The Convention of a Magical Bridge

By Phoenix the Elder – Yesterday I went went to the Magic Convention in Portland (LGBTQ) with a friend of mine. Everyone was so nice, very spiritual, artistic and great people. We visited all the booths and I happened to met a woman who is a dreamer like myself which was  nice. I went to an afternoon lecture of Jewish Magic, while my friend went to another class on Creative Magic.

During the class, I found the tangled chaos of the red yarn being passed around – so very interesting. The yarn was connected to her altar and it was wrapped in a long oval shape as she passed it to the first person. 

When the red yarn got to me, I had watched everyone in the room struggle with this tangled red yarn right from the beginning. So I took the opposite end of the string (the end) and began to roll it into a yarn ball twirling it into a magical circle with positive intention of loosening the struggle and chaos of the knots that it was constantly getting into. I spent about 10 minutes getting the yarn into a red ball and then left the chaos mess of the red string stay a mess.

I passed it to the woman sitting to my right and from there forth, she passed the ball and it took about five minutes to go around the second half of the room, where it had taken about forty-five minutes to get through the first half of the room to me. Experience counts when it comes to red string magic! It was fun, but then chaos magic or free magic as its called was my path. I call it the Spiral Medicines.

here.pngI was the first to share in this circle, and since it was Passover, I shared one of my stories when I was young. I had shared to everyone that I chose to do all religions, paganism, eastern religions, philosophical religions, and indigenous religions….  and do them all i reverse. This took me about a decade to do, because of recovery time of taking a risk in grandfathers teachings to enter eventually prehistory grandmother teachings in which my soul could experience remembrance. 

When I got to the Jewish tradition back in 1996, I decided to do the Passover Rite (in reverse) by putting my own menses blood on my front door on the night of Passover, to “Invite Death In”… not keep it out. That was the best way to understand how Lilith and Pazuzu ancient traditions were, were they steeped in shadow or light or both. In the tradition of Jewish Passover, they do it as a rite to keep “death out.” But my work is chaos and death and had started even when I was a little girl. I never called it chaos magic but that is what it was as a ‘living’ experience for six decades.

After that Jewish tradition reversed, I experienced four years of chaos and it ended four years later with a mystical vision in dreaming with a Lilith vision. Not only was I learning through these types of reversed experiences that I created and walked through, but I realized that Chaos was my path. Its extremely painful, because I came to pay karma off this lifetime. And healing and healing karma, is a path to the past as far as you wish to you.

My life was like that tangled red yarn that the teacher had given to everyone. I have never done magic, because fate ruled my life, not me. I was stuck between no manifestation abilities to even attain a job and at the same time, could not die from my purifying real past life karma, its sicknesses and deaths. You see, I spent my life as a shaman in the underworld and all around it with client, students, apprentices and my own chaos and karma as a folk healer and shaman healer. 

The best part of this share is that on the drive to the Magic Convention that morning, my friend and I had an experience on the highway or I should he had an experience of my life that I must life. We were driving and moving through a typical traffic jam nearing the city of Portland. We were about two miles out approaching the bridge over the water into Portland from Vancouver when the traffic jam started.

Eventually after about 30 minutes of creeping slowly on the highway, two fire trucks, two police cars and one ambulance on the shoulder drove slowly passed us to get to the accident. There was an electrical highway sign saying there was an accident on the bridge. We finally got to the part of the road at the entrance of entering the bridge, where everyone was down to one single lane.

carolyn gavin painting.jpgAs we drove, like lightning, the bridge was completely and utterly empty and devoid of cares, and you could see across this entire bridge visually, as we speed up to about 60 mph, I saw about 3 to 4 cars on the bridge way ahead of us. I didn’t look behind me at those moments, because my friend was so amazed that there was no accident, there were no emergency vehicles on the bridge, and just three cars but hundreds of cars behind us. We drove right over the bridge and when we got off the bridge, the traffic was normal into downtown Portland.

Normally when I enter chaos magic like this, my soul is entering nature’s magical energy by proxy and I experience in the present moment as co-creator. I don’t do anything, I am just receptive when magic chooses me. As my apprentice once said, the Wand chooses the Wizard.  Usually when this happens, two things occur: #1 – the chaos itself (in this case traffic completely disappears), #2 always something across the veil that I am to witness which is the duality aspects appears.

When Chaos Magic has happened in my spaces in the past twenty years, there was always the duality #2 component and I found it odd that this time, I wasn’t even looking for anything that I naturally intuitively do. The opposition of chaos is stillness and at great levels of stillness within, you match natures stillness and she is the arbiter of chaos magic. #2 occurs always as something of the purest light appears and this time it did not. Amazing for me to enter another new level at this time of my life. Even in my dream last night, something new also happened that has never happened.

So we “Passover(ed)” the magical bridge and entered into the upperworld’s higher vibration and drove on the road and so did three or four other people in their cars and arrived at the Magic Convention.

In Harry Potter movies (I never read books), they used the “flying car” as a rhetorical  storytelling, a version of this same thing but projected, not experienced. The upperworld energy can only be accessed by those without karma and my friend who went for the ride, was baffled his mind.

I mastered chaos magic over three decades, but I call it the more pre-patrairchal term of the four levels of Spiral Medicines, and of course I always bow to mother nature who bestows such openings like the bridge over polluted waters. The real power of magic is when you purify yourself and heal yourself to be at the same vibration as nature which is extremely difficult and extreme pain to purify, that is why it took everyday my whole life. As my friend said yesterday… you just have to be there to witness such things because its real – but seems unbelievable.


xArt source: Carolyn Gavin painting, Ukraine x symbolism, Photo of Portland.

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    Great post, thank you.


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