Uranus In Taurus (2018-2026)

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – August 21, 2017 was the most powerful day in the last 3,000 years. Why? Because it heralded in the end of the patriarch and its sun cult and the beginning of the moontime and the shift. The shift has been building since 1987 and in this 40 year shift, the completion of the shift is now over. The changes from here forth are leaning more towards the magnetic, the emotional, the souls eternal and its changes. And of course karma for those who have never received karmic flavors before.

There are a few players in this great shifts ending right now and they are Uranus, Neptune and Pluo. Generally, most people and astrologers know about the four years of the Uranus opposition called the midlife transformation or midlife crisis,  brings changes, challenges and reclaiming or finding one’s truth. This is true for Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus is the first time we first actually realize that we are not in control compared with Saturn who is very much in control. The nature of life or our life before our midlife Uranus opposition is always somewhat shocking and control, or lack of control over our life is the first to be recognized.

Every 84 years, Uranus enters Taurus which truly brings a more collective midlife crisis reality to humanity. This allows all of us to experience where we have not lived by both the idealistic truths that Uranus demands and our own personal truth within its idealism. The issue is where chaos is concerned, its when our idealism does not equal nature’s truth, then the rumbling begins when he is in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus is a safety net, not in the prevention of chaos, but a pushing through changes that are vital and necessary, that we humans refuse to do on our own. It thrusts us into the mess – so we can see it, feel it, experience it, and then change personally because we walk through it, not around or away from it.

This is a very Unique Uranus in Taurus this time…
The main difference this seven year cycle of Uranus in Taurus is the Thunder God Uranus (Thor, Perun, Perunikus) who rules Science, Electricity and Technology will have a great impact because our world societies are dependent upon these. This particular circumstance of the dynamic of Uranus in Taurus from previous eras is going to be unlike this one, because forced chaos will to fall onto the side of Uranus, not earthy Taurus (war and upheaval).

Uranus is in “complete control” of its own archetype this time, as science, electricity and technology will fall under his magic and he will do with it as he pleases. This is what makes this particular Uranus in Taurus… So very special and unlike any of the last 3,000 years of Uranus in Taurus.

Can you imagine a world without science, electricity and technology today? Half of humanity cannot, the other half has strayed far away from the life without those things in an everyday way. In the past Uranus in Taurus cycles, electricity was not dominant and that is a truth, there were no lights on every street corner, only in the cities. Before the 1940s, Uranus in Taurus had no electricity or technology at all and our grandparents and great grandparents were connected to the natural earth.

So this Uranus in Taurus falls onto the Uranian side and he may or may not chose to completely destroy electricity, technology and science that does not uphold his high standards of truth. Imagine what that would look like. Astrologers try to make Uranus, Neptune and Pluto look nice and pretty and lovable, but they are not, especially for those dominated by their true powers that effect our life and humanity and even nature.

Uranus loves change, we as people dread change even though change is good for us. The positive thing about Uranus is that he is swift within its change, that is why it rules lightening. We fall quickly but we can stand back up, unlike Neptune and Pluto effects which are much slower by comparison.

Uranus helps us to wake up to the repetition of our old mistakes (past life karma) and remain the unconscious victim, rather than freedom from it. So welcome to the midlife crisis of humanity, but it will not play out as world war three… it will be the “individual wars within the self”. Nothing about this Uranus in Taurus will be like previous millenniums of this combination. 

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus (2018 – 2026)
The last time Uranus was in Taurus, World War 2 had occurred the 8 years (1934 – 1942) and it brought great challenges to the world on very individual levels, and an end to some of the chaos of world darkest dictators. Uranus has a gigantic ego and destroys pride when its in the sign of Taurus, who is dependable and lives for the stability of life. Uranus (Aquarius) lives for the Chaos of Life.

The intention or foundation of any outer planet going into a real oppositional force such as Uranus in Taurus, brings out crazy Uncle Uranus who effects all the stable ones. Do you think that an unstable electrical god takes kindly to the stability of Taurus? I don’t think so.

This time Uranus goes into Taurus with Pluto (death and rebirth) in the sign of Capricorn (government and stability of work and purpose), and that does not give the powerful and wealthy much of a chance to stand on any solid ground, like it usually does. This is because so many planets are in Capricorn challenged by the death and rebirth scenario. Ask any Capricorn about how their life feels lately? They will share some powerful stories.

Here are the Charts and what happened, the last 3 times Uranus was in the sign of Taurus…

Uranus in Taurus May 15 2018

CURRENT CHART #1 – Uranus in Taurus, 2018 – 2026
Note that the 2018 & the 1767 chart have a few things in common: 1. Uranus & Mercury are conjunct,  2. Pluto is in Capricorn and  3. Neptune is in Pisces right now and it was in the opposite sign of Virgo in 1767.

This tells me why the Spiritual nature of the energy (dream) worlds will be involve rather than just the physical (Virgo) because Mercury is Conjunct Uranus this time around and mercury is the quintessential “Psychopomp” – short journeys into non physical reality. So what you see or don’t see, maybe real or not real at the same time.

That confuses people, and its taken humanity 70 years to accept Mercury Retrogrades on technology and how it interrupts. Uranus is much more demanding than Mercury and a whole lot more powerful as a collective planet, not an individual planet.

Uranus in Taurus 1934 Astrology Chart

CHART #2 Uranus in Taurus – World War 2, 1934 – 1941
As you see below, the symbol of Uranus at 0 Taurus is conjunct Venus at 4 Taurus, the chaos had in a large way contributed to women gaining freedom in society by doing what was forbidden since Greek times: Doing a man’s job and getting paid for it. So yes, WW2 chaos – and also the doors of feminine or feminism after Suffragette times, opening another door through Uranus chaos.

In Mythology Uranus is the Consort (or husband) of Mother Earth (Gaia)… So the relationship between chaos and earthy matter is inseparable and its really felt when Uranus enters Taurus…

Uranus in Taurus 1850 July 8

CHART #3 Uranus in Taurus – Steps to the American Civil War 1850-1858
Prominent freedom issues of the changes of Slavery, Native American rights and the results: Civil War 1860– 1865. This was the ultimate bondage that finally found the beginning steps of release. Abraham Lincoln, an Aquarian, ruled over the complex situations of the civil war between the north and south, and as an Aquarian, accomplished much in the basic fundamental rights of men. This current Aquarius in Taurus will do the same for the rights of women. 

Uranus in Taurus 1767 May 2 @ 9 pm

CHART #4 Uranus in Taurus, American Revolution (1760−1791)
Note that this chart puts Pluto in Capricorn, just like it is today, and back then when Uranus entered Taurus, Neptune was in Virgo, which is the opposite sign of where Neptune sits right now, Pisces with our current start of Uranus in Taurus.

As you can see Uranus in the American Revolution times was conjunct Pluto and Saturn. Whenever Uranus/Pluto/Saturn join, we have Dictator energy in the forms of Generals and the Military. The American Revolution involved much of that energy and it was a man’s game in this Uranus in Taurus and the effects changed the directions between two huge countries, one with no power and one with all the power. Now America sits in the opposite position this year as Uranus enters Taurus, we have become what we originally rebelled as repressive.

As we prepare for great transformations and changes coming and starting in 2019 that will effect the average person, just like WW2 did, I know that we all have to adjust our “fixed stubbornness” and become more fluid and flexible to counter balance the energy of two very powerful opposing forces of nature…. 

Key words of Uranus… disruptive change, impersonal detachment, electricity, unique, intelligence agencies and intelligence, groups and freedom. On its shadow side – egotistical, destructive, the results of darkness that comes forth from science, rebelliousness, anarchy and chaos(and fire and electric storms, because Taurus rules the earthy matter as an earth sign).

Key words for Taurus… earthy, work ethics, day to day accomplishments, focus on values, groundedness, sensuality, trustworthy, patient, perseverance. On the shadow sides are hedonistic, stubborn, materialistic, low self esteem, lack of values and insecurity.

The combination of these key words when put together sound something like this: “earthy but has no real sense of true value” or “stubborn destructiveness” or “the intelligent hedonist” – I think you can see the picture, that in times of pressure, everyone’s light and shadow comes forth even if one thinks they have no shadow (fears) – but when its intense pressure turns on, we all can turn into real jerks or very fearful. The shadow sides of our impatience, our delivery, our insecurities cannot be hidden with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus rules chaos and free magic, but unlike his air sign brother Mercury, who rules personal and structured awareness, Uranus rules non-traditional chaos that are close linked to water, fire, air storms and lightning. Mercury also rules everyday communication, and thus, we rely on this messenger when its in a transformative reality like Uranus in Taurus. Uranus will combat and destroy all of these, it loves revolution, and destruction and burning down the house as they say, and doesn’t make any excuse or hold any guilt in its wrath, like the true psychopath that it is.

Blue Jennifer Lawrence

The swiftness of change made Rome fall in a day, or the dinosaurs fall, and that probably was a Uranus’ signature as well. This original planet moves not only mountains through earthquakes, but also things we cannot control. Saturn stability, which is the enemy of Uranus, by its nature seeks too much protection and safety beyond reason, always building Roman roads to their extinction.

Thus Uranus’ best quality is the change itself and that is based on truth, that is why Uranus, the truth-sayer was eventually kicked out of community and village, and called Lucifer. Even Saturn cannot withstand Uranus’ constant pressure put upon earthy and the material nature of life, like great Fires, the Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Floods. When the Lightning God joins with the repressed shamanic feminine of Sedna then all hell breaks loose. Sedna-Uranus article here.

Uranus is always about the bitter end and it results are the beneficial reforms or anarchical disruptive elements of life, that always will brings change for the better. People living in 1927 in a Villages in Slovakia, or Poland, or the Czech Republic did not know that Uranus in Taurus was going to destroy their way of life, their last indigenous rituals and traditions during WW2, and that it would take them almost seventy years to recover from 8 year of Uranus… this is how swift Uranus influences the physical world.

Uranus points out the elephant in the room which no one sees, but now seeks to expose all of us to such truth, followed by the hands of chaos making that elephant visible for all to see, not just us crazy ones. This goes for air and water pollution, corrupt politics to the modern sex trade industry funded by computer porn. Is there anything good left on earth? Not really, its been all hidden (unconscious) from humanity, except for the dark, the dark science, the dark military and the dark political world wide agendas which have been free to grow more and more powerful.

Yashas deer in the war, 1941
Yashas deer in the last Uranus in Taurus 1941

Is there any good from this combination of the Conflict and Erratic Chaos of Uranus into the grounded, steady, non changing sign of Taurus?
Of course, because from all destruction comes new life, from every harsh winter, the life of spring bursts forth even stronger with even more fertility and after every forest fire, new dormant seeds of beauty are reborn.  Yes, it brings great focus and re-balances what is out of balance, like fire from lightning strikes allows new plant growth of the earthy Taurus. The major fires around the world in the last three years was Uranus hovering between the Fire of Aries, and the earth of Taurus. 

Uranus rules Idealism, and that is a wonderful and creative way to be for some people. The shadow sides of idealism can lead to the fanatical or pushing drugs and pot on people saying its a cure all. That is the shadow side of Idealism and that it cannot manifest without some tribal agreement, some kind of action to set a tone in whatever the shadow people want.

The problem is Idealism is not really about action, its about ideas, concepts and the philosophical aspects of idealism. We have a higher and a lower mind in which Uranus rules, to get to that higher mind, a few nervous breakdowns must occur (great pain), without medications and one must master the hard core meditation like Zen.

The higher mind is just the mastered silent observer, having destroyed the lower minds chatter. The sacrifice is you will have no more rote or cognitive memory for day to day things nor can you work in the world at regular jobs. This is what really happens when you get to the higher mind. Most settle for idealism, its a lot less painful and no loss within society.

Some people tend to believe their ideas are real, in fact, many people do, or the solution, without putting it into action whether that is personal, interpersonal or a relationship to their outer life, where nothing changes. Idealism generally doesn’t pass the tests of Pluto, Saturn or Juniper reality, in order to be 100% real, so we tend to stay stuck in a looping philosophy that ends up not really helping the self, or anyone.

I find that about 40% of Idealism is actually unsuitable or unusable in societies within real situations, after all, Nazi Idealism is a good example on a large collective scale of how too much Idealism didn’t serve anyone but the Idealist himself – until Uranus entered Taurus around 1940 and obliterated idealism that didn’t saturate itself with the truth.

Idealism is two fold, it can be based in nature’s truth or human truth and human truth tends to be fragmented to self centered. Uranus being a collective planet is not about the self but the higher and lower self when it comes to the mental body which rules beliefs and values.

Progress, Utopian Expectations and some of the more negative sides of the New Age False spirituality, these are also all a part of Uranian Idealism. Idealism is great as the first creative thoughts to put into action, but things tend to fall into the control issues of Uranus which tends to end up in a crash!

This is why Uranus is called The Crazy Old Uncle – until his idealism is over and then the uncle goes to the mental institution or a rest home like all dictators and generals do, who have abused their power of war during Uranus in Taurus.

Video of The Lightning God: Uranus, Thor, Perun, Perunika in action !

I will leave you with a poem…

Learn to guard the shield.
Be resourceful in your attainments.
The new is difficult, and the old unsuitable.
The clouds must not conceal the mountains.

No excuses or evasions will help.
Only creative labor leads to victory.
Understand labor broadly.
The blizzard blinds the eye,
but not the spirit.

Guard your soul,
devotion is proved
by action.

340/341 ⁠⁠The leaves of the Garden of Moria, 1922 © Agni Yoga Society

Uranus in Taurus

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  1. Julia Whitelaw says:

    thank you for this article I have SUN 0 taurus jupter 2 9th trop trine asc virgo exactly conjunct uranus 7 degrees.
    A lot to digest here.War the spiritualist call it the great war, not so great I feel a real revolution from the true equality of the mind, the systems that have reigned based on territories about to change dramatically, discoveries deep in earth relegate false powers. venus and merchandise values and valuables reverse worth new prospectives stocks crash and soar..


    1. Thanks Julia, be well within your Uranus conjunctions, of course conjunctions are internal realities and oppositions are the external realities we must walk through. I remember my 6 planet t square when uranus went over that in the late 90s, very mystical but very intense on all my bodies. normally with a sag mars/saturn conjunction i don’t have physical muscle etc issues, but the duration of uranus in my midlife really made my body tense.


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