Third Moon of Winter 2019

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Moon Lovers, Artists, Dreamers and Empaths, we finally made it to the last Moon of Winter, the last of our Seasonal year. It begins Monday, February 4th 2019 as we now prepare for a transformation of seasons, the death of winter and the rebirth of spring. Winter begins to fade, and this last moon still allows for our important healing work to be done.

I hope your Midwinter was good and your monthly lunar intention brought you some awareness. For the newbies here, or those working with this practice under two years, please read the directions here. The simpleness of this practice is we set one intention about the self (only) on the new moon and one release intention about the self (only) on the full moon. See intention examples at the end. Eventually we flavor our practice with signs, syncronicities and first level dreaming to saturate it with our perception.

This month I want to back off the moon a bit, and share some very practical wisdom about the Mental Body. The Sun, Moon, Black Moon Lilith and Mercury are all conjunct and its a good month to practice healing our mind and speaking our Night Goddess (Lilith) truth within our communication (Mercury). For the last three moon cycles, we have had the influential and more serious taskmaster of Saturn present, but this moon, Pluto is keeping Saturn busy, so he’s moved out of our moonlight.

Those of you here who work with me personally one on one, just continue your month’s practice given, but take in this share about the mental body and its complications as the emotional body, soul body and dream body begin to claim more power on this planet.

There were and still are many books written to address the mind or mental body since the 1990s along with many Buddhism books on meditation and practices. I am sure they were all good, but I don’t read books, I prefer verbal oral traditional communication and always have.  I had a mental body to heal in my long journey and had to master my mind out of necessity, not choice, otherwise I was going to fall hard and not get back up.

I focused only on a few things during that decade, my mental meditation disciplines, my throwing the baby out with the bathwater of all teachings, and slaying the mind into complete submission to make it the serve, not be the master. A third mental breakdown for me would have been the last. So I focused on a mental break-through, took my practice and healing of my mental body extremely serious in my midlife and mastered it.

To get our mental body under complete control and in good shape, we must first challenge every thought, and become aware of where we are control freaks, which is the strength of the perfectionist. We begin to bend the mind’s loose and wild power, so it lets go for our ultimate inner peace. Mental silence practices within simple meditation does a great deal of healing, but not all of it, even for decades. We must work with the mind in a wholeness with our other two bodies.

Many work with spirituality in their own very unique ways, and I have worked through so many of them, I took the good parts of the practices only,  and put them into action through disciplines, to make sure they worked within healing, but I also became very aware of the more shadow nature of the spiritual journey…

lunar solar astrology.jpg

Here’s my top 10 list of becoming more conscious in your spiritual journey…

1. The path of peer pressure of the social-spiritual path when we are young, under 40 years old, is very under rated, but very powerful. There is much to sway us away from using our common sense. Use your common sense as a gift, be more observant in your journey of people’s character and values especially in spiritual circles;

2. Too much abundance in the knowledge spiritual narratives today can dilute truth. Some teachings actually fall under fantasy, not mystery. This is because 100 generations of philosophy, spiritual corruptions, religious and grandfather filtering, fragmented truths have all left a belief system out of balance, to actually permanently heal and reach enlightenment within its fullness, there are other avenues to explore within teachings, use them;

3. There are good parts of New Age, and there are new age belief which are just down right unhealthy, these systems do not assist our real and our personal humble awakenings, rather, they set us back 1000 years on a greater journey that leads us away from our body and soul. Rhetoric, never touching real mysticism, nor real shame, nor core issues that we need to address within to heal. Plus dangerous crystals, shamanic drug/plants, and pyramid electrical things that mess up our dreams, our soul body and our personal magnetic field. Real spiritual work is difficult, pure and sometimes intense, so please use discernment with new age concepts of all is love and good… its not;

4. Spiritual paths that do not encourage the expression of complicated emotional upsets and conflict which tends to separate our real emotional life from our spiritual life. Raise questions and don’t be afraid to share your emotional concerns. With practice, you get stronger to speak up and call out if you feel that is your role as a truth sayer, especially if you see things that don’t seem right like power and control issues;

5. The lessons of struggle and pain are to be honored, rather than false promises of enlightenment without suffering.

6. The magical spiritual paths that allows a glorification of selfishness and shadow, the seeking of attention and power; 

7. The self healing spiritual path that doesn’t warn us that we get sicker when we do real healing work, because what is healing deep below has to surface to be released through uncomfortable to painful detoxes. The longer we are on a healing path, the more we detox; 

8. The slow drying up of our Soul’s moist astral body through drug and plant visioning, the perception altering substances that make illusions seem as if they are valid and real. This process is a rape of the soul because she does not awaken at her natural time, but forced to open;

9. The Mystery is not free and never was, it requires great sacrifice.

10. Spirituality like dreaming, is not a form of escapism from the pains of our real life and fears, otherwise the shadow sides of false promises of enlightenment “without suffering” can lead us astray or unfulfilled;

All paths are good of course regardless of what we do, and even experiencing any or all of these ten, are lessons we need to learn in order to have more appropriate boundaries and more ability to clarify our truth.

Sometimes I felt I would waste four dedicated years on one single practice of one single issue of mine, and see no great result… and then bam, I would make a breakthrough that proved my doubt wrong. Its always at the last moments that we get truly frustrated, when the healing releases are ready to occur which teaches us more patience.

Practicing your spiritual path should be brought into all places that you live, in your relationships, into your family, into your sacred circles, to see if you can walk your talk. If you say your spiritual and do practices, then apply that to the difficulties and test your strength and knowing, where you really are, not where you “think” you are. Life listens to us and she watches us and tests us. 

Waxing Crescent Moon, Jan 8, 2019 by Chuck Reinhart Vincennes

The Tree of Life is Complicated…
Drawn like the moth to a flame, suspended near the great fire where the  enchanted ones live, hold onto your heart and call out to the ancestors like the child of jejune. We are the one’s who struggle, a cursing from life by birth. But our soul’s interwoven into nature so deeply, like a wolf who comes into the dreams of those who fear wolves. Fear nothing and wait for your situation to shift patiently. Never forget to laugh even within your struggles.

Lets begin with the strongest bodies that we have that are out of harmony in general since childhood. Each decade we become more aware naturally, but on a healing journey, we must focus more on our ability to intertwine our real life, our mundane life and our creative life within our spiritual life. We were born into separation and bondage by our own past life karma. So the first stages of disciplines in spiritual healing is generally the mental body because its given too much power.

As you know, there are a billions quotes on social media today and they fall into two categories. A feel good quote to get you through the moment, or an actual action, because each single quote takes about 4 to 10 years of actual healing and practice, actual disciplines and actual support to accomplished the quote. Which one do you do?

I will use this quote

say no without guilt.png

“NO” or the lack of it when needed, is a basic boundary issue, a loose boundary issue or a severe boundary issue (karma).  We each have a unique situation with boundaries if we are an empath a sensitive, a dreamer or an intuitive. Guilty feelings that arise from our emotional body causes pain. Shame is equaled to guilt but involves more of an outside source with the inside response, where guilt in itself, is strictly internal regardless of our outer situations. That may sound strange, but its true.

The mental body is also connected with guilt, in the form of both triggers and one’s thoughts “that are in the past” and can trigger emotional pain. An untrained and undisciplined mental body is like a computer, who repeats mainframe thoughts over and over again.

Triggers can go back a few thousand years or they can go back three years ago. There is no time in this reality, only feeling or mental pain or confusion. Triggers that occur from an untrained mind can set off unconscious little emo-bombs that have waves of pain connected to them and after ten or twenty years of this, it makes us weary and drains our energy.

Remember the rules, our emotional body needs healing and has issues, our mental body needs healing and issues, our soul needs healing and has issues but we cannot become “conscious” or “aware” of any of them because they are constantly responding and reacting to our real living life. When we focus on one body, like the mental body, we have to set aside the other bodies while we accomplish one task. The more healing we invest in that particular body (in this article, the mental body), the more it stabilizes, while the other bodies are still erratic.

There are about 3 moons in the whole year that are challenging, and we won’t know this unless we do this practice, it reveals as the other bodies get grounded. In chaos spiral medicines, which I teach and have mastered, our life is like weather, sometimes it storms, sometimes its too hot etc. Being flexible with the emotional body and tightening up on the mental body, you will find some balance.

The first thing to focus on in our healing with some dedication, is the repetitive mental triggers and that is from silencing of our mental body with some consistency. The mind of all bodies requires consistency to get it to bend. This is called focus in some teachings, in others its called silencing the busy mind, otherwise it flows into territories that are unhealthy or addictive thought. Until that part of our mind is trained, we cannot even see we attract the same unhealthy people, or the same issues repeat, that we thought we just climbed out of.

Our thoughts that are obsessive can lead us down a guilty memory lane, and like a repetitive dream, the thoughts can get stuck on “repeat” like a skip in a cd, or a repetitive symbol in our dreams, or a byproduct emotional trigger attached to our negative or random undisciplined thoughts. 

When the mind’s thoughts drift into many areas without our awareness we struggle. We begin to live in the past in our thought processes and don’t even recognize it. That is how subtle our unconscious vs awareness is.  These are literally triggering that remain asleep in a spiritual way, by not addressing the mental bodies performances through mastering “silence”. Can’t master silence without practices. We are active 100% of the day with our mind, even if we think we are not thinking. Mastering silence is 10 minutes to 1 hour of your day, thats 5% of your day, to make a sacrifice for you and no one else. 

The “past thought matrix” is one that becomes recognized when sitting silently as a practice and we begin to recognize just how active our mind really is. Its astonishing. When we reach a certain level of meditation we must then begin to have purpose for the healing of the mental body, otherwise we cannot connect the streams of mental energy to our dream issues, our emotional issues, our unhealthy behaviors in relationships, our neediness, etc, that we wish to overcome.

Lose the mind and find the soul elder mountain dreaming dot com.jpg

Our Mental Body has three levels:

1 Conscious, which is action oriented, example: “I want to go grocery shopping” and then we go to the store or to our garden. That is our mind/body with thought/action success.

2. Repetitive Mind, Our prison warden, who keeps repeating old thoughts without our control or sometimes even our awareness until we have a practice to focus on awareness of whats happening in our mental body. Old guilty thoughts, that make us drift into the past while focusing in the present on tasks, jobs, relationships, study and conversations is often very common.

3. The Unconscious Mind – or “shadow” mind of our “astral” mental body (which also dreams at night and can come and go in and out of our physical body like our soul astral body does). The rough edged mental astral body literally is the one who mentally sabotages us in a lighter form (repeated self sabotage, shame, guilt etc), to the medium levels (self bondage, self hate, addictive thoughts that act out), to the extreme levels (demonic voices, suicidal thoughts or dark thoughts of killing). 

The final layer below the other three is freedom, the great void, the night or great stillness of the eternal nothingness of the mental body (the soul has this also but its a different kind of journey). Even after the mind is completely mastered, more issues arise from what has been suppressed from the dominance or busyness of the mind. 

Before we can even truly begin to heal the content and hugeness of our “emotional body’s guilty feelings or the karmic soul bodies connection” we must make a dent in the mental body and get it trained, because the mind will NEVER “serve” the emotional or soul body. The rule is “we cannot heal anything of the mental body, until we become aware of the behaviors of our mental body.” 

Repetitive Practice:

1. The greatest practice is first the commitment to slay the wild mind, like the Buddhists teach, be in the present or the “now” right now by doing the practices of meditation, silent meditation is the best for a busy mind. Some start with the noisier meditations like breath, chants, guided etc, but these are still distracting for the serious spiritual healing path;  

2. As a waking practice we begin to call out our mental body’s thoughts, right away. Call it out when it drifts back into thoughts of the past, or snarky bad behaviors come forth, or negative attitudes, shaming others, gossip, self hate thoughts, etc etc. RESPOND to each one with a Mantra, something like this: “I forgive myself (or the other) and I am living right now, in the present moment, right here”.  Do it every time you catch yourself with the mind loose and wild. Its a very difficult practice.

This pulls the guilt thoughts out of the past, right into the present, with lots and lots of daily practice as a first difficult step. This supports the emotional body’s guilt but we have to deal with her later in the disciplines and healing, but you can practice nurturing her. Our inner strength, that small inner voice or whatever you wish to call it, must call out the mental body issues and put it in its place immediately.

Now if you drink, do shamanic plants, smoke pot etc, it will take an extra 20 years to do this four year practice. So consider going sober to actual heal to become free from addictions, that in itself is another ten year practice. 

Sometimes we only sense the emotional body trigger and not the mental body’s thoughts at deeper levels of our unconscious which led us into stress in the first place. Healing is not simple, because each of us are a mystery of four complete bodies that interact, are separated and fight each other. This is the nature of a strong mind with an empathic emotional body. Even if you  have a more peaceful mind, it doesn’t hurt to practice disciplines to see just how easy it is to have no thought at will. 

At deeper levels, when the mental body is fragmented from our childhood or past life karma, there is a great battle between the present and the past, and between the mental body and the emotional body. Both bodies can suffer or one suffers greater than the other. Getting to know yourself, your triggers and your archetype can help a great deal to keep the self healing path oiled and running. Silent meditation always increases the observation of the mental body rather than the active surface mind. 

Mental breakdowns are a more extreme levels of the busy thoughts which never stopped over the years, and then it crashes like a computer crashes. Literally. This is because the strong minded person’s mind is so free to do whatever it wishes that it causes a host of problems in our real behaviors, attitudes and outlook on life.

We train our self first to respond to our mind’s negative thoughts, putting down the self, victim consciousness thoughts etc, so when it raises negative actions we respond with that daily practice of putting it in its place.

Try working with your mental body this moon cycle and see what you become aware of… 


only chose one…  

I am independent
I embrace my inner spiritual warrior (if your fearful)
I practice clarity around my truth
I am aware

I practice silencing my busy thoughts
I nurture myself
I am aware of my negative projections
I am in the present moment
(for the worriers, guilty ones and anxiety ones)

I protect my intimacy
(those who fear speaking their needs)

I am capable & grounded in confrontation
I recognize my toxic behavior
I express my anger with self-control
I trust my feelings (if your shy)

I recognize my expectations 
I bring my idealism into action
I make appropriate judgement
I am intelligent
I breath to relax
I am beautiful

I am observing more (for big talkers)
My needs are real
I trust my process
I am creative
I am grounded
I practice self compassion
I express my feelings more
    openly in a positive way

I set healthy boundaries
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I express myself more honestly
I am practicing healthy behavior

I give myself permission to express my anger
I trust myself

I have self compassion
I open my heart
I meditate for inner peace

I am emotionally honest with myself
I accept where I am

I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I am free

I practice inner peace
I practice inner stillness
I practice loving myself
I love and nurture myself

We all have great work to do in healing, I encourage you to love yourself that way with great love (dedication). It just takes time in life, because we actually have to live our life in order to heal our life, it takes both.

Here is a 2 min video on the Emotional Body, and if you pay close attention, you can see how the Mental Body gets involved with the feelings emotional body, and prevents us from just feeling the issues and sitting with it, by mental distraction and mental control over our emotional body….

To be on our Lunar Workstudy, send an email to !

Have a great last moon of winter in all your endeavors and keep the fire temperate yet still burning steadily…   

~ Phoenix

feb fox

Source: Waxing Crescent Moon, Jan 8, 2019 by Chuck Reinhart Vincennes; Russian Fox Holiday Ornament.

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