The Mysterious Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Mercury, Hermes and Thoth are the mythology of the god of the psychopomp, magic, shopkeepers, magicians, merchants, travelers, transporters, shape-shifter, thieves, jesters and tricksters. The fleet-footed messenger of the divine and the tricksters of the dark. My progressed moon is now in Gemini for the next two years, the last time was thirty years ago and it always causes upheaval in my 8th house, where all the Gemini fixed stars sit in my chart.

Its been both pure chaos and a wonderful opportunity for first hand experience to see how this complicated sign of Gemini and its ruler Mercury works in both this world, in my dreaming world and the inbetween worlds of those two. My first progression of my moon into Gemini was Christmas Day, 1990. At that time the beginning of Uranus concatenate Neptune, and they were on my natal Mercury (11 Cap) and my whole life was set into motion, leaving youth into adult. 

Needless to say, I was feeling quite lucid and because I had already started having out of bodies and astral travel in 1987, it got a little bit more intense when my progressed moon entered the eight house in personal matters and intimate relationships with my own family. This has had a thirty year consequence by fate and I just completed the last of the upheaval now with my moon returning to Gemini again.

Vector illustration of the Greek god Hermes in the form of a woman. The girl goddess, Mercury with wings. Hand-drawn vintage linear tattoo design. Isolated vector art.

For all of us, Mercury / Hermes / Thoth will transit and eclipse the Sun on Monday, November 11, 2019 and allow us to finally move forward. We enter now the very beginning of “no time” and by 2026 will be on our way into the dreamers path of reality. Mercury is an important part of our perspective on a personal level, its comings and goings or returning effects what we fear about magic and alternate reality or what we embrace of such realities. Mercury defines that fine line between what is real, and what we saw that was just a glimpse into the hidden.

Mercury is a mental sign and about the duality and two distinct sides and  realities of Gemini, the mind and the reflective mirror of the mental astral body. This rulership of Mercury and Gemini sits in the 3rd house, the first of the four cadent houses. Gemini and Mercury have been a very powerful player in history of the patriarch, because of the nature of the invention of writing, the development of written languages from symbols.

Mercury influences started with runic symbols and then full languages rather than voiced or oral traditions only before writing. From that creation, then laws were written and enforced, and then brought into religions for power (remember, religions were governments back then in ancient times 2500 years ago). And last, the progression of Mercury went into the myth and myths control people and their perspectives unconsciously.

China is one of the oldest countries who began to utilize Mercury at the birth of their Scribes in their ancient culture, with the invention of writing. This is The Mysterious Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens 九-天-玄-女 called Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, or Lady of the Night of the Nine Heavens, also known as Xuannü in her more ancient time, as part of the ancient texts that would be considered the closest and most potent female side of Mercury in her Goddess form (rather than celestial form).

In the late Tang dynasty, the Taoist Master Du Guangting, 850–933 ce, created her title to be Jiutian Xuannü who is closely related to Sunü, her divine sister. Whenever you have sister goddesses (two), that is the clue of the prehistory of Sun goddesses and Moon gods, an older ancestral time before pagans and religions sun cult (god).

She also rides on her Phoenix Bird, holding phosphors and clouds as her reins. The work relates a story about the goddess appearing before Huangdi, during a time when there was conflict with Chiyou. Chiyou caused a great Mist, which was so impenetrable that it obscured both the day and night.

gemini moon

On her head, she has a nine Dragon and flying Phoenixes and on her body she wears a red silken gown decorated with golden thread; blue jade-like strips run down the long gown and a white jade ritual object rises above her colored sleeves. Her face is like a lotus calyx and her eyebrows fit naturally with her hair. Her lips are red and her snow-white body appears elegant and relaxed. She appears to be the Grandmother of Immortality.

Huangdi would dwell in the mist for several days until Jiutian rode a cinnabar Phoenix into the great mist. Cinnabar means a bright red mineral consisting of Mercury Sulfide which is the only important ore of Mercury and is sometimes used as a pigment, the bright red color of vermilion.

In esoteric Alchemy, Jiutian in her Goddess form was the Mysterious Lady of the Night (or dark lady), and would be considered the female sided Mercury in her goddess form.  In her Celestial form, she was the Phoenix.


The Mysterious Dark Lady bestowed the information that started the four Schools of: QI MEN DUN JIA

QI = Mystery
MEN = Gate
DUN = Hidden way to escape
JAI = 10 Stems

1) FA QI MEN DUN JIA Using Talismans and Spiritual forces associated with Taoism for the benefit of practitioner. 2) SAN YUAN QI MEN DUN JIA Widely practiced and disseminated nowadays. 3) FEI KUNG XIAO QI MEN DUN JIA Simplified and convenient form of QI MEN. 4) QIN DUN ASTROLOGY (Astrological form, limited information available.)

The Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens had a disciple whose name was Pai Yun Chun. He received all Dharma teachings from her which began the Tao. Later he was able to be elevated and to be in charge of the Taoist books which were her wisdom bestowed.

She holds a Sword in her hand and a Gourd in the other (the Taoist Gourd is the symbol of Immortality which contains the golden elixir). During the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, the mysterious lady transforms herself into the Jade Lady of Nan Shan.

In other dynasty’s she wore variegated Kingfisher-Feather garments, which had nine different colors representing the nine heavens. Huangdi greeted her and received her command. Jiutian Xuannü said: “I base myself on the teachings of the Grand Supreme of the Divine. If you have any doubts, you may question me.” Huangdi responded: “[Chiyou] is cruelly crossing us. The four seas are crying, no one can protect their own nature or life. I want the art of winning a myriad victories in a myriad battle. Can I cut the harm facing my people?”

Thereupon, She bestowed various objects for her people: 1. The Talismans of the Martial Tokens of the Six Jia Cyclicals and the Six Ren Cyclicals; 2. The Mystery by which the Five Emperors of the Numinous Treasure forces Spirits into Service; 3. The Seal of the Five Bright-Shiners for Regulating Demons; 4. The Formula of the Five Yin and Five Yang for Concealing the Jia Cyclicals; 5. Charts for Grabbing the Mechanism of Victory and Defeat of the Grand Unity from the Ten Essences and Four Spirits; 6. Charts of the Five Marchmounts and the Four Holy Rivers; 7. Instructions in the Essentials of Divining Slips;

Huangdi was then able to defeat Chiyou and ascend to Heaven on the basis of the items bestowed by Jiutian Xuannü.

A set of Taoist text, produced after the Tang dynasty, associate this goddess who had and represented woman’s magical capabilities, such as the skill of invisibility and the method of mobilizing the stars of the Northern Dipper to protect. Jiutian Xuannü has the ability to magically conceal the body and her power is exercised through the Six Ding Jade Maidens who are her acolytes.

According to the Lingbao Liuding Mifa, the Jade Maidens are just aspects of Jiutian: And these parts of her perform specific tasks during the concealment:

jiuJade Maiden of Dingmao
Conceals one’s Physical body;

Jade Maiden of Dingsi
Conceals one’s Destiny;

Jade Maiden of Dinghai
Conceals one’s Fortune

Jade Maiden of Dingyou
Conceals one’s Hun soul;

Jade Maiden of Dingwei
Conceals one’s Po soul

Jade Maiden of Dingchou
Conceals one’s Spirit.

Hun is our cloud-soul, this is the larger collective soul of both our light (higher self) and our lower self (demon souls) and animism souls.

Po is our ‘white-soul’ which is the 20% we borrow from our Hun soul in order to reincarnate. Each lifetime we borrow this to reincarnate and if we don’t do the healing work of our karma, we eventually loose more and more of our mental, emotional and physical body to sickness.

The Mysterious Dark Lady of the Nine Heaven’s Magic
This is martial in origin, achieving invisibility is seen as a military strategy to defeat enemies and protect the state, but these were women’s gifts to protect women, children and the earth before they were stolen and she was raped and killed for her gifts. Now as we enter the no time we shall return to the righteousness again.

The Micang Tongxuan Bianhua Liuyin Dongwei Dunjia Zhenjing, written in the early Northern Song Period of China, gives an incantation associated with Jiutian Xuannü. By reciting this incantation and performing the “Paces of Yu” invisibility to others was said to be achieved. The Paces of Yu are described as elements of the divinity system of dunjia, “Hidden Stems” from which the immediate position in the space-time structure of the six ding could be calculated.

The six ding are the Spirits who are responsible for the position of the irregular gate  which represents a rift in the universe.The irregular gate must be approached by performing the Paces of Yu and serves as the entrance to the emptiness of the otherworlds which the current Military of earth and their darkness have taken over it on the other side of the veil. One light of invisibility can destroy evil influences and achieved.

The method to mobilize the stars of the Northern Dipper is named Beidou Shi’er Xing, translated as the “Twelve Stars of the Northern Dipper”. The incantation entitled Tiangang Shenzhou, translated “Incantation of the Heavenly Mainstay” is used with this method and comes from the Southern Song period.

The Beidou Zhifa Wuwei Jing states that Jiutian Xuannü taught the method of the Northern Dipper to Yuan Qing. He thereby succeeded in aiding his ruler to pacify evil forces.

She is the Divine Heavenly Goddess who brought everything to the Dynasties of China, which was every soul of shamanic cultural Grandmothers and Adult Women of the Pre-Patriarch and it was these women’s cultural shamanic heritage that is the root of Taoism, The Hun and Po Soul and Mysticism.

In Western Astrology, Alchemy and Divination, humans of earth have always used the masculine sides of Mercury, the left brain or external dominated sides, and like China, along with their relatively unimportant Lady of Mystery Goddess, didn’t apply a Goddess to Mercury as real and applicable.

This article is written for the return of the Feminine Mercury, and her languages of sound, of the dreamer and their language of the visual arts, signs and symbolism and verbal story telling (oral traditions) rather than books. When Egypt and China began the huge leap of humanity, into Mercury at the onset of the Patriarch (sun cult), they began a dominant and long journey that started with hieroglyphs and runes, which then written languages were birth from those, and now at the last stage of the masculine Mercury, computer languages, mathematics and robots.

There are two reasons I do not care for philosophy, the scribes versions of truth. First is I am not good at reading anything, my first language is dreaming since birth. My gifts are oral tradition storytelling (from experience) and the teaching of mythology and astro-mythology, which includes people sharing their personal knowing and wisdom from personal experiences or creative stories of their life through art and song or other forms of communication.

The second reason is because philosophy was invented upon and during the fragmenting and fragmented “emotional truth”, the scapegoat, the river of denial, the false use of ego of the mind and the limitation of feeling (perception) getting its way in ancient times when the patriarch was being built. From there, philosophy turned into psychology and it split the male and female into oppositions, without ever having mastering the understandings of the self first through the lost and wounded feminine or masculine within.

Without that fact of the healing bringing perception higher, knowledge extracted has no root, it only has mind / perspective. It doesn’t have the applications of our dualistic nature in a Mercurial or mental body sense that masters listening equally to all the Mercury and Gemini gifts in unification.

L’anima Mercurii Solidonius MsAn example is Carl Jung who described the animus as the “unconscious masculine sides of a woman” and the anima as the “unconscious feminine sides of a man” and was trying to describe it as the soul, but he was born in the time of the mind and the shift occurred after his time of knowing differences between soul and mind and their unconscious sides of the astral body of the mind and the astral bodies of the soul and how it functions in relationship to fragmentation of past life souls and mental astral bodies.

Humanity doesn’t even know that the mental body has an astral body of its own, that is not the soul astral bodies. It can be confusing because our gifts have been dormant since the Patriarchal Sun rose a few thousand years ago. Anina then, is Feminine and Animus is Masculine and if we remove the actual human philosophy, we have the anima/animus of a woman and the anima/animus of a male. The masculine side of the mental astral body and the feminine side of our soul astral bodies.

Now with the next three generations born, we have the up and coming “mirror” splitting into the multiple mirror splitting (adding sex to the soul, when that is a trait of our past life body/soul issue). In some cases fragmentation of the soul itself, two or three thousand years ago is extremely completes. Hence it’s naming of LGBTQIAP of the anima/animus of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and pan sexual.

Mercury and Gemini rule all these names, but in seven years, Uranus is going to transit into Gemini April 27, 2026 – May 23, 2033. It is then we will see some real mental chaos and clarification of Gemini and Mercury origins with its repressed and feminine sides exposed in dreaming and waking. But first it must go through seven years of Taurus first and break our earthy foundations apart.

This is in order to create earthquakes and lightning strikes, so only the truth is left standing of the overlaying of philosophy of the unconscious. Life can be pretty harsh when one of the three outer planets come to make personal impact on our lives, in which our souls were all birthed out of philosophy and ideology so many millenniums ago.

One of the symbols of Gemini is the hands of our body, which represent our “purpose” and ability to take word into a physical action with purpose. A symbol that is the manifested state of actions that includes action of the physical body, completing the mind/body connections of Mercury in form. But the astral hands of the mental body is the underlying energetic full formed light body within our physical body.

I experienced this first hand when I was taking a Shaolin Kung Fu at 55 years old, I was really tired in one of the classes trying to lift my arms up at the end of the class and keep them up. At that moment, my arms just lifted up all by themselves, pulled my physical arms up with it, and I could feel my astral arms pulling without any effort. At those moments in class I was pretty amazed. I only experienced this a few times, one was when I was around 42 years old and I wanted to jump across a stream and I went to jump and nothing, it was as if my body was planted firmly as concrete, and the astral body, it was my soul astral body, not mental astral body.

The other time was when I was driving home all upset about my divorce and children and my whole car in the middle of the highway shook back and forth for about a minute. The soul astral body is very powerful in the physical world… but the mental astral body has its power in dreaming that is different than the soul’s astral power in dreaming.

So what is the “purpose” of the masculine parts of the cognitive and rote mind have to do with what I experienced with my female side of mercury’s (mental) astral body? Well my two years of my progressed moon is going to show me and it already has begun. My foundation of purity of body, dharma in my souls and animism soul and the healing of my mental body through the mastery of zen… now the personal mind, rather than my collective mind (more the Uranus issues in the past) is showing me three levels of mirror reflections in the non physical aspects of mercury.

Mesopotamia A fragment of a vase with a depiction of the Goddess Nisaba (Ninibgal or Nidaba), Goddess of Writing, Knowledge and Learning
Mesopotamia – Fragment of a vase with a depiction of the Goddess Nisaba (Ninibgal or Nidaba), Goddess of Writing, Knowledge and Learning.

These identity words of course are Mercury word-naming from a sense, an experience, a feeling, a philosophy, a sexual preference or all of them at once. The core of anyone, seeking an identity through self-exploration is not limited to just our many souls, our demonic and fragmented souls, but also our lower mind (Mercury) and our higher (Uranus) mental body. These include our fragmented mental astral body of our past lives in their astral form (karma of the mental body). The soul has its own karmic bodies to deal with.

If we had ten powerful lives as a female in our past lives, and we have reincarnated and born into a male body, well, there’s a basic root issue of both identity and sexual identity. Add a few fragmented souls of our past lives and it even gets more complicated for the living young person who has no idea who they were before this lifetime.

Mercury’s rulership is one sided, its only the male aspect of the mind, the unconscious mind is what I am speaking to make it conscious beyond meditation, of beyond the doorway into the second mercury, the feminine parts of mercury that were banished long ago. Within us is invisible perspectives made conscious, and things we cannot see even if we are looking at them. Mercury rules this mental body of a reality we might have to learn to deal with, with the two states of the unconscious (mind and soul) in both the feminine and masculine principles (another duality) on top of the two minds.

Without healing first, both the male sides of a man (even if you are lgbtqiap), and healing the female sides of the female, many steps are missing and fragmented to apply the anima and animus in very rigid terms and that is what makes us unconscious as human beings. We don’t even understand 360 degrees of the feminine reality of understanding. In other words, the one half of Mercury is the dreamer Mercury who has a cadent doorway.

In mythology, history, philosophy and astrology, everyone knows the basic archetype of Mercury as the symbols of the communicator, its forms of the trickster (liar for negative or positive reasons), the magician, the coyote, its divination communication, and its everyday communications in all forms (the global tech and social network reality).

There is one attribution of Mercury in Ddivination, mythology and astrology that is not correct as an archetype of Mercury and that is known as Mercury’s Psychopomp.

The shadow aspects of Gemini/Mercury is in the form of lying, deceit in communication, hearing demonic voices etc. Etymology of lying or a liar means the slanderer, in French or the informer in modern English, the meaning of the word also means insincere flatterer. In other words, this energy carries the negative context of Charisma of the Charismatic misuses. The devilish coyote, trickster or heyoka.

Etymology of the term charisma is from the Greek χάρισμα which means “favors freely given” or the “gift of grace”. The term and its plural χαρίσματα (charismata) derive from χάρις (charis), which means “grace”.  So the negative context would be the stealing of another grace (light or even golden light). A crime beyond immoral into demonic.

Having led decades of shamanic journeys (pure, never plants) I know the psychopomp in my profession along side my astral travels, out of bodies, remote viewing in waking and dreaming, and a dream walker in mental, soul and animism bodies. I share from experience that Mercury does not rule the psychopomp, Neptune does.

Uranus and Mercury work together because they are both air signs, unless one has karma in the 8th or the 12th, then its a purification life process with mental illness, mind dysfunctions, deaf, aphasia or blind.  Even within that, there are ways to work with these two mentally influencing planets. Uranus reverses oppositions and Mercury has always been missing one of its opposition.

This made it really difficult for me as a dreamer, a third house chiron opposite Uranus, and an astrologer over the years to get the essence of Gemini and its ruler Mercury because of the double and triple mirrors when combined with Uranus rulership over my being. My moon in Gemini now is removing these complex and deep barriers and I can see its uses in dreaming and in waking more efficiently now.

The Astronomer | Astrologer of ancient times were not separated, but since they were only men, they left the feminine sides of the masculine planets out. something out, or it would be more appropriate to say that they destroyed something precious of the mysteries… the female aspect of perception, harmony, balance and death and rebirth in everything except war. Great passions that have now grown into dark obsessions in the mind’s astral body of our past life, when its been separated so long from its feminine counterparts.

The dualistic side of Mercury is presented as a double male in mythology, the two sides of Gemini’s nature and Mercury’s lost feminine. This is because only men were allowed to be educated, write and share ideology over the past 2500 years. All spiritual teachings today have as their root core and development of myths, from men and men’s perspective.

Why then, does Mercury, ruler of Gemini have “Wings” on his head as the main symbol, when its the feminine soul symbol of the feminine? And why does he have her serpent (turned into the staff) called the caduceus, when its not the symbol of the mental body, but the symbol of the Soul bodies?

Because the Intellectual Mind became
Victorious over Body, Emotional Body & Soul”


As we now return our own original symbols back to the feminine once again, this also includes the mental body and that includes the demonic mind, mental body and mental astral body which is its root from our own past life. Jinn, the Arabic الجن‎, Al-Jinn, and Genie have broad meanings of spirits or demons, depending on source,. That they are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian that are still believed today. Men even projected their own mental body demon and rejected it – calling it some mystery of nature or alien.

No… its all us and its our mental astral body that is the jinn or genie. Mercury in its distinct feminine traits that reveals the hidden, in the depth of communication, when focused on aliens as human beings, soon learn that the misuses of power in Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilization has a terrible price: The complete loss of the Soul.

Our mental body, its lower nature of the everyday mundane mind, thoughts and speaking (Gemini) and our higher mind of Uranus, the silent mastery of the mind must now contend with our real Astral Mental Body that in normal ways has ego issues, all the way to philosophies to madness (mental illness, light or severe for a whole lifetime). We cannot reject the feminine sides of the mind any more than we can reject the masculine sides of the souls.

As a dreamer and almost all of my planets sit in Cadent Houses, and I have been forced to awaken to my dream life early in my life with these two way doors, especially the unforgiving 12th house. The struggles through tearing down walls built by male perspective in all teachings, had to be sifted through my experiences in order to understand wholeness through my mystical experiences this lifetime.

Without crazy new age theories but let nature and mother earth show me first hand. To work through the aspects and realities of the hidden perception that teachings had destroyed so long ago in ancient times because of the powers of writing and controlling myths and leaving out anything feminine in nature, especially the feminine power of all the planets and the dark sides of Venus.

Ancient writers, scribes and philosophers rewrote the goddess eras to serve the god, the kingdoms and men and claimed his rights over the soul and crowned it with the Mental Body of her Soul Wings on top his Mercury head. All air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius rule air, and its broken down into: 1 Mental body (Gemini/Mercury); 2. Mental body in Relationships (Libra/Venus); and the higher silent (observer) and collective mental body (Aquarius.Uranus).

Without the duality of Gemini as both male AND female or feminine side there is no balance in understanding what is unconscious and invisible to the masculine sides of our mind. The Soul was broken in its connection to the female Mercury, but the Soul is eternal, so it sits and waits for our mind and mental body to wake up, and for it to bear the burden of the eternal wanting to communicate to us in subtle ways. It cannot, if the higher mind is not achieved and the lower mind of Mercury’s will is bent into submission. This would be impossible for people who cannot even give up guided meditation or give up their cell phone for two years at will.

The feminine side of Mercury is the Psychopomp of the mental body since Mercury has two sides, a feminine and a masculine, the Messenger.

The Pace of Yu

Taiji Quan movements evolved from this ancient lumbering gait of a bear. If one retraced to an older practice of the Five Animal walks, one can still see the original lumbering gait of a black bear frolic swaying side to side. That the very functioning of the Taiji form is a Shamanistic journey of recreating the Heavenly drama of the Ursula Major constellation which contained the Big Dipper.

With the Great Bear Rite as part of my practice of Taiji movements, this transports consciousness – the meaning of Taiji, Supreme Ultimate as the universal movements of unifying between human and the whole of self. The above is a diagram depicting the use of sacred movements from the fifth century ce Taoist Rite of the Great Bear Polar circle.

In Taoist practice, such sacred movements enhance the dancers to resonate with the circle of the cosmic forces. This embraces the central Taoist concept of human as microcosm mirroring the macrocosm. Taiji Quan movements evolved from this ancient lumbering gait of a bear, unfortunately due to the linguistic drift and misinterpretation, the Great Bear Polar Circle remains hidden for most practitioners.

If one retraced to an older practice of the Five Animal frolics, one can still see the original lumbering Gait of a black bear frolic swaying side to side. If Taiji Quan did evolve from the Five animal frolics then the Taiji form must contain within its structure a Bear movement. It is my most sincere wish that you could discover it for yourself the Bear movement within the Taiji Form.

Such discovery re-connects me to the ancient Complete Reality Sect of Taoist Ritual and opens my eyes to the depth of Taiji practice. That the very functioning of the Taiji form is a Shamanistic journey of recreating the Heavenly drama of the Ursula Major constellation which contained the Big Dipper. With the Great Bear Rite as part of my practice of Taiji movements, this transported my consciousness to a level that is universal. My body became part of the Cosmo.

The movements took on a numinous quality. Sometime, when I practiced late at night I could almost hear the song of the stars. Suddenly, the meaning of Taiji—Supreme Ultimate revealed to me as the universal movements of unifying between human and the whole of the Universe. At that moment, my body became utterly transparent and different part of the body lights up. From my own meager experience of the Grand Ultimate—Taiji, I entered the vast field of Taoist Alchemical cultivation.

It is this transformation from the profane physical movements into the sacred Taoist rite that the power of the Great Bear Step becomes so necessary. For the future of Taiji Quan, I sincerely wished that other players and practitioners joined me in developing Taiji in the context of Taoist Inner Alchemy. Written by Sat Chuen Hon Founder of Dan Tao

Regarding the Great Bear Star Steps, The Spring and Autumn Annals (240 BCE) describes a legendary great flood covering China that is intimately linked to Qigong practices. Stagnant flood waters produced disease and plagues. In response, Daoist Emperor Yu (early Xia dynasty 2,000 – 1,600 BC) ecstatically danced on the land with a bear-like gait and spiritual focus. Then with a magic pole he etched the Big Dipper constellation into the soil of the Earth. His shamanic dance, called “the Pace of Yü,” is still practiced by Daoists. – Kenneth Cohen, The Essential Qigong Training Guide

The Big Dipper is not a constellation but rather seven of the brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major (or Great Bear) recognized as a distinct grouping by many cultures.

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