Neptune and her Dreamers

By Phoenix –  Neptune is the most elusive, foreboding and dreamy planet we have, and the deliverer of natural illusionary soul effects that we can experienced. For a long time after my T-Square (six planets) underwent transformation with Uranus, and then Neptune in the late 90s and early 00s…  I had learned from decades of experience that “Pluto may rule Hell, but Neptune is Hell”.

I am ruled by the three outer planets and being saturated and submerged by the outer planets was a fated life I had to live up until now. The influences of Neptune is both hell in order to attain true wisdom and conjuncts my north node along with Jupiter.
From its divine light, its transcendence and illumination, any real initiate of mystical experiences abounding, must have Neptune by transit or a strong placement on their nodes, their sun or their moon. Anytime an outer planet is on the moon, its devastating, when its on the sun, its benevolent.

I have this dark, shadowy and demonic cave of the underworld, locked in with Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter which expands its effects, in the 12th house. Having to walk a life towards that destiny required death (Scorpio) and suffering (Neptune) to be a daily walk of fate. Both its hellish nightmare and its divine illumination and transcendence of of my soul accumulation within this reincarnation, to be initiated. What I term the wrath of the divine.

The abyss realms of image, imagination, shadow and nightmares and the transformations of the abyss of Neptune, penetrates our eternal soul. If we have to deal with the real Neptune that is.
When I entered the stages pass all the twinkly, beautiful and lighter phase of Neptune, my world had become quite shaky, it was quite powerful the illusions of the shifting of my perceptions that seemed as if it was happening outside of myself, but in truth I was expanding.

With hindsight and wisdom now, the great initiatory mysticism of my life that was Neptunian which literally came alive, was the realm inbetween the self and the energetic reality of dreaming that I had walked into by entering with half my soul touching this reality and half my soul still in the mundane world. Once my karmic purifications and my karmic visions and experience started, I began to expand in greater durations of no time, the pain was increasing by doing so, and so was my instability.

At the final levels of my Neptune initiations of my T-Square, the realm and doorways were open, and that is why sobriety was mandatory, massive amounts of spiritual disciplines were necessary, just to keep grounded. The best way I can describe it when the veils completely dropped and the mysticism of the non physical reality was penetrating in my personal space, I entered the dreaming awake and my nights dreaming, of a dusk and dawn doorways were harder and harder to manage.

Neptune’s basic rulerships are: 

1. Self undoing, 2. Addicts and addiction, 3. Transitions and Mysticism, 4 Energetic Distortions and Visions, 5. Illusions and delusions, 6. Spiritual Warrior, and 7. Transcendental / Transformational Experiences and 8. Creativity from the Soul(s) in all its forms including animism. These appear in our personal and interpersonal ways including the mystical aspects or consciousness of nature which is collective.

Neptune rules the very complexities of mental illness, emotional illness when it comes to visions and delusions, because it works as a mirror and since our soul is fragmented into so many aspects over millenniums of lifetimes, these mirrors get pretty scary. Ask any child or adult who suffers from nightmares or when those nightmares leave the dream worlds and come out here in the waking day. This is Neptune at its fullest.

I had experienced Neptunian experiences my entire life, the energy in waking life and my dreaming life and because Pisces is the last or fulfillment water sign, it rules the Collective Mirror as the expression of Neptune. I have a Pisces Moon in the forth house of family and ancestors and I have a north node, Jupiter and Neptune in a 4 degree conjunction in the 12th house in Scorpio. So I know the darker sides of Neptune, along with the Pisces sides of Neptune this lifetime.

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Neptune’s impact on anyone’s lives shows much sickness, soul sickness, mental sickness, distortions within visions, instability, and drug or even plant usage (addictions) etc. Outer planets are not “personal inner planets” so if they do not impact you in the same way, its a life-long dept of karma if you have 12th house planets, from mind to severe, and if Neptune influences you by the conjunction of your sun or moon or rising, that is a filter you must discover and also deal with.

When one deals with the longest cycles of Neptune or Pluto cycles, its a long walk, but with Uranus its much faster by comparison and the endurance isn’t as long. I have had to master all these listed below this lifetime and that has made me a great healer but also a dream walker. Because when it comes to having to “do or die” – we chose to do, and so I did. This article’s sections:

1. Neptune – A Collective Planet 
2. Neptune – The Soul’s need for Emotional Peace
3. Neptune – Addiction: A balance within
4. Neptune – Sicknesses vs. Spiritual Disciplines
5. Neptune – Shadow: The need for Boundaries
6. Neptune – Solitude for Empaths & Emotional Body Regeneration
7. Neptune – Dreaming: Understanding Mirrors and Projections
8. Neptune – Mythology a Pre-Patriarchal Era
9. Venus –  Born forth from the Sea without a Mother
10. Jupiter – The old ruler who turned King

For most though, Neptune is not impactual and only by transit does it bring a four to eight year transit on a planet. If you have lots of Pisces planets, then your life is more Piscean, softer, imaginative, creative. If a transit of Uranus or Neptune impacts your Pisces planets, then the sickness will come for or the distortions I spoke about above.

In mythology, Neptune (Roman) and Poseidon (Greek) were first fashioned into creation by the changing society of the rising Sun cults, Neptune was born as ruler of Creeks and Streams. Writing and propaganda of a the early ancient fathers changed everything, and this allowed a great promotion for many gods, including Neptune. He went from a stream god to the ruler of entire oceans, which was at the demotion of the ocean goddesses. When Neptune was discovered, its very interesting that Neptune was conjunct Saturn (April  11 2009) and the south node was conjunct Pluto.

Neptune’s Discovery…

neptune discovery chart


What are some of the main light and shadow qualities of a Neptunian and Pisces in a personal archetype? Especially those born with Uranus conjunct Neptune, which adds a whole other level as a group of people, those born from 1990 to 1996 who have this major planetary aspect in their chart within a 5° orb of influence.

It is our emotional body, our feelings of being invisible, our fear of intimacy at its depth because its too deep, its the longing or eerie feelings we get that everything is connected but not old enough to experience that yet. Its the struggle with an alcoholic in the family and promises made but never kept. Its the illusion that someone loves you and when you wake up to the fact that they don’t, its crushes your innocent and nature of wanting to be a believer. These are all painful experiences in life as only Neptune can fulfill.

When I write about outer planets, these are “collective” levels of our soul, that is exactly what I am speaking about, the illusive soul. So Neptune experiences take many years to understand, believe and then let go. Letting go is more of a collective nature to master, because its difficult in one way and very easy in another way.

If you are a Pisces or have Neptune conjunct a Luminary (sun, moon or rising), some of this more collective levels of Neptune can apply or none of it at all. This is because our soul nature is eternal and has its own lives before we were even born. And our soul has its own agenda’s this incarnation and we are not aware of that under forty. Not everyone will have feel the influences of Neptune to greater degrees unless its fated and for those who drink or party a lot, that is one way to check out and not deal with your neptune.

Each soul has a lot of karma from our collective past life, and although Neptune is not abrasive like Pluto, its subtle reality can question our sanity, spiral us down into depression and loss of belief that we will be ok. Or when something is real and not real at the same time we can experience mental worry or even a nervous breakdown. Although not a mental sign like Uranus, which rules nervous mental breakdowns, Neptune can add some dangerous levels of soul and emotional body sickness to the Uranian experiences.

Not everyone will advance in dreaming, mystical visions or non-ordinary reality if they seek to find their Neptune experience, I suppose that is why people want their visions in a bottle quickly (shamanic plants) so they can have mystical experiences, when their fated life was not to include these things, for shadow and demonic past life reasons. We never know if we can handle what we open in Pandora’s box twenty years later, that is why when it comes to our actions, think long and hard about what choices you make that you feel would devastate you beyond normal devastation of the emotional levels. 

With real neptunian experiences of its quality, one must first understand what Neptune’s jurisdiction is. In my karmic healing with with others, its mainly of the emotional and soul body. I have seen within myself and my clients, students and apprentices, that the outer planets have timed cycles of intervention. This is where the saying: “Be careful what you wish for” because outer or collective planets never bring joy, they bring destruction and rebirth, loss, suffering and chaos. This is because humans will never change fully on their own.

We do not control Neptune or its realms or its energy, we experience them and try to figure them out personally. Neptune can be extraordinarily beautiful as well, and bring great creative insight to our feelings about how we express our art, dance, song. These are very positive and since we don’t have to focus on joy, only appreciate it, that is why I write when the shadow sides of things are upon us, that is a whole different world within a world. 

1. Neptune/Pisces – A Collective Planet 
Neptune’s discovery Astrology Chart shows that Neptune sits at 25 degrees conjunct Saturn and Neptunes south node is conjunct Pluto. This gives us the flavor of our time of incarnation with the seeds of doubting invisible energetic realities and also the challenges to status quo Religions and their dark sides. I think a very good “collective analysis” of Neptune is in regards to the Super Collider by the Scientists at CERN. So I looked up the Sabian Symbols at this degree to see how it applied to Cern.

Sabian Symbol of Neptune’s degree, both 25 Aquarius and 26 Aquarius because its on the cusp of these two degrees:

25 Aquarius – Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely.

Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.

25 Aquarius – Vicarious experience. Living through others. Collecting data. Knowing what everybody thinks, you put your attention rabidly outside yourself into the collective and its traps and pitfalls. Circulating in the thick of collective karmas. You are cynically fascinated by what is wrong, what is miserable, what is rotten–gathering lessons from the worst.

Somewhat taken over by the downward tug of wastage, decadence, the ends of things. Witty and stimulating, provocative and penetrating. But cut off from spirit, you wander in the maze of the cultural intellect, trying to find meaning where there is nothingness.

My profound understanding is that ‘honesty’ and ‘truth’ is directly from our relationship to our emotions. There is mental truth, but it can be shaped and changed to fits one’s personal needs, personal fears and personal delusions. This seeming ability to guide the self through success and failure, in attempts to reach deeper connections to the self, is exactly what Neptune is for. It bypasses and dissolves anything that does not serve the soul.

The reality that the emotional body is cycular, not linear like the mental body, is that our emotions and imagery projections from the soul within dreaming at night and syncronicities during the waking hours, expresses and repeats itself over and over again, until we finally see it or “get” it.

Our entire lives in a Neptune reality works this way within the soul’s functions, with each new opportunity for growth to spiral higher within itself. This occurs as long as we are willing to deal with its other side, the regressions of karma and pain.

Collective is what outer planets do best and Neptune can bring total enlightenment or its glimpses of aha moments in its forms of spiritually or it can rain down hell from below. When we have Neptune on a personal planet, it is the place of “dissolving”, for example my Neptune is conjunct my Jupiter, so my opportunities this lifetime didn’t get any opportunities in the basic survival aspects of a human life. Something I learned to live with and make do.

If its conjunct the Sun, then it dissolves identity, personality and the ego (eventually). If the soul has lots of karma and sickness, then its a life of karmic purification through the delusions and suffering that only Neptune can supply to the person’s soul. In the areas of madness and schizophrenia, Neptune will bring the person into a reality that many do not have the luxury to experience. Out of balance it would cause constant madness, but if the soul is in balance, then transcendental realities could be grounded and harnessed.

Neptune’s main function is to dissolve and this would take a whole lifetime to understand how it works in your particular life and path, as that is always changing each decade. Transiting Neptune will only highlight half the chart or less in your lifetime, and those are the lessons of what will dissolve over time.

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2. Neptune/Pisces – The Soul’s need for Emotional Peace
We all have certain needs and healing to do this lifetime, that is why there are 8 billion of us incarnated. When it comes to our Soul and our souls destiny, that is why the placement of Neptune is not an accident this lifetime and we must work on its placement issues around karma first before we can expand its gates.

This subject is simple and complex because when Neptune initiations begin, the world becomes a very difficult and different reality. Sleep grows stronger, relaxation is needed more, dreaming begins to creep into our once alert self. For those born with a strong neptune, you may take for granted that some live a very sharp, precise and accomplished life, that you may wish to compare yourself to and feel inadequate. Not true, Neptunian type of people can never live that life, they must learn to be ok with who they are in a more dreamy state of life. Thats hard when others have expectation for us and all it does is stress us out.

For those who were once type A personalities and a Neptune cycle comes to visit you, its very difficult to learn to let go of production in life and work and learn to relax. But that is exactly what Neptune asks of us… the meditate, to deal and heal our anxiety and worry and concerns of this world because Neptune is other worldly.

Those who struggle with the sharpness of life and all its pains but are going into a Neptune type of reality, that is dreamy, artistic, full of rest and sleep, we can assist ourselves by taking a good look at what frustrates us. Neptune dissolves and it wants to dissolve us and all our bullshit, intensities, anger and aggressiveness.  This is why Neptune rules spiritual endeavor and mysticism, one must be in a quite and retreative space in order to align our energy with Neptunes energy. Some things we can focus on during this transition is:

Lack of Gratitude – An inability to say thank you and be humbled is a root core emotional fear of being belittled. It is a disease that takes away rather than supports you. Neptune issues are quiet complex anger, the feelings of being ungrateful because we were hurt. This is a sensitivity of emotions issue and when we begin to accept that we are very sensitive, we can begin to work with our anger, which tears are deeply hidden under that. We suffer because we see no way to escape. Another good Neptune word.

Entitlement – Entitlement can stem from the emotional bully who is driven from the undisciplined mental body. It can also be from a lack of emotional awareness, which is at the core, that you too are suffering but are not willing to accept that, work with it, or even believe it exists within you. The fear is asking for help of learning to sit still in a state of letting go and learning to walk towards silence. This will help take the edges off of entitlement, because it is a mental body ego that stems from emotional self doubt. 

Discontentedness – Entitlement leads to falling into discontentedness. Discontent is from a broken heart, and some may only see the surface symptoms of an ungrateful heart, but its not that simple. When we begin to honor the wrongs that have been done to us in life, we slowly begin to lighten our emotional burdens, but this takes a lot of practice and support to work with our wounds. Neptune, where its placed in our chart can show us where its contained and all healing always exists in the opposition. 

Cynicism –Ingratitude from emotional woundedness eventually culminates into cynicism. Goodness and peace feels uncomfortable because there is a struggle between our own karma and the ways in which life deals with that regarding us. Fear of disbelief and suspicion is a deeply rooted past life emotional issue that resurfaces again this lifetime. Sometimes the pain from that karmic debt hurts so much, we cannot see anything other than being a victim. Then cynicism sets in when victim consciousness has taken over and the mental body refuses to change, listen or bend. Then the emotional body continually suffers.

Those who disconnect at great levels from their emotional body, begin not to even recognize it as their own personal emotional issue. That is a form of Neptunian self bondage. Many families are abusive and there is a good reason we are cynical, but that begins to destroy our body, our energy and our life force. After our healing reaches greater results, we begin to find gratitude for the struggles we have endured and learn to nurture ourselves emotionally.

I look to a few places when we have issues of sickness (Neptune), irresponsible behaviors that lead to losses or even in extreme cases loss of life (Saturn) and Chiron (how you expressed your karmic acts from a darker past life). As far as karma goes, not everyone is required to pay a debt, I call these people “Resting Life people”, they are not building karma nor paying off their debt.  The outer planet signatures of a debt being paid is usually the squares which are tensions to Neptune and Neptune rules all types of diseases and sicknesses of the emotional and soul body.

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3. Neptune/Pisces – Addictions need for Sobriety
Neptune rules addictions: medications, hallucinogenic drugs, mild or strong pot, shamanic plants, peyote, alcohol etc. These are abuses to the energy astral body (soul) within us and that is the energy that repairs us when we get sick. Neptune affects us in very strong ways, illusions and distortions and even visions when its a direct conjunction to some of our main planets. For those with Neptune/Uranus we can be swimming up river if we are not sober.

When we are in a purer and natural state (sober), its still difficult to deal with but it can bring us clearer vision, increased intuition, a sharpening of our intuition (with practices), and with the right preparations and practices we advance. Shamanic plants give us 1% of this instantly. But the mystery is never free, it costs us one way or another.

Doing things to our Soul (astral) body without any awareness is a dangerous thing to play with because these effects our eternal body “without consciously working with our karma” or paying off our karmic debt with a sense of purpose from awareness and intention. In the more purer preparations with awareness to deal with our struggles or for some their longer cycles of issues (karma) it can be a long and confusing and painful time of our life and perception altering drugs, plants or synthetics can leave one mentally confused, distorted or a loss of the senses, at the end of the cycles of Neptune.

Opening up to realms of the non-physical of Neptune as its consequences in the future and this is why spirituality is based on groundedness and focuses on health. But the knowledge spiritual paths, social spiritual paths, magical paths and drug/plant paths of spirituality do not, so one is not constantly going to the place to heal mental, emotional issues. So when it comes to Neptune and Pisces, sobriety is a main positive benefits.

The greatest woundedness all people generally experience is usually under 17 years old, where we exist in a more pure, raw, open and innocent state and thus vulnerable to the pressures and stresses and sometimes chaos of the adults in our life. Many experience sexual abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse during this openness time of childhood and normal functions of a loving environment were never settled down. These burdens of childhood can lead to adult depression, emotional delusions, bi-polar and a host of suffering, where we eventually becoming unconscious or worse, in denial.

If one did not experience any of these types of abuse in childhood, but the pain that arises in adult life comes forth, these will generally come from past life karma. Expressions of anger, too much anger, not enough anger, joy, confusion, mental illness, emotional illness in the forms of depression and so forth. Many times people medicate these issues and never take the long journey into the past to heal it or don’t know how or where to go to do so. All the healers of holistic forms are there to support people today and have been for thirty years now.

When it comes to Neptune, our memory energy system, our remembrance systems, and our dreaming and its symbolic imagery and its energetic memory is so elusive, so subtle, delusional, illusional… that it can creates intense doubt of its reality. One can be drug raped without knowing – but for the next 30 years, a flashback of the experience will come in fragments, when one did not even realize they were drug raped. This is how Neptune works, its real, and its not real, all at the same time. 

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4. Neptune/Pisces – Sicknesses or Spiritual Disciplines
The term psychological disorder is sometimes used to refer to what is more frequently known as mental disorders or psychiatric disorders. Mental disorders are patterns of behavioral or psychological symptoms that impact multiple areas of life from the mental body, its chaos and disordered thoughts and thinking. Those are Mercury and Uranus influenced sicknesses and meditation has great effects, rather than drugs, unless the person is dangerous to others or self.

But when it comes to Neptune, its the nature of disorders are all the emotional body and the soul bodies dysfunctional and erratic behaviors that stem from karma and abuses, sexual, physical or mental. All emotional sicknesses all belong to Neptune such as the Empath’s self undoing and not understanding how their emotional body works in conjunction with other peoples emotional energy (usually repressed or in denial), the Jealousy issues of lack of self worth, the Worry Anxiety from past traumas or inner child issues.

Spontaneous integrated wholeness of emotional feeling becomes a direct bridge to working on personal fear and transitioning through its pain. This requires spiritual disciplines to practice, so when these powerful emotions or mental fear arises, you have some groundedness as a solid footing to stand like the tree, and let the wind blow the leaves.

Its true that some fears are tested with vision quests, mountain meditations, practices specifically geared to face fears etc, and overcoming fear is valid for such work. But I noticed that in my sweat lodge experiences, some of the women that I have known, still break down and cry in every the lodge, and this showed me there was a problem. I was healing emotionally with my work, but they were not. My tears healed and there’s were not healing because they did not go into emotional therapy.

I worked with my dark emotions and the dark emotions of my apprentices, double the work, but the expressions in my everyday world with these practices, helped with honesty and courage to move through the emotional healing quicker. I did not consider myself stronger or weaker than other women, but I felt that I was practicing emotional spiritual disciplines, along with physical disciplines and mental disciplines, which were all completely different traditions, and that helped immensely. Something they had not yet been conscious to or fearful to step out with healers of the emotional body.

Neptune covers the realms of the soul and the soul and emotional body are partners. Just like the mental body or mind/body are a pair that can work together well or against each other. As a long time healer who has also done the long time work on myself, there is no one answer, there is all answers, do all healing work when it comes to soul and emotional body, because most mind/body practices don’t even come close to getting deep into that realm.

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5. Neptune/Pisces – Shadows and the need for Boundaries
The shadows, the dark, the unknown are saturated with menace, trickery, deception, and long-built-up heavy emotions of our past and past lives, that were not dealt with or recognized. This turns into the fairytale monsters and the mythology of creatures and beasts. These are literal accounts of ghosts and angry spirits which are the soul bodies of living people, recorded permanently as folk lore. Boundaries are needed in spiritual circles especially and the development of boundaries is an important spiritual discipline. 

Pluto is very forceful and when you are abused physically, there is no denial. But Neptune is more subtle and shadow accumulates slowly, the abuses of the realms of Neptune are energetic, shadows, demons, astral bodies, dream rapists. Things that are real, but not physically real, they are energetically real.

The conscious self to even begin to claim or own a reality based in energetic and astral forms, requires clarity, sobriety and learning to trust that energetic states of reality is as real as our physical reality (if you are the one experiencing it). Because everyone will deny that reality if they have never experienced it.

If we are engulfed by shadows with outward shows of light – in ordinary human relationships, the main problem is one is too nice and knows the truth but shakes at speaking it to the perpetrators. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is our boundaries are weak.

This is a very touchy subject to be completely honest and forth right when others are in denial or fully asleep but speak as if they are not. When I did my third vision quest, the leader was an ass, but I respected all teachers on my path and the day he put the group out into the mountains of the desert, I had an intense experience and I was especially put there at that cave by the teacher because he felt I could hand it.

On the way back after all of us were done, he made a very cutting and belittling cut to me as a person in front of all the other younger people, I was the same age as the teacher. I was too tired and drained to pull out the sword of boundaries I had earned, the exhaustion of the vision quest, but I also learned that day about fully accepting that it was his issue with sleeping with younger women, not my issue of loving my life at my age. That boundary worked in reverse and I am glad it did. I never saw him again. 

At more intense levels of boundaries, I will use the example of Murder. Murders world wide are done by a person’s actual demonic body and a past life demonic astral body can step into their own incarnated human’s body, complete the deed of killing, and then steps back out, leaving the person completely confused about what had just happened.

Police, Therapists and Psychologists will never understand this reality as those who have experienced shadows or shamans like myself who are exorcists.  Really strong boundaries are needed with this level and an astral soul body that is pure or almost completely pure without any karma. Strength alone does not navigate this reality.

Once shadows descend a few times in our environment, they are frightening and we feel unprotected and nobody can help, but that is not true and one should always reach out to a shaman like myself who is very scorpio in nature and has dealt with demons for fifty years and this non ordinary shadow reality. Personal karma and old emotional issues can be healed if one is willing to address why these demonic energies are in our space in the first place.

The shadow and demon syndrome perpetuates and gives great sanctuary to dark and mischievous souls, it is deeply experienced as a fate imposed by past life mistakes that this lifetime’s self does not recognize. Innocence surrounded by darkness is another one of Neptune’s heavier archetypes. But like any planet, these things are ruled in cycles of time in the realms of no time. Always seek help from an exorcist if one is suffering the darkest nature of Neptune.  


6. Neptune/Pisces – Solitude for the Emotional Body Regeneration
In my dream connection work as a Shaman and an ex-Empath (all healed), I feel very deeply and committed to the path of helping others learn to integrate their darker or troublesome emotions while learning at the same time, to allow their fear to be confronted. To embrace feeling as an anchor or hub that is just as equally important as going to school or work. To find the center to all other parts of self.

This Emotional awareness under the Neptunian process of life, makes us deal with the illusions we carry, and when we work towards that, not run from it, we can find with a full acceptance of the shadow self which dissolves eventually shadows all around us. Hard to believe but true, as I have gone through the decades working and healing this aspect and its true.

Once I began to explore, accept and give self-acceptance of these expressions, just as the small child does naturally, real shifts began to occur. After a series of self-healings, emptying the vessel (emotional body) and purging our anger, frustration, fears, shame and really structuring this chaos, the emptying out of old stuck issues from our past, enters then a process of the enlightening parts of Neptune, which then assist with our spiritual journey of healing and disciplines. Rather than the victim and fearful journey of illusion or wishing our life was better.

Religious and Spiritual Doctrines in regards to placing high importance in its connection to advancement and enlightenment miss 90% of the real work required to become present with self at extraordinary levels. Buddhism is the only practice religion along with holistic healing, especially energy work (pure energy work), and massage therapy (when not for a physical problem), that allows releases that are consistent but difficult.

Neptune is the spiral medicines of the ancients, the closest thing to winding and whirling through light and dark to get to our center of all four of our bodies. In my yoga years (classes from 19 to 40 years old), when I was transitioning through a period of healing my emotional body for about ten years, I had huge healing releases, many emotions surfaced. I found outlets in my circles of support and comforting my releases. In private sessions yes, but in larger meditation circles it was not intimate enough to have such vulnerable releases. Private healers afford us this release within the healing work. 

When people get to the age around thirty-eight years old, they begin the journey into the midlife crisis and midlife transformation time. From there after, we are no longer on the youth side of life and its a time of great transition. Its a time to resurface some old wounds, the old ways we used to be when we are younger and some of the damages that we had experienced need to heal. 

Any type of meditation, healing, rebirthing, yoga, massage therapy, watsu water therapy, inner child work and all the hosts of holistic healing is available for people today and when the time of retreat is necessary, and sleeping a lot to heal through dreaming, I always suggest taking that path as soon as you can. Regeneration is to refill our system back up with things such as hope, trust, belief in our abilities to overcome fears etc.

Neptune by transit always dissolves what no longer serves our highest good and Uranus at this time of transition of the midlife, makes sure that we recognize this. To me, Gender Identity is also a form of the Neptune reality, because we can exist in a state of confusion or illusion of our “personal identity”.

This is where we are born one way, but feel, sense, and yearn for the opposite way.  Its not our fault, there is no fault here, there is only searching for our true meaning and expression of our life. The soul work in transgender won’t even begin until one is forty, so the thirties or twenties is a time when many will determine what they are, not knowing the enlightenment about the self really increases after forty.

Two millenniums of sexual abuses in our soul’s karmic line and ancestral line, has left big fragments, astral duplicates (the demon), in a very weakened state. Plus seeds of military rape in ancient and present times, has fragmented our soul so much, that our own wholeness of self is not truly understood. There is no wrong or right to gender issues, for the path of the real soul is steeped in closed off vaults of our past life fragmentations and that takes a lifetime to work through and understand personally.

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov uses a self-modified camera to build photos with multiple layers.  0.jpg

7. Neptune/Pisces – Dreaming & Understanding Mirrors and Projection
Neptune’s influences, regardless of cultural sayings, teachings and quotes is unique. Much like the 11th house is the house of hopes, wishes and dreams but dreams in that context is the nature of desire, not actual dreaming.  For those with a strong neptune placement in any of the “cadent houses” they will experience dreaming in a more vastness and deeper way, that is not limited to just the house. But with Neptune and its connection to dreaming of the 12th house, it always directly influences our soul’s karma and the sicknesses we have emotionally.

I have a very exceptional and experience apprentice dreamer who has really powerful dreaming gifts and she dreams at great depths, which is not limited to her 5th house Scorpio, where her Neptune is placed. Her dreams tend to be Scorpionic and relate to the 5th house scenarios of scorpio darkness and childhood traumas. But she has grown with her creative sides of that 5th house in her dreaming ands its allowed her to step into much greater gates and arena’s within her dreams. Each house does have a vastness and each of our souls do have a depth that cannot be contained in a box like an astrological house.

I have two students with Neptune in the first house, they are both strong dreamers, and because its in the first house, her dreams are mainly about them, and their asic well being. One has their sun sign there, and the other does not. To heal then with a first house Neptune, its a journey of dissolving everything of the self to become empty in the more spiritual nothingness of the self.

This is not easy to do, and takes time to let go at the levels of the first house experience of self. But because its in Scorpio, its almost dangerous for her health if she does not. So thus, the long committed journey begins to release what is shadow, by becoming aware of the shadow self, and let go a little at a time of what  no long serves her. That is a long journey and also she must heal past abuses of alcohol.

Some of the Neptunian dreaming expressed by many people have fallen into certain categories when it comes to dreaming. Most fear shadow dreaming, but for those who do not, its wise to combine both your mundane life of light with the shadow natures of dreaming. Those who don’t have shadow nature within their dreaming, are asleep, not awake yet, or the impact of Neptune hasn’t opened these realms to you (yet) or maybe never at all this lifetime :

Alien Abduction Experiences
Abductions have varied in many ways since the 1950s. As a child it was done in my dreams, for others it was in the place in-between and still others in the physical. The unpopular truth verses paranormal and dreamer organizations since the 1990s has had their basic core off the grid. Everything above the root core has been pretty truthful, but when the root core is off, the truth is missing of the collective at the core. With that, let me explain to you what aliens really are from sixty years of experience, on ships, inbetween the veil, here and across the veil. I like to hid these little gems for those who unconsciously seek and stumble upon them… 

Ecstatic Dreams
Its when we experience ecstasy or overwhelming joy – sometimes combined with feeling of being at one with the self (not the universe). Ecstatic dreams can be very positive, very colorful and generally feelings are positive.

Guidance Dreams
This is the Mental Body Dreamer, who can hear sounds, talk or telepath, can read information or books, etc, which provide information that later proves useful in making a decision. This is not the soul body dreamer, which cannot speak, its silent, cannot read or interact and is mostly in the darker realms because of karma. Mental bodied dreamers have very active dreams, Soul bodied dreamers are always fighting the dark shadows and demonic astral body. Mental body dreamers are totally asleep to this more advanced level. 

Healing Dreams
Remember, dreams are 90% projection regardless of what big dream website tell you. The majority of them are not actions of soul dreamers, they are mental bodied projections and many advance dreams sites teach that they are really happening but they are not, they are just projections. 

Hypnagogic Experiences
Spontaneous visions that occur in the twilight zone between sleeping and waking.

Lucid Dreams
A very beginner level in dreaming, in which you know that you dream and take advantage of it or act upon it.

Magical Dreams
Exhibit superhuman powers, flying or floating seem common examples but these are “projection dreams” also and not real. Real astral flight is like flying in the waking life, its intense, you feel the intensity, its scary and you can crash… most astral fly as a projection in their mental body, which is also an astral body but protected by a bubble. More advanced dreamers commonly, using “the Force” to move objects, bodily transformations but these are still projections called Sorcery.

Example, if you shape shift into a wolf in your dream, a real shaman can come along and say show me your true self, and your human astral body would instantly reappear, you were not the wolf. But when a real animism shaman in their real wolf soul does the same thing, you feel the energy of a real and vicious wolf just like you would in Yellowstone and no calling them out shifts them, because they are a real wolf soul.

Meditation Experiences
No one reaches transpersonal dimensions because you would have to pass the “Military” gate level where they train military dreamers to beat the hell out of you if you got near the first gate. It took me 8 years to finally get beat up enough, with all my spiritual practices, 100% sobriety of everything 100%, vision quests, going to healers of many holistic modalities 10 years before that, to even get to second gate. So if you have never been beaten by the military over and over, you are experiencing a “projection” that you are in transpersonal dimensions. Don’t believe everything you read on big dream websites.

Mutual Dreams
First level dreaming,in which you and another person apparently have the same, or very similar dreams about each other, at the same time. Consensual dreaming. For me and my apprentices, we can all meet on the same dream plane and then discuss our work in the morning. We are aware that each other are there, but this takes intense amount of daily healing through spiritual dedication and a completed karmaless master dreamer like myself, that brings the energy of opening doors for them, to make it easier not to get hurt by shadow.

Astral Travel & Out of Body Experiences
Sometimes confused with lucid dreaming and sometimes Astral Travel is confused with Out of Body. But with a number of different characteristics. Commonly you experience leaving your physical body and floating outside it, that is lucid dreaming with a light beginner astral travel. As your soul leaves more into out of body, there will be intense shaking when the 20% of your soul you were born with wants to leave your physical body in greater density, it can be intense for a year or so.

Sometimes these experiences coincide with a physical crisis, such as a severe illness, nervous breakdowns, car accidents, struck by lightning etc. Most people are astral traveling, because real out of bodies requires death at some level, to cut the life chord.

NDE (Near Death Experience)
Intensely ‘real’ but only a partial out of body.  Those who have full Deaths, its even more real because we have died (without being in the hospital induced with a bunch of medication and drugs). Those who are fated like real shamans to die for twenty to thirty years as a fated path, learn to suspend death, this moves into dream walking, but out of bodies must be mastered first and that takes a long time.

Past Life or Parallel Self dreams
You find yourself in an earlier time, or in another place, as a different person who may look nothing at all like what you see when you look in a mirror. These can still be “Projection” dreams of the Mental Astral Body, which are not soul dreams, where souls really do live in the past life that are “fragmented” otherwise there is no reason to go back that far. These dreams may contain historical details not consciously known by you, but if its  information, written or books or communication, then you are in the projection dream body of the mental astral body, not the soul astral body (where its real).

Precognitive Dreams
You experience a near future event that later comes true as you have foreseen it happening. This is the mental astral body, leaving your physical body and going to witness an event and bring the information back to your dreams. The mental body cannot go that far out in time.

Psychopomp Dreams
There are no dead humans around the middle worlds where we dream, regardless of what teaching or ancient teaching say. These are all “human” teachings, and nature has a different reality when it comes to this. The dead get to stay about 9 months after they die, then the earth will suck their soul back to the level of their soul’s karma. If you were a soldier three lifetimes ago and killed and didn’t burn and suffer that off your whole life this lifetime, then after death you are sucked back to where your original fragmented demonic body is. Humans do not understand even in dreaming how this works.

Psychic Dreams
Mental body dreamer (the mind), which any of the varieties of ESP, clairvoyance, healing, precognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing, telepathy, etc. manifests in your dreams depending upon your gift. The Soul body dreamer has no sound, no communication, nothing, its the great void of nothingness.

Spiritual Dreams
Mental astral body, where one gains projected insight into the spiritual or religious aspect of life. You may experience meet ” PROJECTIONS” of what you think are guides, angelic or demonic beings but they are not real, they are only projections. If you are in your Soul astral dream body, demons would attack your and abuse you constantly, alien guides would experiment on you, family members who are dead are not real, they are projections because we cannot go to the land of the dead until we have mastered death in the waking by dying and then extending death for weeks.

Vision Dreams
Experience some ‘outside’ forces showing you a vision (if there is a screen, then its soulless alien human agenda, as your mental astral body is entrapped on a ship. Our soul and mental body is easily entrapped by the military ships that circle our earth (what sleeping people refer to as ufos). If you have your mental astral body entrapped on a ship and you have no idea. I suggest taking a three year break from computers and i phones) and seek some help for your ordinary issues in life. Otherwise your mental astral body projections of visions are fragmented and only certain parts are usable.

Aliens are “human beings”
Human beings who are “ancient [soulless] humans” who lost their soul completely through their evolution, and roam the earth with only a mental body left, a very powerful telepathic mental body. They can abduct you and do strange things to you. OBE’s have nothing to do with Alien (human) abductions except for the fact that you might pass first level dreaming and then they come in to keep you down. Never speak or interact with them, it requires extreme boundaries but you have it in you somewhere or to pop out of your dreams or run if in waking.

adrasteia - asteroid 239 - elder mountain dreaming neptune article

8. Neptune – 12th House Warrior of a Pre-Patriarchal Era
I have plenty of Water and Ocean Goddess articles here on Elder Mountain Dreaming, and for this Neptune article I decided to chose the Goddess Adrasteia (asteroid #239), who is known to have been worshipped in Hellenistic Phrygia, northwestern Turkey. She is derived from a local Anatolian Mountain Deity or Mountain Goddess.

She was then known from inscriptions in Greece from around 400 bce as a deity who defends the righteous. I chose her for the warrior qualities of Neptune’s 12th house. Her being a defender of the righteous, puts Adrasteia in a more powerful position in Neptune’s 12th house or the Pisces archetype as seen as a warrior outside the context of men’s 12th house Military. 

Her name mean the “Inescapable”, a Goddess of equilibrium between good and evil, just retribution and revolt. She was also a Cretan goddess named Melisseus and later demoted to a nymph. Adrastea may be inter-changeable with Cybele, a goddess who represented the Mother Earth.

Adrasteia was also an epithet of Nemesis, a primordial goddess of the archaic period. Her name appears as A-da-ra-te-ja in Mycenaean Pylos. The epithet is derived by some writers from Adrastus, who is said to have built the first sanctuary of Nemesis on the river Asopus.

This signify that the goddess whom “no one can escape” makes her closer in origin to a death primal deity or (later) huntress or dark goddess, since she is connected to Cybele. In her earlier origin Adrasteia was also an epithet applied to Rhea (#577) herself, to Cybele (#65), and to Ananke, as her daughter and Asa with Adrasteia. These four were especially associated with the dispensation of “rewards and punishments” in society and culture.

And although in pre-patriarchal times when grandfather did not rule, these were handed out by the grandmothers under the goddess cultures of the misuses of women to keep shadows and rape clear of communities. This makes these Goddesses sound somewhat like the Furies.But of course were turned into nice mother goddesses after the patriarchal societies took over and temples were built and the goddess eras connected with the previous shamanic eras were laid to rest for good when it concerned women.

In “The Dialogue of the Sea-Gods” (once a creek and spring god) Poseidon (Neptune) remarked to a Nereid that Adrasteia is a great deal stronger than Nephele, who was unable to prevent the fall of her daughter Helle from the ram of the Golden Fleece.

Phrixus, son of King Athamas of Boiotia and the half-nymph Nephele, along with his twin sister, Helle, were hated by their stepmother, Ino. Ino hatched a devious plot to get rid of the twins, roasting all the town’s crop seeds so they would not grow.

The local farmers, frightened of famine, asked a nearby oracle for assistance. Ino bribed the men sent to the oracle to lie and tell the others that the oracle required the sacrifice of Phrixus. Before he was killed though, Phrixus and Helle were rescued by a flying golden ram sent by Nephele, their natural mother.

The ancient name for the Dardanelles, named after the legendary Helle, who fell into the strait and was drowned while escaping with her brother Phrixus from their stepmother, Ino, on a golden-fleeced ram. The other story was that Poseidon turned her into a sea-goddess. Phrixus gave King Aeetes the golden fleece of the ram, which Aeetes placed in a consecrated grove, under the care of a sleepless dragon.

neptunian and pisces people elder mountain dreaming

9. Neptune – The Illusions of Love from the Sea
According to a Greek myth, Pisces represents the symbolism of the Fish, which is one of the four main animism symbols of shamanism and into which Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed into fish in order to escape the monster Typhon (Veneris Mater). Any water or ocean symbolism represents the emotions, the emotional body and our soul (at the oceanic greater levels) and here we have a goddess from the ocean.

When dealing with monsters, the energy of Virgo and Pisces are opposition sides of the Neptune archetype, one internal (Pisces), ever vast, flowing and blinded until it reaches illumination and one Healing (Virgo) the multiple causes of sickness in this life or past lives. When the two energies work together, we ebb and flow like the wave upon the shore, when we don’t, we fall into the ocean of love and its deeper and darker depths.

Typhon is the “father of all monsters” who had been sent by Gaia to attack the gods which were getting out of control, which led Pan (panik) to warn the others before changing himself into the Dionysus Goat-Fish and jumping into the Euphrates River.

A similar myth of “Pisces” carries Aphrodite and her son out of danger, is resounded in Manilius’ five volume poetic work Astronomica: “Venus ow’d her safety to their Shape.” Another myth is that an egg fell into the Euphrates river. It was then rolled to the shore by fish. Doves sat on the egg until it hatched, out from which came Aphrodite. As a sign of gratitude towards the fish, Aphrodite put the fish into the night sky.

The Ikhthyokentauroi (Ichthyocentaurs) were a pair of centaurine sea-gods with the upper bodies of men, the lower fore-quarters of horses (the Jupiter reference as the old ruler of Neptune), and the serpentine tails of Fish. Their brows were crowned with a pair of lobster-claw horns.

The fish-centaurs were named Bythos (Sea-Depths) and Aphros (Sea-Foam) who were brothers of the wise kentauros Kheiron and like him were perhaps regarded as wise teachers.

The sea-centaurs were probably derived from the Fish-Deities of Syrian mythology which carried Ashtarte ashore after her birth just like Venus and Aphrodite. These were placed among the stars as the constellation Pisces.

Venus (Ashtarte) born of the Euphrates River was an egg of wonderful size said to have fallen and rolled to the banks as a fish. Doves sat on it, and when it was heated, it hatched out Venus (Aphrodite), who was later called the Syrian goddess Ashtarte.

Since she excelled in justice and uprightness, by a favor granted by Jove (Zeus, the Old Ruler of Neptune), the fish were put among the number of the stars as the constellation Pisces, and because of this the Syrians do not eat fish or doves, they considered them in their animism form of gods and goddesses.

These fish appear to be the original Syrian form of the late classical Ikhthyokentauroi (Fish-Centaurs). Aphrodite is borne across the sea also, in a cockle-shell by a pair of Ichthyocentaurs (fish-tailed centaurs) after her birth from the foam, she is crowned with a string of pearls and holds a mirror in her hand. To either side a pair of Tritons herald her birth with conch-shell trumpets.

10. Neptune/Pisces – Jupiter, old rulers who turned King
info to come

Source: Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov’s snowflakes.


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  1. A very rich sharing of insight and wisdom on the Nature (and experience) of Neptune. I’ve had a few of those long Neptune transits myself. 🙂 Thank you!

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    1. Yes, our experience must be treasured, but in dreaming must also be questioned because the projection dreamer is so powerful until we begin to wake up and then we realize its busy noise visions and busy mind projections : )


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