Astral Spiders, Etheric, AI Spiders, Dark Animistic, Spider Goblins and Shamanic Plants/Drugs

Part 1 By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming, Charts by Sarah Burnt-Stone – There is a lot of mythology about the patriarchal (grandfather) spiders in many cultures at the collective level as part of indigenous creation stories, and along the celestial equators.  For those new here to our website, I speak from my experiences as a night shaman (dealing with the dark including exorcisms in waking and night dreaming). My story over a month and a half would be way too long of the bigger story of my life, of the how, why, when and where my astral spider developed, was caught and then healed and extracted. So I will share the personal story as a synopsis at the end of this post.

We are entering an energetic astral phase on earth, especially with Neptune in Pisces which rules such things. Neptune leaves its own sign in 2026, and there are things that most spiritual people do not know about in regards to the the sickness sides of astral travel, shamanic plants and our own past life demonic karmic astral bodies that are connected to our soul (astral body) and that web of our past life demon astral body.

Spiders fall under animism astral bodies. If you are plagued by this, its either your past life demon or someone in the families that is in your ‘inner circle’. But rare do people have the levels of fifty years of experiences with demonic energy of astral forms that we exorcist shamans do. I have been suffering from an astral spider for over a month now, and with my extreme healing and mastery over forty years of my own journey to keep clean, clear and sober of everything, its been a challenge to destroy it. This spider belongs to an apprentice’s past life demon magician (who I call Jack the Demon Magician).

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive !
~Walter Scott

ayahwaska spider 2

Lets start with the larger Collective Myths of the four nations of Red, White, Black, Yellow peoples under Grandfather’s Patriarch, who carries both spider and demon spider in his walk on earth. See my article on Demon Eyes: Red demon eyes, White demon eyes, Black demon eyes and Yellow demon eyes.  In true reincarnation, you can be a red native this lifetime, and three lifetimes ago, you could have been black. So color, sex orientation makes no difference today when it concerns the color of our skin of our karma.

There are no coincidences in life or humanity. From the larger collective human perspective in relations to mythology, astrology and astronomy all the way to The Galactic Center and the Centaurs.

About 27,000 light years from Earth, the Galactic Center (now in late Sagittarius) lies at the heart of the Milky Way. What do we learn from the Centaurs (or minor planets) transiting this region in recent times? Here, the mythic resonances of our galaxy in the context of our present condition are explored.

In the last few decades, all three outer planets plus the minor planets (‘Centaurs’) Chiron and Nessus have passed through late Sagittarius, home of the Galactic Centre. Now it’s the turn of Saturn, plus the Centaurs Pholus, Chariklo and Hylonome, picking up the trail and following … a veritable herd of Centaurs relaying the Olympian flame of Sagittarius!

The Galactic Center current position is 27°3’ of Sagittarius, moving about 1° every 72 years. Any planet located in the last five degrees of Sagittarius can be described as ‘aligned’ with the Galactic Center, although this term relates only to their position within the ‘field’ of the Tropical Zodiac, not taking into account the intricacies of true physical positional, motion and velocity.
Collective Spider and Star Spider Chart by Sarah Burnt-Stone.jpg

God of Spiders
African Spider Mask.jpg

Pima Tribe Blue Bird and Spider Mythology.png
Orion the Spider.jpg

lunar spiders

The Ojibwa Legend Features a Spider

According to a common legend among the Ojibwa people, a spiritual leader had journeyed to the top of a tall mountain in search of enlightenment. There, the trickster deity, Iktomi, appeared to him in the form of a spider. Iktomi took a small willow-branch hoop from the spiritual leader and spun a web in it as he spoke to the leader, using an ancient and sacred language.

As the spider, Iktomi spoke of the web of life every person weaves. Each person, the spider said, has the ability to weave their own life and choose their own pattern, knowing that some paths will be easy and some are meant to be challenging and some karmic that spreads over the web of life, over lifetimes. The web, according to Iktomi connects each person to nature and the Great Spirit (Phoenix: *or their Worst Demon past life or someone in their life’s demon spider).

When Iktomi was done telling his story and weaving his web, he handed the willow hoop back to the elder. The web created a pattern within the hoop, but there were still plenty of openings. The spider said to use the hoop and web to catch the good in life and to let the bad fall through the holes. The spiritual leader returned to show his people the webbed hoop. He called it a dream catcher. He encouraged his people to weave their own dream catchers and hang them over their beds to filter the good dreams from the bad one.

The Legend of the Spider Woman

In another Ojibwe legend, the dream catchers are attributed to the Spider Woman, a spiritual protector of the youngest members of the tribe. In the early days of the Native American people, so the story says, the Spider Woman could easily protect the children and babies of each tribe. But over time, the tribes grew in number and expanded to faraway lands. Spider Woman couldn’t protect so many people over such a large area. So she spun dream catchers.

They were meant to hang over sleeping children so she could still protect them from afar. Like the other legend of the dream catchers, the webbing in the center of the dream catcher hoops caught and trapped the negative dreams and only allowed the happy ones through to the child it was protecting.

The Ojibwa people believe like all red, white, yellow and brown indigenous people, that the night was filled with good and evil, which often manifested in the form of dreams. A dream catcher would be hung over the bed in a spot where the rising sun would bathe it with light. Just as an spider gets caught in the spider’s sticky web, so too would the evil be caught in the dream catcher.

They would stay trapped on the strings as the happy vibes and good dreams fell through the holes and gently down to the feathered fringe and into the sleeping person. When the morning sun rose, the first lights of dawn would burn up the bad dreams as they were stuck in the web )and the demon spider!)

crystal spiders.jpg

Italian Spider Web philosophy.png

Demonic Nazca Spider
Nazca Spider in Peru, prophetic art about the demonic sides of So American shadow plants.

Stories by Bloggers on the World Wide Web…

S. Beyer (Ayahuasca user / elder)
A while ago, after having returned from my most recent trip to study with my maestro ayahuasquero don Roberto Acho, I was sitting in a training seminar, and I was angry with the facilitator, a man I greatly respect and admire. I was angry for foolish and childish reasons; I felt I was not being paid enough attention.

Suddenly, without any apparent intention on my part, a spider flew out of my mouth — a large, black, hairy spider, about three inches across. The spider flew from my mouth to the face of the seminar facilitator, where it grasped and clung to his cheek, eventually melting into his face. I was taken aback by this. Damn, I said; I didn’t realize I was that pissed off. And that would have been the end of it; except that, at the next day’s session, the distraught facilitator announced that he had been told that his wife’s breast cancer, thought to be in remission, had recurred.

What I carry away from this experience is still a sense of guilt. What happened was a loss of control — my anger, my ego, my envidia, the worst part of me leaping from my mouth in the form of an ayahuasca demon spider, just like the spiders and scorpions that are projected, in the Upper Amazon, from the phlegm of a brujo, a dark or demonic sorcerer.

I have learned three things. First, there really is no going back. Once you walk through the door into the realm you cannot return to any prior state of innocence. Once you drink ayahuasca, you begin to form relations of confianza with the plants, the world becomes a more dangerous place. When you have begun to realize the porosity of reality; when the world has become magical, filled with wonders, filled with the spirits, filled with meaning; when you have begun to see what was there all along but was invisible to you — then you must accept that your childish anger is, right here and now, as it always was, an ugly spider leaping from your lips, capable of causing great harm.

The sorcerer in fact epitomizes solitary retentiveness and lack of reciprocity — lonely, demanding, querulous, abusive, miserly, and vengeful. Just like my ego. And that is why self-control is mandatory. Since that inconsequential incident, I have been tempted to try it again — just, you know, to see if it works, just to express my anger, just to be — somehow — powerful. And I cannot do it, ever again.

Note from Phoenix about this user: The astral spider projections will occur with or without him having self control. The emotional body connected to the dark soul of his plant usage makes no difference and these have been occurring with others for probably as long as he has used Ayahuasca. Just because he thinks controlling his mind and patience makes a difference in this reality… it doesn’t. He infects anyone who challenges his power, ego or sensitive side. There are some doors that should never be opened and Ayahuasca is one of them.

Johnnylightworker: Astral Spiders
I post this thread in search of information regarding the phenomena “Astral Spiders” or “Etheric Spiders” following an experience I had with one.  A couple of weeks ago, following a high vibration conversation with an acquaintance regarding astral projecting and consciousness outside of the body I returned to the place where I’m temporary staying and felt that I was in a rather conducive state to pull out of body.

I’m by no means a seasoned traveler, in fact I’m a bit new to it, but I’ve already had a few experiences outside of the body and I’ve been learning and growing at bettering myself at the practice frequently. In this apartment, which is definitely less than “tidy” to say the least (in fact its a bit of a dump), I’ve noticed a bit of low density energy that hangs around and borders on “negative”, and not being my legitimate dwelling, I haven’t stuck my nose into it too far nor do I plan on sticking around for long.

On this night the scariest event of my adult life took place in a semi-astral state. I took 10 or 20 minutes to allow myself to fall into deep meditation, and felt that surge of energy really flowing through me which denotes that one is about to be able to gain “separation” from the body. Still not being completely able to easily exit the body precisely in the separation state, sometimes I just allow my third eye to open and I observe the energetic field in my surroundings and also see different beings who are for whatever reason in my room. 

The first being I saw was an energy-silhouette of a humanoid figure (like countless others I’ve witnessed in my room) standing about 3 feet away from my bed. I felt like “he” was just a neutral observer and I didn’t pay much attention to “him”. I lost a bit of consciousness and almost drifted off to sleep (heck it was like 4 am), when I was awoken once more back into this state.

I was fully detached from my body at this point and fully cognitive. For some reason I felt the presence of something in my pineal, and I lifted my right astral arm to investigate and what I picked up from my forehead was huge Spider, almost extra-terrestrial in form.

It was bigger than my whole hand (I have big hands) and a bit sleek in texture, almost slimy. The thing was still squirming in my hand, almost like it was in shock that I had removed it, and I quickly proceeded to throw it on the “floor” and snapped back into full motor control and I immediately darted out of my bedroom like a 6 year old who had a bad dream.

Apparently these astral spiders are prevalent in the energy realm and they a parasitic in nature, and like most other parasitic entities they neutrally feed on energy centers sometimes at the base of the spine or the pineal gland, like in my case. I do not any real fear of spiders, I mean they aren’t terribly pleasant to find parading around in one’s general vicinity but no, I don’t really consciously think about spiders. That’s what baffles me! 

One time, though, when I was, say 5 or 6, I had a realistic “night terror” that a huge spider (about 3 feet wide) was crawling down towards me while I slept in my bed. I screamed to the top of my lungs and, darted out the door (just like I did this time, minus the screaming lol) To this day I don’t know if it was an astral being or the more likely – a vivid dream, but I don’t really feel that arachnids have any personal significance for me. 

What I will absolutely declare though, is that this recent occurrence was in no way a dream whatsoever. From the spider in my hand to the door I was probably more awake than I am typing this reply. With Love and Light, Jon.

A Caballero
I see them quite often usually waking up. They are on my ceiling, walls, lamps, etc… I used to be scared of them, but not really. They just hang out and observe. Nothing appears to go on except they hang out like any other house spider, but they are bigger and something always wakes me up to it. I taught psychic abilities for a few years, and I saw them way before I did that. My mom saw beings when she was younger so, seeing these spiders seems like maybe what my mom saw was similar? Not too sure.

(Note from Phoenix: This young man is infested with spiders, he thinks they are “only outside of his astral body” and in the room, but they are not. They are within him and everywhere in his room. Not sure if he smokes pot, does drugs etc. but that doesn’t help the situation. But even those who are pure like myself for decades are dealing with this because my apprentice partook in pot and other plant hallucinogens and it came from her past life demon who was freed from prison (the underworld) because of the plants and drugs. And they attacked me and I have very high levels of light because I paid all karma off this lifetime.)

Britneycole87: Astral Spiders
I’ve had 3 experiences waking up and seeing “spiders”. I don’t really know much about them. I just searched online for “seeing spiders when waking up” and came across this thread. The first 2 times were at the same place (the same room at my mom’s house). First time I woke up, sat up and saw this huge black spider thing coming fast towards my face from across the room. I freaked out.

It jumped across my boyfriend and out of the bed to the other side of the room trying to get away from it. It was really terrifying and very real. I even scared the crap out of my husband. I know I wasn’t sleeping when I saw it, but didn’t seem completely awake either, it felt weird, can’t really explain it. I think my husband just thinks I’m crazy lol. 

Second time, same room. I woke up looked to my right to see this huge blackish brown spider thing coming out of the wall at me. I had the same reaction, jumped out of bed and ran across the room(probably the fastest I’ve ever moved in my life). Once I’m completely terrified and fully awake and turn on the lights, they are gone. They are HUGE, bigger than a beach ball. I describe them as spiders because that’s what they resemble the closest(as I don’t know what else to compare them to). 

They are almost like balls of energy or something resembles a spider because of the “leg” looking things coming from them and they are moving. It was strange to me that it happened in the same place(somewhere that I don’t stay often). I started to refuse to sleep in that room when visiting my mom. Now the 3rd time was different. It was at my house, during the day this time. I was taking a nap with my 1 year old daughter.

Awoke to see a small (about the size of a gold ball, maybe a little smaller) and this time it was a light brown, cream color and I wasn’t scared at all. It was floating peacefully over my daughter’s head. I remember trying to touch it and was actually a little giggly because my hand would just run right through it. It eventually just went away as I felt more “awake”. It’s almost like I’m in an in-between state of sleeping and being awake, but I know that I’m not sleeping. I see everything around me and am aware of what’s going on, just see a little something “extra”.

Daysea: Astral Spiders
I stumbled upon this forum while looking for info on Astral spiders. I had one of these things removed from my head this week. I’m not an astral traveler nor do i go into deep meditation. I got in touch with a man for help because i have been dealing with psychic attacks from a neighbor, long story. When he went in to do work on my behalf he found one of these spiders on my head. 

He removed some souls as well that were a result of the work my neighbor was doing on me. I thought i should say that these spiders are not harmless. They are energy parasites that feed on your prana (mental astral body). The removal of this thing & other entities has resulted in me getting my normal energy back. 

If anyone is experiencing any energy drain that is unnatural and comes on quick, i would recommend you look into the reasons why this is happening. Many people get sick & yet when they go to the doctor they can’t figure out what the cause is. Something on an energetic level could be the cause of the drain. I just thought i would chime in, in case someone may be having similar issues.

Sarah Bernstein Spider
My Apprentice Sarah Burnt-Stone’s art from a few years ago (prophetic)

My Personal Story as a Dreamer (shaman)

My Story of how I Hunted the Astral Energetic Spider (animism) of Jack the Demon Magician (who is a dead demonic aspect of one of my apprentices). – In my work with such things as these demon spiders (which is my last initiation at the very end of my initiations since birth just like the Ojibwa story), I have learned not to judge the humans they belong to because that is how mastering love or projection works, even your worst enemies. 

The owner of my spider demon is my own apprentice and after 8 years of working with her, the Demon Spider who we call Jack the Demon Magician, is the result of this relationship with her and her drug, plant hallucinogens and pot use this lifetime. I make all apprentice be sober for two years before we ever work together in the physical and she was successful at that so I moved to her farm.

It usually only takes me a year or two to find the persons demon past life demon that is causing them hell and take care of it. My last client it took four months. But this one was the only one that was hidden from me because my apprentice was not doing the level of work she should have been doing in spiritual terms, but was working hard on her personal issues.

None of my apprentices (and i have taken both light and dark apprentices to understand the roots with working with someone for ten long years). But this one is the darkest past life demon in my dreaming and waking veiled spaces because it covers all three levels of demon: 1. mental astral body demon; 2. soul astral body demon and 3. Two Animism soul demons. This triplicate is called the yellow eyed demon. Even a red eyed demon is only 2 of the 3 demonic souls of peoples past lives.

My apprentice in her human side has her issues like everyone else, but her past life magician demon as made it really intense for her. I have taken both light and dark apprentices and she was a dark one (had used drugs, hallucinogenic plants and pot which frees the demon from the prison of the underworld, and Jack escaped).

My 5th and final dark apprentice also had a fated relationship, and one that I needed to experience in order to pass my final personal test of Mercy, for enlightenment. Its been a long sixty year road as a dreamer (last level of a shaman) and you can see that by the first had experiences of all the stories on my blog.

Spiders vary and most are energetic and that makes them organic. These energetic black spiders are from the pandemic usage of ayahuasca, the lowest vibrational plant on the earth. This plant comes with a natural energetic level of demonic astral bodies of peoples past life shadow astral bodies (mostly those who have had dark magicians sorcerers past lives). Implants are different and much easier to rid yourself of them because they are inorganic. 

Black eyed and red eyed organic shadow energy spiders are demonic, and if you can see them in your third eye or room, then you are dealing with a demonic dream plane where you are dreaming at. And for others, there is someone with a dark shadow in your intimate circle. Many ayahuasca users are opening dark dream gates along with their dark demons from past lives and the two begin to mix, just like my apprentice. This is causing great problems, along with things like Military (ufos), CERN and Nasa punching holes at the gates to the underworld daily.

To be continued, i am still writing the remaining of this story, so please return in a week… below is the animism, mythology and natural world connections to Spiders…

My spider web of the light side i made in 2015.jpg

My Spider Dream Catcher Art from a dream in 2015

Nature’s Helper in Demonic Animism

Remember, there is the Light Spider and its Medicine but that is not a problem spiritually or organically, the Shadow Spiders from small to giant size are. I personally have wasp animism as a shaman.

Wasps are one of my greatest allies for protection when it comes to such realities. Most people want a wolf or a big bear but me, I believe in the greatest power of the small when it comes to healing.

In the healing of my astral spiders, it was my own energetic animism wasp who went in and dragged the spiders one by one from my mental astral body and locked them in a one way door of the Croatian Wasp Stone from Croatia. That was a blessing and the Sacred Stones is a gift of one of my apprentice and her work.

Enemies of the spider are birds, toads, lizards and monkeys, and they hunt them. But they are also used as food by many smaller creatures such as Ticks who will attach themselves to a spider and eat away at it for a long time while the spider goes about its business. One of the spider’s worst enemies is Wasp and the Spider-Wasp

Who are the natural enemies of the Spider:
1. Wasps
2. Birds
3. Frogs
4. Lizards
5. Monkeys

This is some of the medicines as totems helpers that I have access to as a shaman and that must be work with in order to enter the astral plane of your own mental astral body which is very advanced. At least their is a shaman like myself who experiences all these things to have to figure out the puzzle of extraction, exorcism or else… die. My entire life has been this reality and I am wise in the ways of such healing. So too was my very grounded, sober and pure healer friend who helped me when I was young in my early 30s and 40s (yes you are young until you hit 50 and don’t have to grow up until you are 5s). 

And don’t forget to look for your good signs around the dark spider situation. Crickets have played a strong role throughout Chinese, Japanese and Native American cultures as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity. As far back as 500 bce people revered the song of the cricket and in addition, crickets are valued as watch dogs and as natural clocks for timing a good harvest. Crickets have symbolized wisdom and prosperity to the extent that a 2,000-year period of history is known as the Cricket Culture.

From nobleman and famous artists to peasant farmers. Shamans and Buddhist monks, people throughout history have kept caged crickets to enjoy their song. Middle Eastern and European folk artist commonly carved Amulets and Charms bearing images of Crickets to fend off evil spirits. Cricket wisdom is said to represent joy, intuition and power of belief. A cricket’s ability to jump is said to offer the power to leap over a very difficult situation. With the cricket as your totem, you can travel through darkness with sound.

If you are not experienced as a pure (sober of everything shaman including pot and ayahuasca, peyote etc) then trying to remove others in your life who have astral spiders (and that is extremely difficult if they are in your intimate circle as friend, partner, family etc). 

The Natural World of Wasps and Spider relationships
I have Wasp Animism Medicine and and Wasp Animism soul plus many others and its the best defense against dark spiders. Here are two Naturalists Articles on Spiders:

#1  WASPS are a tough spirited bunch, particularly when it comes to raising their offspring. Not that they’re mean to their offspring, but they enlist all kinds of bizarre parasitizations of other insects to help raise their young. There’s one variety, for instance, that injects up to 80 eggs into living caterpillars. The resulting larvae devour the caterpillar’s insides, yet leave it alive, then erupt out of its body and mind-control the poor thing to protect them as they spin their cocoons.

New research out today in the Journal of Experimental Biology details the intricate life cycle of another parasitoid (that is, a parasite that kills its host) wasp, Reclinervellus nielseni, which somehow mind-controls spiders into building a special web to protect it. That’s before the wasp kills the spider by sucking out its insides, of course.

Now, the host spider, Cyclosa argenteoalba, spins different kinds of webs for different purposes. It has the classic orb design it uses to catch prey, but also a minimalistic and unsticky “resting” web it spins before molting as it grows (creatures with a tough exoskeleton, such as crabs and insects and spiders, have to periodically shed their shell as they grow). Obviously catching insects isn’t in its best interest when it’s hardening up a new exoskeleton, so it wants to avoid catching anything.

So, the wasp. Instead of injecting the spider with an egg, like the caterpillar wasps do, she simply lays it on the host. The egg hatches into a larva, which feeds on the host’s hemolymph—the arthropod version of blood—and begins mind-controlling the spider to build a web similar to the resting variety.

The mechanisms here, as is largely the case with other mind-controllers in the insect world (there are a lot), are still a mystery, though certainly it comes down to some kind of chemical. It may be that the larva is injecting the host with a chemical similar to the hormone that kicks off the spider’s molting, encouraging it to build a resting web. That would mean, though, that the parasite would somehow have to keep the spider from actually molting.

Thus the wasp seems to have figured out how to exploit a web plan that the spider has been using for millennia. As an added bonus, that silk actually reflects a whole lot of ultraviolet light, making the larva, now spun into a cocoon, that much brighter and therefore more conspicuous to passing birds, which can see UV. That might seem counter-intuitive to the whole survival thing, but think of it as a traffic cone that helps birds steer clear of the web instead of running into the structure and destroying the pupa. A really, really disturbing traffic cone.

Astral Spider enemies are Wasp, Birds and Frogs

#2 Wasps Hijack Spiders’ Brains And Make Them Do Their Bidding
Larvae of the newly discovered species in Ecuador hijacks the spider to build a super-tough incubation chamber… (Smithsonian Magazine) By Jason Dale

Spiders, wasps and zombies perhaps all feature prominently in people’s bad dreams, but a combo of all three? That’s some next-level nightmare fuel—and it actually comes straight out of the creepy-cool real world. CBC News reports that researchers have found a wasp species in Ecuador that turns a certain type of spider into a zombie, forcing it to build an incubation chamber before devouring it.

The discovery was something of an accident. Biologist Philippe Fernandez-Fournier, currently a PhD student at Simon Fraser University, was studying parasites that live in the nests of Anelosimus eximius, one of the world’s few social spiders that hunt collectively and rarely leave their nests. Oddly, one day he noticed one of the gregarious spiders ambling off on its own. He followed, finding that the spider began spinning an unusual cocoon-shaped object. “It was very odd … so I started taking notes,” he tells the CBC.

Fernandez-Fournier collected some of the weird cocoons and took them to his lab. What emerged were elegant little wasps in the genus Zatypota. Looking at studies conducted between 2012 and 2017, Fernandez-Fournier and his co-authors pieced together the life cycle of the wasp finding that the female wasp lays her eggs on the abdomen of the spider. When the larvae emerge, they attach to the spider and feed on its haemolymph, or the spider version of blood. As the larva grows, it takes control of the spider, directing it to leave its colony and spin the cocoon. The larva than consumes its zombie hostage before tucking itself into its cocoon an emerging as an adult wasp 9 to 11 days later. The gruesome study appears in the journal Ecological Entomology.

So why does the wasp need to use a spider to build its cocoon? “The environment in Ecuador is intense,” Straus tells the CBC. “The web is basically a protective cage for the wasp to keep growing.” But the question most of us have is exactly how do the larvae hijack the wasps. The researchers speculate that the wasp injects the spider with a hormone that causes it to flee its colony or to trick it to thinking it’s in a different life stage.

Turning other animals into obedient zombies is not a new phenomenon, and researchers have found that parasitoid wasps, which have been observed hijacking other spider species and cockroaches, are especially good at zombification. However, this particular relationship is unique.

“This behavior modification is so hardcore,” Straus says. “The wasp completely hijacks the spider’s behavior and brain and makes it do something it would never do, like leave its nest and spinning a completely different structure. That’s very dangerous for these tiny spiders.”


Weaver & Spinning Mythology, Gemini and Sagittarius Archetypes of Fate and Destiny and its Weavers

Some parts here are from Goddess as Weaver of Creation, We are the Weavers of the Web by Dr Tricia Szirom

Islamic oral tradition holds that during the Hijra, the journey from Mecca to Medina, Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr were being pursued by Quraysh soldiers, and they decided to take refuge in the Cave of Thawr. The tale goes on to say that Allah commanded a spider to weave a web across the opening of the cave. After seeing the spider’s web, the Quraysh passed the cave by, since Muhammad’s entry to the cave would have broken the web.

This ancient land is one of many spirits, which add meaning and depth to our understanding of the web of life and the Great Mother. Many of the world’s people believe that the world is woven and that a weaving Creator Goddess wove its designs into being; for example the Navajo legend of the Spider Woman; she who sits at the great galactic center. She is the feminine force of all creation who joins all nations, all tribes, all families, and all realities together, in her web. The Weaver is the Female Principle of creation.

Myths of weaving exist around the world as metaphors for creation.  However, there is, in all the world, no god of weaving — only goddesses. Often the weaving goddesses are also teachers of wisdom and midwifery. While there are one or two examples of Weaver Goddesses who are connected with the Sun mostly they are of the Moon.

Greek Mythology – Weaving Destiny & Fate

The Moirae (the “Fates”) are the three archaic grandmothers who control Destiny, and the matter of it is the art of spinning the thread of life on the distaff as its symbol. Ariadne, in Minoan Crete, possessed the spun thread that led Theseus to the center of the labyrinth and safely out again.

Athena was a weaver and the Goddess of Wisdom is described as having shining gray eyes and She would always be accompanied by her Owl, now a symbol of wisdom. Often, Athena is accompanied by the Goddess of Victory, Nike. Athena is always depicted wearing armor and a helmet.

A woman called Arachne used to boast that she was the best weaver ever and Athena challenged her. Arachne, in her vanity, wove a scene of Zeus in trouble with his many wives at which Athena became furious and burned the tapestry down along with Arachne. Later on, she regretted it, and turned Arachne into a spider so that she would weave her beautiful designs forever. After Greece was conquered by Rome, Athena was incorporated with a similar goddess from Roman Mythology called Minerva.

“The Voice of the Shuttle” comes from Sophocles and refers to Polymela, a young woman who was savagely raped by her brother-in-law, a Thracian king.  To prevent her from telling her sister (his wife) what had happened, he cut out her tongue.  Desperate, Polymela used the only means she had available — she let her wooden shuttle speak for her as she wove the scenes of her rape and mutilation into a tapestry.  When her sister saw it, she understood w hat had happened and took a terrible revenge upon her husband.

in a popular Japanese legend battles a vampire like Spider named Tsuchigumo. Watanabe is guarding his master Raiko, who is sleeping off an illness that brought him to the bring of Death. As two of the guards play the game called Go, a spider goblin appears by Raiko’s bed, sent by Tsuchigumo. Raiko wakes up and slashes at the spider’s leg with his sword, but it escapes.

Watanabe and his fellow guards pursue the spider, following a trail of blood droplets that lead them to a deep and dark cave where Tsuchigumo lives. He tries to entrap the men in his web, but Watanabe eventually kills him in a terrific fight. When the guards return, Raiko is sitting up in bed, completely recovered.

Ama-Terasu “Great Shining Heaven” is the Japanese Sun Goddess, guardian of the Japanese people and ruler of all deities. One of her tasks was to weave sacred robes for the gods. After an altercation with her brother she hid in a cave a wouldn’t come out so that no sunlight could reach the earth.

The gods met to plan a way to free her and the lewd dancer Uzume stepped forth. She danced so that the gods all were delighted and laughed so much that the cave shook. Ama-terasu opened the door of the cave to see what was going on. Uzume said that they were happy because a new, better, more beautiful sun goddess has come to replace her.

Amaterasu immediately demanded to see this goddess, and was shown a mirror. She was startled and spellbound by her own reflection long enough for the gods to draw her from the cave, and so the world was light again and there was much rejoicing. Ama-terasu symbolizes warmth, harvest, love, fertility, goodness, wisdom, peace, light, sun, compassion.

In Tang Dynasty China, the goddess weaver floated down on a shaft of moonlight with her two attendants. She showed the upright court official Guo Han in his garden that a goddess’s robe is seamless, for it is woven without the use of needle and thread, entirely on the loom. The phrase “a goddess’s robe is seamless” passed into an idiom to express perfect workmanship. This idiom is also used to mean a perfect, comprehensive plan. The Goddess Weaver, daughter of the Celestial Queen Mother and Jade Emperor, wove the stars and their light, known as “the Silver River” (what Westerners call “The Milky Way Galaxy”), for heaven and earth. She was identified with the star Westerners know as Vega.

European Goddesses
In Baltic myth, Saule is the life-affirming sun goddess, whose numinous presence is signed by a wheel or a rosette. She spins the sunbeams. The Baltic connection between the sun and spinning is as old as spindles of the sun-stone, amber, that have been uncovered in burial mounds. Baltic legends as told have absorbed many images from Christianity and Greek myth that are not easy to disentangle.

Dalia is the Goddess of Weaving and Fate in the Lithuanian mythology. She was the giver and taker of goods and property and the omniscient goddess of childbirth and destiny. Dalia is spinner, weaver, and seamstress and believed to cut off the cloth of life.

South America
Ixchel, is the Mayan Goddess of weaving, healing and childbirth. Mayan women say that fabric made on a back-strap loom is not woven, it is “born”. Although associated with floods and rains, Ixchel was commonly worshiped as the patron goddess of weaving and especially childbirth. In Inca mythology, Mama Ocllo first taught women the art of spinning thread. 

Net (also Neith) was an ancient Egyptian goddess, not very well known perhaps, unlike her Hellenistic reincarnation – Athena. Net was a warrior goddess, just like Athena, and the goddess of weaving – “weaver” is actually the translation of her name.

Maori Traditions
Maori passed their knowledge and wisdom between generations through stories and permanently recorded them in the carving and weaving of the various tribes. Weaving was a gift. Weaving is one of the treasures of Hine-te-iwaiwa, the female personification of the moon (Marama) and also the Maori goddess of weaving, plaiting and other arts. The Maori developed the craft of weaving and plaiting to a fine art to make a variety of articles for use in daily life.

The Scandinavian “Song of the Spear”, quoted in “Njals Saga”, gives a detailed description of Valkyries as women weaving on a loom, with severed heads for weights, arrows for shuttles, and human gut for the warp, singing an exultant song of carnage.

The Finnish epic, the Kalevala, has many references to spinning and weaving goddesses. In later European folklore, weaving retained its connection with magic. Mother Goose, traditional teller of fairy tales, is often associated with spinning. She was known as “Goose-Footed Bertha” or Reine Pédauque (“Goose-footed Queen”).

French legends as spinning incredible tales that enraptured children. The daughter who, her father claimed, could spin straw into gold and was forced to demonstrate her talent, aided by the dangerous earth-daemon Rumpelstiltskin was an old tale when the Brothers Grimm collected it. Similarly, the unwilling spinner of the tale The Three Spinners is aided by three mysterious old women. In The Six Swans, the heroine spins and weaves starwort in order to free her brothers from a shapes shifting curse. Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle are enchanted.



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