Third Full Moon of Spring 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – I don’t normally write a Full Moon Workstudy that accompanies the New Moon cycle, but felt it was important this month. We are half way through our moon cycle now and the Full Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, May 18, 2019. I walk a path of the reversed eureka effect (the aha moments) which are rare in our life and what this means is we really believe in something for a long time until we awaken and understand that it wasn’t the truth, it was only what we wanted to believe about the self or others. These are the moments past change, they fall into recognition through self awareness.

Moon (feelings, truth, chaos, unpredictable) is opposite the Sun (grounded, reality, dependable, repetitive) and because our moon is so personal, opening to illusions can bring forth old emotions, old memories and old remembrances that fall under the mysteries of “Mother”.  Illusions are a very powerful phenomena. So I combined the definitions of both luminous & phenomena together for this full moon’s heading which seemed appropriate…

“Shining one’s bright light into their pwn dark, confused or misunderstood self, through one’s journey requires perception which serves the sensitive natures of our soul.”

Profound truth reveals mostly uncomfortable emotions and relations over the years when you are devoted to your healing awakening journey. All people have powerful struggles reacting to real awakenings, because we are so deep, so unconscious to our fear, our karma, and the unknown. Remember I said at the New Moon this month to expect the unexpected, I am sure most of you have! And that still applies at the full moon initiations and the remainder of this cycle.


The Trinity of a Moon Path…
Movement (changes) at the New Moon;

Emptiness at the Fullness of Moon;
Stillness in the Dark of the Moon.

Example: I have a Pisces Moon, but its powerful mirror comes from the details and task oriented abilities of its opposite sign Virgo. Virgo shines bright and light onto my moon (because all moons are reflective). Thus I walk in the world seeing through the mirrors of the Virgo light and experiencing my Pisces Moon within. Pisces adds mysticism and waves of consciousness and Virgo defines and categorizes these in order to make them relative to healing in the waking life. Thank goodness for that! Whatever your Moon sign is, its wise to learn and to accept that the opposition sign is mirror and synchronicity work, in order to work with the wholeness of your moon life.

Moon Experiencing…

Your Natal Moon & its Phase at your birth, defines the expressions of your emotional life;

Reflective Experiences of Moon Oppositions to attain wholeness; 

Continual New Experiences of your Progressed Moon (every 2/ 1/4 years).

13 Moons that influence you Seasonally.

That is a lot to deal with both emotionally, inter-personally and with the nature of your environments and nature herself. Moon power is strong but we can also totally ignore it until we experience sickness, chaos and great changes. To understand our Moon self is a deep and committed journey, one that has been ostracized by the patriarchal Sun Cults for almost 2,500 years… We only focus on ONE MOON CYCLE AT A TIME to relearn what we  have lost of our mystery.

This month’s Moon is about power and control issues, the Taurus / Scorpio cycle. So being safe and grounded is always mandatory in the two yearly expressions of this moon. Scorpio is about touching what we cannot see with our eyes, but need to see with our second sight (perception), the untouchable aspects of subtle reality to be accepted as real.

As the magnetic energy rises on earth, which I call magic in its good sense and emotional pressure in its struggle on the more powerful sense, it pushes ours and other’s perceptions to more peaks. This means that through shadows and unconscious emotional pain, they begin to well up to the surface more often.

Addressing conflict with discernment and positive detachment is always the practice because Full Moons are all about “letting go” in order to keep flowing like the river.  We are used to Solar Electromagnetic Storms (of the sun flares), and we had huge ones from the 1990s through the early 2010s. But Magnetic Storms are rising from the earth below and is something that effects our interior rather than exterior. Rising and learning to ride emotional waves of self or others in everyday mundane ways is the practice. Magnetic energy can makes our emotional body fluctuate and for some, flush up whats deep in our emotional unconscious (rather than mental unconscious).


Oracle for the Full Moon

Tao’s Wu Wang (Innocence) driven into Action “Preconceived judgments can cloud our perception of the present. If we do not know what can be done or undone, we cannot accomplish great things. Hover at the doorway of perception because there are Three Treasures beyond them:

1. San Pao – the ability to know compassion when relating to others, where you treat all experience as if it is a part of you. This is called owning your own condition;

2. Jian – Your appreciation for the ‘uncarved block of self’ the ever changing aspects of your life, by remaining malleable, flexible and open in your observations and simple in your desire;

3. Bugan wei tianxia xian  – The measures of how we do not play the host, but remain the guest of a greater unfolding.

We rise from our sleep where our mind is open and then we climb back into a type of sensory awareness that classifies everything, just as you do in your dreams at night. It is important to hover at the doorway of perception, without judgment or attachment to an outcome in order to attain such awareness.

Innocence asks you to keep an open mind so that the creative can lead you toward an environment that is beneficial to you, as you walk through struggle, suggested by the hidden influences of self-development. Where pushing upward, it requires action, Innocence is best developed through stillness and self observation (not child innocence, but adult innocence).

Step back and allow an event to show you what and why a situation is unfolding. Without this purity of perception, problems always return and ensue repeatedly. Yet even in calamity we can discover the greatest lesson: tranquility in disturbance. Know that you are free of blame if you follow the course of events rather than attempt to coerce and control a solution for the sake of fear or self gratification or avoidance – because this is what the smaller self wishes to do.

Co-dependency means that another may have the dependency, but you show the symptoms or vice versa. Difficulties are learning experiences and the reward is the freedom of non attachment.

You may be worrying about the future which is doing nothing but keeping you from enjoying what is. Recognize how you fuel the fire of situations on your part and then do something different.  Thunderstorms and rainbows are born of the same rattling sounds, frightening winds and promises.

orange scarf.jpg

Why emotional work so difficult… because its only about us! 

1. Acceptance. Accepting that we have a complicated emotional body who needs consistent nurturing, self care and healing. The ability to let emotions both flow and holding them at appropriate times, for experiencing honest expression as we practice communicating our true feelings (truth);

2. Focus and Stillness – Groundedness through our dedicated spiritual disciplines within real life adversity, while practicing becoming aware of our emotional projections (which are our fears) that block the self and others;

3. Letting Go. Letting go cannot be separated from healing our emotional past and we heal because we have to address our pain. Little to no pain requires no letting go medicines, but sooner or later we want to feel good again. Letting go is the most difficult and longest stages of healing. These are determined by our need to overcome worn out behaviors and fears of the emotional body which are rejection, codependency, relationship addictions. To heal and grow, these much be approached as a practiced, experience and lived to nurture the evolving healing of self;

4. Mandatory Sobriety (abstinence from pot, drugs, alcohol, shamanic plants etc) to keep our shit together in our mind, body and emotional body and working towards clarity and staying clear when dealing with the infinite depth during our monthly moon cycles.

Pegasus and Medusa.png

Werdandi and Medusa…

The Norse “Werdandi” means the Present (asteroid #621) and is sitting on the Scorpio Full Moon this cycle. She is one of the three Norns in Norse mythology along with Urda (the Past #167) and Skuld (Future #1130). Werdandi means focusing and acting in the present moment in divination symbolism and bringing that into action.

Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld are the three most important goddesses who stand at the Well of Urðr, the Well of Fate. They draw water from the well and take sand that lies around it. These three Norns are described as powerful giantesses (Jotuns) whose arrival from Jötunheimr ended the golden age.

Opposite this moon sitting on the Sun and Mercury is “Algol Medusa” who was killed by Perseus. Symbolically it then mean using your idea’s, thoughts and mental busyness much less and using your emotions and instinct more the remaining two weeks of this Taurus cycle. Meditation would be an act of Medusa Algol.

Medusa allow us to face our struggles which can frighten us which plays out in behaviors like avoidance, worry, stress, lying, a challenging ego and behaviors like avoidance. Until we are ready to face our issue these behaviors can make us feel guilty or struggle with being honest. Algol Medusa allows us to give less power to our mental body’s thoughts and beliefs to solve our problems and fears and rely on our body more and our emotional body within healing what we struggle with.

When we put these two opposing forces together (Algol and Werdandi) we can live in present moment and work at coming to terms with one small aspect of our issues at the same time. This is hard to balance in the bigger picture of our life, but not in one small moon cycle, practice makes perfect. We only have to practice it the next two weeks if one practices with the moon cycles.

Medusa favors of course the more night coolness and hidden Scorpio but when that is too much and our feet are cold and wet, then we apply some Werdandi and rise like the sun in the present moment. And vice versa for others, if we are too mundane and hot we apply the coolness of medusa to replenish and rebirth.

Medusa for the more collective society rather than Individual

Medusa on a side note is also at 3 degrees Aquarius this full moon and sits near big transiting Saturn/Pluto conjunction which effects our independent nature within stagnant and powerful traditions. Medusa in her positive light side of the night, is both Bird Goddess with wings (representative of our Soul), and the healing forces of nature represented by the Serpent (healing of the soul). In many Baltic and Slavic folk traditions, the snake is regarded as a kind and benevolent creature that is wise.

Those who gaze upon the Moon also gaze upon Medusa who turns us to stone. What is stone? It is the root foundation of mother earth’s physical body and the root foundation of who we are (including our ‘bones’). Medusa like all the old grandmothers of archaic cultures teaches us that powerful symbols of women and what they fear. She should be approached with cautious yes, but casting out, no. I see these grandmother goddesses as empowering and help us deal with our fears through our rightful feminine strength. 

full moon chart

Ancestral Medusa, Marzanna, Morena, Baba Yaga and the Golden Baba understand that rejecting our fears and pain hides or destroys our self guidance. The symbols of these grandmothers were the root of our mysteries but their positive natures were destroyed along with the destruction of Taurus the Bull (of Heaven). Algol is two fold then as a symbol, one is to cut off the business of the mind and listen deeper to self and others.

Scorpio moons teach us that it is safe to retreat when needed and to approach any situation with caution for groundedness when its learning something new. Safe and grounded was a major part of my emotional healing work for over twenty years of healing, disciplines and flexibility to create a “solid” foundation in my spiritual path. We are allowed to experience the whole moon cycle to its fullest by practicing creativeness when apply to personal issues. This daily mantra of grow with groundedness brings small pieces of balance that add up.

The Moon’s Golden Rule…
Chose only “one” full moon release intention which has arisen from your new moon intention two weeks ago. Something internal which does not serve ‘your’ highest good (within).”

Happy and Bright Full Moon to you! Keep your Hearth Fires lit…  ! Blessings Phoenix

moon by David Álvarez.jpg

Source: Russian Flower Scarf; Moon by David Álvarez; Ivan Volkov, Tatiana Larina’s Dream, 1891; and I Ching by Kari Hohne – Cafe au Soul; Sun Moon Anime illustration by Shelby Kennedy.


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