Cult of the Bird Women

By Phoenix the Elder – Moon Birds – Song of Slavic Bird Tribe Shaman Women, their Culture, Art and Soul – The cult of the bird women go back to the very beginning of the largest cycle of Soul people on earth, which I estimate at least in this largest cycle (era) to be about 300,000 years ago.

The culture of Bird Women (Shaman cultures and Dream cultures) is a birth and rebirth of one’s own remembrance, ones’ own symbol of the egg (the womb). An era when we didn’t have a fleshy body but existed within our own non-fragmented or non-separated astral bodies with both their consciousnesses and the earth was ours as soul people. 

Today, we all have fragments of our astral bodies all over the place including our own astral shadow who live unknown to most, and whats left of our pure astral body (higher selves) our dormant just as our animism selves are. When woman ruled the skies, as leader, chief and healer, creating and creator of the sacred circle of life, resources were not wasted, children were wanted, nature was our mirror.

Karla Ortiz.

Ancient symbolism Táltos Lélekfa (‘Spirit Tree of the Táltos’) by Hungarian Márta Baranyai

Bird images and the birth of its manifestations is prevalent in modern, ancient and primal art, the egg is also prevalent in Eastern Europe, as well as all cultures which have had ancient bird or egg (an oval or round circle) images – on stones, petroglyph rock art, pottery, ancient buildings etc., these all have the same connection.

This core of the bird tribes of women, led later to the idea of the world as a Cosmic Egg from which the universe was born or in real terms, culture was birthed and nurtured from within and inside of woman. She does the same things now, and today, she must learn to honor this. Her art keep repeating the same symbols then and now.

The Phoenix which means much more than its tagline  “rising from the ashes” (overcoming difficulties), as it once stood for the emerged animism of the celestial soul, the highest form of the collective ‘humanity’ soul, and its expression called the World Egg which is now called in new age words, the Universe, Universal Love, Starseed, World Bird Tribe.

The Phoenix was later adopted as a Pagan and Christian symbols in the first centuries ce as it appeared on funeral stones in early art, in churches, religious paintings and stonework. The egg in religion and paganism had also become a symbol of rebirth at the Spring Equinox, or Easter (Spring) to the religious and the Slavic and Balkan Pysanky Folk eggs took the artist’s form of representation.

In Findland, Luonnotar, the daughter of nature, floats on the waters of the sea, when an eagle arrives, she builds a nest on her knee, and lays several eggs. After a few days, the eggs begin to burn and Luonnotar jerks her knee away, causing the eggs to fall and break. The pieces form the world as we know it: the upper halves form the skies, the lower the earth, the yolks become the sun, and the whites become the moon.

Perm Udmurt and their effigy’s of birds played a huge role in the shamanic life of the ancient Komi Perm culture. Goddesses (women) were converted into birds and Gods (men) had bird masks on their chest. This is why male shamans still wear masks, but during the patriarch, when women were forbidden to do everything, the masks of the men are still worn today. When the shaman sickness, initiation and powers returned to me this lifetime, I chose never to wear a mask, it didn’t feel right and it hid to much of my soul’s freedom within leading journeys and movement with the energy and power of mother earth.

Bird shaped woman, Malta, upper Paleolithic 21,000 bce from a Mammoth tusk.jpg
Bird shaped woman, Malta, upper Paleolithic 21,000 bce – Mammoth tusk.

When I first learned about the Perm culture, I realized my instincts of my body and soul were always correct. I see masks as playing a role, expressing a different part of the self, trying on a new hat so to speak, but that never felt right in my shaman’s path, I was not pretending or acting or even trasitioning into… anything but my original self. The Bird Tribe women culture of Perm, were the ancestors of the Bjarmians. Perm Udmurt bronze birds are from the second half of the 1st millennium bce in Northern Russia.

Slavic women have many traditional Folk Art Dolls of Birds, which connect artistry that weaves into them, an more distant ancient tradition of effigy of the shaman women. One is the Russian or Slavic traditional Bird Doll called the Gamayun Bird which comes from the folklore and legends of the Gamayun Bird. She is a prophetic mystical birds of Slavic legends and a symbol of Wisdom who lives on an Island in the mythical east, close to Paradise.

She is said to spread divine messages and prophecies, as she knows everything of all creations, of all the gods she has birthed and of humanity and earth. Shaman Women’s Bird Tribes of the Cosmic Egg. Connecting art and ancient mysteries is a very powerful creative tool along side one’s dreaming work and lunar intentional work. I do all three and it weaves me closer to nature and all of her mysteries.

Doll Birds of the Nentsy 19th Century woolen cloth cotton thread tendon thread bird nib bird skin
Bird Dolls by the Yurak | Samoyed, Northwest Siberia, 19th c, woolen cloth, cotton thread, tendon thread, bird nib, bird skin. They are generally divided into two groups, the Forest Yurak and the Tundra Yurak.

Bird - Gamayun

firebird pretty

Cult of the BIrd = Egg
Painted ceramic eggs from the mid-twelfth and thirteenth centuries. (

The sacred roles that both eggs and birds took from the earlier bronze age, where stone eggs, or oval stones have been found, sometimes these are called Shaman Stones or Bird Stones. The bird culture was an integrated and complex culture rooted structure of nesting (the hearth of home) in its core and its connections to astral flight, which in ancient symbolism of woman, meant soul astral flight, what I term as Dreaming.

Dreaming is the root of all shamanism, goddess cultures, paganism, religions and spirituality in that order. What remains of the symbolism, the eggs, the stone eggs, bird stones transformed into images of the body of woman and the changing of a woman’s position from Sun (Sky Goddess) to a Patriarchal Sky God (God in religions) and then the  return of the earth goddess where eggs are attributed to solar traditions in pagan era’s rather than the fertility eggs of a woman’s body in a women’s goddess culture. The yolk inside the egg is the self nourishment which came from the fish symbolism, but not religion symbolism, shamanic symbolism, as woman nourishment all of humanity.

Some think that the stone eggs or shaman stones have great magical value, and were originally made as talisman and amulets, and they were, but only for that prehistory shaman or prehistory artist. Eventually this evolved into folk art, in Eastern Europe, the Pysanky egg are one such representation, representing Spring along with the return of Spring’s migratory birds.

The Russians have a folk art tradition of the Soroka Birds, which represents the Magpie, the Crow and the Raven and these are done in traditional ways that truly are unconsciously connected to women’s ancient bird tribes. All art expresses that unconscious connection to our soul. Historically there have been so many cultures with a predominant image of birds in shamanic ways, but without the leadership of woman at their side. We cannot erase our Soul memories and artists and ancient artists make sure we do not.

slavic folk birds dolls #soroka #motanka #birddolls 2.jpg

ukraine pysanky

~Arratta says: “Findings have been reported from inner Mongolia at Hutouliang and Southern Siberia at Krasnji Jar in Trans Bajkal of large ancient Struthiolothus Ostrich eggs in Cherson, Ukraine, and Stone Eggs in Visoko on the Bosna River. Neolithic burial jars of old Eastern European cultures such as Cucuteni-Trypyllia were often egg-shaped, while clay eggs were often buried with the dead, symbolizing the regenerative power of the Great Goddess. The primary symbolism of those ancient ancestor’s burials focuses on the tomb as the womb for the regeneration of life.” 

The Orphic Egg in the ancient Greek Orphic tradition is the cosmic egg from which hatched the primordial hermaphroditic deity Phanes / Protogonus. The egg is often depicted with a serpent wound around it. On the island of Cyprus, the egg is represented as a gigantic egg-shaped vase. Phanes was believed to have been hatched from the World-Egg of Chronos (Time) and Ananke (Necessity). The older Creation Nyx (Night) called him Protogenus. She created nighttime, he created daytime.

In 1955 poet and writer Robert Graves imaginatively reconstructed “Pelasgian creation myth” features a supreme creatrix, Eurynome, “The Goddess of All Things”, who arose naked from Chaos to part sea from sky so that she could dance upon the waves. Catching the north wind at her back and, rubbing it between her hands, she warms the pneuma and spontaneously generates the serpent Ophion, who mates with her.

In the form of a dove upon the waves, she lays the Cosmic Egg and bids Ophion to incubate it by coiling seven times around until it splits in two and hatches “all things that exist… sun, moon, planets, stars, the earth with its mountains and rivers, its trees, herbs, and living creatures”.

Ancient art has provided me this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge as a symbolist and mythologer. It has also lead in odd ways to my detoxes and purification through healing. Mysterious developments of my soul  began to grow as I participated in this spiritual processes of healing as intense detoxing began to occur of my soul, my emotional body and even my physical body. My creative self had to manage these intense detoxes, and search more and more into the deepest healing of self that I could find, over three decades.

Ust-Polui -Predating the Triple Goddess is the Triple Bird, which still means the maiden, mother and grandmother but in its animism form. Early Iron Age, Bronz
Ust-Polui -Predates Triple Goddess (human form). Triple Bird still means maiden, mother and grandmother but in her animism-shamanic form. 8th Century bce.
Shamans Drum in the Bird Woman stance.
Shaman’s Drum with the figure in the Bird Woman pose.
Marzanna and Maslenitsa all have the bird women stance of this ancient ritual.

Because I am a sacred artist and the languages of bird symbolism, art and dreaming are my first languages, so too the ancient cultures of my own Slavic ancestors or any root of the Grandmother Shaman Clans of our long forgotten past as women is so very important. It kept me digging deeper as my mystical experiences increased. I didn’t claim my title as a shaman until I was in my fifties, because I was a devout student of life and an apprentice of mother earth for so long.

Real bird Shamanism and shamanism and dreamism itself is a very, very slow process, and real visions are erratic and occasional, not predictable nor on call when you want one like the modern drug/plant culture does today. The soul is slow to awaken and that is the safest and healthiest way for ones own future ten to twenty years forward.

Every time I would have a mystical experience in waking, only after would I search the imagery or mythology that matches my personal story. This went on for forty years in my awakening, purification, healing and initiations as a shaman.

The past of our sacred traditions as women up until today must be extracted from her own suffering along side healing, deep enough to remember, to remember before you were born which is called remembrance. Perspective is proof and Perception is experience and so proving to others who judge is not a part of the spiritual path of an individual who experiences the mystery and take my wisdom on that one.

If there is no great suffering, then we is just a knowledge quest and that can take us to many places we might not necessarily need to go and get lost in our journey. The ocean is a huge spiritual place when you were born from the River of Life that Flows from the great Mountain (rather than a Tree of Life Branch).

bird tribe women.jpg

Those of us who chose consciously to stay away from pot, drugs and plant/drugs, chose so to keep our spiritual path pure, the much slower and steadier path of self healing which is quite painful. If we have visions from these processes, then we have earned them, and they connect us not only to our root in our incarnation but also to our past lives, for soul information is not mental body information like the plant drugs offer.

This lifestyle spiritually speaking, then becomes very meaningful in our queset because they relate to our personal issues or fears, our personal relationships that we are unconscious or becoming conscious of. Our life becomes healed, our soul astral bodies become stronger and our inner peace as the decades go by, becomes unmovable and unshakable. If I had know in the beginning of my long journey, that I was searching for my soul the whole time in many meanderings of the spiritual path, I would have diverted my path much sooner.

I could have understood some of my visions, dreams and destiny with much more clarity and acceptance if the end was known at the beginning. But that is not how our path works, the small pieces of the puzzle that we attain are just that, we cannot see the whole picture, we must walk it. We must go through every single painstaking step, to realize sooner or much later that a spiritual path is about finding the self, all parts both shadow and light and doing something to purify the shadow.

Seeing a connection with nature as pure as she is, requires dedication to purification then and no shamanic journey can escape that forever. Because our health, freedom, balance, groundedness, disciplined and purity through our personal life and our relationships to heal, and in order to continue to walk our path the whole way. There is nothing free about that, its hard work and dedication.

The language of symbolism and the secret languages of earth, the birds, the animals, the magical languages of the ancient shaman women are our birth rite and a doorway to the self. Does it mean we can attain the bird soul? That is up to fate, its not something you can goal create, it doesn’t work that way. We are birthed from the creative and empowerment is a steady river that flows if we are willing to heal our issues from the beginning, not the middle or end of the path. If we can master a song bird, not a condor in our purification processes of our emotional life and getting that pesky mental body under control.

Thunder Bird.pngLooking up at the great mountain, fly the largest birds of this planet including the ancient magical birds such as the Raptors, the Condor, Thunderbird, Alkonost and the most elusive of them all, the Firebird (Phoenix). These ancient birds carry great wisdom for us. this past Autumn I had lost my Raven animism soul because of the work I do collectively.

I had never seen my Raven dead, ever, my squirrel has been killed a million times so I never worry about him. I was concerned because Raven is around everyday or every week, but I had not seen her in a month. Then my apprentice and I took a hike along the big lake here and we had sat down to rest. We saw a bald eagle flying and eagle is not any of my animism souls nor even a totem.

We stood up in the clearing and watched the Eagle fly around in a circle above us a few times, then it flew over the mountain side. I just kept staring and sure enough, it went across the veil and led my Raven back over onto this side, and was following Eagle when it flew back towards us. I was so grateful and in 25 years it was the first time Raven got lost or hurt. I bowed to the Eagle and thanked it.

Natalia DrepinaIn the ordinary and mundane at their root can merge with the magical and the divine if you are willing to pay attention for decades and invest your life into it. I was more concerned with my Raven, that I was and Ravens bird song is silent (it never speaks or crows or anything). In fact after 25 years, this week it finally spoke, I was shocked, because it had a very unusual bird call. I am a bird shaman woman and I am always amazed at the way real and pure shamanism is a living art, just like our human life.

For ancient shaman women, our relationship to birds has never really changed in the last million years, nor has it changed today.  It is us who awakens and if you are searching for anything spiritual outside the self, in a drug plant or a teacher, those are steps, but not destinies.

I generally do not write historically per say, I write from lifelong experiences of “animism, shamanism and dreamism” integrated into my ordinary and mundane life and my dreaming life. Reclaiming our own ancient past, and the grandmothers that went before us is what I found most important on my path. Remembrance of our emotional body and our soul(s) storehouse of information, moves us beyond memory and historical facts that become boring giving all glory to men over and over down to every street name on earth. I am a woman and as I said before here on my blog, by the time I was 40, I threw out all teachings to have an empty slate for mother earth to show me the mystery and she did.

All ancient art involves these symbols: woman, animals/birds, nature and the moon. That is all we need to understand in order to dig deeper into our own mystery. The powers of healing, animism, shamanism and dreamism is where we are at home naturally, and this is our jurisdiction on this earth, one should never forget this.

Before history, woman and her relationship as the individual or to the shaman self in relationship to the all, understands that a magical earth is to be understood, like she understands her children. It requires love, patience, support, food, rest, dreaming, security, honesty and compromise. The spiritual journey within is no different. We as our ancient women did, was to sang, dance or pray in silence to mother earth and her songs just as the birds sing to mother earth. We master listening, we bow when a bird visits us and looks us in the eyes and we learn to still our mind, our body and our fears to slow time down. 

Bird Women of the Bactrian, White Stone effigy, 3rd Millennium bceAs a bird shaman, when I deal with unsavory spirits (which really are just shadow and demonic souls of actual living people), the birds do come to me as messengers to warn me in my journey, but so do the wasps, and my squirrel, and especially the owls crows, ravens, vultures, condors and, although rare, the thunderbirds.

Two summers ago, my mental astral body was caught on a military ship (across the veil –  what people call ufo), and 1000 vultures came to the land here where I live to let me know something was very wrong. When I walked outside and looked up, I new it was bad. When I had these things happen a few times over the last last thirty years, I thought something ‘was coming’ that would be difficult. Experience creates wisdom and I was well aware that my astral bodies were in the middle of something presently that I had no daytime memory of.

So I called my most skilled and eldest apprentice and asked her to go into dreaming that night and find where my mental astral body was trapped. My soul can never be trapped because I have no more karma now. She took the challenge and freed me and did a healing in dreaming on top of it. I usually don’t need help at the level I am at, but in my collective work, I am chased monthly by dark ayahuasca drug/plant leaders (indigenous and non indigenous) and by trained military dreamers equally. They do not like Dreamers (bird shamans) at all but Birds do.

One of the most primordial feelings of a human is to fly like a bird to the celestial mountain where the River of Life flows. In the last twenty years, those of us who have mastered lucidity, astral travel, out of bodies and a few, the full death out of bodies returned our primordial self from within our owl primordial soul. I have many bird animism souls and animal souls.

With superstitious folk tales and folk lore of Slavic demonology, this has set people back 1000 years. They say in Slavic Folklore that there is a big black bird with the name of movje or mavje (also navje, navi, navky, majky), who embodies the soul of a child, who died before its christening. Just religious powers to scare peasants and then peasants kept the folk lore. That must stop if we ever plan to move through fear of our souls.

In reality, when a person dies, be they child, teen, young adult or old adult, their souls must “leave” this plane because mother earth literally sucks them back to the underworld at their appropriate vibration level. Also the upperworld but since the patriarch, we have all fallen and heaven is empty.

cosmic egg


Slavic rituals are basically done with the elements of Water and Fire and that comes from the Ancient Slavic and old church Slavonic divъ, which means something shiny, heavenly or divine. Its when the positive moves into the magnetic or the negative polarity which is receptive.  In layman’s terms (actually doing it), it means you have to touch your own shadow (all the self sabotage or bad behaviors and addictions of yours) in order to purify your own self and heal your life and that isn’t even your karma yet.

These are magnetic principles and that can be painful. So a creative life must be walked along side one’s spiritual life. Some people call that the wild woman. The term wild in some Slavic languages means čarodejni Enchanting, or Divjati (to go wild) meaning to charge forth with a great, unstoppable force. Some of these forces are known as storms, snow storms, lightning storms or floods. The natural fire of our being.

Zmago Šmitek: “Slavic expressions such as diviti se (observe with admiration), and čuditi se (to marvel), občudovati (to admire), čudo (wonder), čudež (miracle) are all required when experiencing the soul within the magic and phenomena (spiritually speaking) with mother earths majesty. In Slovene Styria, čuden meant something strange, meant something repellent or even disgusting, while in Ukrainian and a dialect of Russian it only designated something funny (cudak, weirdo), and in Polish and in Kashubian something wonderful and charming.”

This is why telling accuracy within shamanic cultures even within indigenous cultures (of all colors) are nearly impossible without personal remembrance or the soul opening up into the realms of karma. Unless one has a predestined fate of the death rites, to share original non-male, or non-grandfather teachings is a lifelong endeavor. But its worth the effort to dig as deep as you can, as long as you remember, the journey is only about you, not the mystery, the universe, the secrets.

Zmago Šmitek also said that Southern Slavs used the word “nemušti” language which means “animal language”. But as a dreamer (last level of a shaman) I know first hadn that animals and birds do not talk, they do not have a mental body or mental astral body reality like we do and that is why they are different from us humans. They do have feelings (emotional body), consciousness (soul body), soul transference of information, not a mental body. One would have to possess an animal with their own mental astral body to speak through an animal and that happens.

And when the shadow people living today or their dark human soul that has posses and turn their animism soul dark, they want your light, for example in those ayahuasca circles or out in the low vibration places of earth today. Protecting your light, coming from your soul is why true spiritual people are sober, it keeps them stronger in their daily life. The root of shadow now comes from both sorcery and shamanism, but it didn’t always come from shamanism.

Beaked Goddess large eyes, wing-like arms, and energetic chevrons, found in a megalithic passage grave, ca. 3500 BCE from Horta Velha do Reguengos by Barbacena, southwest of Monforte (Alto Alentejo)Serbian folklorist Ljubinko Radenković has collected a number of variants of this expression: Nemučki language (Podrinje, Serbia), nemučni (Homolje), bezmitni (Herzegovina), nijemi (Karlovac), nemski (Macedonia). Primarily these various designations existed for verbal or musical communication with animate or inanimate nature and not only for communication through gestures.

But these are still “mental astral body” reality, not the connection to the soul aspects of our relationship as shamans to animals and birds, because soul, be it animals, birds or humans “does not speak” ever, never, because it cannot (only the mental astral body can speak). The physical body can speak, through the minds talking, or hands clapping, or bodily noises or emotional tears, but not our Soul. It is silent and eternal until you destroy it lifetime after lifetime and even then that doesn’t show until fate steps in.

Ancient campaigns once Religion got a hold of them, in art and rhetoric were out to destroy anything connected with the prehistory Grandmother’s Shamanic powers and replaced her with a maiden named Venus from Egypt to the Middle East, to the Americas. Animals and birds paid a heavy price and still are today.

To give you an understanding of how the War Kingdom Building Clans were the destruction Soul clan people in ancient times and (hunting clans) today…. If 1000 Tigers are left on earth, this means there are 1000 living people with animism Tiger Souls. 1 out of those 1000 even has a clue of this teaching and that 1 person would have to work for 40 or 50 years to reattain that Tiger Soul by burning Karma.

This doesn’t mean there are not great people who work hard everyday at servicing mother earth, helping others, etc… but we are not talking about Human Laws here, we are talking about Nature’s Law, Mother Earths Law. An example of the Patriarch is the elevation of certain animals are the horses, dogs and falcons, the animals assisting noblemen and Military or Governments were thus protected. Think about how the social classes of Arabs treat women today compared to how they treat their Arabian Horses? Very differently.

Slavic Bird Dragon, with a photo of Marija Gimbutas
Lithuanian-American Marija Gimbutas, archaeologist/anthropologist, of the Goddess and Shamanic cultural Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Let me show you the wordless / mindless communication of what our feminine nature of our Soul and the Bird Soul Tribe translates to in ancient prehistory times that also works today in Symbolism and Dream Symbolism:

1. Bird = The Soul
2. Serpent = Healing (of the Soul)
3. Spider = The Weaver (of Healing & Soul together)
4. Fish = Nourishment (of the Soul)

If she passed all the Rights of the Individual tests, then the Shaman Woman began the journey into her collective Death, the Karmic Death of the Dark Souls and the Collective Death Rites to attain or retain lost animism souls …

1. Birds or Spirit Birds = Collective Soul
2. Serpents or Spirit Serpents = Collective Healing
(of dissolving the demon past life soul(s) of the human)
(unification of one’s Purified Human Soul (no karma) and Animism Souls)

3. Spider or Spirit Spider = Collective Weaving
(Unification of one’s Purified (no karma) Human Soul and Animism Souls)
4. Fish or Spirit Oceanids = Collective Nourishment
(Sustaining one’s Soul/Animism soul through purity/completed vibration)


There are many ways we destroy our soul, one of the longest destruction of earth has been our male past lives as warriors and soldiers and it carries great karma. In modern times its drug use, pot, ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, psyche drugs, dmt etc. or any illusion causing substances or plants that alters our perception. These dry out our soul cloud (astral body) which is moist, and turns it into granular sand. I had a friend who was disabled and she smoked a lot of pot as medicine to ease her pain for the last 30 years, literally she developed constant gall stones and the minute she gave up pot, they stopped.

My concern as a shaman is always the destruction verses protection of one’s own Soul. Those with full on addictions to visioning plants, when the person would never have visions in the first place, only are left with a weak soul. Without such plants or drugs and were never meant to. So the information they send out to the world are all projected visions from the self and the mental astral body, which is linear, not wholistic like the soul astral body.

Its being reported by people who partake in ayahuasca journeys, that they report a demonic Black Widow Spider and its web and a Red Eyed demon Serpent. In bird shamanism, the pure natural light serpent and spider show up when there is sickness within us from karma that needs to be healed, or that darkness is entering our dreams or our path.

When the spider and serpent are demonic themselves, this means that the dark drug/plant shamans (which are not shamans but plant/drug dealers), or dark sorcerers and demon shadow people are leading some of these circles which are more widespread than you know, their active demons in the astral planes are binding the souls of participators (in their dreams).

Just like a regular spider catches the fly and wraps it in its silk for a future dinner, so too are the Dark Brujas and Dark Sorcerers that pour ayahuasca, are too in your energetic soul because these plant drugs are big business now that pot is legal in America and other places around the world.

So if you have nightmares a year or two after gong to one of those plant vine drug circles, you have been rolled into their web (at night in dream spaces) and that will not stop until you purify. Pot takes about 7 years to totally purify from your two astral bodies within, and ayahuasca takes about 12 years to purify (if you do not partake in anything else such as wine, alcohol, pot etc). If you do, then it never purifies.

In the Slavic traditions, we have the Slavic Fiery Serpent and in pre-pagan cultures, the Shamanic culture Fire Serpents were Weather Celestial Being or as the Chinese call them, Cloud Serpents, associated with Rain, Fertility, Moisture, Heavenly or Rainbow Serpent (Aboriginal Australian). Some of the negative or demonic Fire Serpents are known as Snake-Lubac, Letun, Letuchy, Litavets, Maniac, nalyot, ognyanny and prelestnik, and in Russian: Огненный змей which is an evil entity, an anthropomorphic snake demon.  

The shadow serpent has been portrayed as a spirit that presents itself as the form of a lost love to widows or women grieving the loss, divorce, separation or abuse of a spouse or of a lover. In their grief, and their desperation to be rejoined with their lost love, women do not recognize the serpent and become convinced that their lover has returned. The fiery serpent lacks the ability to hear and speak properly because its not a mental astral body, its a dark shadowy soul body. It is told that those who are visited by the serpent experience weight loss, sickness, exhibit signs of insanity and eventually commit suicide.

According to Eastern Ukrainian legends, whilst traveling, the fiery serpent throws beautiful gifts to grieving women, including beads, rings and handkerchiefs. The serpent is often represented in Slavic folk tales as entering a person’s house through the chimney.  This serpent can lead victims who lead unhealthy or bad lives, and they will be given gold, but by morning it turns to mature. The serpent often gives visions, including visions of supernatural torment, such as suckling on breasts which excrete blood rather than milk and this shows that those whose souls are dark or surrounded by darkness and shadow will experience that in their dreaming

Under woman’s shamanic cultures and dream cultures before the patriarch, the were pure Light or Celestial Serpent, who generally resembles a glowing illumination of the purification of fire like the firebird. This Fire Serpent carries purity and the ability to heal at great levels for her initiates of purity. The positive Fire Serpents eventually progressed into Goddesses like  Dodole / Perperuna who rule fertility and moisture, rain, snow. The Light Celestial Serpent also known as the Rainbow Serpent or the Cloud White Serpents are benevolent.

Zmago Šmitek: Serbian folklore, a stick with which a person touched a snake that had caught a bird is seen to carry magical powers. In various magical procedures, the bird is often replaced by a hen or its feather. The hen, chicken or an egg are also indispensable to Slovene witchcraft. The opposition between bird and serpent thus emerges”.

Where once we honored this unity for healing of the soul, now it was falling into problematic powers of religion and their law, which took over fertility of maiden and women’s rights. Such as the blessed Easter eggs, which then blocked snakes from entering peasant houses as a sign of health, but after, they became malevolent sometimes because of superstition. Throw out superstition and make a commitment to banish that from your life. 

Shamans by real initiation must go under the dismembering the body, the mind, the emotional body and the soul body and be completely ravished apart. This is true in all shamanic traditions of ancient times and today. The medicine comes through this torture, and this is when the woman shaman is given the secret language within magical procedures, as for example with the consumption of the serpent’s magic.

Bird Tribe Women Cherdyn and Perm Animal Effigy and Animism Culture

Traditions of male shamans, like in Kotlje in Carinthia say “if wanting to hear what flowers were saying, you had to eat a soup in which a white snake was cooked”. This is ridiculous and no animal, snake or bird should ever be sacrificed and killed in the name of shamanic tradition. Medicine men in Serbia or the writings from Ukrainian Vinica, said that eating snake flesh enabled one to understand the speech of plants and, furthermore, what illness each plant was for, Another sacrilegious act by male shamans.

The Kamnik which said whoever “licks a white snake, becomes all-knowing”. These are ridiculous things, as many pagans and shaman’s alike did terrible things because they did not have the natural gifts. Serpent, like bird, is a guardian of wisdom and truly only show in vision to initiates about secret magic of the primal earth.

Zmago Šmitek: “In the Slovenian folk oral tradition, a white serpent has the ability to fly through the air, while making a particular whistling sound. Both of these features make it resemble the figure of the bird. According to some versions, the voice of the white serpent is similar to the whistling noise of a dragon.”

For collective shamans, those who are stronger and have attained all levels, receive blessings of mother earth’s consciousness from the upperworlds, in the form of the rainbow white cloud serpent-dragon and that is what is meant by the Slovenian tradition with the missing oral tradition.

But to be met with that celestial consciousness of mother earth, this is after all rites and deaths have been accomplished in the human self, and then the non human steps of all animism souls re-attained, then the death rites of overcome death in the last stages of initiations by mother earth in which this wrath is like no other and almost all shamans die before even getting to this level.  No shaman or male shaman can initiate a woman shaman at the animism and beyond levels (only the mystery and magic of earth herself).

Much of the lore and ancient writings of the magical plants and magical ferns, are really just false visions and that is why mythologies around shamanism turned into black magic, voodoo and dark witchcraft. Drugs, Vines and Plants like these were never ingested women Grandmothers were leaders as shamans. Only those who were fated or had natural gifts of their soul and their past lives could vision for the community. That has not been true under male and grandfather leadership in shamanism and paganism.

One last thing I wanted to mention was the Slavic Magic Fern or Magical Flower lore. This was never about a hallucinogenic plant or vine 2000 years ago or today. This meant a lifelong initiation of many difficult life tests in the shaman apprentices life. The human tests and human relationship tests, the karmic purification, sobriety and disciplines. These were and still are fated for particular women, that is what the Magical Fern called the Vesta rites in Polish, the secret mystery of the birds. It really is from its origin Slavic traditions under Grandmother and Woman’s care and care for the Earth, her allies the Bird, Serpent, Spider and Fish Medicines through Wisdom.

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Sources/References: Ancient symbolism Táltos Lélekfa (‘Spirit Tree of the Táltos’) by Hungarian Márta Baranyai; Beaked Goddess large eyes, wing-like arms, and energetic chevrons, found in a megalithic passage grave, ca. 3500 BCE from Horta Velha do Reguengos by Barbacena, southwest of Monforte (Alto Alentejo); Study of Slavic Mythology by Zmago Šmitek (; Estonia Bird Art; Slavic folk birds dolls called Soroka (magpie, raven, crow); Kabul, Afghanistan Women’s Bird Culture; Bird Women of the Bactrian, White Stone effigy, 3rd Millennium bce; Bird Tribe Women Cherdyn and Perm Animal Effigy and Animism Culture;

Even the Lunitsa Moon Amulet takes on the ancient Bird shape. Because the birds are inseparable from the Moon Cultures of the Bird Tribes, for me, this amulet represents both equally

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  1. wonderully written and great research on this topic. thank you a lot, also for the phantastic 🙂 fotos!


  2. Ἑρμῆς Bhakta says:

    Reblogged this on Zwischen den Winden… and commented:
    Mal wieder ein wirklich wundervoller Artikel über das Thema “Vogelfrauen”.

    And again a really nice article by Elder Mountain Dreaming about “Bird Women”.


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