First Moon of Spring 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Hello dreamers, healers, moon people, artists and creatives… Happy First Moon of Spring! Yes, its finally here. We made it through our long or short for some, three winter moons. Our rebirth now begins as we dance with mother earth’s rebirth. The first “New Moon” of Spring begins March 6, 2019. If you made your Slavic Marzanna with us during the Winter Solstice, then its time to set her free and on fire, on the first “Full Moon” of Spring which is the day of the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2019.

We are now saying goodbye to the Season of Night (Autumn and Winter | Fire Rites) and rebirthing again, into the Season of Fire (Spring and Summer | Water Rites).  This month we awaken and we have a very powerful line up of planetary energy effecting us this New Moon, with a grouping of: The Moon, Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron and Mercury will be going retrograde March 5. Buckets of planets, always tend to be a little more intense in moon work, as if the world wasn’t intense enough already.

I suggest doing a Divination for your First New Moon of Spring and choosing a “Year Discipline” for your internal well being and emotional flow. Mine is the Cauldron and I shall see after the sixth or seventh month what that actually means.

If you like spiritual challenges and have a good 8 or 10 years of disciplines, then make your challenge this year difficult. If you are working on an illness or just new to spiritual disciplines, go easy on yourself. I personally do the I-Ching reading on the Spring Equinox to give me a yearly guidance, because its a more serious divination.

Some new dreamers have join us here this month, and I wanted to welcome you to our lunar inner work-study. If you are new or only have been working with us for one or two years, you should read or reread the directions:  Click here.

spring birds

Ralph Hawkins of Tonwell, Herts says: 
“My mother was well versed in all the old sayings and we had to say: “Hares” as our last word before bed and then say “Rabbits” as our first word in the morning.  It is presumably just to make the changes of the season more memorable.”

We can do that with the moon as well, to make it more endearing. Last month we worked on a mental discipline, so lets go again this month. Earning inner peace and harmony or peace in our relationships, comes from our dedication and disciplines. For some reason people do not expect miracles or mystical experience when they go to the recycle center, or go to work, the gym or to the bank, but sometimes people have grand expectations in a spiritual path.

I say that everything in life and nature is spiritualized, its how focused our attention is, how well we listen, how long we have worked at settling and healing personal drama. We cannot see the beauty of our path, even its pain, if we are always running away from it. We can see the world we walk in with much more clarity without expectation, but this requires EDD: Emotional due diligence. And that extends to our children, partner, family and work environments. 

The great quest can take us far away from your inner home, or we can turn around and begin to walk towards the self to find wholeness or at least the attempts to see where we are not in wholeness. There is nothing wrong with idealism of the great ascensions or  mystical endeavors, but self-mastery is a long and enduring dedication. The great gift of harmony and inner peace, is the real work, difficult work.

Our spiritual path becomes more real, with each day, addressing what is out of harmony, as an integral part of self awakening. There is no awakening if the self is not invested in one’s behaviors, one’s busyness, ones emotional sensitivities, and ones polishing the rough diamond inside in a disciplined way… otherwise its just talk. 


Dante Drinking the Waters of Lethe by Jean Delville 1919.jpg

ORACLE OF THE MONTH – Personal Internal Prosperity
Sator tenet opera rotas: ‘”The sower holds the wheel with effort”
Every point is the center of the universe within, its deep with the fullness of invisible treads of the Seasons, the Moon cycles, our Memories and the Dreaming muses that we are. Some of these threads are blessings, others are hardship or sickness, and some are even our own natural magic. These all turn at every point in the center of our inner vastness, inner chaos and inner peace.

The Wheel of Fortune turns by the Goddesses of Fate or the Goddess Fortuna, even they resides deep within us. Fortune to you may be wealth, to another it might be popularity, and to another, that perfect love. But the wise bird woman turns slowly, she knows that the heart can be broken, that wealth comes and goes, and popularity can turn into enemies overnight. “There is a Golden Middle, a Moderation in all things.” There is no wasting time this lifetime, and bird woman teachings how gratitude and acceptance of life’s painful soul lesson work in harmony together. These make our fire worth more than the golden light of perfection.

Destiny this Moon cycle, is recognizing personal truth, holding steadfast your fire that connects you deeply with the Earth. This root fire is the foundation of our spirit, and unlike our soul’s invisibility, our spirit is our pure unabridged nature that isn’t human, animal or plant, its elemental. Its the huge divine natural energy that we only experience once if we are lucky, or a few times in our life getting glimpses in our most powerful dreams. But this is enough to inspire us for a long time, even decades.

Spring is our new beginning so take a deep breath, along side mother earth, for we are a part of the new season, the sun’s new year. Healing or upkeep of our path, requires the acknowledgement that we make mistakes all along our spiritual journey and that is to really be expected in a good way.

When I began to become more aware of my thoughts, my words and actions, my feelings through continual dedication to disciplines, I changed and wasn’t so hard on myself for all my failures. I remember a couple of years ago, I had a dream and i walked up to myself and said: “You only made one mistake”. Of course for two of those years, I searched and dug deep and said what could it have been, I was so careful of every step of my journey once I began to awaken.

I found there were so many mistakes I made along my spiritual journey, and of course that led to upturning any stone which I felt, was incomplete as I neared the ending of my journey. Then I thought, it hasn’t occurred yet, my inner dreamer may have shared it with me as a warning of something to come where I would need to be aware of my actions. In the ways of our mystery as spiritual people, we never know exactly what something means. This is why meditation and contemplation is so very important to settle our wandering eye and wandering mind down to the level of the ground (groundedness).

As of today, I can’t really say what it was, nor have I even though about it, it doesn’t pop up in my consciousness anymore, therefor its resolved or completed. That is how our psyche, emotional body and soul works, its mysterious like that. And so too, our resolves are just as mysterious as that. We make the mysterious mundane and just keep walking on our self healing, self awareness path.

Finding our self in a spiritual path that changes, like the steps in the movie Harry Potter, we just keep walking. What is not enough in our life, becomes too much, what is too much we bend and let go. This is how a real, living and alive spiritual journey works. There are no set rules, no right response, no definite actions, there is only disciplines of a spiritual nature and purity to empty out all the sickness we allow to tear us down. First stages are becoming aware of what those are, thats a journey in itself.

Self sacrifice means we suspend being right, it means we cover our mouth in order to practice listen deeper, we sacrifice and burn on our altar of confusion and misguidance and trade it in for decision and truth. These all cause tears and feelings of feeling helpless when we wont to be strong. But its walking through that helplessness that makes us strong.

Wisdom is always in reality, hindsight, it doesn’t occur as we are going through our experiences. During my discipline years, it was excruciating pain to mild pain to slay what I thought was real, what I thought was fair and unfair, what I thought was warrior instead of victim. In an honest spiritual journey, we learn from everyone, we chose what we feel is right at the time and we let go of that “one mistake” that is eternal.

The real investments in the self is challenging the self to “change” and face our fears as if we learned that in grade school and high school as a regular way of life. What you invest in, in your spiritual disciplines is what you end up with in the end. What you invest in working with hands on healers is what you end up with, in the detoxes of your pain. Life is always balanced this way, but sometimes when we experience pain, it seems like a week or a year is 1000 years. Its not, its how detoxing karma of the soul actually works.

. The last two years that I have led shamanic soul retrievals, I noted a grave difference than the previous twenty-five years. Everyone was “controlling their journey” and couldn’t let their deeper self “take them on their journey”.

Its as if their ability to surrender and let go has been blocked. I used to have 20 out of 25 people have a deep and powerful journey, but now, its 5. I have gotten more powerful in my journeys, but I took note that something has changed. The two biggest culprits is #1. Meditation: People are not doing the difficult pure ‘silent’ meditations to still the mind, they are doing ten to twenty years of chanting, and breath meditations, keeping the mind active in meditation, guided meditations.

These are keeping the mind constantly busy in meditation within a noisy environment rather than silent disciplines. #2. Cell Phones & Social Media have completely heightened the constant running of the mental body, with constant mental activity from dawn to dusk. There is no disciplines of the silence to give time to rest the mind, which these technologies. That has shown up in my shamanic journeys 100 fold.

So, are you ready for another year spiritual warriors? Let Spring come forth!

first new moon of summer

Only choose “one”  and its only about “you” so make sure nothing else shows up in the monthly intention that involves others ! Whatever you feel you are struggling with, for example: Self Nurturing, then set that as your monthly focus with the intention. On the day of the new moon, light a candle or some sage, or stand out in nature, and speak your intention out loud.

I am strong
I commit to my personal health
I give myself permission to feel my grief
I express personal anger with honesty
I assert my will to change me
I accept myself as I am
I am creative

I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I practice safe sexual boundaries
I practice safe energetic boundaries
I express my competitive nature in a positive way

I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested
I take care of my needs first
I live authentically in the present moment

I am disciplined

I am nurturing
I nurture myself

I am respectful
I am healing my thoughts

I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I assert my will to change
I accept changes
I am listening to my heart

I express anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express myself in a positive way

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I say what I feel
I say what I think
I mean what I say

I am dedicated
to my healing everyday
I embrace integrity
I practice speaking my truth
I listen deeply

Watch how your intention manifests and after you set it on the New Moon, see its hidden syncronicities slowly unfolds until the Full Moon two weeks later. Then set one release intention, based on what surfaced.

Moon work is Mirror work… Meaning that our life will mirror back just how patient we are, how focused we are, how deeply we listen. If you set your intention as: I am Patient. Mirror work is based on opposition made manifest and the struggles between the mind and the emotional body. Blessings to you this Spring and enjoy your month the best you can! 


Sources: Dante Drinking the Waters of Lethe 1919 by Jean Delville; For those who wish to work with Phoenix as a client in healing/folk healing or those in transition, please write

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    I just re-read this —so powerful and beautiful tears came to my eyes. Thank you 🙏


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