Healing & the 13 Moons of Nature’s Seasons

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  This is my personal capsulized short share of how I completed my fated life this lifetime as a dreamer (shaman), to return the 13 moons of the original prehistory lunar tribe of woman and brought it into a real practice and now this year offer it to the general public. The 13th Moon is a cyclical event, and she balances out the yearly seasons by appearing in cycles, but not every year. My Lunar Calendar that put together is the basis of my free lunar work-study here at Elder Mountain Dreaming, and also my life. I couldn’t really share this until the last moon, that 13th moon appeared as a real final ending to my fate. She is the mystery of the 13 moons.

This is because for millions of years we lived by the lunar seasons of mother earth and her 13 moons as our time keeper that aligned with women’s bleeding cycle. We all have been short changed of that actual and real 13th moon for the past 2000 years or since 42 bce. No wonder we don’t have enough “time”, there is no flow of a 13th moon. You can figure out the missing balance for your emotional body, dream bodies and soul bodies, because we have missed one cycle every other month for two millenniums, that is a lot of missing natural months for our feminine nature.

It took me about 40 years of very hard work, very consistent disciplines and personal self healing with the moon cycles themselves to present my work to the public now.  While my peers who are in their 50s and 60s now, while they were building their workshops, yoga studies, week long retreats over the last 40 years, I was dying and suffering from my real shaman initiations to just survive. Now, it is my time to begin my work in community and that is what Elder Mountain Dreaming is about, along with Sarah and Jennifer. We will be getting a website, and this blog will remain as my personal blog with written teachings.

This work I share and teach and mentor, is to first honor the moon as a woman, which means honoring your own sensitive nature, your empathic nature, your nurturing life. Then honoring your children, family and mother earth and nature. All of these cannot be separated from soul women and men. 

bird mexico.jpg

I got rid of all electronics, clocks and tv in the 90s and then lived and learned as a moon initiate, not from humans or human spiritual circles but from nature, mother earth and life experiences as a dreamer. To wake up without assistance of false senses of time or production that the world demands of all of us. Yes I am a dreamer and today those negative connotations of endurance has paid off.

In 1987 I began to astral travel and then ten years later in 1998 I started my first serious women’s, very small and personal moon healing circle in my home with healers, therapists, readers and soul people in my home. Usually ten or less women and that would fluctuate as they would come and go, sometimes only one woman showed up to a monthly circle. This continued until the Autumn of 2013 when I moved to the Pacific Northwest and then with Juniper and Sarah had a very small circle, a 5 person circle that lasted one year.

I knew it was time to let that go and move into wise elder and let the last third of my life as an apprentice of life go. So I could more into Elder coming out into public and serve where called. This is what non-manifesting people live, the soul people.  After the first ten years of my lunation work and study and practicing with my being, it slowly began to integrate deeper and I having a solid self healing holistic life with other healers, allowed myself to be open enough to integrate with it.

I began to align my inner rhythm (healing of my emotional body and its energy with healers and my own disciplines of healing), into the process of my monthly disciplines and with the moon cycle that began to weave it into lunation cycles with nature (mother earth). Vibrations of real karmic astral bodies of ours are wicked, they cause sickness to be detoxed within, they make other people upset and finally for those like me, the life of retreat was necessary.

The moon work is holistic and means it effects your relationships, your family, lovers, partners, co-workers and your mental body, your vibrational bodies (soul, mental astral body), your physical body and that feels like an earthquake when you reach certain levels of self mastery. Real life teachings that are spiritual that actually apply to your real emotional life and sensitivities, brings forth and extract both where you are unconscious, unconscious of your own shadow and self destructive behaviors, and how to pierce that veil “safely” through application of your real life.

Not knowledge teachings, not a master teacher telling you how to think, live and believe, but your own extracted experiences put into a self awareness journey for detoxification of all of the self, not just one body. This process I teach whether you do it one year or a continual ten years, is an emotional body and soul body “awakening” and a bridge to your mind body, not the other way around. Awakening of our Soul body, through an actual practice (intentions, dreaming and synchronicity to begin to weave them as one).

Don’t be fooled by new age universe and crystal talk, or metaphysics and space universe star seed talk, those have only been around since the 1990s. This work I do has been around about 300,000 years and when I mastered Zen Buddhism and parts of the Bardo that I needed for survival I quickly left that part of my life and continued with the Moon medicines, disciplines and work for my souls. Moon work, lunar work connected with your soul and emotional body, if you are doing it right, extracts your own personal shadow hidden (unconscious) within the self through to make conscious. That is the ancient awakening processes that effects your whole being not just parts of your life or mind.


I started testing and walking through each individual moon cycle, blindly on myself until I mastered them which took ten years of a monthly practice with the new and full moons. Whether I wanted to or not, I was being put into the high speed blender in life, in order to go further and further, to bring back a prehistory moon medicines as a shaman. People read in books about shamans bringing back their medicines from the other realms, and well, as a dreamer (shaman) that is what I did, it began to happen naturally with the piercing of the veil and the soul sicknesses that led to mental sickness, physical sickness and emotional sickness.

I also did not want his story (history), and because my fate was going to open up all the doors, I had to go all the way back to not only my own hell of my karmic souls life around 42 ce to purify it through my present incarnation for 20 long years and if I could pass those death and sickness initiations I could have never gong past the history gate into prehistory of the shaman grandmothers. Even then in dream walking and out of bodies, I talked to nothing of the paranormal realms, I just stayed focused on my survival, nothing was going to side track me, no sirens, no mk ultra, nothing. With no assistance from medicines or plant drugs etc to slow my journey down and make it muddy, I was committed.

That life hard core straight up into the abyss blew me down the spiral many times in doing this pure work, and the lunar structure I was creating helped me structure it “personally” in my mundane and waking life. Almost all spiritual people turned against me within those two decades of this major work except for a few. Moon work is personal, real issues, real emotional pain, real karma… not sun work like people say yoga heals your karma. No it doesn’t, because that is a mind/body practice and you would not be able to do yoga if you touched emotional body / soul body reality.

You would detox sickness from your karma for decades. We never know how far we can go in our spiritual journey at the first gates of real pain, real sacrifice and real suffering. The mind cult thinks love and light heals everything… no burning real past life karma through pain and suffering does. Did people not know why Jesus was on that cross suffering and its symbolism? He wasn’t saving us, he was purifying his own debts.

After comfortable with and having mastering the “individual moon” once a month in the yearly cycle, and all my detoxes, disciplines and self healing work, I began to live and test the 3 moon cycle (one season) for the next ten years. It too blew me down even harder, and now with interpersonal relationships with others, dealing with pure emotional sickness within me and the others. But because I am an empath, a super empath sensitive, I could navigate with common sense and judgement with those hardships.

My apprentices healed fast if they did the work, because I had the entire system down to heal, what took me 30 years to do, record, bring back from prehistory and set in a teaching took a long time. My last set of 8 apprentices the last 10 years, if they really do this work, they cut off 20 years of struggle and healing with this moon work as the foundation of everything else they do.

It works and that is why I worked with apprentices, to see if what worked on me, worked on them. But this is a dedication practice, not something you can take or leave, you have to do it every month for at least 5-10 years each moon cycle to see how it effects you. And its pure, its you, your past or past life wounds and the moon. Simple teaching, very complicated results.

The last ten years of the 30 year cycle, was the six moon work (two seasons) and this effected my eternal life (souls and animism souls) that began to surface the darkest nature of my karmic souls and those two lifetimes.  I kept doing the work regardless of the pain for I had many disciplines and many healing successes that kept me going. I knew this Lunar work “was” the structure as the bases of all feminine work of emotional and soul body.

It supported my other practices and self healing work and I used it that way because prehistory ancient women used it as their regular life before the patriarchs descent of “karma or destruction of our soul” began. This lunar practice eventually helped me heal my emotional body and the wrath of my shaman’s soul bodies, and I made sure I did the strict disciplines monthly of Mind and Body practices such as meditation, spiritual martial arts, yoga, etc, to keep myself extra grounded.

I eventually began to live the real cyclical mystery life under the moon’s light in that third decade with much more flow and consciousness. My mental mastery of Zen healed and brought consciousness as a permanent way of life for my Mental Body. And my moon mastery of doing lunar cycle moon disciplines, moon charming and moon water healing, to live, breath and understand how to support my elusive soul and my dreamer was awakening my emo body and soul bodies.

I finally completed as I had both mental consciousness and with my healed emotional body, soul consciousness returned through the real lunar ancient ways of woman.  Because I had been living it to make sure it worked on my apprentices for 5-10 years that they dedicated working with me. I had to see that it would work with other people and so its why I chose to start working only with apprentices in the late 90s until today.

The prehistory Moon within and from the Shaman Grandmothers circles of the Moon and Dreaming cultures, is a viable seasonal nature’s keeper of time, not only for humanity but its subtleness also sustains the individual to be in harmony with mother earth and the relationship to our emotional body so our soul can eventually be free.

Everyone comes to earth to do some kind of work, but those who challenge death and die many times are shamans, that is a fated path and destiny cannot be willed into ones life.

I unfortunately had it willed upon me as destiny and that is the worst fate possible. But what grows from that death, is the fertility of my teachings and service to those who want to silence the mind and begin the work of that eternal soul.

The last ten years of my fated lunar and dreaming life’s work, was I focused on that 13th moon. I just basically waited with patience for her to rise and reveal herself, and with years of purification of all four of my bodies, my awareness and consciousness at its peak, that 13th moon began to appear 4 years ago. I was shocked when it first happened, because for three weeks everyday I looked for the next moon cycle everywhere and there was no moon for 3 weeks. There has only been two 13th moons in four years. But thats a start for the last steps and finishing of my work, that the ancient grandmother leaders of humanity did.

the 13th moon.png

 The Sun clock that we have all been living under with its 12 months (not moon), has dominated all of us since the 12th century in our reincarnated lives. This was around the time Colonialism began to dominate everyone on earth. Yes, white tribes were the first to be destroyed and stripped of their indigenous ancestral ways. I am thankful to be Slavic because we do have a few small tribes left, especially the Rusyn Carpathian indigenous people.

Colonialism, like its predecessors the Waring Kingdoms, they had to destroy any indigenous grandmother wisdom, that might have held onto pieces of prehistory. There was not much left after the 3rd century ce, but even still, their were pieces and people like me lived a life of weaving it back together from all cultures, once piece of art, image or myth at a time. Julius Caesar started the first version of getting rid of the Grandmothers and Goddess Lunar Calendar and replacing it with Grandfather’s Time Sun in 46 bce.

Of course some gardeners, farmers and pagan cultures use parts of the remaining moon to support their life, their spirituality and that was a heretic behavior after the 10th century. After all, the pyramids, the Ancient Stone Circles like Stonehenge were all Sun Calendars rising through pagan men until later pagan men 5 centuries adopted them as their sun cult paganism, and finally adopted the modern Sun 12 Month Calendar.

The actual moon seasons, is the old prehistory version from oral tradition that I worked so hard with in my work as a fated shaman, dreamer, healer to live first all these decades trying to be open and empty enough of mind, body, emotional body to receive here, inbetween the veils and astral travelling and time jumping back to prehistory. Then I only shared my developing parts of the whole, with my apprentices.

Now that both the healing work with the moon, dreaming work in synchronicity with the emotional body and the living of this lunar system, i can share now with everyone. I am such a perfectionist it had to be fully right before I shared it with the public. Its too BIG of a teaching to write a book, and as an Oral Traditional teacher I decided never to write a book just articles like these and I started writing three years ago, because wisdom comes “hindsight” after experiences, not during.

This calendar is pure lunar, pure moon elixir, pure magic, without the mind or the sun cult or patriarch. Simple and potent and that is what woman is in general. As the lunar aligns with the weather, the elements, the trees, the animals, the plant life (all of nature), and woman, the empaths, emos, sensitives, and the dreamers weaving us into nature through the seasonal lunar flow that our emotional body craves and what we are searching for, the wandering and wounded soul of ours.

The emotional body needs so badly today, this moisture, soul cloud, ancient fertility (without ancient men’s cultures writings) of woman by woman teachers, so badly today. Timing is everything and Moontime has now returned to the earth since the Summer of 2017 and its why I share this work publicly, especially for the younger people to practice and start to living by the real moon calendar and all its hidden gems within you.

Not only did it take many decades to deprogram myself from the Sun cult/kingdom concerning time, clocks and schedules of life, that we all live in so deeply, I was young, 34 when I started and now at 60 done and its a gift I give everyone because if all electricity goes out, you have the moon to tell you what day, in what season it is of the year, for celebrations, for planting, for dreaming.

Lastly I wanted to add that in 2003, as a shaman who led soul journey – I only took groups on journeys or vision quests for apprentices, only on the equinoxes and solstices of the Lunar Seasonal year. I started that from the beginning and I still do it today. People would ask me about the other 90% of the year, if I was going to have a soul retrieval groups so they could come, and I would say no.

I was not only trained by the difficulties of life and sickness in my journey to become a shaman, but also by many wise humans who shared their stories, but also the big tests which was mother earth herself and her relationship to real adult women shamans. I only do all my work, journeys, rituals etc according to what grandmothers did of prehistory and that was only on the solstice and equinoxes.

I also observed in my long journey, the drug/plant dealers of shamanism “hallucinogenic trips” rising all around me. Those who call themselves shamans by giving liquids to people rise along my journey, they are not shamans. I just focused on her prehistory teachings with the moon, my deep and personal healing journey as a woman, and as the vision and dreaming began to rise from my purifying soul through hard and painful detoxes of mind, body, emotional body, my soul began to rise in its visions and my mystical experiences and they were pure.

When I was in my early 40s when the new wide spread ayahuasca was everywhere I said never, I want my soul and her to be strong, clear and high vibration, and thus swallowing and drinking very, very low vibration plants, mushrooms (a vision in a bottle) such as ayahuasca. I turned away from all of it and took the slower way, the more painful way of detoxing my real human issues and the extremely difficult way when my soul detoxification began.

The real healing of my real life and my real karma instead. That is why it took me 40 solid years to live this path and the 20 years of crazy internal as a maiden, so a total of 60 years is now completed and I can call myself a shaman and folk healer with only experience.

I was and still am terrible against these plants because they weaken and for long time users 20 years or more, actually destroys our astral bodies (soul). Sort of like how ecstasy the drug pushed one’s endorphins to feel extremely happy and the more people did it, they completely destroyed the endorphin producing enzymes within, within their natural body function.

Now they live with depression for the rest of their life (50 years for 10 years of a high). Ayahuasca and the other hallucinogens destroy our soul’s luminous body in the same exact way, and when its gone and weak, and you wouldn’t know that internal reality because our soul is not mind, body or emotional body…  you lose from short termed gimmie gimmie gimmie visions. It takes a wise soul regardless of age to know that…

…we do not “play or mess around” with our eternal Souls – there are grave consequences this lifetime and your future lifetimes that you haven’t consciousness about besides the knowledge path.

Anything quick when it comes to the soul like plant visioning, is not sustainable nor healing of any of your bodies, except for your mind. I suggest going to a Zen center, which is hard core meditation, and mastering that mind of yours with dedicated disciplines daily for a decade. The mind and mental body knows nothing about the life of how or what your eternal souls are actually doing, how they are entrapped in dreaming and the dormant animal soul can be stolen. 


I have two 13th Moon Lunar Calendars (2019/2020 and 2021/2022) which goes along with our free Lunar Work-study here on this website. We will mail a hard copy to you or a jpeg with a Donation of $20.00 to support my work and our work as we build Elder Mountain Dreaming into the Community. 
Paypal: Myoldsouldreams@gmail.com (hit the friends/family) with the worlds MOON CALENDAR along with your email address. 

If you be on our free lunar work-study and learn how to live by the moon cycles now that the sun cult is over, please send us an email: Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com

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