Astral Spiders, Dark Animism Spiders, Perception Loss and the Shadow Side of Astral Travel & Shamanic Plants

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming  —  In my work as a dreamer (last level of a shaman), a seasoned and master astral traveler since 1987, a dream walker of death out of bodies… I can find any core issues from and from which dream body its coming from (we have three astral dream bodies). I can also find hidden diseases, bacteria even hidden from modern doctors, and flush out demons that bring us sickness. What is new to me, is the plague of Astral Spiders happening world wide to people who have no idea.

Astral spiders are linked with the shadow sides of shamanic plants and astral travel and the carriers of spiders who give them to others, are the one’s who do plants or do plants and astral travel. I have never done anything (no pot, no shamanic low vibration plants that alter perception, no drugs, no medications, no alcohol, no pot as medicine or pain killer, no red borneo kratomnot, no mushrooms or peyote, even a simple aspirin).

Note, there is a: New type of drug-plant which has emerged, these seem to never stop on earth. This one is not new, but known as kratom, red borneo kratom, mitragynine. Kratom produces a high similar to that of opioids and opiates, and can be incredibly dangerous and susceptible to astral spider issues like ayuhuasca and pot. Asian countries have relied on kratom just like Afghanistan people rely on opium, Peruvians on Ayahuasca, Native Americans rely on Peyote and world wide people rely on marijuana. Don’t be fooled by soul depleting plants. You do not heal, yes they can eradicate pain, but they add visions and destroyed the moisture in our soul astral body. Astral travelers should never use them because its our astral body that allows us to travel. 

In my Updates each day, I am slowly discovering how to eradicate this inner energetic astral spider parasite and the step by step process, and will post my healing findings and then suggestions of do’s and don’ts through that section of this article. This is a slow process even for me as a pure one and one that has healed monthly all four bodies of any issue for four decades.

So, how do we get younger people and those under 40 to maintain and heal without body and soul destroying drugs and plants? We don’t because peer pressure for 14 to 40 year old far out weights all common sense today.  It takes an old soul regardless of one’s age, to know that peer pressure plus plants/drugs harm our body and soul (astral body).

So this article is for those who seek the difficult work of healing, the permanent, not the quick visions, the quick fixes, and I am honest by saying astral spider is an enourmously difficult process to rid yourself of. Its a light feeder and the sicker we are with drugs and plants the longer the journey to purify and even for myself who is pure for three decades, this is not an easy process.

The processes of finding any root cause of sickness, diseases, soul torture and karmic pain is waht I have dedicated to my full time life as a shaman and a folk healer and have done it with my own sicknesses. My works always been to help others “unwind” slowly their behaviors that are from pain, karmic pain, emotional wounds and one’s karma itself.

This article is in depth, so read a bit, come back and read some more (the daily updates are posted below). If you are suffering from an astral spider issue because you are a “seer” and can “see”, you are not alone, and you have my deepest compassion because this one, is difficult to heal. I cannot give you a complete eradication processes until I eradicate my own.

I got my astral spider in the Spring of 2019, from my last dark apprentice who is a carrier of astral spiders, an addict (pot, shaman plants, alcohol etc) from 18-38 years old and she met me at 38 wanting to work with me to heal herself. I asked her to be completely sober for two years before I would work with and she did and that is why I moved 2000 miles to go live on her land.

Before in the past, all apprentices had to come to me where I lived to work with me, but she offered her great abundance to start a retreat and healing place as an extra incentive for me to come out to the Northwest. She never revealed any depth of her addictions until seven years later and I saw the signs along the way that her soul, mind and emotional body were fragmented from the addiction. I also began to see too much personal sickness and drama to ever be able to give service to a healing community. When I left, I had asked and she refused to pay me for seven years of service and work daily. And at the end, gave me an astral spider. That is what makes this my last karmic process of healing to pay my third and final karmic lifetime debt.

“Astral Spider” issues started showing up around the earth after 1999 and that was when astral travel and shamanic visioning plants started happening. Raves started in the late 80s and began to peak in the late 90s and early 2000s, so its been 40 solid years of the dark sides of these perception altering plants/drugs which come with nature’s own shadow spiders, connected on the dream web.

Keeping the energetic dream space in perspective….  every drug addict, every sex addict, every shamanic plant addict and pot addict dream in the same middle-worlds that you do every night. There energy along with their past life demon freed from these drugs and plants, has gotten overwhelming. And we still have people who think everything over there is the light when they cannot see nor spiritually see dark energy.  40 years of this low level of energy is causing sicknesses. Those who cannot see this kind of shadows in their dream or astral travels, are at very beginner levels.

If you think there are no consequences for seeking the “Great Mysteries” through astral travel or visioning with plants, then you are soul who is fully asleep without common sense. Astral travel is natural yes, but the soul is looking for its past life karma, not a joy ride over the earth. The environments of the middle world are very dark that you enter in dreaming, so a word of caution, the soul astral body and the mental astral body always comes with consequences if you do not remain pure by discipline.

To see your astral spider yourself, you need to either learn to “see” from your third eye inward, or have a seer and remote viewer like myself go in and check. Those who astral travel, know someone who does, or has or is an addict is vulnerable to these astral parasites. Just because you don’t see one, doesn’t mean its not within.

These are why I am sharing my personal astral spider story, sharing some other bloggers stories and what I know about Astral Spiders thus far…

ayahwaska, astral spiders, elder mountain dreaming.jpg

Spider is linked with ancient alphabets and communication because of its weaving ability, and Spider also falls under the Gemini/Mercury, which rules communication and language and both light and dark Magic. There is a large aspect of this, which was the repayment of my third and last karmic past life which was ancient Mesopotamia.

The Brotherhood of the Sphinx was an ancient magic (for attaining power and control over women) which you won’t find in any history tales, scholarly, archaeological or esoteric and metaphysics teachings. It is an enigma of all enigmas, a demonic side of the fertile crescent of humanity’s beginnings (of the patriarch). It is this fertile crescent foundation of the dark sides of the newly building of the patriarch 8 millenniums ago that includes spiders and giant spiders within weaving together power.

The celestial shadows of humanity and its failures of irresponsibility of building the patriarch, could not face its own evil deeds, its own guilt and its own darkness and sits at the root of society which is now slowly surfacing through the hidden veils in each person as their karma comes forth. This is the real armageddon, the real apocalypse, the real world war three.

Over lifetimes, we have all reincarnated many times and built these kingdom and put our soul into an accumulated karma state but without the key to see it. For some like myself, it was open at birth. Our good lives, our shadow lives  have never really disappeared, they roam in the shadowy places of earth, the sex houses, the drug places like the rainbow tribes, coachella, the drug neighborhoods, the ayahuasca and peyote churches etc. These are veiled, and at the root of who we are in our soul. We can throw stones at others around the world, but only until we begin to investigate the self.

I have watched people so eager to astral travel since the early 2000s only to know that their soul was looking for their own shadow whose soul had fragmented lifetimes ago, and to astral travel to locate it in order to begin healing it.  But almost all got lost in the quest, the hero, the seeking and spiritual seeking, never stopping to see that there is darkness to heal.

The astral spiders basic operation is to feed off of our personal astral soul light body within. We all get about 20% of our origin source Astral Body which is the Soul. Outside of the self are past life fragments of our demon souls, and our higher self souls which have no karma and lastly for some, animism souls.

Here is a good creative teaching on what Ayahuasca does to dry up the Soul astral and leaves you vulnerable to the shadow demons of people who are unconscious even though they think their visions are beyond self projection visions… they are not. Natural hallucinogenic plants contribute greatly to the “loss” of your SOUL (represented by the crystal ball in the video)… 

There are many, many people in the shamanic plant business and addicts who went from drugs to shamanic or pain killing plants that are carriers of these astral spider disease, even if they are sober today but were not in the past. They spread demon astral spiders into ordinary people in both waking and dreaming and they have no idea they are doing it because shamanic plant people don’t heal past life demon karma, they take hallucinogens that alter and fuck up their perception bodies.

One myth that needs to be broken down into truth is:  “if you seeing are astral spiders in your peripheral vision inside you, astrally seeing them your room, in your dreams, then they are real and you’ve got a real energetic parasitic disease.”

If an astral spider has been in your physical space and not in you yet,  then you need to find out who the person is in your intimate circle and remove them immediately or sober yourself up and start to surround yourself by healthy people with healthy lifestyles. Or start getting some help with your personal issues and boundary issues.

Most likely an addict is in your personal space (pot, shamanic plants, red borneo kratom, pot, peyote etc).  but also one who never shows action and is just all talk when it comes to their personal issues and behavior that are negative. They don’t show very much action to change. This is hard to figure out who it is, but if shamanic plants or drugs are involved then its easy.

If you do have an “astral spider” then you are being hunted by a living person’s dark astral demon of their past life, in your intimate life, a parent, or your spiritual circle or past circles even up to ten years ago. 



#1 Astral Spiders have something “personally” to do with you and why its in your space, they are not some random appearances from just your dreams, the astral planes or limited to astral travel. And they are connected to a real living person and that persons past life demon. In astrological terms, I would call this a “Gemini Archetype” issue.

#2 First and foremost is to find out where this astral spider is coming from, as in the in and out movements of your personal space (the portal) and close it down. If you need to hire a shaman  who can see “nature” hire them if you cannot ‘see or not a seer’. Some psychics might pick that up but personally as a shaman for forty years, the only people who avoided me were psychics, so use discretion when hiring someone to help you and make sure they work with shadows. The spider will always be attached to something and someone.

With deduction, try to find the person in your life that always makes excuses, hides their true self or lies or never takes action about their emotional issues to help themselves. Spider can be linked to a family member from 30 years ago or a current friend, a spouse, someone who smokes a lot of pot This is the tricky part. Once you put boundaries on this person, make sure not to invite them into your space. Closing the portal is mandatory.

I caught the huge animism dark energy spider June 19, 2019 (not the small one on my pineal gland connected to it) and in dark animism terms, they are both connected as one, of my dark apprentice’s past life demon Jack the Demon Magician. Its not unusual to have a demon shadow, we all do, its just that they are not “freed” from the underworld and that is the difference. 

#3 You will never give yourself an Astral Spider, so mark that off your list. As a shaman when I find out who the demon is, in the client or apprentice, in any situation it always comes from a family member, a close friend or spouse related. 

Astral Demon Spiders#4 The Past Life Shadow Demon Astral Body can also be involved with its demon Animism Soul”which makes things really confusing for the non-exorcist shaman. The mental astral body is why the demon spider can have a human face, which is appears and is projected onto the energetic astral spider’s body. This is rarer and unique because the main animism demon spider is the trait of the demon soul of a particular person.

Example I have a light black jaguar soul that I was born with it and it has saved my life as a child and teen growing up from dark attacks on my light soul. Common traits of the 1. demon soul, 2. demon soul animism body and 3. demon mental body = Yellow Eyed demon human past life which should remain in the underworld (hell) unless the person does hallucinogenic plants, pot or drugs or has a strong porn addiction (few times a week on the internet).

#5 Remember that there is a living person who is the perpetrator and too closely connected with their demon past life (unconsciously), they will “never” see them nor believe in their demonic past life souls or demon mental astral body or bad behaviors… especially pot and shamanic plant people who justify their addictions and refuse to see the darkness connected to these drugs.

#6 The Soul Astral Body of this past life human demon is also has an extension of the energetic Astral “Animism” demon.

#7 Illusions: A demon with spider animism can project 100’s of Spiders in your body or what your third eye see’s in the interior area. But they are not real, they are only projections. There is only one animism spider inside, and one real dreaming demon Animism spider that is the animism soul of a dark past life human. This dark spider enters a portal somewhere in your home to get in. Use a heavy duty ceremonial dream catcher built by a real shaman (not a drug/plant shaman) to catch the big animism spider. Its no guarantee that the astral spider will leave though. 

Those who have done black magic in their traditions around the world in this life or past lives, have allow this as part of their lifestyle (the dark) and allow this to go on all the time. This whole article is not about judgment of a person, its about keeping one’s self safe. People of the light must know what they are dealing with in regards to what we real shamans teach who are demon huntresses and demon slayers.

#8 Astral Spiders are always black when you see them inside you and your pineal gland area but if you see inbetween the realms of the physical and energetic veils, you will see the animism spider connected to that astral spider. 

So you understand the differences between dark and light apprentices or light and dark people that I am speaking of here, let me explain…

1. Dark apprentices or shade people (who do drugs, shamanic plants etc)
Those I have worked with who have been addicts in their past or addicts or in denial or not doing enough real purification work will have bigger issues than those who are sober.

If they are an addict and user of hallucinogenic plants such as ayahuasca, mushrooms etc or smoke pot every week or day, this opens the gate that frees their demonic (past life) astral body from the underworld.

And the astral planes of the middle worlds where people all dream is literally over saturated with sickness and darkness. Everyone has a past life demon or two, everyone, but not everyone’s demon is free from the underworld (hell) and that is the main issue and problem. Not everyone who has a past life demon freed, por has a demon animism body, but when they do, it can show up as spider, werewolf, skin-walker or other astral problems, attacks and sicknesses. All demons carry sickness.

2. Light apprentices – Those I work with who have been the vast majority of my work in my last thirty years as a shaman. They are sober like myself, who do not do any drugs, alcohol, pot, shamanic plants etc. and can heal.

3. For average people there are dark and light people, just as I explained above. This is why its important to try to understand your path and be careful about your space with others or try to be conscious the best you can.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive!
~Walter Scott

Astral Spiders, Astral Spider. Etheric Spider, Astral Travel.jpg
1. Animism

Astral Spiders falls under “Animism” under the classification of Dark Shamanism (especially from plant users in Shamanism). These spiders are by-products of real giant spiders in the physical world that a demon past life astral body is connected throough their reincarnated living person.

Astral Spider and Animism Spider are not the same thing, but are from one source:

1. ASTRAL SPIDERS Are small “energetic” (dark black) spiders that are only “internal”inside ones mental astral body. They feed on the inner astral soul light and damage the pineal.

2. ANIMISM SPIDERS There are both light and dark animism spiders, it all depends on the human’s shadow. Animism spiders are the “large” spiders people see crawling inbetween the veil (between this physical world and the middle worlds (energetic planes), and can be seen around in their house, on walls. Animism spiders also have a counterpart, a real physical spider in nature (they have both). By what I have read on the web of peoples descriptions, these animism spiders vary in size from a half a foot to about 3 or 5 feet. My dark apprentices is about 3 feet. There are other animism animals, birds, insects, oceanids etc. I have had a black jaguar animism animal since I was born. As a shaman, when i lead soul retrievals, it keeps the journey safe from shadows roaming in their dream space. 

3. The Animism Spider & Astral Spiders are a pair. The (dark) animism spider belongs to a demonic astral body of a living person’s past life demon. These only get loose if the person does drugs, shamanic plants or pot weekly, and the Astral Spider comes from that shadowy dark Animism Spider.

I divided this article into 5 parts:
1. Animism & Demonic Animism (shamanism);
2. My Astral Spider Story;

3. Other Bloggers & their Spider Stories;
4. Collective Spider Mythology & Legends;

5. Nature’s Helpers, the Enemies of Spider;
6. Totem, See that article here:

Where did I get my Astral Spider from?
1. I got the Astral Spider from my dark Apprentice (ex addict and by addict I mean someone who smoked pot every week and eventually every day, did drugs and drank monthly and sometimes weekly for two decades). I worked with her for almost 7 years in an apprenticeship (as I have have both light and dark apprentices). I am an extremely kinetic person, an empath and sensitive and I can even feel an earth quake 1000 miles away. That was the first time a foreign energy came into my body and even though an astral spider is small, its a possession because when it came with was huge.

2. Dark Apprentice has a demon astral body, who I asked her to name it and she did: Jack the Demon Magician aka JDM (Her past life Astral Soul Body Demon of African origin which the drugs, plants and addiction freed Jack the Demon from the underworld like all shamanic plants do);

3. Dark Apprentice’s JDM has 2 Animism Demon Souls: 1. A Demon animism Spider and 2. A Demon animism Werewolf. The werewolf attacked me in daylight two years ago and right after the astral spider came three months ago it attacked me again. I am a walker between the worlds and its why I see things in waking and dreaming without any veil and I can sleep inbetween the worlds (between here and the full on dreaming energetic world) easily and sometimes without being aware. 

This is a basic layout of the process of ex dark apprentice, her past life demon jack and jack’s astral spider, animism spider and werewolf…. thats what comes with the astral spider behind the scene. The past life “magician” only made it trickier. 

Astral Spider.png

With demon Astral Spiders we are dealing with Animism on the dark sides. On the positive side of Animism I will share my own… I was born with a Black Jaguar that I have shape shifted into since I was a little girl in my dreams, this was both an astral jaguar in its animism form and it is a part of the soul of my real black jaguar that lives in Guatemala.

This Black Jaguar has protected me as a child and teenager from real demon attacks until I was an adult, when I began to heal an purify and my real past karma. When I have lead group soul retrievals for people over the last 30 years, my black jaguar would show up and protect some person in the journey who was ready to have a ‘real’ soul retrieval.

Trinity Animism 101
A past life demon, their human reincarnate that has light and dark and the animism animal, bird, insect or oceanid. Astral Demon Spiders are a 3-part Reality:

trapdoor spider, astral spiders1. There are 3 Spiders:
A. A real huge physical spider in the physical world that has a light or dark soul;
B. And this real huge spider has a tiny or small energetic astral spider;
C. The large astral spider belongs to the Past Life Demon via the incarnated human.

2. The astral spider inside you is just one energetic component that belongs to the large physical spider & demon human astral body combination.

3. The small black physical living spider that can show up in your personal space is an extension of the demon who moves inbetween the worlds. Always kill these physical spiders (always) and throw them outside of  your home.

If you’ve had an astral spider for a long time, it doesn’t mean that the one who is small, the physical one has gone away, it means you’ve stopped looking. Keep looking, you must be persistent. 

In the all of nature and humans, there is demonic energy connected with our past life demons and there is light energy with our higher soul, and we either feed the good wolf or feed the bad wolf in our behavior or addictions for a few decades. Shamanic plants feed the bad wolf, which results heavily influences the infestation of demon energetic in whatever form it takes. 

Note: In dreaming or inbetween the veil, the soul and animism soul will NEVER SPEAK. They cannot, period. If they do, just take note that its a mental astral demon body (of a living person or a person’s past life demon the mental body demon is TALKING THROUGH THE ANIMISM SOUL. Because animism soul animals or birds etc can never speak. If you hear an animal, bird, deer etc speaking, there is a mental astral body involved.

Astral Spider.png

2. My Personal Story with an Astral Spider

I will repeat things through this article because that is how we learn. In my Journey with this Astral Spider that I am dealing with, it began the last week of May 2019… This is a long post, so take your time reading it and do check the updates periodically until I heal and eradicate this Astral Spider (JDM and the Huge Animism Spider and its So. African counterpart alive and living in Africa). I have been putting daily updates everyday as I am trying to destroy the demon, and the huge animism spider which will eradicate the small astral spider.

My first sign of the Astral Spider :
Astral Spiders.jpgI was sitting in a car with my friend in late April 2019, she ran into the store and I was waiting for her in her car. I was holding a cup of Starbucks in both my hands and all of a sudden I look down, and a “black mini jaw hair clip” appears in my hand next to my cup of tea. It just appeared. I held it and thought, what the heck?

I had had some spider dreams two years before, but I didn’t pay close attention to them because I never had issues with spider medicine, nor did I have spider medicine.

The next issue was I was having a skype session with a client who didn’t do drugs or anything herself, but her lifestyle was surrounded by those in her life who did. While I am having our skype session, I feel an energy enter into my body near my heart. I know every well, both collectively, my own for bodies and a full time energy healer for thirty years.

This energy that entered me, had nothing to do with me. At first I thought it was from my client but I soon found out it was the Trinity of working with my one dark apprentice and two clients. And then shadow magic had an opening. I am not a witch nor pagan, never have done one spell nor anything other than my intention work which is only about me and no one else.

Two weeks later, I remote viewed inward when I was going to bed, but still awake and I saw a small black energetic demon astral spider on my pineal gland sucking my astral soul light and every night since I tapped in. (see updates below).

After those things are figured out, plus my own 3rd and final past life karma I am healing, it will eradicate the small astral spider on my pineal. Remember, I don’t have any karma anymore except for this last issue. For those who try to do this work to heal, you do, so the deeper you get into your healing path, the more it opens up your karma and that is another path all on its own and very painful.

I first noticed this energetic astral spider in my remote viewing on my pineal bland when I started getting some headaches for about a week (and i never get headaches in sixty years). It was April of 2019, I did four sessions in healing on a woman who was having spine corrections, and during the session, my pure purple healing light came out (this doesn’t happen that often, but happens naturally since I am sober and have a pure energy body within my healing work).

My clients or apprentices are blessed when this happens, because it takes all their pain away. Those sessions were once a week in the month of April. When May came (I first astral spider was “noticed”), my purple light i now all but gone from the astral spider eating my white light of my astral body and my purple light which is a higher energy of my astral body. This damage is extreme, since it took 30 years of self healing, personal sacrifices and dedicated spiritual disciplines of healing to attain.

I was pretty shocked after such a long journey of decades of self healing, spiritual disciplines and sobriety of everything in my life as a fated and dedicated path. I’ve worked on every issue, healed every issue of my emotional, physical, mental, soul-spiritual life. Along with the mysticism that comes with a purified soul and animism souls which protect me.

Before I moved to Oregon moving onto her land at her suggestion of starting a Retreat (without any people skills, without ever working in the general public or world learning inter-personal skills, nor ever having served people spiritually or those skills).

She introduced herself to me and I had to learn these things about her. I first met her astral spider in the midwest, as a brown recluse poisonous spider that dropped in front of me a week before I left. I knew it was her. I moved to Oregon anyway and had a fated feeling that it was the right thing to do.

I have liked all my dark apprentices as people, but not how dark their demons were and thus I have had to pay attention acutely which I did. Most people who work with me never really know the level of my observation because I am a relaxed and easy going shaman until the slayer in me comes up, which is rare..

She was to be sober for two years as part of our agreement before I moved out there and she fulfilled that, and I had to live through all the deep and intense issues of the addict who is “sober for the first time” this lifetime and I had no experience with that at all.

This meeting between us was also an ancient karmic fated path so it was no accident and I would come to know this 8 years later with me on the light side of that fated agreement (me healing my karma) and her still acting out of her dark nature of her addiction which forced her to have relationship with her demon activity for 20+ years through her plant, pot, drug and alcohol addiction.

When I first remote viewed inward and saw the demon astral spider in me around my third eye, I thought it will be gone by the end of this moon cycle. I thought this because after decades of complete dedicated to self healing, my issues within my mind, body, emotional body and soul bodies healed faster each decade after, by the end, this forth decades, things which have been intense healed much faster than when I started my healing journey. Exorcist of demons must always be pure, its mandatory and deal with all issues they have of self or others.

I abbreviated Past Life Demon Animism Soul (the past life demon astral body of a living human person) with “PLDS”

Sarah Bernstein Spider
My light apprentice’s prophetic art attacking me by my dark apprentice’s demon spider.

Because of my profession I am extremely diligent in my self discipline, self healing, working with other healers, my spiritual disciplines and sobriety of everything in regards to keeping my health and boundaries in top shape energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and soul-wise over the last 35 years because of my work.

My healing is number one because demons carry all types of sicknesses, plagues, groups of demonic energy in specific areas like sex addiction demons that belong to living human beings etc. Because this astral spider is recent, today as I was packing to leave on the Summer Solstice, I was going through some of my old dream journeys and in my dream journal I saw the warning in a spider dream, from May 2015 on Mother’s Day.

The entry of the Dream said: “I am at a police convention and a cop says to me: “Are you going to give your lecture on the Stalker being Stalked?” I said yes I am. Then later that night I had another dream:  A cop calls me on the phone and asks: “Did you ever do that spider web embroidery before”? In the dream it hit me intensely and I replied no I haven’t.

Because I am a sacred artist and make things from dream prompting, I made both a large ceremonial dream catcher just in case the dream was applicable, and I made an  embroidery of a spider web on a pouch.

This morning (June 15th) my dream semi-catcher caught the original very large animism spider (that the astral spider was originally from of the demon himself Jack the Demon Magician). I had never bought myself a dream catcher this lifetime, nor made one, nor saw any use for one until I had the cop spider dream four years ago and made this one below with a very intense divine ritual for protection and it did catch the 4 foot animism spider.

dream catcher talisman by phoenix of elder mountain.jpg
My Dream Catcher made after the Cop Dream I had in 2015. It hung above my bed for 4 years and finally caught the giant Spider (but not the small astral spider on my third eye). 

How did this astral demon spider all start…

At the end of May 2019, I remote viewed inward and I saw the small astral spider on my third eye. Since the early 2000s, I have remote viewed in waking and dreaming, outside of the self and sometimes inward but not too often. So I was surprised when I saw the astral spider and was like wtf?  I immediately called my eldest light apprentice from California, and asked her to go into dreaming and see what she could do in the ways of healing.

So she went into the dreaming and saw a dark man sitting across from me, but he couldn’t see her and I couldn’t see him, his astral spider already shut down my perception in dreaming. He had yellow eyes and was a demon magician.

I was sitting across from the demon but didn’t see him. She sat in front of me and she removed the astral spider. I woke up the next morning and felt much better, my headache went away and I felt much more aware, not cloudy like I had been feeling the last few days.

After two days, spider was back again, and again I started having headaches. Then I asked my other apprentice to give me a healing and see if she could do anything. She said she had a stone from Croatia called the Wasp Stone and did the healing. In the session, I could see my animism wasp enter her stone and begin to grab about seven or eight spiders pulling them into the stone. She also chanted a sacred chants during the session because spiders and astral spiders feel vibration of sound very easily. I felt much better the next day and again, only down to one spider.

Two days later same thing happened, the spider returned and then ten or more spiders. I even had MLDA in that second session, reprimanding her demon magician but she lost control and was shooting fire energy in me which was just shooting more astral spiders in me. Frustrating. Nothing helped so I decided to travel to go see a seasoned and sober Pranic healer about three hundred miles away. It did helped but two days later there were dozens of astral spiders.

*** Update: I have recently learned (Aug 15, 2019) that any kind of Energy Healing shouldn’t be done because it adds more food for the astral spider.

I was feeling very concerned, because I have spent my lifetime healing myself. I had reached a low point two weeks later, I felt I was nearing death because I was rapidly loosing power in the waking life, my body was feeling “cold” and as an exorcist for the past twenty five years as a shaman, this was a very tricky situation and one I had not come across yet and I’ve come across so many things I have healed.

I was at a low point in trying to figure out how to slay this demon who was such a hiding trickster. I then had another good sign, a golden hawk flew very close, it was all gold and shiny in the sky. Then when I went to swim in the lake a kind golden retriever and some white butterflies came to visit, made me feel much better and that if it was fate that this is the way I should die, then I was ready, with all karma paid.

This was a great challenge for me this month, with so much darkness all being exposed at one time. After I went to bed last night, I decided to take my sacred mirror and my pinecone stick (that the ocean gave me two years ago) which is like a sacred rattle which is an anti-Dionysus drug/alcohol pagan cult tool (dark side of paganism). I pulled it off the shelf to help me in the dreaming with this spider and get more information.

I was joking around with my light apprentice and i put the mirror on my third eye and hit the back of my head with the pinecone stick. We laughed but that stirred my intellect, because all of a sudden it dawned on me there were NOT lots of spiders this whole time… there was only ONE spider the entire time and the others were just the trickster demons “projections” to instill fear.

The rule is… we cannot heal anything we are not aware of. And my power around this mystery was growing stronger with awareness. The only thing that was consistent through these four weeks was the multiple spiders “always” came back down to seeing only one single astral spider over and over again every few days. I am a huntress, so I pay attention to acute details in my work and I was starting to see the trickster demons game.

That Astral Demon Magician Jack was projecting in my dreams “many, many spiders”because he’s a demon magician. One day I was seeing multiple spiders – but I became aware from experience with mirror work (self reflection within illusion) as a shaman, that these multiple spiders were not real, they were only dreaming projections by Jack the Demon astral past life body. Because JDM has “yellow eyes” he is the most advanced or ‘darkest’ level of human demon. Immediately when I had this awareness, all spiders were gone except for the one black energetic small astral spider. It helps to be a master dreamer, but still, it took me three weeks to figure that one thing out.

After this, then my other (light) apprentice saw a small black spider in the waking world yesterday in my guest house, but couldn’t kill it with her hand because she was afraid, and by the time she went to get something to kill it, it was gone. I said next time let me smash it with my hand to kill it because I am not afraid. Then I saw the small black spider later that day and it escaped, too fast. Last night my light apprentice saw the small black spider again – but this time in the sink and went to kill it with her hand and it disappeared and only little fragments were left of its body, like it got stuck between here and inbetween the veil.

The clues were getting stronger and the demon magician past life JDM is running out of tricks. Being stalked by a stalker is one thing, but when I turn this around to start stalking the stalker, then its what I was show in my four years ago. So I will.

When i went to sleep last night i remembered nothing from my dream, but decided to sleep with my pillow at the other end of the bed. I had my sacred mirror and my pinecone stick in my other hand. Right before I woke up in the morning, I began to remote view and could see the foot of my bed and my feet and legs, and I looked up and saw my dream catcher.

I woke up but was still remote viewing and then finally saw Jack the Demon Magician’s real SPIDER, it was exposed finally, huge, about 3 feet long and walking right towards and on top of my dream catcher.  I fully woke up at that instant and hopped up out of bed really fast and I grabbed the dream catcher with the huge spider and in a flash put it in the big black trash back, sealed it up and set it outside tied off with bells. I left Oregon with leaving it there and I was called to do that instead of take it to the trash dump. 

I caught it right before dawn at 5 30 am as soon as this three foot spider that I remote viewed started to walk onto my dream catcher. About an hour later, laying in bed, I remote viewed and saw one small black energetic spider was still on my third eye but without the large animism spider of the demon Jack. I still have that astral spider as of mid July 2019.

posted daily…

Update: Thurs June 21, 2019 Summer Solstice…
Summer Solstice was the date I moved off the land of my dark apprentice but the second week of my astral spider which I saw at first in the Gemini New Moon cycle.  I told the ex dark apprentice that I finally found her past life demon hidden from me since I knew her (seven years). Her demon was the root of all her sicknesses and karma, and her drug, plant and pot use was the root of what gave him power to come into this world and caused her mentally fragmented body and her emotional sickness.

Her demon’s huge animism spider which belonged to her past life demon, left one small Astral Spider in me. I could feel it the day it happened. She then, after seven years of working for her as a shaman, giving service to her everyday as a folk healer and living in her guest house paying her rent… she wouldn’t speak to me nor pay me for my seven years of services.

So that day I immediately packed everything and gave the rest away within 4 days, and got off her land for good on the Summer Solstice 2019. Got on a plane and moved out of the state of Oregon. I had dealt with darkness and horrific demons surrounding her, her land and her family and endured it for seven long years.

My oldest light apprentice”s daughter had a dream that night that was about this situation and then her mother, my light apprentice asked me about some Stag horns that had come to her intuitively? I told her i did have some Ibis horns in my room and she said that was where the portal was, where the demon spider was getting in and out of my guest house. 

I attained this Ibis skull with horns three years earlier from my brother in Chicago who had found it at a garage sale. I thought it was odd that I brought back to Oregon because I am not into skulls nor have ever been. But I shipped it and it sat my living room for the past three years with some of my shamanic things hanging over it and where I set my Slavic Marzanna Crown each year.

I took it down of course and apart, when I was moving and threw it away. But didn’t find out about its connection to the portal until a few days after I moved away. My youngest light apprentice told me that in Africa, the horns of these Ibis are used in voodoo ceremonies which I had no idea. I am not pagan, or do spells, nor a witch this lifetime but obviously because of my karma, I brought this thing into my home. All is fated with my life, and so is this spider / ibis issue.

deer spider.jpg

Update: Friday June 22, 2019
Last night I was dreaming and finally after seven years found and saw Demon Jack the the Dark Magician, I located his hidden human side. My eldest Light Apprentice had saw him in her dream when I asked her for help.

Now he can’t hide from me anymore and his animism demon huge spider is being hunted by me. His animism soul is trying to find hosts and he found a host in my squirrel animism soul. My eldest apprentices daughter had a dream, who sometimes dreams with and for my group of very advanced dreamers…

She dreamed within a dream and woke up in her room and she found a squirrel under her bed that was going crazy under the bed, and it was talking to her in her head telling her to open the door. (Note: animism souls never speak, they cannot and if this happens, its the mental astral demon body of as past life demon soul or the living human’s mental body demon soul talking through the animism body, in this case its my squirrel that is stolen.)

She kept hearing it in her head saying open the door open the door open the door. So she opened the door and it ran under my bed in my room. And then she was talking to me but it was talking in both of our heads now even though we were aware it was talking in our heads we were lucid in the dream apparently and we knew what this thing was doing and we kept looking at each other like I can’t hear what you’re saying because it was talking in our heads so we would say hang on a second and then her daughter eventually trapped it in our backyard and put it in a trashcan and put something on the lid to hold the lid down.

Then when she came back in to sit down and talk to me she heard rustling and she looked out my window and it was out and ran back in the house under the bed. It was just under my bed just constantly moving driving us nuts with all the noise. Then she reached under the bed to grab it and it bit her finger and wrapped its body around her hand and lower arm. In the dream she thought to herself : that is the sheep that was on the car, who then shape shifted into the squirrel and came home with us. Then she woke up.

Update June 23rd 2019
My animism squirrel is free for the moment anyway. Last night my dark apprentice’s domestic cat whose name is tiger was at our car outside the motel before I was flying out of Oregon. The domestic cat stopped and then looked at me for a long time and then ran away … which means Jack the demon past life magician has possessed her personal cat on her land, not my squirrel at the moment.

Astral Spider was still on my third eye this morning but only 1/2 half the light (my light its been feeding off of). On the plane … the minute we crossed the Washington State border and left Oregon, i could feel a big energetic release.

Leaving Oregon
(the Pot Farm & Hallucinogenic Plant capital of the USA)… Southern Oregon and Seattle are saturated drug places and are too much if you live a completely spiritual healthy and sober life. I flew to the Midwest June 23rd where I have some family.  Because I can never really sleep on planes, trains or automobiles, after about 10 hours of travel, I usually start to vision from doing nothing or no distractions for a long periods of time.

Around 4 pm before we got to the airport, I started seeing my purple light return a little bit. But it soon vanished because of the demon’s persistence. I then saw Jack the Demon Magician slowly appear in my vision, standing before me, what his real human looked liked.

Jack the Demon Magician
Close interpretation of what my dark apprentice’s Jack the Demon would shape shift into looking like, but this is not his real form as a demon from his past life in Africa, it was one of his masks.
This is more what the real Jack the Past Life Demon Magician looks like in an artistic way – once my perception was clear to see what the shape shifter really looked like. (photo narikkapphoto)

What Jack the Demon Magician actually looks like in this photo: Last March of 2018, I built my yearly sacred Marzanna, which is a Slavic tradition, and for us shamans, its to catch anything demonic roaming on the land, city or village. On the spring equinox March 21, 2018 some photos were taken of this burning. This is what my ex dark apprentice’s past life demon “actually looks like”…. 
Jennifers demon.jpg


My Shaman’s Drum
I have made all my own drums, the first a beautiful huge Elk Drum that is very sacred. My second drum I made ten years later (8 years ago) is a Buffalo Drum. I already knew how it worked with me and my light apprentices and the dark apprentice women were the greatest challenges personally this lifetime in healing work, to take on their sickness which was the greatest learning about how all our sicknesses come from our past life demons and our worst lifetimes. I knew that theoretically but not in real, live and living proof. 

After my big strong buffalo drum cracked in half in April of 2019 when I cut chords with myself and three other women attacked by a very rude young woman’s reptilian who attacked us all in dreaming, I knew something was terribly wrong when my buffalo drum broke. But that attack also broke open to see the astral spider who was shutting down my third eye and the gifts I have of “seeing”. 

I had painted and added the “spider being hit by a lightning bolt” to my buffalo drum at the Spring Equinox 2019 because of my Ukraine heritage and spiders are one of the symbols in a positive light, but I also painted the spider getting hit by lightning. 

All my symbols on my drum (except for spider) that I work with from my own Slavic shamanic traditions: The Moon (emotional body and soul body healing) which besides dreaming is my main teaching, Death, Transformation and Rebirth of the Healing Snake, Alkonost (Thunderbird) and Fire Elemental (Firebird), Nourishment of the Fish, and Personal Sacrifice of Deer Medicines. These all represent my own personal healing journey for the last thirty years, and what I help others with to heal. Also the collective I work with as a collective shaman: Snow, Rain and Clouds.

phoenix buffalo drum.jpg
On my Buffalo Drum, I added Spider & Lightning to it 8 years later (four months ago). I have no spider totems or animism or anything this lifetime. But as an artist it came through, showing spider being hit by lightning and I do have Lightning Medicine.
Phoenix's Serpent Cloud Ashland
The bright Rainbow Cloud Serpent returned in full, after my 3 years of traditional Slavic rain, snow and moisture ceremonies (to bring back the moisture to the drought ridden Valley) of Ashland OR

Update June 24th 2019
I checked this morning and it seemed as if there was a slight transparent ghost of the astral demon Spider, but not sure if its just an energetic impression of what “was” – like when you look at a bright window and then close your eyes and see the reverse of a window, light and shape in your mind’s eye. I will check everyday this week to see if its gone. 

Update June 24, 2019
This morning in my new room in the midwest I didn’t see astral demon Spider yet. The last things my dark apprentice said to me was: “I guess I get my cleared wolf back then”… I said no you have done no work with me enough to get anything but the demon spider this lifetime because of too much pot, hallucinogenic plants, alcohol has fragmented the capability. So no, you get nothing this lifetime like that.

When I got off of the plane yesterday, I noticed I was walking next to a man all dressed in black, a really nice Priest who seemed like he needed help. I asked if I could help him and where he was from because of his accent. He said I am from Brasil. (Deepest voodoo and hallucinogenic plants of the entire South American continent. I told him I would help him find his gold bus to his hotel. He was a very kind man.

Update June 25, 2019
Dream walked, found JDM (Jack the Demon Magician) who was hiding whats left of his animism dark soul (with him absorbing my light giving him power), and he was in a cat. Caught the cat, held it above a river and threw it in. JDM jumped out into another cat, killed that cat and then I woke up. Triple trickster. Checked this morning, remote viewed inward and astral spider is still there.

Update June 26, 2019
Woke up this morning, remote viewed inward and astral demon Spider still remains. Decided to cut all my hair off as a sacred purification ritual of my last 8 years. My hair was down to my waste which I always braided in my Slavic tradition (my hair is healthy and strong and grows fast). Felt good to let it all go and cut it all off.

Update June 27, 2019
Woke up this morning, remote viewed inward and astral demon Spider still there.

Update June 28, 2019
Couldn’t check in to see the astral demon Spider this morning, I wanted to but it didn’t work, and my headache returned. The other healing’s I received seemed to help but its been three weeks now since the last Pranic session. 

Update June 29, 2019
Now that two months have past by I am getting a lot of epiphanies about my role with my dark apprentice that I have not been allowed to be conscious to, and that it had to do with my 3rd past karmic life purification the last 8 years with her. My light graduated apprentice Burnt-Stone shared the asteroid “Mesopotamia” with me. I looked it up in my astrology chart and its conjunct my Chiron, conjuncted the placement of where we caused karma.

Makes so much sense from other experiences this lifetime. I always wondered if there was going to be “3rd” past karmic life I had to heal this lifetime besides my 1st one, a Roman Solider and the second one, an 1800s rich bitch. Those two debts were completely purified for thirty years.

It made sense of the first time a being came to channel with me, came to my room in the middle of the night (outside my apartment) in 1995 and telepathed to me that he was an Akkadian. I never spoke a word to him, nor have I talked to anything this lifetime and even mastered Zen back then, to shut down my mental body so I could not be mind controlled nor speak to these disembodied humans.

Well, well, well, what a mighty web we weaves throughout our past lifetimes both good and shadowy. Akkadia is an ancient Mesopotamian people and city, so my last Dark Apprentice was part of that lifetime with me, and that is where she attained her demon soul, her demon animism souls and her demon mental astral body (all rolled up into Jack the Demon Magician because that is how demonic souls work, that energy all rolls up into one’s worst past life fragmented astral body)… Now I get it and understand that this spider is two fold.

I’ve come to understand, with this astral spider and thus far my inability to heal it, its from the root issue of my Mesopotamian karmic life. That was the foundation life before my karmic Roman Soldier from 1-42 ce (which this karmic debt was paid and healed this lifetime) and my past life karma of the Rich Bitch from the 1800s (also paid and healed this lifetime). Its taken thirty years every single day in a healing and healing spiritual journey to heal those two karmic lives. And now the final karmic life, this third past life, is why this astral spider within me is fated.

I wrote and gathered a lot of information on Mesopotamian here:

Mushrooms and Astral Spiders, Elder Mountain Dreaming
Peyote, Mushrooms, Ayahuasca or any hallucinogenic (perception altering) plant connected to peoples who use these and free their past life demons are the places where Astral Spiders live.

Update June 30, 2019
Astral demon Spider still present, but found Jack the Demon in my dream as I have been hunting of him and now the stalker is being stalked by the Huntress.

Update July 1, 2019
This morning I remote viewed inward and saw astral demon Spider and also saw my Animism Wasp was again attacking the spider and this time the spider has shrunk half in size and couldn’t fight the wasp. The word wasp (etymology) even means the “weaver”.

Finally found the core (non hiding) human demon magician Jack (JDM) in my Dream Walking huntress work. My Dream:

I am walking with JDM in some dark and shady place with homes, a neighborhood. I see my light apprentice Burnt Stone up ahead and she is never very near to me or close enough but I acknowledge that she is there keeping watch on the outskirts.

We are both pretending to be witches and I tell JDM that I have a guardian witch, one who protects me and asks if he would like to meet this other magician? He says yes and we walk towards the block where the guardian will meet us. JDM and I are waiting for its arrival, and then I have sex with him (which is my sign in dream walking that I will “kill the demon and not bound it in the underworld).

I wake up and its around 4:30 am. end of dream walking.

I have only had sex with one other demon in the last 40 years as a Shaman Demon Huntress, to kill it rather than bind it in the underworld. With all the others I have bound the demon and then sent it back to the underworld. If the person does the healing work, overcome their addiction of any kind, then their demon will not escape the underworld again.

I have learned in the past twenty years – to work with people as a shaman, there is only their accountability to walk their talk because so many do not. My ex dark apprentice was a key to paying off my 3rd and last karmic past life debt (the Mesopotamian life).

So I get up, went to the bathroom and then go to write the dream down, but I see my youtube page is open on my computer and to a movie called the Avenger (2006) with Sam Elliott. So I watch the movie and its a story about a freelance bounty hunter who is hired by a business man find his son, a refugee helper in Bosnia who was killed by a Bosnian Military War Criminal who works for the CIA in the arms business in S. Africa. Elliot outsmarts the CIA and then returns the Bosnian military man to the father.

The movie made me remember when my last dark apprentice and her entire family vacationed in Cape Town S Africa three years ago and went on Safari. Jack the Demon came home with her that trip and that is why it infiltrated me from there forth living on her land and in her space.

Update July 2, 2019
2nd New Moon of Summer (Cancer New Moon)
Didn’t see astral demon Spider – will check again tomorrow.

Update July 3, 2019
Astral demon Spider is back.

Update July 4, 2019
I remote viewed last night before I went to sleep, and saw JDM and he was staring back at me from across the veil, and he knows I can see him and I know he can see me.  I see behind him a young woman laying down naked on the ground, that he is standing in front of and I know she is an aspect of my mental astral body from when I was young (the soul fragment of me that was raped at 17). I have done many soul retrievals over the years for people, and even two on myself (with two other real non drug plant shamans) and the process of my soul retrieval of my 17 year old had already started about six months ago. JDM had interrupted that process 2 months ago, and now she is a captive of his space.

Then I saw my squirrel yesterday in the waking day (my animism aspect of my soul) and it was the first time in two months I saw him. I walked up to the squirrel, and it just stared at me, I knew it was possessed by the Demon Magician Jack. Last time, he was dying in my arms from Jack the Demons possession of him. Its tail was all crooked and bent and squirrels always been perfect but also has always taken the hits in animism terms.

Update July 5, 2019
Didn’t see astral demon Spider when I looked this morning.

Update July 6, 2019
Saw astral demon Spider on my third eye last night and this morning, its grown a bit in the past week, its still black, and still small. I haven’t seen the giant spider that I caught in my dream catcher , once I moved out of state away from the (ex) dark apprentice and her land.

Update July 7, 2019
Didn’t see astral demon Spider because I didn’t look.

Update July 8, 2019
Saw astral demon Spider on third eye, its full of my white light.

Update July 9, 2019
After thinking about my Mesopotamian past life that this whole spider has surfaced, I ran across a song about Magic and Marut and Harut (angels) which is a religious story of Mesopotamia. When I listened to the song, it made my head vibrate and tingle, and I took note right away.

So before I went to bed I decided to set out a bowl of water (a receptive element) to draw the spider out of me. I set my intention with the water, asking the water to participate. Then I did energy work on the water since the astral spider is feeding on my energy and could sense my level of astral energy. I then wind-whispered as an exorcist and blew into the water and went to sleep.

I was half waking up around 4:30 am this morning and saw the first the (black) astral spider, and then I saw a another version of the same spider coming forth to the surface. It had never done that before. Since this was all spontaneous, I even swatted at it like it was on me in the physical and that woke me up fully.

Since I moved to the midwest I have not seen any black spider or any spider in the physical in the last three weeks and I am very grateful for that. I was thinking later this afternoon about the music and didn’t know if it was a negative influence, what I first thought this morning but now I have a feeling it helped draw the spider upwards.

Later today I realized that it was the spider actually coming out of me heading towards the water bowl. Since I have moved to the midwest I have not seen any black spiders in my physical space at all (not in the day or night), and I am very grateful for that. I was thinking later this afternoon about the music and I made a video with the Arabic song that made my head tingle.

I didn’t know if the song was a negative influence or positive on me purging this astral demon spider, but I know that it was positive  because it was drawing the spider out of me when I put the bowl of water with intention before I went to sleep. I have been using water medicine as a Slavic Shaman for decades now and also helping my clients. I am a very focused shaman huntress, and when I work, I can’t let it go of demon hunting and will hunt it until its bound or dead.

Right now, I am consumed by healing myself in connection with her demon jack, or when I have helped others, its a good trait for a huntress, but when its a spider in your head, it seems all consuming at these moments.

Update June 10, 2019
1. Yesterday afternoon when I am drinking my tea, the grounds left in the bottom of the tea cup: Jack the Demon Magician’s face and I am cutting out his tongue and the lower part of his jaw.

2.  My light apprentice always walks in with perfect timing and she sends me a PDF of a Babylon Jewish Magic Text from 1913. I read the entire magic text to see if there was anything I could do besides using water in a bowl near my bed to trap this astral spider. Since I have a karmic ancient lifetime in Mesopotamia, I decided to post this article on this website.

3. I try the OIL, the magic it spoke of in the ancient text instead of water this time, to trap astral spider, but it didn’t work. The “water” almost night before last and I can understand why, because our Astral Body is moisture, like a cloud and that what attracts astral spider to us in the first place: Our moist Soul Cloud (soul astral body.)

The very last line of the magic lecture text from 1913 said Oil or Honey was used as divination. My Light bulb went off in my head. I remembered from my past life that oil was for Priests at Temples, and Honey was used by Priestesses at Temples. Honey was used for healing and oil was used for manifestation.

I feels pretty good today even though astral spider is still in me The price we pay for healing our karma, is heavy. Knowledge, magic and social spiritual people never pay karma consciously in their path, so their karma comes after their death.

Tonight I will use honey and water like the magic described in the Babylon book, but in the way that is for the goodness of all concerned and I will see if it attracts the spider (because water did but oil didn’t at all).

Update July 11, 2019
Rough one last night, JDM is way too close and as I was going to bed, he was right up in my face across the veil, way closer than any demon has been. As an exorcist I am used to this but I usually have more protection, but since astral spider, its debilitated some of my natural gifts.

I can kill any demon but his death might mean mine as well. I decided to do what I always do, the slow, consistent grounded and steady path in healing which always works. I fell asleep around 4 am (to skip out on the REM dreaming time when heightened dream activity takes place over there). I will probably do this again as the next full moon (in Capricorn) is coming.

Update July 12, 2019
Saw astral demon Spider on my third eye last night but not JDM (Jack the Demon Magician). Squirrel outside today (JDM has overtaken my smallest animism soul).

Update July 13, 2019
See the demon astral spider this morning and see a second one further away. Seems not of my trapping works, I have one more idea I will try tonight to extract it from my astral body. I had a really good dream last night, of a garden being reconstructed and all the dead stuff being pulled up and thrown out by a large garden crew. The dark apprentice couldn’t enter the space in my dreaming (and by that I mean her regular human self of her inner soul thats dark, not her demon jack the magician).

Update July 14, 2019
Saw the demon astral spider this morning – but I feel much better today than the last few days, mostly because of the release of the Full Moon soon and mainly because (my ex apprentice’s) Jack the Demon Magician is pushed further back and out of my personal space.

Update July 15, 2019
Saw the demon astral spider this morning – Yesterday, I was cleaning out my facebook emails and got to my (ex) dark apprentice’s email and went to delete and saw she had changed her photo. It kind of shocked me for a moment that she looked just like her Demon Jack the Magician that I have seen in dreaming now quite a few times. I couldn’t believe it and thought maybe if I saw the larger photo on her page, I would see it more clearly. So I unblocked her went to her page and a… WARNING VIRUS immediately pops up on my computer. So I closed it, went to block her again, but have to wait two days.

Her demon has influences over some of my dreaming. We have multiple souls, layers and levels of light, dark and inbetween. But nothing has ever happened like this to me this lifetime so its a new experience. As I said I am the most sober and pure person alive, my whole life, and also never hung around with anyone with addictions unless it was under strict client / apprentice healing work.

I have never dreamed of any drug, pot or shamanic plant stuff in my dreams this lifetime, and on that premise, my dream from last night:

I am dreaming and with my ex dark apprentice, we are near and in the ocean in Costa Rica. A couple comes up to us to buy pot and I am chatting with my dark apprentice about the price, and then I realize I am dreaming and the energy space I am in and I forced myself to pop out of the dream.

I remember the ex dark apprentice saying that before she met me, she had been to Costa Rica a few times with her family with the stoner culture there. Costa Rica is a Stoner heaven for many drug pot plant people. This is upsetting of course, knowing that I am being overpowered in my dreams and my perception is shut down by the astral spider and I can’t do anything about it.

Update July 16, 2019
2nd Full Moon of Summer (Capricorn)

The demon astral spider still present and active as usual.

Update July 17, 2019
The demon astral spider still present.

Update July 18, 2019
The demon astral spider still present. Dream: I am in a big parking lot with cars and slowly one by one they are disappearing until there are only about three to five cars are left in a parking lot. In my dream work, cars represent the body.

Woke up, sat up to waking up and in a quick glimpse, on the floor to my left peripheral view I see the huge animism spider (the one I caught already in my dream catcher) back in Oregon. This time it wasn’t the surface layer of a the more natural looking spider, it was the pure energetic black astral body (which means I have gone to the next layer deeper) and that means I am still hunting it.

Did a energetic trap to catch the large spider last night, but didn’t see if it was trapped in remote viewing of room or in my dream, so not sure.

Update July 19, 2019
Laid down and took a nap today and didn’t see the astral spider, but when I had just fallen asleep, I saw it and it was doing something strange that it hadn’t done before. It came out towards my pineal gland, but as soon as it sensed me looking at it, it backed off my pineal gland and scurried away into some energy, like it was trying to hide.

That has not happened before until today, and since astral spiders are new to me, not sure what that means except it seems better than it sucking on my pineal gland and never moving from it. Also I am pretty sure the dark apprentice’s werewolf is dead, so at least there is an improvement as of today.

Update July 20, 2019
Checked in last night for a long time but didn’t see the astral spider. But in the last few days unfortunately as a super empath, I took the pain releases of an old light apprentice five days ago and now I have a pinched nerve. These are the down sides of an empathic healer. Its been so bad I had to take aspirin for the first time in 30 years but I have an acupuncture and massage appoint set up this coming week to release the nerve. 

Update July 21, 2019
Slept very well last night finally because of my pinched nerve, and saw astral spider on my pineal this morning, its little slowed down though. Then I took a small nap this afternoon in the living room, I started to remove view in my dreaming and saw my white astral squirrel jumping around, and then I focused more in the living room area, and about four or five weasels jumping and running around in the house. And then I saw it, the HUGE spider again, walking slowly towards me (its approx 3-4 feet). Fucker is still in the house, my 3 night-trap didn’t catch it.

Update July 22, 2019
Didn’t check inwards to see, needed a break.

Update July 23, 2019
Astral Spider still present on pineal third eye. Used some sage to clear the entire house, cleared some energy… I am going to stop writing everyday, I will post once a week from here forth.

July 27, 2019
Astral Spider is still present. One of my long time (light) apprentices had a dream including a big spider, me and the mysterious “blond headed woman” who has appeared a few times my circle of apprentice’ dreams over the last ten years.

Dream: I am in a large hall with a group of college students and assist two lecturers. There’s a windows at one wall and students sit on ground in front of window, so light comes from their back and i see them as silhouettes. One of the lectures on history.  First a male lecturer starts then a “young blonde female” lecturer starts. At the end of her class, one of the students asks or say something, use an English word even there’s a simply, well known Turkish word for it and young female teacher is surprised about why the student picked a foreign word instead of one in mother language.

I say a lot in a theatrical way and end my speech “maybe the student doesn’t know the word in Turkish” She just looks at my face and doesn’t respond. At that moment, i see a “big spider” on the ground crawling towards me. It’s big as hand palm, has yellow body and brown legs, also big eyes. It gets close to me and i think i need to step on and crush it but i realize i have no shoes, i see them but it’s too far to reach. i freak out, try to avoid spider, take a step back but i slipper and fall on ground.

Spider is close to touching me and I feel great fear of being bit. I yell the lecturer, “smash it, smash it!” She petrified for a second, then steps on it twice. It shrinks and seems dead. I see you (Phoenix) are sitting with students and just watching. I am still in fear, get up and walk a distance corner, sit on ground to calm myself down.

Then spider gets on its feet and is moving like a robotic machine, like its torso is a round metallic gold shield and it pulls head and legs for protection and goes back to spider shape when danger passes. it moves toward me. I shout your name “Phoenix, help!” You come after it and observe, then spider stops suddenly for few second. You smile at me and move your lips without sound “It Doesn’t like Water” I spit at it, as far as i can and it retreats quickly. I woke up.

Update: July 28, 2019
My Dream (last night): I am in a very huge old building or castle type of place, its very open, sort of like those huge mosques / kingdoms in the desert where the light is rose colored from the sand and bright light that shines in makes it light filled. Its some kind of ancient Mesopotamian dreaming from the past but in the present time.

I see two young men who are about 17 years old. They are a bit hesitant that I am here in this place because there is no one else but us. They are dreamers (alive today) and probably thought they were the only one’s who could access this place. I slowly walk over towards them and as I am approaching the older looking one of the two, I see near his left ear, there are two daddy long leg spiders.

At first I think they are on him but they are not, the I look closer at him. He is wearing some kind of reflector type of jewelry on his ear or mirror / metal, and as I focus and sharpen my vision to get a better look at this area of his ear – I see that its really just a reflection like a mirror, of the distant wall behind me.

I turn around and I see two daddy long leg type of spiders in the corner of the ceiling, which is way up high, I would say they are about 25 inches (45 centimeters) and as soon as I see them, the dream shifts. Now I am talking to someone through a computer, but can’t remember who it was or what they looked like or what I said… I wake up about 3:15 am.

Note, this is the first dream in two months since astral spider shut down my perception (pineal) and his demon jack sucking all my astral light in the Gemini & Cancer moon cycles. I can already feel the moon shifting for me today and my dream last night, which is positive. I have not been dreaming since spider/jdm.

The dream was Mesopotamia (Akkadia to be specific) place, and also in symbolic form. The Akkadian were from Mesopotamia, the Akkadian Empire absorbed several Sumerian city-states, some say as many as 34. King Sargon’s most significant conquests was the Sumerian City of Ur. As a coastal city at the mouth of the Euphrates River.

Enheduanna was a High Priestess of the Moon and the first known author living in the 23rd century bce (approximately 2285 – 2250 bce). She was the high priestess of the Moon Temple of Sumer, daughter of Sargon of Akkad and Queen Tashlultum, Today, it is known that Sargon was the son of a Moon Priestess, Enheduanna grandmother Queen Tashlultum was also most likely a Moon Priestess.


I respond to my light apprentice (as a collective shaman): I have been doing dreaming a long time and have mastered it all, and just by reading them, or listening to one share them and the energy they carry, I can extract exactly at what level of dreaming a dream, dreaming is: I can tell if its mental or soul body dreaming, and its essence. I can tell if its a projection dream (first level), I can tell if its a manipulated dream projection by the collective CIA/MIB or anything else.

Trust me when I tell you that this is a “projected dreaming” by the CIA (men in black MIB or soulless (mental bodied dreamer)… its not my dark apprentice nor her Jack the Demon Magician or his animism spider. And it was NOT ME in the dream either.

Yesterday I saw a UFO licence plate on a car so I knew something was up….  These CIA/MIB are good at holographic replicate projection dreaming and they replicated this for you to see what level of fear you hold and you held the fear which gives them power.

If there is a “fear” like this, in any dream, you know my teaching: Stop everything and stand still and say if you are lucid enough: SHOW ME YOUR TRUE SELF (say it over and over again until (anything) shape-shifts back to its original energetic self) or pop out of your dream. The dream would then vanish and the truth would be present. That is the great thing about dreaming. Its our fear that prevents our power.

July 31, 2019 Update
New Moon in Leo (last new moon of Summer), Astral Spider still present and active.


Aug 3, 2019 Update *** SOME PROGRESS
I got a pinched nerve in my neck four weeks ago and its so painful its taken off some of the stress of the Astral Spider off by not focusing on it so intently as a huntress. Also pain like this is a jolt to the physical body which is also a painful defense mechanism against the astral spider, plus part of my own karma and its purification.

The very painful pinched nerve pain for four weeks has kept me from focusing on astral spider for the last two weeks, which would possibly help me find a solution to astral spiders by letting it go. If I didn’t focus inward so much once a day. I am wise enough as a master healer to know that all pain and all darkness, serves the light by making us change, if we can forgive and let go… I let go a huge life issue this past month.

I checked inward this morning and demon Astral Spider is still there, it still had some of my soul light as usual, but I noticed that a chunk of its body was missing on the right side. That is a good sign and its a first. When I shared that on my apprentice group, my youngest apprentice said the small black physical spider (associated with JDM) was in her sink this morning and a leg was missing and it was not moving at all.

This impact on this astral spider was because I went to the Kinetic-Chiropractor (gentle chiro, acupressure, energy work and alignment along with this electric tool that does a swift tapping motion on bone/muscle), this week and it really helped the pain.

I also think it might be *destroying the astral spider* because there has never been a chunk of astral spider missing before, not even when my wasp animism soul attacked it? She used an electrical tool that chiropractors use like a tiny jackhammer, that pulses electrical pulses to get the muscle to relax off the spinal chord a bit. Seems that electrical pulse as small doses effected this astral spider. It seems its my first break through.

I have another two weeks of chiropractic appointments and I will keep you posted. I know that when I was on the chiro’s table, I tried to remote view and tap into astral spider within, but couldn’t find it, which was odd.

As I have mentioned above, on shaman’s drum I added the Spider (Ukraine symbolism) a few months ago and added an electricity lightning bolt with it, which I thought was sort of odd when I did it. Putting the two and two together, my healing with that electrical tool and the astral spider’s missing a chuck,seems to be destroying the astral spider.

mechanical spider.jpg

Aug 4, 2019 Update * PROGRESS
Last night I was looking over the few pages of my journal from 2014 when so much darkness was all around me living on my ex dark apprentices land and working with her. Reading it over five years later I remembered at that time, how I was very healthy when I went there and within 2 years my strong health declined 50%.  I had to deal with something dark every single day and night and a lot of it was in my journal.

I pulled out the pages of the Chinese Magic Mirrors (Ko Hung Authority) which says whoever is a possessor of a magical mirror, a demon has no power. I’ve had lots of power over demons in my profession of the years, but this astral spider / magician demon was something new.

The shamans of Mongolia and the Eskimos of Alaska are the parents of Chinese magic today. And it was their magical rites and thaumaturgy of ancient Chinese Shinto systems. Shinto – unashamed magical rites battled the negative sides of buddhism from India and the Lao Tze’s system of magic, which is what we have left of that system today. The Powers of Tao refers to the magical rites and the willow wands and water magic and spells cast through wax images.

After reading this and the Magic Mirror in my journal, I woke up this morning, and I went into my friend’s  living room who I am staying with and her very large MIRROR had fallen over and shattered completely, there was mirror glass everywhere. I was so happy and knew that this whole thing with my ex apprentice, her demon and demon spider has made a huge breakthrough today. The shattered MIRROR was broken, I lifted it up and just smiled.

I most likely walked out of my body last night into the living room, along with my friend’s four cats chasing the huge animism spider into the mirror and breaking it. I don’t always remember my dreaming walking anymore or out of bodies because its been too many decades, but when I see the results of the waking syncronicities, I know that like my own soul. Plus that mirror was old, just like me and my friends friendship, she was there at the beginning of my journey and its come full circle. It was a good day today.

Aug 6, 2019 Update * PROGRESS
For two days since the mirror broke, my soul will not remote view inward and even at the edges of my surface gift of Seership I see no astral spider nor its opposition reflection with my own astral white light.

Aug 7, 2019 Update 
My light apprentice’s dream last night: (she is also pure and sober): I was near my old summer camp and was with Health Ledger – i was calling him out (show me your true self) and he just turned into a stuffed-doll-pillow type thing. Then the dream shifted and and i was helping someone with a spider problem – the spider was thin with silver needle-like legs, an AI spider. I was trying to get it into a glass jar. It jumped on me and it burned me where it touched me – finally i trapped in the jar and was trying to figure out what to do.

AI Spiders & Astral Spiders connection :
My dream
three months after I moved to my Dark Apprentices Land: Oct 25, 2013  –  
I go to my parents home and then I walked to the driveway along side of the house and a lion was there and i knew it was my friend from Iraq. I then see 2 yellow kittens and a red white & blue mechanical spider that runs out in front of me. Then I see that it is my dark apprentice as a five inch big spider and she jumps on my right forehead and it startled me and then she jumped off and I woke up.

Aug 9, 2019 Update * PROGRESS
Checked in this morning and saw an astral spider, but its just a visual impression of having been focused so intensely. Its like a memory of something fearful, it takes awhile for it to eventually fade. Either I am completed or its just gone deeper out of sight. Either way its a progression for the better.  I am not going to check in for a week or so to put some distance on the visual image impression that is there and see if its gone in a week. I feel better and the actual demon has been back off of my space about two weeks now which is great.

Aug 12, 2019 Update
Have not seen astral spider now for a week and two of my other light apprentices who are healers check into me and my astral bodies (they are very gifted healers) and they found no trace. But as I am typing this a really tiny brown spider crawls onto my screen, so that tells me great progress has been made but its not completed just yet and astral spider is still there.

I had my 2nd Pranic Healing session
*** Update: I have recently learned that the Pranic Energy Healing brought the spider which was on the bring of dissolving, back to its full life again with someone else’s energy in my body (the energy healing). SO I SUGGEST NOT DOING ANY ENERGY HEALING OF ANY KIND.

Aug 13, 2019 Update
I woke up around 4 am and just laying there peaceful and then I saw astral spider, it wasn’t moving which is good, but its the normal size. As I suspected it was just hidden from my own viewing and ability to see it. So its still present. My “knowing” understands that the dreamtime has completed now for me this lifetime, and I am retired as a folk healer now because of this.

Aug 14, 2019 Update
I woke up around 4 am again and I saw astral spider back to regular and even got to see it more physical than energetic this time. Which means I have seen it 100% now fully. The Aquarian Moon Full Moon is tomorrow the 15th and I am Aquarian so its a full release for me in this Leo moon cycle.

My light apprentice and I were chatting because a friend of mine had picked up my Subaru to take it back to Washington state. A few things happened…  When he came to her house to get the car, he opened the front hood and sitting there was a Black Widow spider (of course there was) in my car. They tried to spritz it out and kill it but went deeper into the engine and my friend said it probably will burn up or drop out onto the highway. Symbolism: My body (my car) and black widow (death and rebirth from being poisoned).

black widow, my death.jpg

Black Widow Totem Symbolism:
My body (my car) and black widow (death rebirth to purify poison). Black Widow also eats other Spiders and their symbol makes them stand out because of their Red Hourglass shaped image – which in symbolism represents the Measurement of Time, both past lives and present time.

Black widow spiders are the most poisonous, but bites rarely kill people, they just make you very sick. It represents the symbol of someone is in your life / thoughts that you are suffering from, in a strained relationship, a family relationship with someone in your waking life. And you are uncertain but want to end the relationship and get on with your life.

Maybe I poisoned my ex dark apprentice in our past life together and the black widow / astral spider is how my karma is being repaid and the loss of my daughter (our parting), and the Astral Spider and living with ex dark apprentice and her demon for that amount of time, its more than just a black widow… Its my third and final karmic debt pain.  

When I went to visit my friend in Washington state for my first ever Magic Convention, I had a mystical experience and my friend was lucky enough to witness that first hand. (story is here:

My friend just told me that the Subaru broke down near the River we went over when the magical bridge happened this past Spring. He said the transmission overheated but could not figure out why because all the fluids were fine, and the car had always worked fine (thats what I told him) so he is going to fix it.

I thought i would go to lunch by myself at one of my favorites places today and I had a nice meal but also was reading the local paper and I see a review article of the 1975 flick: The Giant Spider Invasion. My vision I wrote above, of seeing the real giant spiders of mother earth.

Aug 18, 2019 Update
I took a break from checking inward the last week, it felt good to do that. But today, when I was leaving the house, the railing of the steps had the small black spider that is connected to the animism spider. Not good, its the first time in five weeks I have seen this type of spider. A bad sign and it makes me not only sad but frustrated. I should have never gotten that Pranic healing.

Thymus and Astral Spiders

Aug 19, 2019 Update *NEW PERSPECTIVE – THYMUS
Woke up at 3 am and started to “see” outside in my room, which I have not done since the Astral Spider entered me late spring 2019. I see DJM walking around around in my room. I image a knife in my hand and jet it outward’s toward him saying out loud “I command you to leave and I call in the divine heavenly influences to protect the room. I then get up and saged the room. Not wanting to go back to sleep, I started watching a netflix documentary on Egypt called: The Pyramid Code: The Empowered Human, S 1 : E 4.

The video makes a strange static noise at a particular point in the documentary, so I rewind it to the static place and it was talking about left brain rules right side and right brain rules the left side of the body which I already knew. Then it begins to talk about the “glands” and why the Ancient Egyptians were so focused on the Thymus gland and the Womb (and their big bubble Egyptian hats stood for these two glands). Thymus is for immunity from birth, and the gland ends its function becoming much smaller after 20 years old.

Then it hit me at those moments…. All my experience with the “Soulless” ancient humans had that missing puzzle piece in this video. When the moment the astral spider entered my body when I was skyping with a client, it came into the area of my body at the the heart, but now I see it was the Thymus.

Thymus is food for the gods obviously and even way back then, the Soulless ones roamed a long time ago, just like they do today.  And these soulless humans like to abduct children’s souls (sucking the soul out of them in their dreams), I know because this happen to me my whole childhood.

What are Soulless ones: They are ancient humans who lost their soul from repeated incarnations of doing evil and horrible things. Once the soul is gone, we cannot reincarnate anymore. Then these humans only have a mental astral body. That is what sleeping and unconscious people call Aliens but they are not.

Now that these soulless humans who have extraordinary mind control abilities, they control the top country leaders, generals etc of the patriarch. Their mental astral body can “walk in” (possess) those in power. You see those videos on youtube where the entertainment people act all strange and are talking to someone, well, its them, the soulless ones (mental astral bodied humans).

What they like to do is abduct children because their “soul” light is stronger and more pure than adults. This energy is a resource to them, just like astral spider feeds on your soul astral light and you are its resource. Nature is an amazing but crazy reality at these levels of shadow.  I know this field well because I was abducted in my dreams monthly in my childhood and saw and learned much about ufo ships which are really just….  (usa, russian, saudi) military ships. I saw all this for a long time as a child who was fully awake when abducted, and as a shaman adult with more power to protect myself I’ve seen most of the hidden of this planet in the ways of shadow.

The same thing happens today – an example is the Mexican children of the Texas Mexico border “wall” issue. I remote viewed the night that they put these families in prison, and saw they had separated the very youngest children from their parents. I remote viewed that night and saw children ages 2 to 5 years old put in a  military facilitated bedroom with lots of beds, surround and taken care of by about eight FBI agents. Remote viewing is a “LIVE” third eye viewing as its happening in life.

Thymus health: eating and exercising  
Step 1: Consume dietary supplements like echinacea, rosehips and olive leaf. These supplements can be found in capsular form and have been linked to a strengthening of the immune system and improved thymus health.

Step 2: Eat five to seven servings of vegetables each day, especially cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. These veggies contain glucosinolates, which fight cellular abnormalities and can help to protect and enhance your thymus.

Step 3: Consume foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E or those that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants will search the thymus cell for damaging free radicals that can suppress normal functioning of thymus cells.

Step 4: Exercise daily to ensure blood circulates throughout the body and the thymus. The increased blood flow will ensure that thymus waste products are removed promptly and do not cause damage to the thymus. Yoga exercises are particularly beneficial for improved thymus functioning.

3. Other Blogger’s Stories of Astral Spiders

By Jon
I post this thread in search of information regarding the phenomena “Astral Spiders” or “Etheric Spiders” following an experience I had with one.  A couple of weeks ago, following a high vibration conversation with an acquaintance regarding astral projecting and consciousness outside of the body I returned to the place where I’m temporary staying and felt that I was in a rather conducive state to pull out of body.

I’m by no means a seasoned traveler, in fact I’m a bit new to it, but I’ve already had a few experiences outside of the body and I’ve been learning and growing at bettering myself at the practice frequently. In this apartment, which is definitely less than “tidy” to say the least (in fact its a bit of a dump), I’ve noticed a bit of low density energy that hangs around and borders on “negative”, and not being my legitimate dwelling, I haven’t stuck my nose into it too far nor do I plan on sticking around for long.

Anyways… on this night the scariest event of my adult life took place in a semi-astral state. I took 10 or 20 minutes to allow myself to fall into deep meditation, and felt that surge of energy really flowing through me which denotes that one is about to be able to gain “separation” from the body. Still not being completely able to easily exit the body precisely in the separation state, sometimes I just allow my third eye to open and I observe the energetic field in my surroundings and also see different beings who are for whatever reason in my room.

The first being I saw was an energy-silhouette of a humanoid figure (like countless others I’ve witnessed in my room) standing about 3 feet away from my bed. I felt like “he” was just a neutral observer and I didn’t pay much attention to “him”. I lost a bit of consciousness and almost drifted off to sleep (heck it was like 4am), when I was awoken once more back into this state.

I was fully detached from my body at this point and fully cognitive. For some reason I felt the presence of something in my pineal, and I lifted my right astral arm to investigate and what I picked up from my forehead was HUGE F’N SPIDER, almost extra-terrestrial in form.

It was bigger than my whole hand (I have big hands) and a bit sleek in texture, almost slimy. The thing was still squirming in my hand, almost like it was in shock that I had removed it, and I quickly proceeded to throw it on the “floor” and snapped back into full motor control and I immediately darted out of my bedroom like a 6 year old who had a bad dream. It was absolutely real and unnerving, and I’ve done research the best I could in the Akashic Records and I have uncovered many accounts similar to mine, a long with a lot of convoluted myths and what have you.

Apparently these astral spiders are prevalent in the homes of those who have very low vibration energy and their realm (astral life is low vibration) and they are users and parasitic in their own behavior and nature. Like vampires who neutrally feed on energy of people, these people have spiders and feed on the centers sometimes at the base of the spine or the pineal, like in my case. I know better than to give in to fear, but I tell you what it was a bit creepy, as I’m sure you can understand.  With Love and Light, Jon

By Psychicjim 
(Note from Phoenix: “Psychicjim uses the word Aura, the Aura is the outer light on the outside of the body, that is generated from the interior Soul’s white light astral body within. So I changed Aura to Inner Soul Astral Body & its Aura.”

Astral spiders experiences are common. If you have a vision, a dream, or some insight into these you are not going crazy. Far from it. You are seeing something real. In fact you most likely have intuitive perception higher than most. I got sick to my stomach on first contact with the astral spiders. It is very humbling. These etheric astral spiders use humans as food. Many other esoteric researchers have said the same thing. The food source is the Inner Soul Astral Body & its Aura and some call it the human energy field.

You need some kind of intuitive development to actually see the spiders. I am happy most people’s third eye is closed rather than open since many would go crazy if they knew and saw the real darkness around us or inside of us. It took me three days to recover from my energy sickness after my first encounter with them. I encountered a bunch of them, around five. It is hard to get used to.

The reality of the situation can be a bit frightening. What I saw was a large hole or many smaller holes in my Inner Soul Astral Body & its Aura. A gap basically where ones soul light used to be but is no longer there. Alongside or near this hole or inner portal you will find these dimensional astral spiders. They really do look like spiders and are as industrious. Their sole function and purpose of existence is to munch away on your energetic astral field, using your energy as food.

When I first saw it I got sick to my stomach for days and of course I was in shock. The terror of the situation when you first see it is awful. You see the more they eat the less your soul astral body (and its aura) remains. If you are being attacked by these etheric nasties you may wish to get in touch at some stage. In a nutshell the biggest damage I see is the dramatic slow down they cause the spiritual progress of a person by draining them of energy.

By S. Beyer
(Ayahuasca user / elder)

A while ago, after having returned from my most recent trip to study with my maestro ayahuasquero don Roberto Acho, I was sitting in a training seminar, and I was angry with the facilitator, a man I greatly respect and admire. I was angry for foolish and childish reasons; I felt I was not being paid enough attention.

Suddenly, without any apparent intention on my part, a spider flew out of my mouth — a large, black, hairy spider, about three inches across. The spider flew from my mouth to the face of the seminar facilitator, where it grasped and clung to his cheek, eventually melting into his face. I was taken aback by this. Damn, I said; I didn’t realize I was that pissed off. And that would have been the end of it; except that, at the next day’s session, the distraught facilitator announced that he had been told that his wife’s breast cancer, thought to be in remission, had recurred.

Pre-Columbian spider at the Great Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma.png
Midwest Pre-Columbian Spider, Great Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma – Two headed Gemini Spider.

What I carry away from this experience is still a sense of guilt. What happened was a loss of control — my anger, my ego, my envidia, the worst part of me leaping from my mouth in the form of an ayahuasca demon spider, just like the spiders and scorpions that are projected, in the Upper Amazon, from the phlegm of a brujo, a dark or demonic sorcerer.

I have learned three things… First, there really is no going back. Once you walk through the door into the realm you cannot return to any prior state of innocence. Once you drink ayahuasca, you begin to form relations of confianza with the plants, the world becomes a more dangerous place.

When you have begun to realize the porosity of reality; when the world has become magical, filled with wonders, filled with the spirits, filled with meaning; when you have begun to see what was there all along but was invisible to you — then you must accept that your childish anger is, right here and now, as it always was, an ugly spider leaping from your lips, capable of causing great harm.

The sorcerer in fact epitomizes solitary retentiveness and lack of reciprocity — lonely, demanding, querulous, abusive, miserly, and vengeful. Just like my ego. And that is why self-control is mandatory. Since that inconsequential incident, I have been tempted to try it again — just, you know, to see if it works, just to express my anger, just to be — somehow — powerful. And I cannot do it, ever again.

(Note from Phoenix about this user: The astral spider projections will occur with or without him having self control of what his mind thinks. Just because he thinks controlling his mind and patience makes a difference in this reality it does a little, but the overall picture is that it doesn’t. He infects anyone who challenges his power, ego or sensitive side and like most Ayahuasca users, they don’t go to emotional body healers or zen centers to slay the mind. There are some doors in life that should never be opened and Ayahuasca is one of them.)

By Sea-Dove
I’ve had experiences with astral things when going about my daily life and once during a meditation class where i was just sitting meditating, when I opened my eyes I could see astral spiders all running over the floor where we were all sitting (i suppose they must of been clearing out of people or someone as we were doing a kundalini meditation at time).

To me they looked just like physical spiders, they actually looked and actually even felt solid to me when I picked one up with my hand. I had a hard time picking one up as it actually did have me wondering if it was real – but then it dived inside my hand chakra and lodged itself in my hand and wrist area which was quite uncomfortable.

I’m pretty sure they’re gone now. I haven’t had anything happen in about a week or so, and since it started, I hadn’t had any breaks. I don’t know which methods actually worked toward deterring these things, but I can definitely say I feel much better mentally and emotionally. Here’s all the stuff I tried :

– I lit sage and sandalwood incense every now and then
– I took salt baths and I’ve been exercising
– I took multi-vitamins and iron
– Avoided shows and movies with violence
– I focused more on my school work
– Tried meditating and listening to chants. Those really helped.
– I also walked through a stream (someone posted said it is good for getting rid of negs); confused: But, I think it helped too.

When faced with any situation with a negative entity, I’ve learned that you should focus on positive emotion, and imagine a barrier between you and the negative issue be it astral spiders or other things. They may try to make you feel like you are cornered, but you actually aren’t. They set you up for this state of mind so they have an easier time trying to dominate you.

They also try to insert strange objects into your astral body. I don’t know how these things work, but get rid of them. I found two long black needle-like threads stuck in my lower back while astral projecting. The threads were leading out my window. I went out of body and took them out. I don’t know what these do but it seems to interfere with energy flow and kundalini. As soon as I removed them, I felt a jolt of hot electricity shoot up my back and into my neck. 

Orion Constellation by Alloya @
The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion. The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They exist on multiply dimensions, able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies.  They have infected all life forms in our galaxy to one degree or another. They are mind entities and operate on frequencies, which affect the mind matrix of all beings in the galaxy.

They can be thought of as intelligent, mind predatory entities. Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug like beings hanging around the homes, of those who are having problems with astral entities. Healers working on various dimensions have reported that these beings can operate on several levels at once and are intelligent enough to pass from one to another, often undetected.

The higher up the ladder you climb, the more work you do on yourself, the lighter you become, the more open to this archontic attack you are prone. It is like moths to the flame; the Archons can pick you out from the sea of the collective consciousness and can send their tendrils to attack you either directly through your own thoughts, or through the negative thoughts of another. 

My personal experience of these beings began many years ago whilst doing healing practices with my clients. I began to have people come to me with black slimy like tendrils inserted into their auric fields. I saw bundles of these tendrils gathered in the center of the chakra, especially the solar plexus, the place of the ego.

I worked on my clients with truth and light frequencies which worked very well for all other issues and problems. I was surprised to see that instead of healing the person, the light energy seemed to feed the Archons, giving them more power. One client in particular stayed in my mind, my client had come to me with depression and a constant fatigue. As I looked at her energy body I saw several long slimy tendrils, many gathered in her solar plexus, I tried to simply pull them out however I was unable.

From this time I had more and more encounters with these archontic parasites, many people shifted their energy in front of me, becoming cold, angry, hostile and positively evil. Many of these people would act out of character being mean, and horrible to both themselves and others. I saw a grey cloudy light pass over the eyes and sometimes I would even see the eyes change color.

The person would suddenly act out of character, blaming, judging and accusing all people around them. Many of them were in positions of power in one form or another; they had the ability to hold other people to ransom and through the archontic infection were able to affect other people too. I saw the archontic infestation spreading from people’s auric fields to attach to other people bringing those people to anger and fear.

I began to see them turn up inside other people’s bodies; I began to have encounters with those who were fully possessed with these parasites. There seemed to be a big difference between someone who was simply infected to one who had a full blown possession of an archontic entity. The archontic entity is not really fully formed when it first infects its host; it can even stay dormant for years before some rising of frequency awakens it.

By Johnnylightworker: Astral Spiders
I post this thread in search of information regarding the phenomena “Astral Spiders” or “Etheric Spiders” following an experience I had with one.  A couple of weeks ago, following a high vibration conversation with an acquaintance regarding astral projecting and consciousness outside of the body I returned to the place where I’m temporary staying and felt that I was in a rather conducive state to pull out of body.

I’m by no means a seasoned traveler, in fact I’m a bit new to it, but I’ve already had a few experiences outside of the body and I’ve been learning and growing at bettering myself at the practice frequently. In this apartment, which is definitely less than “tidy” to say the least (in fact its a bit of a dump), I’ve noticed a bit of low density energy that hangs around and borders on “negative”, and not being my legitimate dwelling, I haven’t stuck my nose into it too far nor do I plan on sticking around for long.

On this night the scariest event of my adult life took place in a semi-astral state. I took 10 or 20 minutes to allow myself to fall into deep meditation, and felt that surge of energy really flowing through me which denotes that one is about to be able to gain “separation” from the body. Still not being completely able to easily exit the body precisely in the separation state, sometimes I just allow my third eye to open and I observe the energetic field in my surroundings and also see different beings who are for whatever reason in my room. 

The first being I saw was an energy-silhouette of a human figure (a demon past life human of a living person, like countless others I’ve witnessed in my room) standing about 3 feet away from my bed. I felt like “he” was just a neutral observer and I didn’t pay much attention to “him”. I lost a bit of consciousness and almost drifted off to sleep (heck it was like 4 am), when I was awoken once more back into this state.

I was fully detached from my body at this point and fully cognitive. For some reason I felt the presence of something in my pineal, and I lifted my right astral arm to investigate and what I picked up from my forehead was huge Spider, almost extra-terrestrial in form.

It was bigger than my whole hand (I have big hands) and a bit sleek in texture, almost slimy. The thing was still squirming in my hand, almost like it was in shock that I had removed it, and I quickly proceeded to throw it on the “floor” and snapped back into full motor control and I immediately darted out of my bedroom like a 6 year old who had a bad dream.

Apparently these astral spiders are prevalent in the energy realm and they a parasitic in nature, and like most other parasitic entities they neutrally feed on energy centers sometimes at the base of the spine or the pineal gland, like in my case. I do not any real fear of spiders, I mean they aren’t terribly pleasant to find parading around in one’s general vicinity but no, I don’t really consciously think about spiders. That’s what baffles me! 

One time, though, when I was, say 5 or 6, I had a realistic “night terror” that a huge spider (about 3 feet wide) was crawling down towards me while I slept in my bed. I screamed to the top of my lungs and, darted out the door (just like I did this time, minus the screaming lol) To this day I don’t know if it was an astral being or the more likely – a vivid dream, but I don’t really feel that arachnids have any personal significance for me. 

What I will absolutely declare though, is that this recent occurrence was in no way a dream whatsoever. From the spider in my hand to the door I was probably more awake than I am typing this reply. With Love and Light, Johnny Lightworker.

(Phoenix Note: As you can see with my battle as a dream shaman and waking shaman healer, just one removal doesn’t work, he still has his spider because its connected to someone he knows (shadow past life body).

By A Caballero
I see them quite often usually waking up. They are on my ceiling, walls, lamps, etc.. I used to be scared of them, but not really. They just hang out and observe. Nothing appears to go on except they hang out like any other house spider, but they are bigger and something always wakes me up to it. I taught psychic abilities for a few years, and I saw them way before I did that. My mom saw beings when she was younger so, seeing these spiders seems like maybe what my mom saw was similar? Not too sure.

(Note from Phoenix: This young man has a spider, but the rest are projections of “more”. He thinks they are “only outside of his astral body” and in the room, but they are not. There is one within him and if there are more everywhere in his room then he is in a group of humans in dreaming who all have this type of shamanic plant demon spiders. Not sure if he smokes pot, does drugs etc. but that doesn’t help any astral or dreaming situations. But even those who are pure like myself for decades are dealing with this because my apprentice partook in pot and plant hallucinogens and it came from her past life demon who was freed from prison (the underworld) because of these plants and drugs.)

By Britneycole87
I’ve had 3 experiences waking up and seeing “spiders”. I don’t really know much about them. I just searched online for “seeing spiders when waking up” and came across this thread. The first 2 times were at the same place (the same room at my mom’s house). First time I woke up, sat up and saw this huge black spider thing coming fast towards my face from across the room. I freaked out.

It jumped across my boyfriend and out of the bed to the other side of the room trying to get away from it. It was really terrifying and very real. I even scared the crap out of my husband. I know I wasn’t sleeping when I saw it, but didn’t seem completely awake either, it felt weird, can’t really explain it. I think my husband just thinks I’m crazy lol. 

Second time, same room. I woke up looked to my right to see this huge blackish brown spider thing coming out of the wall at me. I had the same reaction, jumped out of bed and ran across the room(probably the fastest I’ve ever moved in my life). Once I’m completely terrified and fully awake and turn on the lights, they are gone. They are HUGE, bigger than a beach ball. I describe them as spiders because that’s what they resemble the closest(as I don’t know what else to compare them to). 

They are almost like balls of energy or something resembles a spider because of the “leg” looking things coming from them and they are moving. It was strange to me that it happened in the same place(somewhere that I don’t stay often). I started to refuse to sleep in that room when visiting my mom. Now the 3rd time was different. It was at my house, during the day this time. I was taking a nap with my 1 year old daughter.

Awoke to see a small (about the size of a gold ball, maybe a little smaller) and this time it was a light brown, cream color and I wasn’t scared at all. It was floating peacefully over my daughter’s head. I remember trying to touch it and was actually a little giggly because my hand would just run right through it. It eventually just went away as I felt more “awake”. It’s almost like I’m in an in-between state of sleeping and being awake, but I know that I’m not sleeping. I see everything around me and am aware of what’s going on, just see a little something “extra”.

By Daysea
I stumbled upon this forum while looking for info on Astral spiders. I had one of these things removed from my head this week. I’m not an astral traveler nor do i go into deep meditation. I got in touch with a man for help because i have been dealing with psychic attacks from a neighbor, long story. When he went in to do work on my behalf he found one of these spiders on my head. 

He removed some souls as well that were a result of the work my neighbor was doing on me. I thought i should say that these spiders are not harmless. They are energy parasites that feed on your prana (mental astral body). The removal of this thing & other entities has resulted in me getting my normal energy back. 

If anyone is experiencing any energy drain that is unnatural and comes on quick, i would recommend you look into the reasons why this is happening. Many people get sick & yet when they go to the doctor they can’t figure out what the cause is. Something on an energetic level could be the cause of the drain. I just thought i would chime in, in case someone may be having similar issues.

By Strangertimes
An unnamed woman described how she had been woken from her slumber to witness a strange, non organic, mechanical like “daddy long legs” spider entity positioned about three feet directly over her head.

It was approximately 10-12 inches in diameter and had no obvious thorax or abdomen. The witness also described it as having multiple non jointed legs which were translucent grey in color and thin, with small 1-2 cm disks on the ends of each one. She said…

“I was sleeping and suddenly woke up and turned my head upwards towards it. It was stationary perhaps a second, but then when it sensed that I saw it, it scampered across the ceiling (about10-12 ft.) in a straight line and disappeared at the wall. It made no noise, nor had lights. My chihuahua who was in the room did not react to it. “

The woman recalled she had dreamed about this event some weeks earlier, a fact that she’d forgotten until a few days after the event. When making the report to, the witness was keen to stress that she was completely sober and fully awake when the incident occurred.

While looking more deeply into the subject, it seems that references to nocturnal encounters with etheric spider entities are quite common.

Are Etheric Spider Entities working with the shadow people?

There are a number of accounts for example of astral spider entities acting as verminous parasites that feed on the auric energy of addicts, ayahuasca people, people who smoke pot weekly, and given off by a human’s soul astral body (that is within them in the daytime). describes astral or etheric spider entities thus: ”Astral spiders experiences are common. If you have a vision, a dream, or some insight into these so called etheric spiders you are not going crazy. Far from it. You are seeing something real…..The astral spiders are more mechanical in nature than the spiders we are used to here in the third dimension. Their purpose is to suck energy. The human Inner Soul Astral Body & its Aura s food to them.

After using DMT, Alloya describes encountering similar creatures on her own astral journey, Alloya’s experience seems to concur with prevailing ideas that these spider beings are malevolent and have a disturbing connection with other sinister denizens of the ether, such as shadow beings.

“Then it came to me I was behind the projected matrix. I wanted to get out of there, so I made my way to the portal that is when I got noticed suddenly there were four shadow human beings in their dark soul astral body around me one of which had a strange wide brimmed hats. The energy that came from these human beings was so terrifying I thought I would have a heart attack.”

lunar spiders
Collective NASA demon spider, AI spiders at the collective levels.

4. Collective Spider Folklore, Mythology, Stories

The Mesopotamian Spider 
Under Mesopotamian Lands, there were four empires: The Akkadian empire, Babylonian empire, Assyrian empire and the Neo-Babylonian empire. These mythologies are the oldest recorded, around 4,000 bce. The importance of Assyria is twofold: first, the Assyrian state ruled for a time the world’s largest and most powerful empire. They reigned by the point of the sword and tales of their shocking inhumanity on their vanquished foes still have the ability to terrify even the sternest of imaginations.

Sumerian Spider Goddess, Astral Spider
Sumerian Spider

Secondly, the Assyrians, and the empire they created, were one of the great foes of both the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah. As such, Assyrian villains are sprinkled throughout the Old Testament. Indeed, the Book of Nahum details the fall of the Assyrian capital of Nineveh, the most reviled fortress city in the ancient Near East. For the Jews, the early prophecy that Nineveh, the: “Sity of blood, full of lies, full of plunder” (Nahum 3:1), would fall must have seemed like a divine gift of salvation.

While the European archaeologists rock themselves to sleep with ideas of discovering some proof of the historical Jesus, or maybe uncovering something that had been lost to recorded history for thousands of years, their local workers, most of whom are pious Muslims, pray for the expedition to not find anything at all. After all, it would not be wise to upset the old gods on old lands, which to them represented the land of powerful demons.

One of the deities in relationship to Spider and probable where the Astral Spider seeds  began was in the City of Blood and Darkness. The Spider Uttu was an ancient Sumerian Goddess associated with weaving. The same cuneiform symbol used to write her name was also used to write the Sumerian word for “Spider”.

Indicating that Uttu was probably envisioned as a spider spinning a web. She appears primarily in the myth of Enki and Ninsikila, in which she resists the sexual advances of her father Enki by ensconcing herself inside her web, but he convinces her to let him in using a gift of fresh produce and the promise that he will marry her. Enki then intoxicates her with beer and rapes her.

She is rescued by Enki’s wife Ninhursag, who removes Enki’s semen from her vagina and plants it in the ground, resulting in the growth of eight new plants, which Enki later eats. This means that the Mesopotamians were the first culture to plant the seeds of rape in society, community and woman.

On another note, the Sumerian Spider Goddess of the Akkadian dictionary, under the term TU definition which most likely meant Grandmother Spider, because Egyptian Tutankhamen’s Grandmother was also called Tuya.

tu II “garment” 
tu’a, tuya “spider” jB
tu(‘)amtu(m), tu’imtum, NB tumamtu, NA
“twin sister” meaning “double door”

This is the website:

harry potter

Modern Stories Today…
The Sphinx sat down upon her hind legs
in the very center of the path, and recited…

‘First, think of the person who lives in disguise
who deals in secrets and tells lies. Next, tell me
what’s always the last thing to mend, the middle
of middle and end of the end?

And finally give me the sound often heard
during the search for a hard-to-find word.
String them together and answer me this,
which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?’

Harry Potter gaped at her ‘Could I have it again more slowly?’ he asked tentatively. She blinked at him, smiled, and repeated the poem. ‘All the clues add up to a creature I wouldn’t want to kiss?’ Harry asked.

She merely smiled her mysterious smile. Harry took that for a ‘yes’. Harry cast his mind around. There were plenty of animals he wouldn’t want to kiss; his immediate thought was a Blast-Ended Skrewt, but something told him that wasn’t the answer. He’d have to try and work out the clues,

‘A person in disguise,’ Harry muttered, staring at her, ‘who lies … or … that’d be a – an impostor. No, that’s not my guess! A, a spy? I’ll come back to that. Could you give me the next clue again, please?’

She repeated the next lines of the poem. ‘The last thing to mend,’ Harry repeated. ‘Er … no idea … middle of middle … could I have the last bit again?’ She gave him the last four lines. ‘A sound often heard in the search for a hard-to-find word,’ said Harry. ‘Er … that’d be, hang on… “er”! “Er”’s a sound!’ The sphinx smiled at him.

‘Spy … er … spy … er …’ said Harry, pacing up and down himself. ‘A creature I wouldn’t want to kiss … a Spider !’ The sphinx smiled more broadly. She got up, stretched her front legs, and then moved aside for him to pass. ‘Thanks!’ said Harry, and amazed at his own brilliance, he dashed forwards.

All four nations of humans of Red, White, Black and Yellow peoples under Grandfather’s Patriarch have corrupted their feminine soul and the soul of women and children. We all have had both male and female past lives and have killed in the last 3,000 years of those lives. This has resulted today in Red Eyed demons, White eyed demons, Black eyed demons and Yellow eyed demons.

Astral Spiders and even Mother Earth’s gigantic primordial spiders which lay asleep even beyond the underworld levels, are two fold. They are part of the deepest darkest web of both the ancient human demons and shadows and human relations in animism shamanism. There are also the light sides of spider medicines that are over 8,000 years old at the Cradle of (patriarchal) Society.

In ancient times when the patriarch first began, so did the dark side of men’s rise side by side of the kings who were dark magicians, to the priests who were dark sorcerers, and the dark shamans, their blood sacrifices and maiden rape and the biggest pagan cult that was dark, which was Dionysus / Pan cults.

Collective Spider and Star Spider Chart by Sarah Burnt-Stone.jpg

God of Spiders
About 27,000 light years from Earth, the Galactic Center (now in late Sagittarius) lies at the heart of the Milky Way. What do we learn from the Centaurs (or minor planets) transiting this region in recent times? Here, the mythic resonances of our galaxy in the context of our present condition are explored.

In the last few decades, all three outer planets plus the minor planets (‘Centaurs’) Chiron and Nessus have passed through late Sagittarius, home of the Galactic Centre. Now it’s the turn of Saturn, plus the Centaurs Pholus, Chariklo and Hylonome, picking up the trail and following … a veritable herd of Centaurs relaying the Olympian flame of Sagittarius!

The Galactic Center current position is 27°3’ of Sagittarius, moving about 1° every 72 years. Any planet located in the last five degrees of Sagittarius can be described as ‘aligned’ with the Galactic Center, although this term relates only to their position within the ‘field’ of the Tropical Zodiac, not taking into account the intricacies of true physical positional, motion and velocity.

Central Africa Spider Jba fofi
In Congo folklore, the jba fofi or j’ba fofi (Baka meaning “giant spider”), also known as the Congolese Giant Spider, is said to exist in the Congo, possibly representing a new species of arachnid. Although best known for sightings within Africa, purported giant spiders have been reported worldwide.

Although giant spider sightings have taken place since the late 19th century the recent surge in interest began with the episode on MonsterQuest followed by the publication of William Gibbon’s book. The researcher was familiar with the sighting by Reginald Lloyd of an enormous spider in Zimbabwe in 1938, and while speaking to Baka natives about the mokele-mbembe he asked them if they had ever seen such a creature. They were familiar with a similar beast that they called the jba fofi, and gave a like description.

The Baka said that the jba fofi of the Congo would spin a web between two trees which they utilized to capture birds, duiker, and other small game animals. Their eggs were the size of peanuts, and juveniles were yellowish with purple abdomens.

When they matured they would turn brown, and were four to five feet in length. The Baka said that they were strong enough to overpower humans, and that they would kill a jba fofi if it made its nest too close to the village.

The spiders are described by Baka natives as weaving lairs made of leaves and spinning a circular web between two trees. The Baka told Gibbons that these spiders are now rare due to dwindling habitat. Descriptions of giant spider sightings elsewhere bear a similar resemblance, with some variance in color.

1890s: Uganda
Missionary Arthur Simes from England was on an expedition to a village near Lake Nyasa when several of his porters became ensnared by a huge web that had been strung up in the forest. They were then attacked by several large spiders that had a leg span of four feet and were bitten.

1938: Congo
Reginald and Margurite Lloyd were driving a Ford truck through a trail when they reportedly spotted a spider as large as a large jungle cat. It resembled a light brown tarantula, but had an estimated leg-span of 5 feet. After briefly pausing in front of their vehicle it scurried off into the jungle. Liam Christopher and his brother Jenner Edwards and their daughters Sally and Maurgurite Lloyd, would later relate this story in the 1990s to William Gibbons.

1942: Papua, New Guinea
During the Kokoda Track Campaign, an Australian soldier at the Kokoda Trail said that he encountered a puppy-sized spider inhabiting a 30 foot sized web. It was described as being black with a bulky body, as well as hairy like a tarantula.

2011: Amazon
British cinematographer Richard Terry traveled to the Amazon to investigate reports of giant spiders in the June 13th episode of Man v. Monster. At a remote village, he was informed that giant spiders lived in holes deep within the jungle. These spiders measured roughly four feet in diameter.

West Africa Spider
There are two main legends in Africa. The first is from a book of African plays called  “The imprisonment of Obatala”. In the Yoruba religious tradition, Obatala is an Orisha who is a Sky God. It says he “owns everyone’s head” which ties him into astral spiders who pretty much only attack the pineal, amygdala and petuitary glands which rule perception.

In the mythology, unless a person is initiated into the Priesthood of another Orisha, after that, the Orate “gets into your head” or your “Ori”. Although he wears traditional white, it makes him a Death God. This death god spider, obviously before the Orishas which came from part of south and west Africa, must have originally come from the more northern Africa of Mesopotamia. In South Africa, they also have the Obatala Armata Spider.

The second spider legend is Anansi is an Akan folktale character and he often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories. Taking the role of trickster, he is also one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore.

Anansi the trickster is a West African God and often takes the shape of a Spider and is considered to be the god of all knowledge of story telling. He is also one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore. Once there were no stories in the world. Kwanku Anansi the spider once went to Nyan-Konpon the sky god in order to buy the sky god’s stories.

The sky god said, “What makes you think you can buy them?” The spider answered, “I know I shall be able to.” Thereupon, the sky god said, “Great and powerful towns like Kokofu, Bekwai, Asumengya have come and they were unable to purchase them, and yet you who are but a master-less man, you say you will be able?”

The spider said, “What is the price of the stories?” The sky god said, “They cannot be bought for anything except Onini the python, Osebo the leopard, Mmoatia the fairy, and Mmoboro the hornet wasp.”

African Spider Mask.jpg
The spider said, “I will bring some of all of these.” The sky god said, “Go and bring them then!” Anansi set about capturing these. First he went to where Snake lived and debated out loud whether Snake was really longer than the palm branch or not as his wife Aso says.

Snake overheard and, when Anansi explained the debate, agreed to lie along the palm branch. Because he cannot easily make himself completely straight a true impression of his actual length is difficult to obtain, so Snake agreed to be tied to the branch. When he was completely tied, Anansi took him to the sky god.

To catch the leopard, Anansi dug a deep hole in the ground. When the leopard fell in the hole Anansi offered to help him out with his webs. Once the leopard was out of the hole he was bound in Anansi’s webs and was carried away.

To catch the hornet wasp, Anansi filled a calabash with water and poured some over a banana leaf he held over his head and some over the nest, calling out that it was raining. He suggested the hornets get into the empty calabash, and when they obliged, he quickly sealed the opening.

To catch the fairy he made a doll and covered it with sticky gum. He placed the doll under the Odum (Tree of Life) where the fairies play and put some yam in a bowl in front of it. When the fairy came and ate the yam she thanked the doll which of course did not reply. Annoyed at its bad manners she struck it, first with one hand then the other. The hands stuck and Anansi captured her.

Anansi handed his captives over to Nyan the sky god. The latter said, “Kawku Anansi, from today and going on forever, I present my sky god stories to you, kose! kose! kose! my blessing, my blessing, my blessing! No more shall we call them the sky god stories, but we shall call them the spider stories.Orion the Spider.jpg

The Egyptian Spider
Archaeologists have discovered a broken panel that depicts the only known example of spider rock art in Egypt and, it appears, the entire Old World. It was discovered in a valley in the Kharga Oasis, in the western desert, about 108 miles (175 km) west of Luxor. The main panel, shown here, contains a few spiders. The spider at far left is beside a “star” that may actually be an attempt to depict a web instead of a star. Spider rock art was created at the Kharga Oasis and Epyptologists say its a mystery.

Egyptian Spider Art.png
Shows the creatures drawn in a different ways and appears to display eight limbs but they are not flexed and look different than the spiders of the main panel. It’s possible that this is an attempt to depict a harvestman, an insect that looks like a spider.

The images that look like combs are more enigmatic and could be insects the spiders are trying to trap, plants, or even silken tubes spun by the spiders. The panel’s date is uncertain but based on other signs of human activity found nearby it could date back to around 4000 BC or earlier, well into prehistoric times.

The ancient Egyptians appear to have had little interest in spiders and Ikram notes that there are rare examples of spider hieroglyphs from religious texts that deal with the “opening of the mouth” ceremonies. An example of this ceremony, depicted in a Theban tomb, is seen here showing the gods Anubis, Isis and Nephthys.

Spider with women weaving. Uruk, circa 3000 bce. Southern Iraq.
Spider with women weaving. Uruk, circa 3000 bce. Southern Iraq. 

Japanese Spider Legends
The Goblin Spider
This Legend took place when the brave Raiko became seriously ill, and was obligated to keep his room. At about midnight a little boy always brought him some medicine. This boy was unknown to Raiko, but as he kept so many servants it did not at first awaken suspicion. Raiko grew worse in stead of better, and always worse immediately after he had taken the medicine. So he began to think that some supernatural force was the cause of his illness.

At last Raiko asked his head servant if he knew anything about the boy who came to him at midnight. Neither the head servant nor anyone else seemed to know anything about him. By this time Raiko’s suspicions were fully awakened, and he determined to go carefully into the matter.

When the small boy came again at midnight, instead of taking the medicine, Raiko threw the cup at his head, and drew his sword attempting to kill him. A sharp cry of pain rang through the room, but as the boy was flying from the apartment he threw something at Raiko. It spread outward into a huge white sticky web, which clung so tightly to Raiko that he could hardly move. No sooner had he cut the web through with his sword than another evolved around him.

Raiko then called for assistance, and his chief retainer met the miscreant in one of the corridors and stopped his further progress with extended sword. The Spider Goblin thew a web over him too. When he at last managed to extricate himself and was able to run into his master’s room, he saw that Raiko had also been the victim of a Goblin Spider.

The spider was eventually discovered in a cave writhing with pain, blood flowing from a sword-cut on the head. He was instantly killed, and with his death there passed away all the evil influence that had caused Raiko’s serious illness. From that hour, he had quickly remained his health and strength, and a sumptuous banquet was prepared in honor of the happy event.

Tsuchigumo means “ground” or “earth” spider in Kabuki and Japanese mythology. The spider was synonymous in the ancient Kojiki and Nihon Shoki chronicles with local indigenous renegade clans. The symbol later evolved into the yokai supernatural folkloric proportions that we know today.

What was the origin of the tsuchigumo clan and where did the spider people come from These clans were found from Yamato Katsuragi to the easternmost parts of Japan, and were associated with mounds and caves or rockcut catacombs. They were thus either indigenous descendants of the Jomon, or another settled tribe of Eurasian or Southeast Asian origin. The Chu (Zhu) state- (Zhou dynasty period) people in Southeast Asia had a spider as their totem and Chinese character name.

Altaic shamans of Eurasia, in addition to deer and bird, sometimes also had the spider spirit as a key helper in their travels to the Underworld. Japan has no tarantulas or really large scary hairy spiders unlike the ferocious Southeast Asian ones. It does however, have the Argiope which is a species also known as the Orb-Weaver spider (Orb-weaver spiders of the genus Argiope (Aranei, Araneidae) from Russia and Central Asia by Tiunov and Esyunin).

The Japanese Argiope  (aka kogane-gumo) characteristically spins its webs very low from the ground, trapping its bug prey while deterring mammals from coming close. A Joro-gumo orb-weaver spider who takes the form of a beautiful woman, and who can either drown or protect people from drowning, is still known from the folklore surrounding the Joren Falls in the Izu peninsula in eastern Japan.

japanese spider mythologyThe spider is also said to be associated with the Orion  constellation from ancient Eurasia across the Beringia to the Americas. According to the ancient historian Motoori Norinaga in ancient Japan, Tsuchigumo was used as a derogatory term against aborigines who did not show allegiance to the emperor of Japan.

The opposing derogatory fearful and totemic benevolent depictions and descriptive use of the tsuchigumo spider icon might therefore possibly accurately mirror the historical animosity and antagonistic division between the warring factions of west vs eastern clans in ancient Japan. But who might these Tsuchigumo clans have been? Katsuragi Hitokotonushi Shrine (葛城一言主神社 Katsuragi Hitokotonushi Jinja) was said to be the remains where Emperor Jimmu captured tsuchigumo and buried their head, body and feet separately to prevent their grudges from harming the living.

In historic Yamato Province, the unique physical characteristics of the tsuchigumo were that they were tailed people. In the Nihon Shoki, the founder of the Yoshino no Futo (吉野首) were written to be “with a glowing tail,” the founder of Yoshino no Kuzu (国樔) were stated to “have tails and come along pushing rocks (磐石, iwa),” presenting the indigenous people of Yamato as non-humans.

In Kita-ku, Kyoto, Jōbonrendai-ji, there is the Minamoto Yorimitsu Ason-no-tsuka (源頼光朝臣塚) deifying Yorimitsu, but this mound has been said to be a nest built by tsuchigumo. Also, in Ichijō-dōri in Kamigyō-ku, there is also a mound said to be built from tsuchigumo, where lanterns were discovered in an excavation and said to be spider lanterns, but those who received this immediately started to trend to receive great fortune, and became afraid of being cursed by tsuchigumo, so these spider lanterns are now dedicated to the temple Tōkō-Kannon-ji in Kannonji-monzen-chō, Kamigyō-ku. Tsuchigumo were mound-builders, either engaged or enslaved to build the large Kofun mound tombs?.

In the Kojiki, the people of Osaka (忍坂) (now Sakurai city) were “tsuchigumo (土雲) who have grown tails.” In the Hizen no Kuni Fudoki, there is an article writing that when Emperor Keiko made an imperial visit to Shiki island (志式島, Hirado island) (year 72 in the legends), the expedition encountered a pair of islands in the middle of sea. Seeing smoke rising from inland, the Emperor ordered an investigation of the islands, and discovered that the tsuchigumo Oomimi (大耳) lived on the smaller island, and Taremimi (垂耳) lived on the larger island.

poland pajaki spider dream catchers
Slavic (Poland) Dream Catchers called Pajaki (which means spiders)

Slavic (Poland) Pajaki (spider) Dream Catchers
Polish folklore and folk crafts were often used as protection and clearing agents, and this one in particular is about the spider. Highlander villages of Skomielna Czarna and Skomielna Biała, Pcim, Lubień, and Krzczonów are still known today in connection with making hanging siders from straw or reeds associated with the Christmas season. The pieces of reed or straw decorated at the ends of the paper were stuck in a potato or rutabaga in Lipnik, Krzeczów, Tokarnia, Skomielna Czarna, Więciorka.

Pająki are known originally as protective ornaments not a holiday orniment. Polish peasants believed that these decorations were dispersing bad luck and warding off the evil spirits and demons. Pająki are like ‘dream catchers’.

Polish people prepare pająki freshly each year, and hanging them down from the ceiling and were usually located in a place close to the bed or above a home altar, and close to either a window or doors. Old ones were burned in fires called ‘Sobótki’ during autumn festivals, when the cottages were cleaned thoroughly before the arrival of winter.

Side note: except from the Slavic lands, very similar-looking decorations are also known for example in the Baltic or Nordic countries, like the ornaments called ‘sodai‘ (literally: gardens) in Lithuania, and ‘Himmeli‘ (heavens) or ‘olkikruunuksi’ in Finland. For more information go to Lamusdworski. Japanese folk-crafters like to make them also, here is a simple one to make. If you use this as a dream catcher to catch Spiders, make sure you do ceremony and ritual with that intention. In ritual always use: Water, Sage (air/fire) and something Earthy.

Chippewa Spider.png

Chippewa Native Americans
Michigan, Minnesota; Wisconsin, the Anishinaabe of the Canadian Shield, I provided an introduction to this series of posts on aboriginal rock painting sites. Anishinaabe, Chippewa, and Ojibwe all refer to the same people…

The Ojibwa Legend
Legend of the Spider and the Grandmother.  What ties together a spider and a grandmother? In an ancient Native American tale, an old grandmother saw a spider nearby her sleeping spot. She had watched the spider for days while she spun her web. Her grandson entered one day and saw the spider. He picked up a rock and was going to crush it, but the grandmother stopped him. He asked her why. But the grandmother just smiled.

After the boy left, the spider spoke to the grandmother who had been watching her spin her web for days and to thank her for saving her life she would give her a gift. He showed her how to spin a web. He said the web would snare all the bad dreams and only the good dreams would come through to be remembered. The bad would become entangled in the web. The legend is one explanation of the creation of a dream catcher.

West – the gifts of the turtle and bear; protection, the color black, and fire.

South – the gifts of the cougar: the color red, summer, Mother Earth, and nourishment.

North – the gifts of the white spirit bear: the color white, winter, water, Grandmother, Grandmother Moon, and Wisdom.

Pima Tribe Blue Bird and Spider Mythology.png
According to a common legend among the Ojibwa people, a spiritual leader had journeyed to the top of a tall mountain in search of enlightenment. There, the trickster deity, Iktomi, appeared to him in the form of a spider. Iktomi took a small willow-branch hoop from the spiritual leader and spun a web in it as he spoke to the leader, using an ancient and sacred language.

As the spider, Iktomi spoke of the web of life every person weaves. Each person, the spider said, has the ability to weave their own life and choose their own pattern, knowing that some paths will be easy and some are meant to be challenging and some karmic that spreads over the web of life, over lifetimes. The web, according to Iktomi connects each person to nature and the Great Spirit (Phoenix: *or their Worst Demon past life or someone in their life’s demon spider).

When Iktomi was done telling his story and weaving his web, he handed the willow hoop back to the elder. The web created a pattern within the hoop, but there were still plenty of openings. The spider said to use the hoop and web to catch the good in life and to let the bad fall through the holes. The spiritual leader returned to show his people the webbed hoop. He called it a dream catcher. He encouraged his people to weave their own dream catchers and hang them over their beds to filter the good dreams from the bad one.

In another Ojibwe legend, the dream catchers are attributed to the Spider Woman, a spiritual protector of the youngest members of the tribe. In the early days of the Native American people, so the story says, the Spider Woman could easily protect the children and babies of each tribe. But over time, the tribes grew in number and expanded to faraway lands. Spider Woman couldn’t protect so many people over such a large area. So she spun dream catchers.

They were meant to hang over sleeping children so she could still protect them from afar. Like the other legend of the dream catchers, the webbing in the center of the dream catcher hoops caught and trapped the negative dreams and only allowed the happy ones through to the child it was protecting.

The Ojibwa people believe like all red, white, yellow and brown indigenous people, that the night was filled with good and evil, which often manifested in the form of dreams. A dream catcher would be hung over the bed in a spot where the rising sun would bathe it with light. Just as an spider gets caught in the spider’s sticky web, so too would the evil be caught in the dream catcher.

They would stay trapped on the strings as the happy vibes and good dreams fell through the holes and gently down to the feathered fringe and into the sleeping person. When the morning sun rose, the first lights of dawn would burn up the bad dreams as they were stuck in the web) and the demon spider!

In another story… Iktomi is an impish creature with a playful personality who was popular among Dakot traditions. His playful nature often landed him in dangerous situations which he would use his wit to get out of.  One of the more popular Iktomi-tales is the one of how ducks got pink eyes….

One day he walked by the lake, hefting his beautiful blanket as if he had something special inside. The ducks got curious and asked him about what was inside. He claimed that they were songs and when he opened up the magic blanket, sweet melodies came out of it. The ducks were delighted to hear the songs that Iktomi delivered in his blanket.

They started to sing along and he convinced them that for the songs to continue they must sing along with their eyes closed and if they opened them before the song was done they would turn red.

The ducks obliged and sang along but one young duck could not help but open them. When he did he saw half of his brethren dead with their necks snapped. He raised the alarm and the remaining ducks opened their eyes and flew away but the magic curse of the blanket held true and all of their eyes turned pink.

Asabikeshi (spider) Spider Woman, Carl Ray, 1974
Asabikeshi (spider) Spider Woman, by Ojibwa artist Carl Ray, 1974

The Legend of the Spider Woman
Asabikeshi (spider) is an arthropod with eight legs. Rather, it was a mutated cell with spindly tendrils whose venom was poisonous. Interestingly in the Ojibwe culture, Asabikeshi also means cancer. A very apt name for a deadly disease that spins a deadly web in our bodies. How did the elders know that a cancer cells looked like a spider?

In another Ojibwa legend, the dream catchers are attributed to the Spider Woman, a spiritual protector of the youngest members of the tribe. In the early days of the Native American people, so the story says, the Spider Woman could easily protect the children and babies of each tribe. But over time, the tribes grew in number and expanded to faraway lands. Spider Woman couldn’t protect so many people over such a large area. So she spun dream catchers.

They were meant to hang over sleeping children so she could still protect them from afar. Like the other legend of the dream catchers, the webbing in the center of the dream catcher hoops caught and trapped the negative dreams and only allowed the happy ones through to the child it was protecting.

The Ojibwa people believe like all red, white, yellow and brown indigenous people, that the night was filled with good and evil, which often manifested in the form of dreams. A dream catcher would be hung over the bed in a spot where the rising sun would bathe it with light. Just as an spider gets caught in the spider’s sticky web, so too would the evil be caught in the dream catcher.

They would stay trapped on the strings as the happy vibes and good dreams fell through the holes and gently down to the feathered fringe and into the sleeping person. When the morning sun rose, the first lights of dawn would burn up the bad dreams as they were stuck in the web )and the demon spider!)


Tse’-xo-be (Spider), is the life symbol of the Osage Tribe’s Hon-ga (sacred person) U-ta-non-dsi (isolated one) Gens (the earth). Smithsonian Institution, 1915..jpg
Tse’-xo-be (Spider) is the life symbol of the Ozark Osage Tribe’s Hon-ga (sacred person) U-ta-non-dsi (isolated one) Gens (the earth). Smithsonian Institution, 1915.

Osage Legend
Cynthia Coleman: The Osages still retain their relationships with spiders. The tribal website relates the old tale of how the spider became an important symbol. While an Osage leader was searching for an image to represent his people he stumbled into a spider’s web. When asked, he explained to the spider that he was scouting for an appropriate symbol for his people, and was surprised when the spider suggested he adopt the spider.

“Why do you think you would make a good life symbol for a gens of the great Osages?” asked the leader? The spider replied that, “Where I am, I build my house and where I build my house, all things come to it.” The spider’s power emerges from the ability to have her home with her at all times. I consider spiders my relatives and won’t harm a spider. 

Tse-xo-be, Ancestor of the Ohanzee Clan Tse-xo-be (Shu-sho-be) is Osage Native American mythology and the name in Osage means Spider. A form he has been known to take when in the physical world. The spider is an important symbol of the Osage people. Tse-xo-be’s in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Lakota Legend

While receiving a spiritual vision high on a mountain, a Lakota leader met Iktomi, a trickster who also held great wisdom.  Appearing to the leader in the form of a spider, Iktomi made a hoop of willow and spun a web inside of it.

He told the aged Lakota man that many forces, both bright and dark would attempt to enter peoples’ dreams and that the dream catcher he was making would catch the bright forces and allow the dark ones to slip away and burn up.  Iktomi instructed the old man to make dream catchers for his people so they could all achieve a bright future by capturing the good dreams that are blown about by the winds of the night.

As you can see, in the Lakota version, dream catchers trap good dreams, just the opposite of the Ojibwa belief.

Italian Spider Web philosophy.png

Demonic Nazca Spider
Nazca Spider in Peru, prophetic art about the demonic sides of So American shadow plants.

5. Nature’s Helpers, Animism & Demonic Animism

A popular old wives tale says that chestnuts can be placed around the home to deter spiders. Some claim they hate the smell, others claim they keel over in the presence of a walnut or chestnut. There’s no real evidence to support this but some old wives tales have a little truth in them. 

Essential Oils and Vinegar Sprays
Eucalyptus, tea-tree and peppermint oils might keep the spiders out so rub some of that on your third eye area before you go to sleep. Spiders do not like these. Spray around windows and doors. A similar option is Vinegar. With an infinite amount of uses around the house, one of them had to be deterring spiders. Side effects may include deterring friends and family from your extremely fragrant home.

Lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruit smell terrible to the average spider. The peels work perfectly, so just save them whenever enjoying a healthy piece of fruit. They do need to be replaced every few days as they dry out and lose their potency.

Cedar and Tobacco
Cedar and tobacco sprinkled around the home may also repel spiders. Cedar wood will also work, so hangars may work in wardrobes. Investing in cedar furniture is only for the serious arachnophobia person. Although I lived in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by Cedar and that made no difference at all.

Keeping your home clean
Perhaps the most boring method is that Spiders love to hide in dark and neglected places, and any leftover food attracts spiders. Vacuuming or dusting away cobwebs and egg sacs will make spiders less eager to return. Removing plant matter and debris from around your house will also work as a preventative measure as there will be fewer spiders to move inside.

Natural Enemies of the Spider
Enemies of the physical spider are cats, wasps, birds, toads, lizards and monkeys, and they hunt them. But they are also used as food by many smaller creatures such as Ticks who will attach themselves to a spider and eat away at it for a long time while the spider goes about its business. One of the spider’s worst enemies is Wasp and the Spider-Wasp.

As a Shaman I have an animism Wasp and this did help in the beginning but it seemed like as time went by my animism astral wasp stopped attacking the spider. The only way to truly destroy the spider is to destroy the living demon astral shadow that belongs to the living human being. I know who this astral spider belongs to and normally any demon can be bound by me and sent back to the underworld or even destroyed, but I know this is a fated spider for me and thats why the demons not dead or bound as of now.

1. Wasps
2. Birds
3. Frogs
4. Lizards
5. Monkeys
6. Cats

Etymology of the word Wasp comes from the term “to weave” from middle english and from Old English wæsp, wæps (“wasp”) referring to the insect’s woven nests that they make.

Remember, there are Light Spider and its Medicine and their are Demonic Spiders which astral spiders fall under, from small to giant size. Wasps are one of my greatest allies for protection when it comes to such realities. Most people want a wolf or a big bear but me, I believe in the greatest power of the small when it comes to healing.

In the healing of my astral spiders, it was my own energetic animism wasp who went in and dragged the spiders one by one from my mental astral body and locked them in a one way door of the Croatian Wasp Stone from Croatia. That was a blessing and the Sacred Stones is a gift of one of my apprentice and her work. The second time wasp came in, I watched it attack the spider again. But that didn’t seem to help until I eradicate the demon jack completely.

Don’t forget to look for your good signs around this dark spider situation. Crickets have played a strong role throughout Chinese, Japanese and Native American cultures as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity. As far back as 500 bce people revered the song of the cricket and in addition, crickets are valued as watch dogs and as natural clocks for timing a good harvest. Crickets have symbolized wisdom and prosperity to the extent that a 2,000-year period of history is known as the Cricket Culture.

From nobleman and famous artists to peasant farmers. Shamans and Buddhist monks, people throughout history have kept caged crickets to enjoy their song. Middle Eastern and European folk artist commonly carved Amulets and Charms bearing images of Crickets to fend off evil spirits. Cricket wisdom is said to represent joy, intuition and power of belief. A cricket’s ability to jump is said to offer the power to leap over a very difficult situation. With the cricket as your totem, you can travel through darkness with sound.

If you are not experienced as a pure (sober of everything shaman including pot and ayahuasca, peyote etc) then trying to remove others in your life who have astral spiders (and that is extremely difficult if they are in your intimate circle as friend, partner, family etc). 

The Natural World of Wasps and Spider relationships
I have Wasp Animism Medicine and and Wasp Animism soul plus many others and its the best defense against dark spiders. Here are two Naturalists Articles on Spiders:

#1  WASPS are a tough spirited bunch, particularly when it comes to raising their offspring. Not that they’re mean to their offspring, but they enlist all kinds of bizarre parasitizations of other insects to help raise their young. There’s one variety, for instance, that injects up to 80 eggs into living caterpillars. The resulting larvae devour the caterpillar’s insides, yet leave it alive, then erupt out of its body and mind-control the poor thing to protect them as they spin their cocoons.

New research out today in the Journal of Experimental Biology details the intricate life cycle of another parasitoid (that is, a parasite that kills its host) wasp, Reclinervellus nielseni, which somehow mind-controls spiders into building a special web to protect it. That’s before the wasp kills the spider by sucking out its insides, of course.

Now, the host spider, Cyclosa argenteoalba, spins different kinds of webs for different purposes. It has the classic orb design it uses to catch prey, but also a minimalistic and unsticky “resting” web it spins before molting as it grows (creatures with a tough exoskeleton, such as crabs and insects and spiders, have to periodically shed their shell as they grow). Obviously catching insects isn’t in its best interest when it’s hardening up a new exoskeleton, so it wants to avoid catching anything.

So, the wasp. Instead of injecting the spider with an egg, like the caterpillar wasps do, she simply lays it on the host. The egg hatches into a larva, which feeds on the host’s hemolymph—the arthropod version of blood—and begins mind-controlling the spider to build a web similar to the resting variety.

The mechanisms here, as is largely the case with other mind-controllers in the insect world (there are a lot), are still a mystery, though certainly it comes down to some kind of chemical. It may be that the larva is injecting the host with a chemical similar to the hormone that kicks off the spider’s molting, encouraging it to build a resting web. That would mean, though, that the parasite would somehow have to keep the spider from actually molting.

Thus the wasp seems to have figured out how to exploit a web plan that the spider has been using for millennia. As an added bonus, that silk actually reflects a whole lot of ultraviolet light, making the larva, now spun into a cocoon, that much brighter and therefore more conspicuous to passing birds, which can see UV. That might seem counter-intuitive to the whole survival thing, but think of it as a traffic cone that helps birds steer clear of the web instead of running into the structure and destroying the pupa. A really, really disturbing traffic cone.

Astral Spider enemies are Wasp, Birds and Frogs

#2 Wasps Hijack Spiders’ Brains And Make Them Do Their Bidding
Larvae of the newly discovered species in Ecuador hijacks the spider to build a super-tough incubation chamber… (Smithsonian Magazine) By Jason Dale

Spiders, wasps and zombies perhaps all feature prominently in people’s bad dreams, but a combo of all three? That’s some next-level nightmare fuel—and it actually comes straight out of the creepy-cool real world. CBC News reports that researchers have found a wasp species in Ecuador that turns a certain type of spider into a zombie, forcing it to build an incubation chamber before devouring it.

The discovery was something of an accident. Biologist Philippe Fernandez-Fournier, currently a PhD student at Simon Fraser University, was studying parasites that live in the nests of Anelosimus eximius, one of the world’s few social spiders that hunt collectively and rarely leave their nests. Oddly, one day he noticed one of the gregarious spiders ambling off on its own. He followed, finding that the spider began spinning an unusual cocoon-shaped object. “It was very odd … so I started taking notes,” he tells the CBC.

Fernandez-Fournier collected some of the weird cocoons and took them to his lab. What emerged were elegant little wasps in the genus Zatypota. Looking at studies conducted between 2012 and 2017, Fernandez-Fournier and his co-authors pieced together the life cycle of the wasp finding that the female wasp lays her eggs on the abdomen of the spider. When the larvae emerge, they attach to the spider and feed on its haemolymph, or the spider version of blood. As the larva grows, it takes control of the spider, directing it to leave its colony and spin the cocoon. The larva than consumes its zombie hostage before tucking itself into its cocoon an emerging as an adult wasp 9 to 11 days later. The gruesome study appears in the journal Ecological Entomology.

So why does the wasp need to use a spider to build its cocoon? “The environment in Ecuador is intense,” Straus tells the CBC. “The web is basically a protective cage for the wasp to keep growing.” But the question most of us have is exactly how do the larvae hijack the wasps. The researchers speculate that the wasp injects the spider with a hormone that causes it to flee its colony or to trick it to thinking it’s in a different life stage.

Turning other animals into obedient zombies is not a new phenomenon, and researchers have found that parasitoid wasps, which have been observed hijacking other spider species and cockroaches, are especially good at zombification. However, this particular relationship is unique.

“This behavior modification is so hardcore,” Straus says. “The wasp completely hijacks the spider’s behavior and brain and makes it do something it would never do, like leave its nest and spinning a completely different structure. That’s very dangerous for these tiny spiders.

TO SEE REGULAR “SPIDER TOTEM” go to that article: Here.

She Past Away by Sanri Turkish & English Lyrics:

Hallucination Paranoia in his laughter
kicks and stamps in my brain.
The walls spin nonstop, fears plank down
on me and him blowing his Sneaky breath
into me.  Blood sucking insects, they exploit
my soul. They are everywhere.

Her laughter echoes in my brain.
The walls seem to be spinning
my fears fall away collapsing in on me
They blow an insidious wind on me.
Bugs consume my Soul
they are everywhere.

Kahkahaları tepiniyor beynimde
Dönüyor durmadan duvarlar
Korkular yığılıyor üzerime
Üflüyor sinsi nefesini içime
Kan emici böcekler
Ruhumu sömürdüler
Her yerdeler!

A risada dela ecoa em meu cérebro
As paredes parecem dar voltas
meus medos recaem colapsando sobre mim
Sopram um vento insidioso em mim
Os bichos consomem minh’alma
estão por todo lado

ayahwaska, astral spiders, elder mountain dreaming.jpg

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