Magic Wand

By Phoenix the Elder – Do you have a wand? How do you use it in your healing path, and what does it mean to you personally? I made a wand when Harry Potter came out and I used it when I did blessings, but that was very rare. It was my first wand this lifetime but I am not a manifester, more a fated person, so I set it aside and eventually took it apart and set it to rest after a year.

I am a folk healer, not a magician or magic practitioner. But I like most people, like the idea of magic, mystery, magical things and the mystical. I have had an overfill of the mystical and its the only way I related to magic. “I didn’t quit before the miracle” and the miracle has appeared now as I enter Elder.

There were never any shortcuts in my spiritual work, most of it was mundane, hard and full of discipline and healing. Because of this, I always knew that nothing is life is free, not even magic. I personally never wanted to take even one shortcut, because it would cost me my life or the difference between life and death so I didn’t even do magic nor wanted to.

slavic magic.jpg

I am ready now to make my Grandmother Wand in the ancient ways of wand, meaning the “wind”. I think I will make it out of the local wood here which is Cherry, Apple, Blackberry, Hawthorn and Cedar Wood here on the land. I was reading about the perspectives of what people think a wand is, how old it is and its uses. I shared from newbies all the way to wise elders… 

What is the “origin” of the Magical Wand?

1. The Youthful perspective (regardless of age)
Glenda the good witch, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Billy Owen. Magic Wand originates from the Tarot. Tarot cards have four ‘suits’ – Wands/Staves, Cups, Swords and Coins. All four had specific occult meanings, and ‘traditional’ occultists would often have all four (as do many neo-pagans) in their workings.

2. The Inter-Personal perspective
The magic Wand is the talking stick, one of the most rudimentary ways of keeping order in a group and inter-personal relationships, right relation. Whoever holds the stick gets to speak.

3. Mystical Practitioner’s perspective
An elderly person with healing abilities who uses a walking stick which becomes a symbol of the position of mature mystery and power. This type of Wand or larger staff represents their spiritual power, eventually all wizards male or female must carry a staff to represent that authority.

4. Earthy Practitioners
A person who is a medicine person, an herbalist, a witch who makes medicinal natural and (non-hallucinogen) teas and herbal mixtures uses a stick to stir her pot and add its magic of intention and love.


She or he is called a witch with her cauldron of healing remedies, beauty aids and magical potions and her magic wand has stirred them all. Eventually elaborate rituals becomes a part of the creation process of one’s own magic.

5. Druid Practitioners
The Magic of the Tree held in ones hand is the connection to the earth’s power transformed through the soul of the pure ones.

The Druid Arthur Pendragon who lives in a caravan near to Stonehenge.jpg

6. Chaos Magic Practitioner
Its the tool of the power to direct chaos into the places where truth is hidden and shadowed and allows collapse so the hidden truth is revealed as it rises.

7. Historian
The earliest mention of Wand was from Homer of the Iliad speaking about Athena and her Wand, 6th century bce. This was in reference to the wand as the magic of the “wind”:

“Athene touched him now with her wand, she withered the smooth skin on his supple limbs, robbed his head of sunburn, covered his whole body with the wrinkles of old age, and dimmed the light that shone in his beautiful eyes.”

Slavic Shaman Stick
Slavic Staff / Wand

8. Prehistory
True magicians and mystic over the last 1000 years were born from what the Shamans had mastered, and previously before the patriarch, but much more advanced was only because there was no modern world, no religions, no patriarch, there was only nature as teacher.

The wand signifies that rare natural nature transformation and transition of one form revealed into non-form or vice versa through the spirit of life.

The mastery or ability to shape shift into the Wind comes from beyond the human soul, beyond the animism soul and into the level after this which is the celestial spirit.

Powerful female shamans have that power of transformation into elements in the beginning before time, they are the wand, the dawn and the dusk and shall return to their home on earth once again.



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  1. I have also read of the wand coming from the wooden digging stick, which woodwives and herbal folk healers would use to carefully uproot the bulbs, tubers and roots of medicinal plants. Iron digging tools were said to be avoided, due to both the physical damage and energetic damage they caused to the plants and the earth that held them.
    Thank you for the post!


  2. Caroline says:

    I don’t know how you do it!!! Like everything I dream you post. Two nights ago I had a dream in which I was to chose a wand infused with lightning. In the dream, there were many wands and walking sticks.


    1. Its all the wishes of the Mind Caroline, it doesn’t mean its real, it means its a projection… a wish or desire. But if you understand root first level symbolism of dream analysis, it doesn’t have anything really to do with a wand, its a dream story for a message about one’s waking life, be that filled with illusions, are guidance for self healing in waking life. So don’t take dreams so “literal” –

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Caroline says:

      I didn’t take literal just thought it was super cool that it shows up in the mirror of your writing.


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