Second Moon of Spring 2019

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello dreamers, moon lovers, empaths, creatives, artists and healers… Our Second New Moon of Spring begins on Friday, April 5, 2019 and the Full Moon is April 19. For those who are new here, I don’t write Full Moon articles unless I feel its an actual “super moon” so there are no regular “letting go full moon intention” examples. This is a super moon and I will send out one. This is because our release is based on what surfaced from our new moon intention, so be creative. (newbies, the lunar work-study instructions are here).

The second moon of any of the four season are always filled with the fullest expression which translates into our emotional fullness. The uses of Divination (tarot, astrology, cartomancy, palm readings, wisdom cards, numerology etc), are a simple guidance of insight, into “the impressions” of manifesting energies, impacting our emotional life. We seek clarity with divination so we can make the invisible more clear.

The original root of this in ancient times was through each lunar cycle, because magnetic energy of the moon has a direct effect and symbiotic effect on our emotional body and our soul(s), which is also magnetic. The receptivity of nature’s divination of the moon and the self, is inseparable. Seeker of the mystery, the creative, the cyclical, allows us to search for the path to our true self, our soul self and our wounded self. That mystery of the earth and our place within it – must be made conscious in order to recognize it. This is what birth, transformation, death and rebirth is all about, one moon cycle at a time. 

Photography © Marcin Łaskarzewski.jpg

When we get serious about our emotional body and feelings, and our sensitive life, we structure a practice with the moon that adds to the foundation of our spiritual path. Sometimes we experience years where we need to practice real compassion and compassionate teachings, other years we need to practice self nurturing, and other times we need to really speak our emotional truth while creating stronger and healthier boundaries.

This all begins and gets deeper, by simply giving ourselves permission.

Permission to be loved, to be respected, to be sober, to be honest etc. Each decade, life offers us something new in the ways of expressing ourselves more fully and authentically and this is not an easy path within consciousness. Its easy within blindness and turning away from dealing with our struggles or blaming it on others, or radical fear around change.

This moon cycle – lets learn about a Spiritual Recipe for our foundation, called self nourishment (regardless of what types of spiritual work you do). Step by step practices of self nourishment, when we are unconscious about the depths of our emotional body, is very difficult but worth exploring. The more we become conscious, step by step, we learn that this recipe has an inner and an outer expression.

With moon work, we focus on the new, full and dark moon within our inner aspects of our feelings, our hurts, our disappointments, our jealousy, frustrations, our woundedness or anger etc. and chose one behavior or emotion that keeps us in the cauldron of suffering. I encourage people to go deeper, to test what they learn in their spiritual path thus far, or circles or retreats and put that into self action as self nourishment.

Remember Spiritual teachings for the last 2,500 years has arisen through the mind and writings of men, the mind/body teachings in the world have always dealt with mind body and spirit, even high level Buddhism practices. But one thing in common is that they do not involve nor include dealing with the powerful Emotional body and all its expressions and complications of anxiety, fears, lying, shame, anger, jealousy, cheating, addictions and a host of other emotional diseases or dis-ease.

Anytime we want change or focus on healing our emotional body which is the doorway to the soul, we deal with “one issue”, at a time, we become aware of one issue at a time, that we need to change, acknowledge or work with. If you had a powerful upset last Autumn, then both the release and the wisdom will come forth in the Spring (if you pay attention and do moon work).

Moon work is predictably cyclical in the healing path once you understand cyclical work. As you work with each individual moon through the four seasons, it bring forth a new awareness from an old issue or a painful issue that you have or still struggle with. The moon intention is set based on what you wish to heal, and has to be focused on a particular issue, so we can begin to experience a Rebirth: releases, detoxes and relief.

That is a basic core spiritual recipe of real change and change is slow because gaining consciousness is very slow and hard work. Consciousness is the most powerful energy on the planet, and without it, being conscious of any of our issues is blinding, thus, we repeat the same desire gone awry over and over again.

When we are young, we go to spiritual circles and/or retreats, these are good practices and exercises to connect with like minded people or to address our own gifts and our own beliefs by hearing others as a reflection. The next stage of maturity spiritually speaking, is the second stage where we have to apply what we have learned into our real relationships, or an illness or diseases.

We gain a bit more independent to test the things we are learning in circles and retreats and put them into a daily practice at home. The third and final levels is seeing real results. Sometimes all three are mixed together as the years can blend into each other in this type of emotional and soul work.


This Moon’s Oracle – The Swan’s Song

Bearer of brilliant communication,
lover of the 
soul and the moon,
inside you is the ancient 
Swan Song.
Do seek the final gestures, the final
efforts, the 
great performances
that are fulfilled at dusk, just
before the dawn.

Do not be saddened over the changes
you are enduring now, be joyful in its
sheer beauty of recognized your
true self. Live your truth with desire,
speak the unspeakable at the perfect
moment of fear. Take another leap,
when you cannot walk one step further.

The Swan is silent most of her life
sings her most beautiful song
just before the great transformation.
To some it may sound mournful, but
to others it symbolizes victory over
the lower self, of grace and beauty,
of love, music and poetry.

I have a friend from Japan who loved to give very long hugs to everyone he knew, a 15 minute hug wasn’t unusual. I got tired of always having to be the one who stepped back after a few minutes of a hello hug. One day I decided to hug him as long as he wanted in order to resolve this, and yes, that hug was 20 minutes long. I held my space and didn’t initiate any release at all, and it was he who stepped back and released the hug.

He never hugged me again after that and we were good friend for another ten years. His teaching to me was that a simple unconscious surrender in our life, is a huge release that can seem overwhelming, until we learn to let go, which are the most difficult of practices. I accepted that challenge quietly that day because I had been working a few years on my anger and that seemed to just dissolve the end of that healing cycle.

Of course I was deathly sick as an Empath for the next two weeks after that hug, having absorbed all his emotions and unconscious anger for decades. But it was worth the teaching. Empaths of course, have to be very careful with hugs and energetic aura spaces of people in order to keep healthy.

How we modify our spiritual journey each year as we grow is impacted by the slight adjustments we must make of what we fear. Try it, and you will see its only fear or self respect that makes the inner flowers grow. What we lack when we are born or do not understand about life in general, can be your greatest accomplishments in the last part of your life. So never give up on yourself.

This intentional practice with the moon is Spiral work, which moves you forward by going inward and backwards into your actual past. As you revisit your past when issues arise, then the Spiral reverses and moves you outward bound with a “conscious” action. This occurs over and over with the cycle of the moon.

This is in order to learn to become conscious of one’s choices in a much deeper way than the old repetitive behavioral patterns based on fear that we do unconsciously. If you never challenge these parts of self consciously, you are doomed to repeat the painful interactions, attractions and desires that got you into trouble in the first place. And that can be scary especially around the midlife crisis.

Think of any difficult issue you are having right now. There is medicine in the spiritual recipe that must contain…. “taking yourself serious when you are upset and hurt” and all the while practicing honesty and truth, stillness and listening in order to reclaim what you’ve lost or thought you have lost such as self respect, or others respecting you or any host of emotional issues within.

Some choices we make are easy in life, some are hard and some are major life decisions and crisis that are really difficult. Regardless of which one you are facing right now, the same basic recipe helps us be “embodied” and when we are embodied, we are grounded. Its running away from the fears and shadow that makes it worse. This is called spiritual sacrifice or the medicines of surrender like my simple example of the hug. We start small, because we cannot tackle the big issues in our life without solid footing and a solid foundation of inner work with consistency.

Our life is a living process and we prepare for times of great openings when we don’t control our struggles, as if our wounds, stress, anxiety had a life of its own.  If we block this with attitudes of not being open to hear new ideas, or close our heart because we hold too much pain there already, we practice the simple, the great recipe of self nourishment.

Regardless of what you are trying to heal or overcome, if we practice openness, honesty and truthfulness regardless of the consequences, we are at least being honest with the self and sleep well with the possibility of the real rather than the projected dream we all live. What comes first, the chicken (us healing our issues)? or the egg (others changing so we can be ok with our issues)? In a spiritual journey, its about us healing our issues, not having expectations of others to be better, do better… its us who needs to do it.

Bright Moon, White Cloud
A Song Of Pure Happiness

Her robe is a Cloud, her face a
Flower; her balcony, glimmering
with the bright Spring dew. Its either
the tip of Earth’s Jade Mountain
or a Moon edged roof of Paradise.

Milky Way.jpg

Just chose one or come up with your own, remember the intention is about you in relationship to your inner self. As goal is you in relationship to your outer world or the world.

I respect myself
I am positive
I listen deeply
I practice self-control
I am peaceful (if you feel stressed)

I am healthy
I am grounded
I am creative
I am patient
I accept myself
I have healthy desire
I express my anger with awareness

I am loved
I am balanced
I am responsible
I nurture myself
I speak my truth
I use my will in a positive way

I am strong emotionally (if you feel you are not)
I am strong physically (if you feel you are not)
I am focused mentally (if you feel you are not)

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I am healthy in my body (if you are not)

I practice self control
I embrace joy (if you are depressed)
I embrace my new beginning
I live in the present moment

I express my frustrations in a healthy way
I am healing my anger (or frustration, impatience etc)
I create a strong boundary with my addiction (which addiction)

If any of you would like a copy of my very simple 13 MOON CALENDAR dates, for the next 4-Years, please make a $20 donation and we will send you the 2 jpegs. Our Paypal is …. tag it Moon Calendar with the email you want us to use.

Blessings and Happy New Moon!   ~Phoenix 

Art sources: 
Egg Maiden Photo by © Marcin Łaskarzewski; Republic of Mari El artist Maria Klyukina – Triptych, The Daughter of a Swan. Mineral water spa of Liptovský, Slovakia, photo by Luci Afonia; Moon by Uuja; Bright Moon, White Cloud by Li Po, Chinese poet during the Tang Dynasty; 

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  1. Caroline says:

    Swan song! Love. I’ve been a swan in so many dreams.


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