The Midlife Crisis, An Astrological Perspective

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Our Midlife is the age of great transformation, also called the Midlife Crisis and the Midlife Transformation of the transpersonal Planets. These have a great effects us from 37 years old until we are around 43, when the life initiation is completed. There are many things we cannot do in a spiritual journey or the spiritual healing journey until we reach this crisis and change. It sets most of us in a new direction, give us insight and brings perspective to our lives.

We realize at this time of our life, that we have much work to do, much healing to do at the second and third levels of healing, and we much change. This is the time when inner child healing begins at its greatest impact. Its termed the Midlife Crisis or Midlife Transformation (depending upon its severity) both positive and negative. We may think we have control over our life and mastery until the time of changes and life shows us who is more powerful.

This time of our life is defined by personal transformative challenges or the accumulation of burdens we can no longer handle, uphold or an inner crisis that we must push through. Many people spiritual journey turns into a spiritual healing journey at this time or at the least, one enters traditional talk therapy.

Because our life needs to change and experience renewal, this time of life are the teachings of Transformation, Death and Rebirth. We must recon with ourselves going under great stress or duress or some type of crisis has occurred, a divorce, a family death, a loss of a job, one gets married, etc etc. The impact of the 3 outer planets for the first time in our life and all at once can be over whelming. These influence the pressure, and bring pain and suffering and sometimes life changes that we never expected to make. Fairy-tale marriages are broken, sometimes illnesses occur for the first time. And for some, its not a crisis at all, its a milder change.

On the positive side, we are starting to reach a lot of accumulation of experiences, although we have already grown up in our thirties, now we begin to mature internally. This can be embraced by some and for others, its a hardship that is rejected. There is a saying: “we don’t have to grow up until we are fifty-two” and its true because we have so much to learn in our lifetime. This transition of midlife bring us into our forties which isn’t so bad once we get through the hurricanes and lightning storms of the transition of freedom and change.

It leaves us with a greater understanding of what we could no longer carry within our burdens in life. We start to build some kind of life after high school and college, and at the midlife, we are faced with some kind of personal crisis that makes us face a choice. It is then our personal truth must come forth, for our health and well being. We learn to change, we learn to embrace struggle, we learn that our secrets are exposed and most of all, we learn that we are no longer young. 

I say, blame it on life, because these forces of the “collective” planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are too strong to fight the needed changes and we will be thankful once the process is completed. They rule and influence us during this time, the collective part of our life (the wholeness from birth to death)

elder mountain

TRANSFORMATION: The Uranus Opposition
This is change itself and when it comes into opposition to the place where it was at our birth, we call this time the “mid life crisis”. It starts slow, around the age of 37 and the oldest of the Millennial generation will begin theirs in 2022. Uranus brings insight but also chaos and this allows us to look back from where we have come. It effects the major parts of our life where we are not living our truth.

We begin to seek our fundamental individuality and freedom and focus on that foundation to build which usually means something else has to give way. This occurs over four years as we attempt to become who we really are while struggling with letting go who we are not anymore. Many changes in the ways we look at ourselves and the world occur, as if someone is pouring additional perspective energy through us, and many tough choices and decisions are made during this time to “change” and change is one of the most difficult things to accomplish when its our personal issue.

DEATH Pluto (Mental, Physical or Emotional Death Experience)
Pluto represents the hidden, the powerful and the deepest transformations of our life, it can include not feeling safe (danger and woundedness) but also great strength – as it moves through our chart. Like Uranus and Neptune, it also is a part of change of the whole self. The Pluto square at the time of the Uranus opposition begins about age 37. The “Pluto Square” is when the planet moves 90 degrees from its original birth position causing tension.

This can seem like life is a burden has emerged, and things that used to work by ignoring no longer work. The break down of our psyche occurs at this time spiritually and some have mental breakdowns or mental break throughs. We may recognize some darker natures of our shadow side of life if we are introspective, if we are not, then it seems we blame it on everyone else, even if we don’t want to. Complicated with the self or others occurs, and many divorces happen during this time, but also many people get married for the first time to or move in with someone in a more committed way. Its the essence of a transformation, death and rebirth in our life.

We are dealing with issues of power or empowerment, or our disempowerment or those who we think have power over us. These structures go through a change and that has to do with our purpose or life mission or our karma. The ability to feel empowered is the fundamental energy and we have to finally let go of abusers in our life or our own self abuse.

REBIRTH Neptune (Square)
This is our spiritual crisis. I’ve seen many spiritual teachers hit the wall when this 3 outer planets tests our belief systems of our spirituality. It is difficult because it means that everything you believed, now you are tested spiritually and will have to walk the decade or two of talk. That is not an easy one.

The Neptune square along with the other two planets influences, starts around 40 years old. Transiting Neptune squares (90 degrees) to our natal Neptune, where it was at our birth. This is a time of examining our spiritual nature, our interconnection to a higher power or something greater than our self. It is the great illusion and if Mercury is the magician, well the eternal magician of illusion is coming to open some veils for us to see the cause of our depression, the layers of things we thought were real in life, in relationship, in spirituality that were not as real as we thought.

Neptune’s main job is to “dissolve” and without letting go, it becomes a struggle. Also this planet rules addictions and many times people begin to get sick. Those with Neptune square sun or moon are more likely. Its where we must come to terms if we missed or previously ignored life’s signs to heal, they seem to surface during this time. Neptune makes us face where we have kept ourselves in bondage, where we have sabotaged our needs and truths or looked away in fear. Its the most subtle of all three outer planetary influences on us in our middle adult life changes.

The Moons Influences during the Midlife
The second lunar node return at 37 years old tends to be overlooked when the focus is on the opening Pluto square natal Pluto. What happened at the first lunar node return at age 19 gets added to with the second ; anything that is not conducive to the growth of the native, the Uranus opp will bulldoze.

The only 19 year cycle besides the 19 year Nodal return, is the a period of the “Metonic Cycle”, which is a 19 year (235 lunar months), after which the new and full moons return to the same days of the year. It was the basis of the ancient Greek calendar and is still used for calculating movable feasts such as Easter.

The Full Saros Eclipse Cycle is 18.6 years (19 years). One Saros cycle or period after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, a near straight line, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur.

The Moon will have the same phase and be at the same node and the same distance from the Earth. In addition, because the Saros is over 18 and a half years in length, the Earth will be nearly the same distance from the Sun, and tilted to it in nearly the same orientation (same season). Given the date of an Eclipse, one Saros later a nearly identical eclipse can be predicted.

Each total solar eclipse track looks similar to the previous one, but is shifted by 120 degrees westward. The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse is part of the Saros 145 series. The previous total solar eclipse in this series occurred on August 11, 1999. The next one will be on September 2, 2035. The first cycle in this series occurred on January 4, 1639, and the last one will be on April 17, 3009.

~Phoenix. Healer, folk healer, shaman and a professional astrologer. If you are going through a midlife crisis, transformation or deep changes I offer in-depth consultation with wise counsel. Write to:

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