature spiritually, we wake up more and more, we see how youthful we were in our perspective or attitude. Some spiritual teachings call this blindness, but struggle is very normal, and self improvement helps us find the keys to being aware of where our own shadow holds us down. Find a key, find a door, open that door and those three steps are a healing step. The doors open, and then peace of a particular issue is detoxed and that is painful as well. These requires our investment in the emotional self, because emotions express pain in many ways.

One thing this moon that we can do, as we set our one intention for the next two weeks, is to add some “Humor or the Steps of the Fool” which is an immensely powerful tool, an uplifting energy that can lighten even the most difficult of situations. Not to disrespect our sorrow or struggle, but to manage them with a lighter night, the moon filled night.

We can all benefit by practicing lightning up, laugh and take things less personal in order to deal with our stress and serious issues. That is a deeper practice and why things like  black comedy was created as a folk tradition, long before Freud wrote an essay on it, called ‘Gallows Humour’.

The traditions of humor have been black comedy (dark comedy), gallows comedy, romantic comedy, slapstick, slapstick or political comedy, clowning, physical comedy, dry humor, sarcasm (cutting humor), screwball comedy, satire (mockumentary), body comedy (including farts and poop jokes). We don’t watch this in a movie or play, we become it, and practice it. For simple practices in life like having a thicker skin and not taking things so personal.

For example, a man being led out to be hanged at dawn says… ‘Well, the day is certainly starting off well.’ It’s generally called Jewish humor but actually it’s humour from the Peasants’ revolt, the thirty years’ war, and the Napoleonic wars. 

We are in the third and last moon of Autumn, the dark moon of the 3 seasonal moons, a finishing moon. So start with a little humor to break up any block that seem impossible to break-through. Flex this by going to see a funny play or movie, rebel rouse with your kids or partner and just try to add some play this month, moving your body, letting your mind rest and making a fool of yourself.

For more than a few thousand years, the humorals derived from Aristotle and Galen, dominated medical and psychological thought. Even though humor and the humors were two different things, the body and mind were supposed to be ruled by the four humors for balance and equilibrium, bringing health.

Asako Eguchi (detail) born in Japan, Niigata prefecture, in 1952

I suppose that comedy must have been birthed from this as a helpful diversion to things that were out of balance in our mind, emotions and body. The predominance of any one of the four, whether from birth or age or circumstances, produced a certain type of physique and a mind appropriate for positive focus. The wrong humors in a given situation invited tragedy to us, for each humor belonged with certain stars and planets.

1. The Sanguine humor (blood) is under the astral influence of the planet Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, and was thought proper to princes, to accepted lovers, and to the jovial and the fortunate; but ill-chance could easily soured it to melancholy or risk gone bad.

2. The Phlegmatic humor is under Venus and was thought proper to women, children, and voluptuaries, and under the energy of the Moon (which was regarded as a planet in the old geocentric astronomy). This humor also belonged to simpletons and fools.

3. The Choleric humor (yellow bile) is under the rulership of the Sun and was proper to rulers and self-willed women. Under Sun, Mars to soldiers, roisterers, and drunkards. It was considered unlucky.

4. The Saturnine melancholy humor (black bile), is proper to the sick, the frustrated, and the senile; indeed, it might even bring out manic-depressive psychosis. This system though sometimes used absurd analogies as evidence, rested in part on sound clinical observations of the sick.

There is a cure for all of our issues, even karmic ones’ after we have lived the karmic cycle, but certainly comedy and traditional Sagittarian humor can help us lighten up a little during the process. My apprentice is naturally very funny, she and I were clowning around this week as I said that Sagittarians, no matter what they go through in life, never die like the rest of us. They seem to live on, push through walls of catastrophe or adventure. We called that type of natural nurturing… Sag Snacks.

“Sag Snacks” is a term I use that makes fun of where we feed our crazy in life and what makes us absurd (seen or unseen). A place holder for the absurd that we seem to repeat in our young life and adult life. Giving humor to controlling the uncontrollable, which can certainly cause us grief, adding humor can break up the seriousness of that linear path. Sag Snacks can be something you eat for a desired effect for the self to shift, or for others.

This is a holistic development to work with, by getting your mental body under control with meditation disciplines, the parts of our thoughts that are not real, but just imbalanced projection of your own personal distraction issues (that you cannot see about yourself.) From these mental distractions, we can blame others for our own fears or blindness. This happens a lot in our twenties and thirties, but by forty we have to begin to face these in real ways, otherwise more pain continues.

Humor practices can help you ground some of your struggles by not taking yourself so serious, when the untrained mind and unhealed emotional body are in a constant motion of satisfaction and misery. In the 90s it was coined Stop the Insanity.

Ilya Repin, Dancing Woman
Ilya Repin, Dancing Woman

To some people, joy or laughter within devastation seems literally impossible or disrespectful, especially within grief, and that is because grief and loss is brand new to the person. Those who were born with grief and loss or experienced it for decades, can laugh in the face of disaster, death and pain because they are no longer afraid of the worst in their lives. Ever watch ambulance drivers and listen to their communication at their morning coffee ritual? You would be shocked at such light heartedness around death. 

Joy and laughter is the only thing left after being emptied out in the great void of pain. And I am not talking about emotional body suppressants like pot or depressants like alcohol or drugs, which brings great loss to our emotional body so it doesn’t feel the emotional pain. I always suggest when working to heal soul and emotional body issues, to just get sober to start a support system of balance.

My apprentice Burnt Stone shared: “The nice thing about the fool, is that there is no territory that’s off limits. To bring your fool places, means to bring in the regenerative ability of play, to all of your life’s situations. Because the fool goes everywhere, “play” is allowed everywhere, even within grief and sorrow. Someone like Robin Williams played the fool, but didn’t apply the playing to his own personal life – because its easier to laugh at other’s pain, but it is sacred to laugh at our own.”

At a more global level throughout history, women have bore the brunt of suffering, without the releases to laugh at it or play in their own lives or even play on the stage in theater where men took those roles too. Therefore, women couldn’t experience much of their rebirth rites, which comes after suffering. Only warrior women, the determined  fervent witch, or the tribe of amazon or night goddesses have reaped the consequences  and blessings of laughing both at the fools and the “foolish self”.  For these women, reincarnation has given them great strength and resilience this lifetime.

So this month, lighten up a bit and have some play, even if you don’t feel like it, or take your serious or control freak attitudes and break them up, by having some fun. You deserve to laugh, because laughter lightens our soul.

Examples of your “one” New Moon Intention

Just choose one for this month, two is too many and don’t use the words like all, everything, universe etc. Remember, a Goal is you in relationship to the world, but an Intention is you in relationship with your “inner” self…    

I am energetic

I am in control

I am happy

I am receptive

I embrace humor

I am intelligent

I play

I have perspective

(if you are feeling lost)

I am successful

(if you do not)

I am well rested

(over tired or burned out)

I am safe

I am happy

(if you are feeling sad)

I accept myself

(issues of rejection)

I am abundant

(issues of not feeling safe)

I am balanced

I am positive

I am magical

I practice simplicity (life is overwhelming right now)

I am patient (if you have anger issues)

I am grounded

I am enthusiastic (if you feel apathetic)

I am honest in my communication

I tell the truth

I honor who I am

I am loved

(if you don’t feel loved)

I am strong

(if you are feeling weak)

I turn defensiveness into positivity 

I am unique

(if you are feeling too ordinary)

Happy New Moon, and may you keep your

Hearth Fires Warm all month long! Phoenix

To work with Phoenix on a personal level of moon work, or any of her healing modalities, please write to; to see Elder’s bio please click

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