Clearing and protecting your energetic spaces

By Phoenix the Elder – This is how I clear my space and spaces for those who hired me as an exorcist. I always do a thorough job and this process takes around 4-hours to do. Its not for light clearings. Don’t bother wasting your time with this ritual for fast or half clearings, its an all or nothing process.

I wanted to share this because the general public needs access to a good thorough clearing and protecting ritual to keep shadows at bay. I suggest doing this once a year for three years. It works as long as the shadow’s living human doesn’t live on the residence ground.

My advice is, if you are living with a difficult spouse, friend or grown child and they are suffering from an addiction or past drug addiction, ayahuasca addiction, sex addiction or alcohol addiction etc. and you have a demon in the house, this ritual can be harmful because you lock their demon in with you. So make sure you work out the beginning steps when dealing with a drug addict that won’t go to daily counselling to show they are serious about getting help.

You must take the first measures to put boundaries on the person if they won’t get sober (when dealing with their shadow or demon). If its you that takes drugs or hallucinogenic plants etc. then clean yourself up because shadows love low vibrations and their actions, thoughts and this type of activity. This may seem harsh, but there are consequences for addictions and demons are one of them.

Also my suggestion is if you are spiritual, then don’t hug everyone. Hug addicts feel good when they hug you because they absorb your light and you’re left feeling drained and tired if you an empath. And its not wise to hug everyone innocently if you don’t know them really well. (my hug free diet article). For most people who are earthy, they don’t feel anything or see any shadow, this is for those of us who do.

For those who have guilt about any kind of change towards healthy behaviors, healing guilt is then a first necessary step of attaining real healthy boundaries in general. Start where you are.

Phoenix Zmenia Rattle.jpgWhat you need for the Cleansing Ritual…

1. 8 Stones (absolutely no crystals)
2. Something to make sound like chimes & bells 
    (and a bell or bells to hang outside permanently)
3. One large bowl of water for the center of every floor in the house
4. Only use your ‘hands” to scoop energy
5. Herbs and fresh flowers for your altar
6. Sage or Incense or combos

7. Ceramic Bowl & Plate, Rubbing Alcohol, matches
8. A drum or rattle if you have them (otherwise use bells)
9 Counter Clockwise motion is the direction to work with, either walking, sageing or laying of stones down etc. This is to protect areas that are non-physical such as dream spaces, veils, and where shadows walk etc. Remember, you have invited it in, and its up to you to let them go and let the shadows’ incarnated person go or make them change their behaviors  which is their personal spiritual disease like abuse, anger, drug or plant use etc. (Clockwise is to create in the physical, so we only do counter clockwise with this healing and protection ritual.)

Its best to start on the Full Moon for the deepest influence and impact. Also if you are near any of the Solstices or Equinoxes when you start, thats also a powerful advantage. I suggest clearing yourself by taking a purification salt bath (add salt to your bath), meditating first for 15 minutes, do a few stretches to clear yourself. 

Start with 4 Stones (medium to large and absolutely no crystals of any kind) and your chime or bell that you want to hang outside. Start at the corner that is closest to the “front” doorway (whichever that direction maybe). Start at the edge of the property line.

If the front door is “southwest” then each of the four directions will be on an angle. If the front door is due north, then the following three directions will be fixed energy. Make sure that the stones are laid about 30 feet from the house (or near the edge of the property line).

    1. Take your first stone and whisper to it and ask the stone to be the “stone guardians” of our house. To protect you, your family, the animals and pets. 
    2. In a counterclockwise direction, walk to the next “direction” of the house. Lay the second stone down and repeat the first intention to this second stone.
    3. Proceed to do this in the counterclockwise circle with the other two directions.
    4. Once back at the original stone. Hang the bells or chimes where the first stone is to complete the circle.

Take a bowl of fresh or spring water and start with the first stone, pouring water on the stone, and whisper to the stone: “Protect the emotional, dreaming and soul body of myself and my family” Name each person out loud.

As you walk to the second stone (in a counterclockwise direction), pour a trail of water to the next stone. And repeat the same whispering to each stone, and the trail of water the next two and end up at the first stone again.

Lastly, go to each stone with Sage or chosen smoke and say, “I clear all the energy that was here before and send those “negative” energies back to those it belongs to for the goodness of all concerned.” I clear any visible, invisible, any dimensional unseen negative energy that surrounds the outside of this house and command all of it to leave. I call in a higher power of love and light to assist any negative soul, spirit, dark animism, or negative energy living or dead, off of this property, if it refused to leave.

When you get to the first stone again, turn it upside down and with both hands, tie the circle of energy in a knot, locking the energetic field around the entire four directions.

Start at the top floor of the house (if its more than one floor, if not, then the main floor). Set a bowl and place it in the center of the upper floor (or main level if its one story). Leave the water in the center. Start in the same corner as you did outside (the front of the house) at the front door working counterclockwise.

You will be walking in a spiral motion of the entire upstairs floor (or main floor) scooping all energy up that was left behind to clear out all negative energy. “I clear all negative energies and emotional and soul energies, from anyone who has lived here or on this land, any souls, spirits or shadows that will be cleansed from this area” Say it the entire time while scooping all the old energy up, gathering it like a cloud.

Go to the next corner and set a stone at the second direction and third and then forth and then begin to walk after that in a tightening of the spiral walk towards the center, moving in a circle (still scooping up all energy) until you are at the center of the second or main floor. Empty all the energy that you gathered into that bowl.

Wash your hands and brush any negative energy off. If you really feel bad, then take a shower and rub and scrub some salt over your body and then rinse off.

Now begin to Sage smudge starting at the front door again walking in a spiral cleaning all closets, rooms, bathrooms etc. Your doing the entire floor with this spiral. Everything is done in the same counterclockwise direction starting at the first stone. Smudged everything in your spiral walk until you reach the bowl in the center again. Smudge the bowl of water.

The last part is to repeat this process again, using Bells, start at the first stone again and repeat ringing the bells to clear the next level of sound vibration. You can also “hum” a sound or be silent.

Once you are in the center of that floor leave the bowl of water there.

Come down to the first floor (or basement see next step) and repeat the entire process (if you only have one floor then continue to the next cleansing).

(if you have one) If you don’t, then first floor 
will be the main floor and read the basement 
rules as first floor rule.

The basement will have the most negative energy and emotions so be very still here and really feel the room. You have been spiraling everything down to this area. Take the bowl of water and pour it into your center bowl/altar in the basement.

Start in the same direction as all the other floors but this time you will be using sound and smudging in the “same counterclockwise” direction. Put a stone in all directions as you move along. Make your sound and smudge while saying “Nothing has permission to remain here, seen or unseen and I command you to leave and ask for the assistance of divine light to assist what will not leave with the goodness for all concerned” As you move around the basement throw the energies you feel into the water bowl on the altar you created.

Once you get to the center. Be still and feel if everything feels right. If something doesn’t feel right put an extra glass of water there and leave it for a few minutes. If you have a concrete basement, pour a little water there to cleanse it.

Gather your bowl of water after you are finished, then pour the water outside of the stone circle that you created. Ask mother earth to heal the water and give thanks to those who lived there before and blessings to them in their energetic departure.

Lastly, with sound or bells walk clockwise around the house imagining an “energetic rope” being wrapped around it a second time to protect the entire property.

Hermann Hendrich


(if you have a drum if not just have someone
clap their hands to clear energy or ring some bells):

Take the ceramic bowl (sitting on the dinner plate), and fill 1/4th with “rubbing alcohol in it and light it on fire asking it to burn any shadow energy in the house. ALL OF THE HOUSE, start at the top floor again and walk in ONE circle, then go ‘down’ to the next floor and then the basement. Counterclockwise until you end up in the center. Ask mother earth to clear all energy and take it and then thank her.

Make sure its a thick ceramic bowl, so it doesn’t get hot. Be careful and refill and relight if it is used up. Sometimes negativity will burn that flame down fast or spike it if there is a lot of darkness in a certain area. Walk counter clockwise in the spiral again.

When that is complete, then drum around the entire house if you have a drum, if not use the bells in a CLOCKWISE motion inside and out, not in a spiral but an outer circle walk of each floor and basement. SET GOOD INTENTIONS OUT LOUD FOR PROTECTION, LOVE, HARMONY, RESPECT, BEAUTY, LIGHT, GOODNESS ETC.. speak those aloud as you go around.

Outside, walk to the bells you hung up, in the beginning and ring it in silence with your eyes closed. Feel and see with the intuitive eye if anything was missed inside or out. Don’t be in a rush, this is very important.

If its your home or space, then redo this once a year for three years in its entire process if you feel or see negative energy or dark grey, black astral bodies still around or has come back in. Also you must change something about the self to make this really work. Sometimes we go through cycles in life where the veil gets thinner, and sometimes we don’t. If you feel stuff a year or two later, do the process again.

Phoenixs Slavic Shamans Drum
Phoenix’s Buffalo drum that was 8 years old and it cracked in half when drumming to cut chords between a young woman’s reptilian demon in dreaming who was attacking four other women.

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