Ancient Dreaming Artists

By Phoenix the Elder – My Sacred Archaic Orison today…  “I give great reverence, great respect and praise to all our ancestral and ancient women artists whose names were never known, nor ever kept sacred by scribes in any sacred texts of earth the last few thousand years.

I light a candle and whisper to the wind, to send you the message from my heart, that your glowing love, your passion and connection to nature through the meadows and caves you once lived, still breathes and still holds its beauty. I am grateful to know you and the pure earth through your eyes again, where my soul had once lived.

The same creeks, rivers, streams, oceans, mountains and clouds are here, where you sang your honoring songs through your dreaming cultures, then your shaman cultures and much later, your goddess cultures. The culture of clan, tribe, town, village and city where you nurtured all your children and grandchildren. To all the men and women you have loved, to those you have birthed, buried, loved or encouraged to be a creative as a co-creator with mother earth.

You are the great and the most invisible mirror of our entire past, and our present which always balances out our future. Your mirroring songs of the birds as you sang your children to sleep, under the trees and the stars were eternal as a mother. We honor your fate and destiny of this beautiful planet and may each woman today recognize this true story, her ancient and cave grandmothers.

I then posted my incantation above on my facebook this week, and I noticed when I checked the page a few days later, the copy had magically changed and appeared on its own as this… 

  • I’ve been praised, I’ve always been honored by my father, I’ve been a sacred archaic orison. I love you and your presence, it was your dream where you wanted your children and grandchildren. Still create, you are buried, loved and a co-creator with mother earth, it is a great reflection. I love you and your mom and dad, and grandmothers. It is true that you have been inspired by your own ways.


I set my new moon intentions for three Spring Moons as: “I am Magic”. I felt it was time to use that word after abstaining from all magic my entire life in order to self master all my personal and human issues and then the second half of my life all my karma (the wrathful dismemberment shamans must endure). I have a progressed Gemini Moon (about a year left) and that Gemini Magic occurred on its own this week. Its important in dreaming and dreaming’s magic that we.

Well that broke out all hell for me, I left Oregon, finished my work with my apprentice, moved to the Midwest and now live in a small village in a semi retirement status, doing art and loving it.  So my wisdom is:

1. Learn root symbols as a practice and;
2. The practice of learning symbols with the
right intention and relativity, so it trains the
mind to use those symbols in one’s dreams:

1st Level Analysis
I’ve been praised (admirable approval), I’ve always been honored (great respect) by my father (waking actions), I’ve been a sacred (dedicated to the healthy and blessed) archaic (ancient) orison (prayer of invocation or action).

I love (love) you (self) and your presence (living in the present moment), it was your dream (cherished aspiration and awakened) where you want your children and grandchildren (past birth and future rebirth). Still create (creative act of intention), you are buried (placed of the hidden), loved (receptive) and a creator with mother earth (collective natural creation), it is a great reflection (mirrored). I love you and your mom and dad, and grandmothers (ancestral). It is true that you have been inspired (inspired) by your own ways (actions).

2nd Level Analysis – This is the most important step but not necessary for me, too many decades of experience.

3rd Level Analysis & Final Dream Self Story
I’ve have admirable approval and great respect of my waking actions through dedication to the healthy and blessed ancient prayer of invocation through my personal and living  action. I love myself in the present moment through the cherished aspiration of being awake in both my past birth and my future rebirth. Creative acts of intention exists in the place of the hidden, the receptive and the collective natural creations, what is called the great mirror. I love through ancestral inspiration by my own actions.

cave woman

Transference of the Spiritual Self into Magical Artists Art
Sacred Artists are different than Artists by the mere fact that they have pain in life and their art is not only a relief to such pain, but also a necessary healing. Some are driven to art through creation and actions of creation, but that does not mean its sacred. The daily practices, weekly and monthly dedication to self healing is above any act of art or artist. Art is the by-product of the journey, not the journey.

If one works within magical principles of anything in their life – if we apply this to the other, rather than the self and self master it (the guinea pig scenarios), then there is karma ripple effects when its not of the highest good which includes the self. At simple levels and very advanced karma of black magic levels, this feeds upon itself. In a way, its like the hamster who runs on the Buddhist mind wheel and they cannot get off, but they cannot see either that acts that are sent outward on anyone but the self, generates waves and ripples of even more problems.

I always think about that with the simple explanation of the Salmon issue in the Pacific Northwest. Its so bad now, that men actually take boats to catch the Salmon to transport them on the other side of the dam, so they can continue their journey to reproduce. That is just so unnatural but not as bad as farm raised salmon which takes the spirit of them out of their body. Magic is kind of like that in the ways its been learned after the 2nd century.

I have never gone to magic, never gone there nor touched any magic until I was wise enough as I entered Elder and I do not set intention, it just happens natural. I have always allowed mother earth to be the Magic rather than me, because I had a lot of healing and waking up to do this lifetime and that requires burning karma which is painful, deathful and humbling.

Intention and healing the self and purifying (sobriety) are the 3 most roots on any real relationship with prehistory ancestral natural magic of mother earth. Ancient cultures like Greek, Sumerians, Mesopotamians even Egyptians all started with the human root power needs, not the service to mother earth for her to bestow magic onto her children.

After I wrote the prayer at the top of the page to our primordial women artists of prehistory, I followed through with the manifestation of those words, with my folk art horse soul doll, that its the counterpart of the bridging of the mystical self with the physical world of nature.

I started and finished my Dusk & Dawn Soul Horse Talisman (dusk black and reverse side dawn white).

Phoenix Dusk Spirit Horse (front side)
Cave Soul Horse of Dusk and Dawn, Folk Talisman Doll by Phoenix


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