Water and Science

By Phoenix the Elder – Water 101 – Dr. Masaru Emoto back in late 1990s wrote a book from his experiments of attaching different messages (words) and taped these words to the bottles filled with with water samples to see what crystals formed. He tested under a microscope how the crystals would appear negative or positive depending upon the word (after he froze them in a freezer). Some of the messages were: “Love and Gratitude and Thank you,” and others were “I Hate you and Swastika. Each had different results.

Emoto used Science’s Sun & Logic in his experiments, that would be like trying to do moon astrology with a sun astrology foundation, it sounds good and sun and moon do cross similar paths in astrology and life, but astrology is according to the mental body, and emotional | soul body are feelings, a different realities because of reflective rather than objective.

Sun and Moon realities within us, have different outcomes in life, just like they do outside of us. For example someone who is sensitive and takes things personal is undeveloped emotionally in their emotional body, and must go through decades of emotional body teachings or awakenings, same too for water experiments because water is the vast majority of the earth and it is very developed in nature and as old as the earth and was once pure but is now extremely polluted. So too is our past life moon body in its karmic sense.

Water is also a reality of the receptive and although he did the right experiments with “intention of words” and saw “results” he didn’t see the mirror of himself in the experiment and his own belief systems effect the outcome. His personal issues and his personal fears mirroring from within his body (the water/blood) and the outer water in the bottles of the experiment. Those cannot be separated and would reflect in the results.

mermaids by Dinara Mirtalipova.

Every empath and every sensitive person knows or must learn that emotions are different every single day according to those in their personal spaces, that is mirror and reflective reality. Those who don’t have highs and lows everyday emotionally from others in their space are not empaths but slightly sensitive and regular emotions like the majority of people.  If Emoto had done his experiments if he was going through very strong emotional burdens and sorrows because his mother just died, all of the experiments would have been inconsistent and different.

Chaos, Chaos Magic and Chaos Medicines all comes from Chaos within the emotional body and soul’s bodies. Not the Mind/Body of Science of Emoto’s level is purely mind body. And science for the last 2,000 years has determined everyone’s reality when it comes to the basis of reality. Not the emotional basis of reality, that was caste aside as: “Don’t be so crazy, don’t be so emotional, settle down or we will put you in the guillotine responses from the left brained mental bodied rulership we all lived in our past lives and lives up until 1980.

If he would have taken 10 female Buddhist monks or female Navajo Shamans of all ages, and then tested the positive powerful symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000 Year history, 8 to 9 out of 10 would have formed a positive crystal. But do the same experiment on 4 billion others who have learned or remembered World War 2, and the results would have been negative. That is how Sun Science works and scientific results have nothing to do with emotional and soul reality on this planet. The four billion would have had “negative” crystals form because their emotional body and soul body is not clear of their karma, nor their association with pain. Moon, Water and Fire work together, Mind and Body work together, but the moon is anti science reality.

Water and water rituals are very personal, transparent and picks up the persons beliefs, feelings and co-creates with the water itself which is receptive. So if you do it with a pure medicine person or shaman who has worked on all their issues and healed them, your results will be stronger. If you healer or shaman (or drug plant shaman) is still greatly struggling with their own issues or don’t have much of an emotional life but a life of wanting power, then the results would be just like Dr Emoto.

The Durango high school kids below retested Dr. Emoto’s experiments. We must use their age as a factor because they are not older like Emoto and they are not from an emotionally repressive culture like Japan. Their emotional bodies are young and do not their “values” yet because of age, and because they don’t know what their values are, they don’t know anything about the adult body, its beliefs, karma which is different than youth and maiden’s bodies under 30 years old. Nor do they even understand their their own prejudices yet. They retested science again within Sun Logic method.

One last note, the teens had said…
Replicating Emoto’s experiment proved to be a little more challenging than we originally thought it would be. Dr. Emoto got most of his water samples from the mountains of Japan; we had to settle with water from the Animas River, and other various water samples. This may have created a discrepancy in our conclusions, but both experiments tested the effect of thought on water, so the water type should have had no bearing on our results.

Age makes a difference, maturity is an emotional path of time, knowledge and attaining knowledge is a mental passage of time, so these teens don’t have 10, 20 or 30 years of stress, emotional relationship issue build up, decade build ups of medication, drugs, pot, etc, adult issues, children, mortgages, beliefs etc . That would be the first effect on the water. Second, working with water for decades as a folk healer and dreamer myself, the type of water would have made an immense difference on the results because water is a living energy and has a visible physical presence.

The experiment of even “freezing” water would have tied into theirs and Emoto’s unconscious emotional states and past life karma. Also the amount of pollution, where the water was gotten from, how pure it was, if its exposed to sun a lot or clouds etc, all make a difference when working with water in general, and mandatory in water rituals as healing, or experiments such as this.

When people do water rituals with me for healing, I make sure its the purest as possible and blessed by the full moon all night and given words from my pure emotional and dharmic body the blessings the water will receive.


Dance of Water Rob Gonsalves.jpg

AP Psychology Class, Durango High School, May 25, 2004
Students Amanda White, Robbie Else, Scott Wilson, Damian Nash (teacher).

In an Advanced Placement Psychology class at Durango High School our group attempted to replicate Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments. In his studies, Dr. Emoto showed a correlation between thoughts or messages and the formation of water crystals.

Original Methods: In his experiment Dr. Emoto used about fifty different water sources varying from glacial water in Japanese mountains to filtered water from a faucet. Dr. Emoto attached different messages to each water sample and even had a Buddhist monk bless some of them. Some of the messages were: “Love and Gratitude,” “Thank you,” and “You make me sick.”

He included a variety of positive and negative thoughts. He then froze the water samples on Petri dishes in a freezer at -4 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. His stated results showed a strong correlation between the message and the formation of the water crystals. Water samples with optimistic messages on them created “nice-looking” crystals and the ones with pessimistic messages created “ugly” crystals.


Dr. Emoto’s experiment appears to have overlooked certain variables, and some of his conclusions may be based on assumptions that are not necessarily true. For example, Dr. Emoto failed to realize that there are hundreds of crystals in one drop of water, and through “experimenter bias” he may have subconsciously noticed certain crystals while disregarding others because of the suggestion of a certain message. In other words, he could have looked through thousands of crystals to find a beautiful one if he knew the message was a positive one, and — consciously or unconsciously — he could have looked for an ugly crystal if he knew the message was a negative one.

Dr. Emoto does not state if the experiment was a double blind study, in which he was unaware of which messages were attached to which water sample, a measure that would eliminate this kind of experimenter bias. Because of this, we do not know if Emoto only photographed the “pretty” crystals because of the positive messages or was unconsciously drawn to ugly crystals when he looked at samples with negative messages.

His experiment is also open to diverse interpretations. He implies that certain crystal structures may reflect the thought that was attached to them, but he fails to recognize that there may be other relevant interpretations for analyzing the crystal formations. Because of the unnoticed variables in the experiment, our high-school A.P. Psychology group decided to try to remake Dr. Emoto’s experiment.

Our Methods:

Replicating Dr. Emoto’s experiment proved to be a little more challenging than we originally thought it would be. Dr. Emoto got most of his water samples from the mountains of Japan; we had to settle with water from the Animas River, and other various water samples. This may have created a discrepancy in our conclusions, but both experiments tested the effect of thought on water, so the water type should have had no bearing on our results.

We also used a control group for each type of water: A sample that had no message attached. We had five different types of water: Dasani, tap water, river water, filtered tap water, and tap water from a different location. Each type of water was labeled with a color, and for each type we attached 5 different messages to 5 different microscope slides containing the water sample, as well as having one “control” slide with no message. So all together we made 30 slides.The messages we used were “I despise you,” “You make me sick,” “Thank you,” “Love and Gratitude,” and “You are beautiful.”

We taped the messages, as well as a piece of colored paper that corresponded to the water type, onto the bottom of each slide. We were unaware of which message was on which slide in each water group. Although we took special precautions and were careful about experimenter bias, our experiment was not as wide-scale as Dr. Emoto’s.We didn’t have nearly as many samples as Dr. Emoto did.

Another difficulty we faced was the temperature of the freezer and the time that we left the water in the freezer. Our freezer ranged from -2 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, while Emoto’s was at -4 degrees. This created different freezing times for the water samples.We had to wait until a thin layer of crystals was just beginning to form on the surface of the water before we could analyze them underneath our microscope, but at the same time, we could not let the water freeze completely or else we could not observe any crystals. We also used glass slides instead of Petri dishes, another source of possible discrepancy.

We did not find sufficient evidence to refute or accept Emoto’s hypothesis that thought influences water crystal formation. We noticed one interesting similarity between two separate groups of water samples:

Similar crystals formed on the same message, “I despise you.”  (Phoenix note: I despise you would have been the negative emotional teen issue in the experiment.)

But, for the most part, the crystal formations in each water sample resembled each other, regardless of the messages attached to them. (Phoenix note: Teens are influenced very easily by their peers, especially emotionally.)

We concluded that in order to make a significant finding, further research would have to be done. So, for now, we will have to live with our curiosity and continue to wonder if our thoughts have the power to influence water and ultimately ourselves. (Phoenix note: Thoughts are detached from the emotional body or trigger deep emotional issues, but emotions reflect the pure state of being.)

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