Second Moon of Winter 2019

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings dreamers, moon lovers, soul keepers and artists, happy new moon… Our New Moon begins Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019 with a partial solar eclipse and the Full Moon will be Jan. 20th with a total lunar eclipse. I hope you had a nice holiday with your family, friends or those who prefer the solitude. We now enter our 2nd New Moon of Winter… Midwinter. For the new people here, directions for this lunar work-study is here

In the journey of our winter moons, the seasonal emotional awareness and their  practices allow us to honor ourselves as an emotional being and to brighten that to its highest levels by working at healing our emotional past or our personal issues, whatever they may be.

Our healing journey begins, transforms and rebirths with our past, not our future or our present. The goal is to live in the present of course, to keep the mind focused, but we carefully learn to address where our issues started at their root, at our birth. The first fifteen years of our life involves a process of us being totally open, without boundaries or an ability to articulate how we feel or what’s truly bothering us, most times we do not know how to express that. But this time of our life is when most of our issues haunt us unconsciously.

The next set of inner child wounds are from bad habits or our responses to our fears, or emotional issues that developed and were not address, ignored or mishandled by our nurturers, this happens from teenager to about our first saturn return around 30 years old. And there you have it, all unconscious issues emotionally, spiritually and mentally, are stuck on repeat unconsciously until we address them, usually from feelings of pain and suffering.  Our illnesses do not just appear, the unwind from a very deep place and surface over and over until we can actually see them, or a doctor sees them. As a folk healer (human issues) and a shaman (soul and astral body issues), I never focus on the symptom, only on the root.

midwinter elder mountain dreaming

Other events that cause stress occurs at different stages of life for everyone, but the nurturing aspects usually occur when our parents, grandparents or caregivers are entering their midlife crisis and we can make some stability efforts under forty years old. Most of our true healing of our past (this lifetime) is in our forties and fifties, before this, it was just preparation and disciplines and some advancements in our outer life in order to live more healthy.

This is not a teaching in regards to our life, its an initiation that every human being must go through, and their are four of them, this is how life sets up our stages of transitions, growths, deaths and rebirths of the three stages of life: youth, adult and elder.  Its so important today to learn to let go and release our struggles with care and disciplines in order to gain self esteem, self love and trusting our journey. We strive for the simple, and that is actually the most difficult journey and deepest of them all, spiritually speaking.

Everyone has issues (even if you are unconscious of them) and if we don’t personally have issues, then we seek a relationship with someone who does or we birth it into our family. This is how we emotionally grow as human beings and mature. The most important thing to remember is cycles don’t last forever and that you have overcome things in the past, even when you are young. We have strengths and abilities if we just remind ourselves of this more often when we struggle. 

The facts of life without denial or the denial club memberships, is we want our soul to be free and we must journey through our mental and emotional body issues. But many prefer to live in bondage by relationship, by addiction, self doubt, depression and go the normal doctor routes which is steeped in drugs from anything other than the physical body issues. These are real realities and many are choosing more and more holistic (all four body) healings, not just “symptom” healing.

By us doing nothing to change our situations is like the saying: no one likes to drink or smoke alone… so too for our emotional gifts and sensitivities, our personal truth and freedom of expression and creativity to expand beyond what is safe and take some risks in our life to face one fear we have and sticking with it.

Sometimes we are too young to change our situations and for others, they are in the midst of a decade or two of real karma purification (which is more intense pain that has no cure but time) and have to wait until the cycles completed. That of course is impossible to change because we chose to come this lifetime and suffer (burn off some karma). But even within that, we can learn to nurture our self with a little more practice, a little more dedication and a lot more strength to seek balance. I always encourage you to take care of you and your sensitive, empathic or intuitive nature, because do so many things to doubt and deny them in our life.

ukraine artist unknown - owl.jpg

I used to say, I did a bad bad thing for a good good reason. The meaning is, I had to take risks to break out of my self bondage, had to piss people off by doing that, even though I am a very willingly rule follower to not hurt others or project my emotional stuff onto them. For others, we get in trouble from boredom, addiction, self loathing, victim consciousness, or the many other traits we carry individually. The risk taking (bad bad thing) with focus and intention to break free (for a good good reason) of what holds us back, is a very necessary journey.

Sometimes its coyote medicine, the trickster medicine needed in our situations, sometimes its just lightening up and not taking things so personal and serious all the time, other times its mirroring awful behaviors of others to show truth by mimicking, other times its just being silent when we want to share. 

We have to fight for the decency we seek, for the groundedness to overcome our personal illusions, all this takes decades, its a lifestyle not a weekend workshop or “thinking” about it forever and not doing anything about it. Even if we are surrounded by the indecent who make excuses to convince us to go along or keep quiet, we must resist and it helps to have a strong friend or support in order to begin to walk this path.

Self disciplines helps us to deal with these types of difficulties, because it gives us a focus, other than drama (ours or others). An example of what my apprentice does, is really dedicates to her “Vipassanā” retreats. The name means: “To See Things as they Really Are”, and its one of India’s most supportive and ancient techniques of meditation. She has shared with me some of her experiences and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to deepen their meditation practices or challenge themselves, and find a retreat near where you live.

Any regular disciplines to calm the mind, sooth the emotions, heal the body, is something worth dedicating to. These help us navigate the challenges in our life, but one year is not enough, dedicating a few years allows us to experience benefits. And for parents, we should encourage our teens to start learning how to manage their emotional upsets by practicing these things our self.  A great “emotional body” teacher of spiritual disciplines is one who has overcoming great challenges of each of the four bodies and they share from experience, not knowledge. Chose your master teachers wisely, make sure their slip isn’t showing (their shadows) when they give you advice about your shadow.

nick fitzhardinge

The Midwinter Oracle

Sabian oracles or Sabian astrology is a divination, coming from each degree of the zodiac and how its widely used today. The origin of the word (without patriarchal wiki and its views) is the word sabian came from the Arabic word Sabagha, Chaldean Saba’i, meaning ‘Dyers’ one who works with dye and cloth. It seems a strange leap from dye to religions that involved water as baptism, until you understand that the Greek baptismos meant ‘tincture, dye and immersion’. (Sabine Asteroid #665)

It’s the immersion aspect that connects these two, one of a natural or cultural textile related to the oracles of the weavers and spinners or spider medicine, to the shift of the word into religion, as the term sabian was used for the followers of John the Baptist, among others and was mentioned in the Quran only three times. So its root is not really religious, but more from the “spinners” and “weavers” tradition of orcles. The root can be seen in the Arabic occupational surname al-Sabi as well as the given names Sabi and Saba.

Oracle – You my friend are magic and it is returning back to you, from a completely different angle, a different source, its returning from the instinctual attunements from nature herself. This is the order of the advancement our soul, and if one does not wasted their time or fool around, and begins to polish up their acts of individuality… then we can fired down the rough and daggered edges that we are. It is then, the slow clouds are becoming conscience, whether we like it or not. We cannot stay in denial forever.

A black leopard beneath a full moon – Pursuing what is desired and nothing else, probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One intention, grabbing and holding onto what you lost somewhere and must find again, can be a futile game. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems, these are just a hunger for proof that our divine nature is still there, that it is possible.  You are deeply seeking the other side of yourself, the inner partner, the true motivating spark. The soul.

Have you gotten lost in the shadow before, identified with the one who needs from lack/ The one who is broken fragments of their experiences in life. But you are finding any signs that your love essence can be found in another, in a situation, or within yourself. You search everywhere but come up empty. The one inside you, will be there, when the outer versions cannot sate your hunger or safety, and as a last resort you feel into your own solitary space, willing to meet whoever is there inside and to learn to love them, with all your heart.

Dreamers, as midwinter is upon us, it is the strongest dreaming moons of the year, and she invites you to dream more, so with our one intention, the one commitment for the month, our intention will help us become aware, one more drop and awareness (increments of consciousness). This is the most difficult of tasks for anyone on the planet regardless of religious people or the atheist, the spiritual, the pagan, the shamanic or a dreamer. Are you ready for another month of another water drop of self awareness?

Its up to you, this is the neverending moon dance and she cycles each month with or without us, whether we are tired, sick, depressed, anxietied, frustrated, worried, its all inside you. Let it be known and then let it be released at the full moon.


Second New Moon of Winter Intentions (chose “only one” wisely).

I structure my responsibilities

I focus on the present

I nurture myself

I am healing my past

I am abundant

I am confident


I reclaim my inner authority

I respect my choices

I am taking care of my body

I embrace sobriety

I am happy

I practice stability

I have purpose

I respect myself

I grieve loss with support

I heal my sexual woundedness

I accept change with groundedness

I accept challenges with groundedness

I am honest with myself

I silence my busy mind

I allow myself to feel my feelings

I value my perspective

I practice being honorable

I speak my truth with impeccability

I am patient

I am beautiful

I am confident

I accept my angry feelings

I am listening to my heart

I accept positive thoughts

I communicate my needs clearly

I work with my fear (which one)

I honor my truth

I am aware (if you are feeling foggy)

I practice silencing my thoughts

I nurture myself

I am capable

I am independent

I accept my inner

I protect my intimacy

I recognize my toxic behavior

I am grounded in confrontation

I express anger with honesty

I express my feelings (if you are shy)

I recognize false expectations

I bring my idealism into action

I am beautiful

I am intelligent

I breath to relax

I practice observation

My needs are real

I trust my process

I am making appropriate judgement

Blessings to you in this Midwinter and Dream well the entire month! ~Phoenix

Source: Spiral Candle circle by unknown artist; photo of Icy Waters by photographer Nick Fitzhardinge; Ukraine Owl by unknown artist; Oracle by Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale.

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