Third Full Moon of Winter 2019

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – This is our last Full Moon of Winter of the seasonal year, which begins on Feb. 19th at 0 degrees Virgo, joined by the Royal fixed star Regulus at 0 degrees Virgo. Degrees at the zero points are a signature of new beginnings and with Spring now on its way, our new beginning (rebirth) and mother earth’s rebirth at the equinox is right on time. Set your one full moon “release” intention wisely based on what no longer serves your highest good within you.

My new moon intention this moon was “I Am Magical” and I changed it later that day to “I Am Magical in a safe and healthy way.”A few days after the new moon, because I added “safe and healthy” to my intention, I took an energetic hit to my right rib cage area, when I was speaking with someone who partakes in a lot of pot and carries some shadow energy (as most people do).

This is usual in my world as a folk healer and because I am sober, one just becomes more “aware” of energy that enters your body. If I hadn’t added the safe and healthy part, to my intention, I wouldn’t have had to take that hit energetically. I am wise enough to know this and sometimes to get experience in mirror types of reality, we do things that don’t seem to make sense without hindsight. So for the Full Moon intention today I stated, based on my new moon intention and that experience:  “I release communication that is not direct and clear.”

Moon work is always about reflection and avoiding pain is not the goal like it is in (sun) work, like meditation, yoga, etc. Lunar work is to dig deeper into the unconscious so your awareness of not mind, but body and soul. That is a difficult practice when we are used to yin and yang, instead of yin and inner yin teachings and practices of the emotional body, or feminine teachings.

When we practice the Lunar Moon work with an intention, it will always brings the “opposing” energy to our doorstep to help us sharpen our “mirror” skills with life, and my example shows how this works.

gardener soul full moon spring

 Regulus, the other half of this full moon energy, which is collective also bestows some heavenly or upperworld blessings. Regulus entered the sign of Leo in the year 156 bce and bestowed all power and all blessings to the Patriarch, and to the men who build and then led their Sun (cult) with the likes of the gods such as Apollo, Helios, Zeus, Dionysus and God. A conquering of earth, of the feminine, of resources and of soul people.

Regulus left this sign of Leo finally and entered into Virgo on the eve of 2012 (Nov. 28, 2011). This is monumental and the great change of an era, moving from the patriarch, back to the matriarch. No longer does Leo the Lion rule and that is effecting everything today.

The new rulership of the feminine under the constellation of Virgo, is her symbolism of the Goddess Demeter which is ruler and because all goddesses represent the symbolism and physical Mother Earth, a Mutable (Changing and Changeable) Earth. Just as men are the sons of god, woman is the daughter of the goddess. (LGBTQ people must eventually figure out their own spiritual nature within that energetic, physical, emotional and mental reality as they age.)

The Four Royal Persian Stars are…
Regulus, watcher of the North;
Fomalhaut, watcher of the South;
Aldebaran, watcher of the East;
Antares, watcher of the West.

Although the Goddess Demeter is often described simply as the Goddess of the Harvest, she also presides over the Sacred Laws (of nature) and the cycle of life and feath which makes her a triple goddess of Creation, Death and Rebirth. She is a main deity in the Eleusinian Mysteries of the Mysteries of Mother and Daughter. They were initiations held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone based at Eleusis in ancient Greece.

They are the most famous of the secret mystery religious rites of women in ancient times and Egypt had the same Isis Mysteries. They are older than the Olympian pantheon with roots in the Mycenaean period. Demeter is considered to be the same mother goddess as the Anatolian Turkish goddess Cybele, and in Rome she was called Ceres the Mother Goddess.

The Babylonians listed the Constellation Virgo as Ab.Sin. The word means ‘Seed Furrow’ – a direct reference to the constellation’s association with agriculture and fertility. As a Celestial Goddess she holds the stalk of barley, representative of the harvesting to come. In the Tarot, Virgo is the High Priestess.

Virgo as Bird Mother Goddess is the Egyptian Isis represented by the most prominent and powerful goddess in history besides Venus. To the ancient Egyptians, the constellation Virgo was associated with the Mystery of Isis and her worship spread to several empires. Myths surrounding Isis are the Mystery of woman, fertility, sexuality, creation, destruction, and the creative powers are her domain.

winter full moon  Clean Dor by Illustrator Peter Bagin Author Yuri Koval 1970.jpg

 Under Regulus’s rule, that was bestowed to Leo (Sun God) of the Patriarch, as it now bestows all its blessings to Virgo, as Celestial Goddess who wears the Queen of the Universe, Earth and Constellation Crown… create and put on your Crown ladies, its your turn to rule the world as Adults. The Maidens (youth under 30) shall be your handmaidens and Grandmother’s shall be your Wise Counsel.

Set your “one” full moon intention today or tomorrow with what surfaced from your new moon intention, keeping it simple and clear!

By Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961)

Men, fires, feasts,
steps of temple, fore-stone, lintel,
step of white altar, fire and after-fire,
slaughter before, fragment of burnt meat,
deep mystery, grapple of mind to reach
the tense thought, power and wealth,
purpose and prayer alike, (men, fires,
feasts, temple steps)—useless.

Useless to me who plants
wide feet on a mighty plinth,
useless to me who sits, wide of
shoulder, great of thigh,

heavy in gold, to press gold
back against solid back

of the marble seat: useless the
dragons wrought on the arms,

useless the poppy-buds and the
gold inset of the spray of wheat.

Ah they have wrought me heavy
and great of limb – she is slender of waist,
slight of breast, made of many fashions;
they have set her small feet on many
 a plinth; she they have known,
she they have spoken with,
she they have smiled upon,
she they have caught
and flattered with praise and gifts.

But useless the flattery
of the mighty power
they have granted me:
for I will not stay in her breast
the great of limb,
though perfect the shell they have
fashioned me, these men!

Do I sit in the market place—
do I smile, does a noble brow
bend like the brow of Zeus—
am I a spouse, his or any,
am I a woman, or goddess or queen,
to be met by a god with a smile—and left?

Moon workstudy, Elder Mountain Dreaming dot com


Do you ask for a scroll,
parchment, oracle, prophecy, precedent;
do you ask for tablets marked with thought
or words cut deep on the marble surface,
do you seek measured utterance or the mystic trance?

Sleep on the stones of Delphi—
dare the ledges of Pallas
but keep me foremost,
keep me before you, after you, with you,
never forget when you start
for the Delphic precipice,
never forget when you seek Pallas
and meet in thought
yourself drawn out from yourself
like the holy serpent,
never forget in thought or
mysterious trance—

I am greatest and least.

Soft are the hands of Love,
soft, soft are his feet;
you who have twined myrtle,
have you brought crocuses,
white as the inner
stript bark of the osier,
have you set black crocus
against the black

locks of another?


Of whom do I speak?
Many the children of gods
but first I take Bromios,
fostering prince, lift from
the ivy brake, a king.

Enough of the lightning,
enough of the tales that speak
of the death of the mother:
strange tales of a shelter
brought to the unborn,
enough of tale, myth, mystery,
precedent— a child lay on the
earth asleep.

Soft are the hands of Love,
but what soft hands
clutched at the thorny ground,
scratched like a small white ferret
or foraging whippet or hound,
sought nourishment and found
only the crackling of ivy,
dead ivy leaf and the white
berry, food for a bird,
no food for this who sought,
bending small head in a fever,
whining with little breath.

Ah, small black head,
ah, the purple ivy bush,
ah, berries that shook and spilt
on the form beneath,
who begot you and left?

Though I begot no man child
all my days,
the child of my heart and spirit,
is the child the gods desert
alike and the mother in death—
the unclaimed Dionysios.


What of her—
mistress of Death?

Form of a golden wreath
were my hands that girt her head,
fingers that strove to meet,
and met where the whisps escaped
from the fillet, of tenderest gold,
small circlet and slim
were my fingers then.

Now they are wrought of iron
to wrest from earth
secrets; strong to protect,
strong to keep back the winter
when winter tracks too soon
blanch the forest:

strong to break dead things,
the young tree, drained of sap,
the old tree, ready to drop,
to lift from the rotting bed
of leaves, the old crumbling
pine tree stock, to heap bole
and knot of fir and pine and
resinous oak, till fire shatter
the dark and hope of spring

rise in the hearts of men.

What of her— mistress of Death,
what of his kiss?

Ah, strong were his arms to wrest
slight limbs from the beautiful earth,
young hands that plucked the first
buds of the chill narcissus,
soft fingers that broke and fastened
the thorny stalk with the flower
of wild acanthus.

Ah, strong were the arms that took
(ah evil, the heart and graceless,)
but the kiss was less passionate!

Happy Full Moon! ~Phoenix

Source: Poetry by Poet Hilda Doolittle (Bio; Winter full moon by Illustrator Peter Bagin, Author Yuri Koval 1970. 

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