Karmic Dept and The Halls of Amenti

By Phoenix the Elder – I have had many mystical experiences this lifetime, for most of my life and each one was either shadowy, demonic or the light and divine and the more I awakened, the more they were both present at the same time. I learned when I was younger that one does not present itself without the other.

The darker my experience, the lighter the divine experience and vice versa. I wanted to share my a group journey I took and what started the fate that opening of the underworld to purify my real two karmic past lives. There were three experiences and this was the first of three…

I was invited to a woman’s circle who did a group regressions, invited by my energy healing teacher back then. It could be described as a shamanic journey but without a drum. She guided the group through soft verbal communication because she was a past life or therapeutic regression practitioner and a very talented one. She led us all on a journey. For me, it was a very deep journey, because it was the right time, at the right place for the right reason on my path.

I remember laying down with blankets and then instantly I was gone. In my dream journey I was walking down a long hallway and and then I came to a large room. I could see in the distant a large chair, like a queen or kings chair. As I focused more in my vision I saw a woman seated on the queens chair. I didn’t say anything (but I never speaking in dreaming or visions this lifetime) as a Soul Walker (not a Mental Body Dream Walker).


I stood at a distance knowing not to come closer and all of a sudden, the woman began to speak and my clairaudio worked perfectly the first time this lifetime. She said: “Read the Halls of Amenti” and that was it, my whole journey that was an hour. I began to hear the facilitator encourage us to come back into our bodies and in the present moment. I could barely come out of it, I went to deep. I felt like I had been on Anesthesia and while others were sharing their journey, I was still trying to come back to being conscious. 

I had a haircut appointment after this journey and I left and thanked the facilitator and my friend and proceeded to another part of town. When I pulled up along the busy street on a Saturday, there is never a parking spot. And to my amazement there was one right in front of the Salon. So I pulled in and the car in front of me was a large black Mercedes with the license plate that said: EGYPT 1 and I knew this day was fated a long time ago.

So I went in and when I was done with my hair cut, I went outside and sat on the chair waiting for the person with the car. Finally an African-american man and his wife wife were getting in the car and I jumped up and asked the man if I could ask him a question. I said what are the “Halls of Amenti” and he looked at his wife and said smiling, wasn’t I just looking for that book yesterday in my study, and she smiled at both of us. He said I am an Egyptian specialist (of course he was), at the University and he told me of the book and where to get it. So I did. 

What happened after that was a series my underworld journey that would open to reclaim and pay my karmic debt and dissolve the shadow of my Roman Soldier past life who was stationed in Egypt his whole life and a very bad person. I went to the local book store, bought the book and decided to also buy my niece a college graduation present at a spiritual store. I found an authentic Egyptian Necklace and tried it on and had a vision immediately. So I thought this would help my niece as a musician. 

Well it was more powerful than that and because I had tried it on, had opened the realms to the next intense healing of repaying my karma. At the night of my nieces graduation party, I gave it to her and as I was leaving she came out and sat in my  jeep for a bit and we talked. As soon as I mentioned the necklace, I saw being her a large black demon floating right past her and at that moment she shivered all over her body and said what was that? I said you felt it and I saw it.

The doors to the abyss, the Halls of Amenti were now opened and could not be closed. I finally finished all of my healing and self healing and visions of my past life Roman Soldier who was stationed in Egypt his whole life in 2012 which seemed like a 1000 years ago now, a 21 year journey of pain and suffering to burn off his real karma. He is dissolved and I was returned one of my two higher selves (the light astral body) before his lifetime. I also had one more karmic debt to pay of an 1850s lifetime of a rich bitch, which is why I have lived in poverty since 1994. Both of their / my karmic dept is paid in full, my entire lifetime as the rich bitch was a 30 year healing journey that has ended now in 2019. I always knew 2019 would be the end of my journey and the beginning of another.

the light.jpg

Because I have lived the entire journey of reclaiming my karma this lifetime, the Halls of Amenti need to be simplify to be understood in modern times. The channeled poetry originally was by Dr. Michael Doreal who said he translated it from the Egyptian God Thoth (which is Hermes, Mercury in Greek and Roman). His Emerald Tablets at least the Amenti Halls were the Goddess Amenti’s teachings of death and rebirth. Which is our real journey to repay your karmic debt of your darkest past lives. I changed the text to make it practical and understandable, its story…


Deep in Earth is the Halls of Amenti 
The Halls of the Dead where the Living
must journey to, bathed in the pain of
purification know as Fire of the infinite All. 

Far in your past time, you were lost and looked down
on the world that you lived in. Humans who  have all
created  their own bondage from their own darkest lives, 
bound by the force that came forth when it was
time for that debt to be repaid.
Only by freedom from bondage could anyone
rise from the depths of hell (the underworld)
to return to the Earth and Sun (Heaven on Earth).

Down you must descend and dissolve your
created bodies of shadow and darkness, which
takes the semblance of you and the past life
of shadow as your own. 

The Masters of everything said after their dissolving
of the dark karmic astral bodies which you were/are: 

“I am and was my past life demon, who I created
partaking in life from from my own free will
and made negative choices because I was living in
the world as a child, not a responsible adult, yet
unlike the children of my ancestors.”

Part of me fragmented and remained in this
dwelling place, far ‘neath the earth crust where
hell (the underworld) exists. This past life of
shadow and darkness is surrounded by forces
and power,  and I asleep, remain shielded from
harm as this past life me is in the Halls of the Dead. 

the light of the lantern

Side by side then, me in my reincarnation and
me in my past life demon (astral body) is placed
in these other spaces called the underworld.
I fill myself with Life and with Light, here above
where I live in this middle world.  I built my
own prison and why this part of my past
remains a prisoner in the Halls of Amenti, 
that they might dwell eternally there,
living with life to eternity’s end.

Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, 
expanding, driving backward the night, this is
my soul if I learn the ways to be humble, to heal
and to bow when the debt comes due. 

If I do the humble work, forgiveness of my past life
sins, then I become laced in the center, and a ray of
great potency, Life giving, Light giving, filling with
power is only created by me walking the steps of
truth, burning with the debt of my karma which
feels like being crucified by fire’s purification.
This is what true purification is, bathed in the
radiance, filled with the Life from the eternal Light
as all turns against you, as all your earthly materials
are taken from you, rejected and banished from both
family and society and left with nothing. All in the
name of dissolving your past life demons.

Time after time placed they their first created bodies 
which is called my higher self, the other astral body
that holds what remains of our light. Each lifetime
when we do not do the work, it takes a little more
and more from our light body to sustain our unconscious

One hundred years out of each thousand must be
the few lifetimes to repay our karmic debt.
The Life-giving Light flame forth on my own
bodies of dark astral body and light astral body
which I heal and are personally responsible for,
quickens the awakening the Spirit of Life.

In the great circle of life from aeon to aeon, 
sit the Great Masters who have attained burning
all karma of all past lives, are living life but not
know among the people. In the Halls of Life
they had laid asleep and didn’t know of their
karmic demon past lives; and free flows their
Soul through their other bodies in their 
incarnation after incarnation.

Time after time, while their shadow bodies lie
sleeping, incarnated they in their new bodies.
Teaching and Guiding onward and upwards, 
out of the darkness of the Halls of Amenti
into the light of the present by dissolving
all of one’s sicknesses, secrets, fears. 

There in the Hall of Life of one’s higher self
unattainable is filled with their wisdom, 
known not to the races of people unless they
are willing to suffer and burn off their
past life karma. And if they do not, they are
living forever ‘neath the cold fire of life,
where the children of Light are dormant
and do not dissolve their past life demon(s). 
The times or lifetimes that they are awakened
come from their own depths to be lights and
they return their purified souls, and become
infinite among the finite humans.

Those who by progress have grown from their
past life darkness, and have lifted themselves
from the eternal darkness of the night into light
of the night, and only then is one free
of the prison they have made in their past
in the Halls of Amenti, free of the darkness
of the Flower of Life. 

Guiding themselves by the age old wisdom and
knowledge, passed from Master to Master of Life. 
It is there one may dwell as Master, free from the
self-bondage of the dark sides of night.
Seated within radiance sit seven Sisters above us, 
helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom,
the pathway through no-time of dreaming
and visions. 

Mighty and strange, these humans are
veiled with their power but silent and
all-knowing, drawing the life force, 
Aye, different, and yet one (ordinary)
with the children of light.

Custodians and watchers of the forces of 
one’s human bondage, are ready to loose
and let go when the light has been reached. 
First and most mighty sits the Veiled infinite Nine, 
over the other from each the Cycles of Nature; 

Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, 
each with one’s mission based on cycles,
each with his powers (courage, honesty,
compassion, love) guiding, directing the
destiny of those who wish for their soul’s
Freedom. There sit they, mighty and potent, 
free of their own karma. 

Not of this world – they must sacrifice
in order to attain in-between the worlds
of this world and the underworld. Yet
at the same time akin to this mundane
life. Judging and weighing, they with
their attained wisdom, watch and oversee
their own progress of light.

There before them was I led by the Dweller
(the gatekeeper to hell) and watched myself
blend with with my mundane incarnated 
life (the one from the above, above hell
in this world) to purify the darkness
and pain. 

light of those who bow to life.jpg

Free henceforth of the Halls of Amenti, 
Master of Life among children of wo/men. 
Taste not of death except as thou experience it
drink from Life only until your Eternity’s end
which there is none once the physical body 
has died.  Henceforth forever is the Life of
the purified Soul from all its karma and debts. 
Henceforth is Death at the call of thy hand. 

Dwell here or leave here when thou desire, 
to free your soul, is Amenti to the humanity.
Take thou up Life in what form thou desire
as one of the Light, choose your self healing
work, for all must labor the crimes of their
debt or they will never be free
on the pathway of Light. 

One step of a million steps will gain only one
step of light on the long pathway upward to
free your past lives from hell. Infinite 
is the climb of the mountain of Light. 
Each step you take, but heightens the
mountain; and makes it seem even more
impossible to climb, all of your progress
actually and realistically lengthens your goals
of purification (meaning that the more you heal
the more darkness that is revealed around your
past lives of shame, darkness, greed etc). 

Approach ye ever the infinite Wisdom, 
ever before thee recedes the goal. 
Free are ye made now of the Halls of Amenti 
to walk hand in hand with the Lords of the world, 
one in one purpose, working together, 
bring of Light to the children of men.”

Through the dark passage, downward I
was led, into the Hall where site the dark
Death exists, where all the dark souls live
of the good people of earth. Vast as space lay
in these great Hall before me,  walled by darkness
but yet filled with Light as i suffered off the darkness
of myself in this life and past lives.

Before me arose a great throne of darkness, 
veiled on it sat a figure of night. The Goddess
Amenti, and this Master, speaking…

The Word that brings about Life, saying; 
“Oh, master of darkness, guide me out
of the darkness, of the way from this (past
life of shadow) unto my present Life (of
Incarnation), before this, I bring a Sun
of this morning to do more healing and
more work, more humbleness, more truth
through me to burn off my karma.
Release one’s flame of light from one’s
darkness of one’s own bondage, let it flame
through the darkness of night.

Raised then the hand of the figure, 
forth came a flame that grew clear and bright. 
Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness, 
unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night. 

Others in life that are a shed a dim radiance, 
live in their past life shadows and demons
of those nights of previous incarnations. 
Some there were that faded swiftly; 
others that grew from a small spark of light. 
Each surrounded by the dim veils of darkness, 
yet flaming with light that can never be attained
or quenched. Coming and going like fireflies
of summer, filled they with Light and with Life.

Then spoke a voice, mighty and solemn, saying: 
“These are lights that are souls that are equaled
in both growing and fading, existing forever, 
changing in reincarnation yet living, through death
into life.  When they have bloomed into a flower, 
reaching the zenith of growth in their life, 
swiftly then send I my veil of darkness, 
shrouding and changing to new forms of life
to show them where they are at in the balance
of eternity.

I, Death, come, and yet I remain not, 
for life eternal exists in the ALL; 
only an obstacle, I in the pathway, 
quick to be conquered by the infinite light. 
Awaken, O flame that burns ever inward,
flame forth and conquer the veils of darkness.” 

Then in the midst of the flames 
in the darkness grew there one that 
drove forth the night, flaming, expanding, 
ever brighter, until at last was nothing but Light. 

See your own soul as it grows in the light,
free now forever from the darkness of your
own karma.

You have freed yourself from Halls of Amenti.
Choose your work among the humans.

Go, as you will. So be it decreed.
master is your destiny once all
karma is paid, free to take life or
reject it at will. Take your power,
take your wisdom. Shine as a light
among people.

halls of amenti

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