First Moon of Summer 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Summer has officially started and I am happy you are here with us for another moon cycle! We start our first Summer Moon on Monday June 3, 2019 in Gemini (at 12°). Followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17, 2019 (at 25°). The Summer Solstice is Thursday June 21st. For newbies read the lunar work-study directions here.

Needless to say my life would completely undergo a huge change during this moon cycle, it would be a forty year completion and as always, the fashion of the change was Chaos. Uranus has conjuncted my south node and I completed my journey and made it to my north node in Scorpio in the 12th House. I left Oregon within a week on the day of the Summer Solstice, and moved to the Midwest.

I finished my work with my dark apprentice (I work with dark souls to repay my past life karma and I work with light souls to keep the balance of my work, and help them master the self). I was not paid for 8 years of dedicated service work to my apprentice and her family. That about says the part of my karmic debt was paid in full. Nor was Elder Mountain ever created because it took way to long for my apprentice to overcome her fear of serving the public.

I honor all apprentices I have worked with but she will be the last one and I am retiring from apprentice work. Its very interesting that my first apprentice was named Jennifer who was from New Jersey and 25 years later my very last apprentice;s name Jennifer who was also from New Jersey. The circle is completed, all my karma is paid and now I can retire from this work..

Our last three moons of Spring and our intentions should have left you with some small understandings of both one’s shadow and our sacred inner path of healing of our shadow. If not, review your last three moon intentions carefully and see where you have had some awareness grow, some understandings or changes within your issues according to your intentions (along side your healing circle, disciplines and practices.)

My last moon cycle of Taurus/Scorpio was a big one for me, it had dashes of pain of spider implants that effected my third eye, then my hearing and finally down to neck and shoulder muscle pains that were excruciating. Then a flash of bashing in my dreaming of a shadow of a young woman who I met in the waking world. These filled in huge pieces missing for my progressed Gemini Moon which started a year ago. These experiences brought some enlightened understanding as I prepare for this Gemini Moon cycle.

Sanctuary Temple of Aphaia.png

When we get both light and shadow (and work with healing the shadow self rather than resist) we become aware of changes needed in our being. Its a calling that not everyone wants. This moon cycle Gemini is hand down, the keeper of magic, keeper of secrets of the elements and the trinity of our energy through time and no-time. Shadows are impossible to separate from the archetypes of magic, magicians and sorcery of many people, both in this lifetime or even past lifetimes.

The symbols to work with this moon to find ways to ground our magic into our gardens, or our honest communication or our ability to bring limitation upon our mind who can create illusions and falsities in our life. Its a balance of transitions of our thoughts, silencing our thoughts in order to listen deeper, and making a decision and sticking with it hell or high water. Without actions, words can be meaningless and live only in the realm of idealism and in our head.

Our personal clarity of mind is what this moon is all about, and learning how to juggle one’s own thoughts and desires, with others thoughts and desires.  And of course slowing this down a bit so our reality helps us mature spiritual. FYI for those new here, the Lunar Intention examples to chose from each month are at the very bottom of the page.

Gemini and Sagittarius rule personal communication which results at the end of this cycle, in the next moon of Cancer and Capricorn which is about our personal accountability. Without the steps of changeability of this moon cycle, awareness through our mental body’s thought process and becoming aware of the subtle shadow within, it becomes a greater challenge next moon cycle. Changes that occur within our lives help us get off the chaos wheel, otherwise we just spin and spin around and around constantly dealing with our same inner issues.

These issues can vary from self sabotage, sabotaging others with the selfish little self, or even the instability of the trickster’s mind (where we think we are much more of a puritan than we really are, or love and light and everyone else is a problem shadow). We can only work on our problems one step at a time, and that is where we stay focused with moon work around our communication.

A person who has an constant interest in or admiration of themselves or turns every event into their needs is called a narcissist and we all have this to greater or lesser degrees. One who has a personality that manifests itself in antisocial attitudes and behavior (shy, introvert or always making excuses for the self) shows a lack of conscience which is called a sociopath. This too is to a greater or lesser degree. How do we recognize this part of our self this month? Ask a good friend who tells you the truth, that is how.

Its hard to focus on the subtle things in our life when we refuse to do disciplines that give us more time and make us more peaceful even within a very busy life. In this moon cycle of sorcerers, magicians, fools and jesters, clowns and coyotes, thieves and heyoka, those within and all around us, we try to watch our own behaviors.

This Moon Cycle’s Oracle
The beauty and fullness of nature and the stillness and mastery of silence is the balance one needs to become a more skillful observer. Holding the depth of the inner realms and  our sensitivity to dive into bold nurturing. This is our spiritual responsibility or it becomes our spiritual downfall.

Seeing spiritually, can help us seek inner peace. Anything which hides our true identity (both our shadow or light) teaches us that we equate control and secrets as our personal truth. Vulnerability and humbleness opens the new doors and brings the wind in which wears a garland of freedom from our pain releases. When we are controlling, angry, judgmental, fearful etc., this is where we turn away from inner peace each day.

Air Moons tempt us to move into personal change of the one who wears too many disguises and masks that serve no one, not even the self. The old masks that are worn out, even some since earliest childhood can become a great burden. These old masks need to be pealed off, removed burned in the fires of purification so new masks can be made to match who we are now, and made with more flexibility and creativity. Self mastery gives us that tool to survive in a sea of drama and dreams of the lost or broken self so she or he can heal.

Coyote is always out there waiting, and coyote is always hungry. - Navajo proverb.jpg

Greek Goddess Aletheia & Aphaea
I chose Aletheia and Aphaea this Moon cycle because they have been coming up the past two weeks. I share ancient mythologies of the Goddess because I have always worked with and honored the goddesses of many nations. This is because they were a source and root of the great Moon cultures of woman and her mysteries which were also shared with men in community and healing rituals.

I encourage those who do sacred rituals for healing to use the information I post on the monthly lunar work-study to reconnect with the goddess and bring it to your home and incorporate the wisdom into your sacred moon rituals if a particular goddess attracts you.

Aletheia is the personified Spirit (daimona) of both Truth and Sincerity.  It is a Greek word variously translated as “unclosedness”, “unconcealedness”, “disclosure” or “truth”. The literal meaning of the word ἀ–λήθεια is “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.”

This is something that never goes out of fashion and we can all work on being more grounded in our personal truthful states and sincere rather than hidden and concealed. Realms of being honest with ourselves and being more sincere with others always clears the air of the hidden nature of our shadow before it grows into a big ugly monster that is unmanageable as we age. But we humans seem to prefer the unmanageable and focus on seeing fault in others instead.

There are three levels of truth. 1. Personal Truth which is our truth (ie mental truth verses emotional truth). 2. Inter-Personal Truth which is the balance of relationships to listen to others truth and share our own and 3. Collective Truth which is forced down upon us where it has nothing to do with our truth or interpersonal truth (example: the sun will rise tomorrow morning).

In order for emotional truth to be expressed and encouraged over mental truth, we have to lay down our swords of defensiveness – which is really just our fears of knowing the whole story or being rejected and the reality of getting hurt by being honest. I am sure you can all relate to that at some level now, or in your past. Getting hurt or betrayed happens anyway in life, so we might as well be emotionally honest to clear ourselves and feel better after the personal kingdom crumbles.

Because we are in an Air Sign this moon, it rules the mental body, that is why the liars, the thieves and tricksters tend to come out, within the self or others, and this tends to mirror some of our unconscious struggles and challenges. Aletheia’s challengers are Dolos (trickery), Apate (deception) and Pseudologoi (lies). She is the spirit of truth who regulates human’s behaviors that gives her a classification of Justice.

Philostratus the Elder’s descriptions of an ancient Greek painting shows the Oracle of Amphiaraus at the place called Oropos. This was a place of meditation and holy communion, much like those of us who also do our sacred work of our practices or attend retreats or sacred circles.

In ancient times, Aletheia was and still is considered the gate to Dreams (pylê oneirôn) making her a night or dusk/dawn goddess (called sky goddess in mythology). For those in the ancient past, who consulted the Oracle in temples or like modern day diviners, there is always a period of incubation to enter Oneiros (Dreams). This was depicted as are relaxed state showing that dreams are brought up from the inner world through the passage ways of Aletheia. In my group journeys I lead (non plant non drug), I always strive that people prepare by relaxation a few days before to let the stresses of life calm.

A Greek fable from the 6th Century bce… “A man was journeying in the wilderness and found Aletheia (Truth) standing there all alone. He said to her ‘Ancient lady, why do you dwell here in the wilderness, leaving the city and towns behind?’ From the great depths of her soul she replied… ‘Among the people of old, lies are found among only a few, but now they have spread throughout all of human society.”


Goddess Aphaea

Goddess Aphaea & Artemis Aphaea
The Temple of Athena Aphaea, come here, where the Sanctuary of the Temple has a Garden with beautiful Apple Trees, and sleep proceeds from leaves that twinkle in the light. Here Blooms the Meadow in multi-colored Flowers of Spring, and the Wind brings sweet fragrances…

That is how Sappho described the Sanctuary of the Temple of Aphaea in one of her odes that she devoted to Aphrodite. We must imagine the environment of the Temple of Aphaea before the destruction began and the fall of both Rome and Athens occurred. And we must also remember that these sacred sites of women existed long before any temples of stone were even build.

Alphaia’s Sanctuary was built in a forest high on the mountain, the temple had in the interior of its Sanctuary, rich plantings of trees and groups of fruit bearing trees, flowers and green lawns. It was the kind of environment that should provoke all the feelings of what it was like when women ruled the world. Pausanias left a later story about Aphaea, which derived from some traditions of Crete. During the excavation that were made there in 1901 many Mycenaean findings came to light, so the inhabitants of that area worshiped that deity from the prehistoric era. Cretans called Aphaea.

She originated as early as the 1,400 bce as a local deity associated with fertility and women. Under Athenian hegemony however, she came to be identified with the goddesses Athena and then Artemis and lastly with the nymph Britomartis. She and her spirit as a Goddess is the Spirit of the Mountains and Huntress of the Moon, which is why she is associated with Artemis.

Protector of the Seas, her Temple was built on a sacred Stone. Legend says that Alphaia had disappeared on her temple island location when the political cults of Apollo and Pan descended into the territory of her Temple. The same occurred at Delphi when Apollo had taken over replacing the priestesses with priests.

The most important archaeological site on the island of Aegina, in fact one of the most important in all of Greece, is the Temple of Aphaea which sits on top of a mountain above the resort town of Agia Marina, with a view of the Aegean Sea and all of Athens and Attika. It was originally thought to have been dedicated to the Goddess Athena but German excavations in 1901 found an inscription that the Temple was actually belonged to the Goddess Aphaea first on her own.

Here at her temple were the Dictynna Dances with her Double axes, or labryses, exclaim her active female energy of transformation. Worshipers held the crescent-bladed two sided ax which was a symbol of the female community who worshiped only the Goddess in nature and the nature in each other. The original “She who must be obeyed,” Dictynna lived on top of Mount Dicta. Her powerful name lives on in our words “dictate” and “edict.” (from Knossos mural, 2000 bce).


Example Intentions for the First New Moon of Summer (chose only one for the month):

I am just
I am fair
I am humble
I love myself
I am responsible
I allow myself to rest

I nurture myself
I am abundant
I am confident
I make decisions and stick with them
I practice healthy boundaries
I reclaim my inner authority
I live in the present moment

I am stable
I am able to let go
I am secure
I have purpose
I respect myself
I respect my feelings

I love and respect my body
I express my feelings

I accept change with groundedness
I accept change with gratefulness
I accept change with humbleness

I allow myself to grieve
I manage my sexual energy
I forgive myself
I ground my insecurity
I am aware

I express my feelings
I have a clear perspective

I embrace sobriety
I am trustworthy
I speak the truth on your New Moon of Summer and
the Summer Solstice change of Season!  ~ PhoenixNew Moon in Gemini 2019.png
Sag Full Moon June 17 2019 130 amfire

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