Loon Totem

By Phoenix the Elder – I had two loons appear here in the Pacific Northwest the last Moon of Spring. I had lots of healing work to put boundaries on shadows in my dreams and was gaining some understanding of the last five year cycle in my dream work. So its no surprise the watery and haunting Loons showed up at this time. I was grateful for their appearances.

Root Totem Symbols
1. Messenger between waking and dream worlds
2. Messenger of unique occurrences and circumstances
3. Magic and Power or misuses of power or stolen power
4. Nourishment for the Body & Soul

The Loon is a full time water bird and not only swims on top of the surface but also dives deep under the water. The bones of most birds are hollow and light, but Loons have solid bones. The extra weight helps them dive as deep as 250 feet to search for food. They can stay underwater for about five minutes. This makes their root symbol of their totem around our emotional life and our soul’s life, because water birds and water animals are a root symbols associated with the element of water.

Because most Loons are black and white, the colors represent a known and unknown aspects of something present in your life right now that will be revealed. So wait for a week after Loon has shown up for things to clear up. A longer or more intense issue will be reveal like a shadow who has been hiding in your dreams, or the more intense demon magician or sorcerer who you have not been aware of, and to the more simplistic of a person to has been hiding something from you. Either way when Loon comes to bring you the Magic veil to reveal something, pay attention closely to all communications in both waking and dreaming. 

After things are revealed, then the next step of Loon Totem comes forth: Entering under the water for Nourishment (healing) as the Loon completely engulfing itself in the depths of water and crosses a veil into the dreaming aspects of water. Many ancient grandmothers and women based matriarchs set the foundation of Birds as the great symbol of our Soul. So when loon shows up out of the blue, there are soul issues that you are not aware of. Water birds in particular have a very close link with our soul’s life rather than our physical life. 

Loon Totem, Common loon migrates through Central Oregon at Loon Lake, elder mountain dreaming

Mary Summer Rain says: Loon denotes a period of mental or emotional confusion or convoluted thought processes or magic that is dark or shadowy has appeared.”  Canadian First Nations Peoples and Pacific Northwest Nations say: “Loon represents tranquility, communication, serenity & generosity. Loon is famous for its unique and often haunting voice, and is respected for its knowledge of various realms. Birds with unique vocal talents are held in high regard by Northwest Coast peoples, who traditionally perceive words, voice and song as carriers of Power and Magic and so too the Loon.”

To the Ojibwe people, the Loon is called Maang and it rules the North Star and other stars in the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor). This makes up the Ojibwe Nation’s Loon Constellation. The loon is one of the Ojibwe main clans and is seen as a very important messenger. Loon and crane are both leaders in their clan system, and they work together.

There is an Eskimo story of the Loon which speaks of how it was not always a bird and many believe that the eerie cry of the loon is the Spirit crying out for some kind of justice. I would agree with that from my experience.

This moon cycle I had 3 Gray Herons who up and 2 Loons which is very rare for me, but some very hidden aspects of shadow were revealed, which was causing me both body and soul pain. The loon stands at the doorway between the water and the land or the material and the dream world. The loon avoids leaving the water, it must have water to land and take off. Only to make a nest to lay eggs it goes on land. Loons prefer larger lakes. The loons’ legs and feet are positioned way back on their body and they can’t walk well on land.

The second most unique thing about Loons besides their dark or stark colors of black and white is their haunting call which is their deepest connect to the mystery of nature and the water bearers as messengers.

If Loon makes an appearance in your space and shows you their great hunting skills, its a nature symbol which means “nourishment” is the main focus. Also that hunting for your nourishment during the moon cycle they appear is important. There is usually some conflict going on when Loon appears because they represent the opposite. They peacefully live in their environment in beautiful surroundings and a serenity. They come to show you that peace and nourishment should be your only focus. 

Step back from conflict, find your balance and inner peace and if something is revealed by their hunting or haunting call to you, then take time to find peace during that period before you communicate and express your haunting responses. Let things settle to be addressed after you have found peace.


Loons are a great totem for your dreams, the return of your dreams, visions, remote viewing or anything else that the world of shadow has stolen from you. Imagination, Intention and Dreaming abilities will increase even if you are already a strong dreamer.

Nourishment – Loons eat small fish and frogs and this is key to the nourishment in which one should seek. Frog totems connected with Loons are also about nourishment because they live in the water and on the banks of water. Frogs are about leaping forward or that one will take a leap forward in dreaming or in a person problem they are struggle with. 

Fish is one of the four main ancient totems of the grandmothers and they are the nourishment of the soul. So with Loon, we not only have a Nourishing Soul but also the nourishment needed for that soul. Taking care of ourselves always involves honesty, speaking our truth, laying the rules of boundaries down clearly and working with delivering such truths in a grounded and peaceful manner for it to have a greater effect.

Most are familiar with the Great Lake Loons, but there are also the Pacific Loon and Arctic Loon which are distinct species based in part on sympatric breeding in northeastern Asia and western Alaska and Northern Canada. Most of the literature on the Pacific Loon was published under the name Arctic Loon (as G. a. pacifica).

To further complicating matters, the Arctic Loon is comprised of two subspecies, a widespread Eurasian race, to which most older studies pertain and a Siberian Loon, called the “Green-throated Loon” whose breeding distribution extends marginally eastward to western Alaska. 

pacific loon totem, elder mountain dreaming

Source: https://www.first-nations.info/loon-totem.html

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