Second Moon of Summer 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Healers and Moon Lovers and blessings to you on this New Moon. The 2nd new moon of Summer and the Solar Eclipse begins Tuesday, the 2nd of July, 2019 @ 10 degrees Cancer. Eclipses add that an extra layer of perception and are seasonal. For some of us, this is difficult and for others, it adds small epiphanies of what we’ve been working at to break through in our healing or awareness journey. For the newbies here who have just joined us in this lunar intention work, here are the ” directions ” and explanation of how to work with this awareness and dream awareness work.

Happy 2nd New Moon of Summer, the Cancer New Moon today and we will experience her again the first week of January 2020 in her full moon phase. There are a few rules around the practices of moon work, the moon cycle you are presently in and staying focused there and the opposing at the Full Moon, which is the fruition of your intention itself.

New Beginnings of the new moon itself, are internal and what is revealed in the two weeks before the full moon is based on your new moon intention, and your focus, and ability to “pay attention”. Those who have scattered mental bodies will find it really difficult to do this “self mirror work” because its always easier to see others problems than our own. This practice is to see your problems and issues that are either very dark, very dull, medium gray or the lighter than gray. This is why moon work is all about mirrors all around us that appear to show us what we need to heal. It requires you to look at the parts of yourself you do not like, rather than substitute that for “drama” !!!!

These come through our own actions, the people we are involved with, the events that occur! These all help us set up the release intention on the day of the full moon. This is a self awareness practice for the inner self, the inner emotional being that we are, and the windy road we travel not to directly deal with it. My lunar work helps build a small spiral each moon cycle to touch that part of yourself in order to heal it.

Since moon work is “reflective” and not direct, the reflection is the full moon’s manifestation from our new moon intention. For example this Cancer New Moon is more about the Capricorn expressions than it is Cancer in resolve. 
In sun astrology which most lunar writers work with, they focus on the archetype of Cancer from the Sun teachings, which seems logical. But Moon work is chaos and changeability, constant change and constant levels of light and dark, that is lunar work. And that is reflected by our own issues of dark and light.

For example if something happens in life that is difficult, you react, your fluctuate, you suffer internally. But in moon work, when the chaos within you happens and you feel emotionally upset within, the world fluctuates, your life fluctuates, you reach for comfort outside the self like food, drink, pot, love… you react and then express that dysfunction in your outer world.

Do you get that?

Shuplyak Oleg.jpg
Oleg Shuplyak

In the Cancer moon cycle, it is the dynamic around family, the mother, yes, but it also is the energy that effects your purpose, your work, your career, your relationship with Saturn (Capricorn). Try to remember that duality work in lunar work, its all about oppositions and its a good thing, not a negative.


Moon reality is why people seek their perfections in their partners, their work and not themselves, and why great disappointments, betrayal and wounding that do not heal occur. We need the mirrors of loved ones and complications in our life, to find out who we truly art (both our shadow side and our light), even the least emotional of us.

I have taught others for a long time that our light is perfect, we don’t need to focus on that, we need to focus on healing our shadow, our impatience, our anger, our emotional and mental problems in real ways, real spiritual ways that include our family, our friends, our partners and strangers. That is the true work of the inner moon, the inner lunation based on emotional changes like the moon in the sky, every single month.

We get our solutions, aha moments and epiphanies at the end of our cycles, not in the beginning or middle of our issues. And these cycles vary from four year cycles, twelve year cycles, twenty-one year cycle etc. Some of my resolve has been huge and had to work them out literally for a forty-two year cycle. Most of my changes occur in twelve year cycles because Jupiter is conjunct my north node in the 12th house in Scorpio. Know your moon cycles and you will know the self.

The Midsummer Moon Cycle…
We finished the last moon, a Gemini Moon cycle and it was a very powerful moon for me. I have my progressed Moon in Gemini now and it was double the change. I moved to the Midwest and completed my apprenticeship after eight years with my last (dark) apprentice this lifetime. I paid a third karmic dept off with her. I decided to retire after this and for me, it will be the first time in about 40 years that I don’t work with crisis, sickness and stress of my own or others. I am very welcoming of this new change and of my time of being at peace. I will continue to write the lunar monthly intentional work.

This moon cycle is the ancestors moon and with me having a Pisces moon in the forth house its always a special moon. When I first started to awaken in the adult phases of my life (after 30 years old), the first adult mystery happened in the last 80s and early 90s included an appearance of a spirit wanting to channel with me.

Because I was born with the natural gifts of common sense, which are way under valued, I wasn’t born yesterday this lifetime. I chose at that moment never to speak with anything I did not understand or know first hand in the inbetween realms or across the veil. But I also have a Scorpio Rising with the Nordic Goddess Hel on my ascendant and a north node in the 12th in Scorpio.

Dreamers and Empaths must always practice instilling strict boundaries as well as refraining from too much spiritual innocent.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

I didn’t know what or who this thing was telepathing to me. I didn’t know if the spirit or soul was Joe the dead mechanic down the street, or an ancient one, a person having an out of body, or some kid on drugs/plants who pushed out of their body (fragmented) and wanted to talk to someone. Remember the rule: If they speak its not the Soul, its the Mental Astral body, be they presently incarnated or an ancient soulless one.

It ended up being an ancient human telling me he was an Akkadian (Mesopotamian). I only observed that evening it happened, and did not telepath or speak back to it. Nor from that point on did I ever speak to anything after that. Best decision I ever made and that specific reason has come in the bigger completion cycle to me, this moon cycle.

Since this is an Ancestral moon month, things like this can happen to anyone, out of the blue, like it did to me that day and its always good to know possibilities and what to do just in case, even if its never happened before. In spiritual work, we can exercise being prepare. I always suggest to everyone to turn away the first 1000 spirits (souls) that want to have a conversation.

These are more serious dreaming issues of course and I know a lot of people are less discerning about such things. My wisdom I pass along as an elder is to be very discerning in your spiritual path, especially around these things. Its how we remain safe through the long journey we must take if we are spiritual. One of the huge truths on our spiritual path is that our choices become very important in our lives in the bigger picture. The more self aware we become, the more difficult our choices become. That is spirituality 101 when we are on a healing spiritual path. Knowledge and Social Spiritual path people do not have to deal with this.

If one accepts that, they can go deeper into their unconscious to heal the self or their karma, while still balancing the intruders who may come, and we can make things more conscious in our life if we follow a few rulse. Is this without pain?

Of course not, nothing of true spiritual value exists without suffering. The Cancer moon is how we balance such spiritual suffering by learning, practicing and making it important to really learn nurture our fears, our self and how we are able or incapable of nurturing others in order to grow.

We all nurture our family the best we can, and our children, a good friend, sometimes with ease and sometimes with great difficulty. But not many people can give love beyond these circles. We can be kind, but do not know how to serve within friendships, serve to total strangers, serve ex partners with love and still remain strong in our boundaries.  Everyone who has gone through Buddhism all the way to AA – goes through gratitude and appreciation practices and if you haven’t ever done these or need to brush up on it, this moon is a good moon to do so.

For the very serious dreamers here, I also suggest buying 12 dream journals and write in each journal that represents one moon cycle. And each year you write in the same one journal until its full. Example, this is a Cancer Moon, and if you are having an issue this moon in waking or dreaming, you can go back to the “Cancer Moon or 2nd Moon of Spring” journal, 3 to 10 years and pull the Journal out as reference of your issues happening. Each year, moon cycles individually, will repeat the same issue.

As a reference you can check and see if there are any similarities, which usually they are. Remember, this is an awareness practice each month and so too the journaling. When you align intention each moon, with self awareness and dreaming cycles, you begin to become aware in a very grounded way.

A Midsummers Night Dreaming

I have always taught that loving others must be mastered through healing and loving the self first, this way you separate your personal issues from the other which brings more clarity. Especially when it counts, when we feel we’ve been done wrong, or did wrong, or have been rejected or any issues of drama, sickness or narcissism that we all wind through in our life. These are our greatest tests as spiritual people, the everyday mundane ones.

To learning that we can endure and still love and be kind even with those that hurt us is a great accomplishment. Since this moon is a fullness moon cycle, sometimes those who have stolen our energy, lied to us or cheated on us, we practice forgiveness in our closest relationships. Everything we become is what we must eventually deal with and that is mirror work 101.

This never ending story of our mystical nature, is something different. Its an exploration journey, a synchronicity wonderment. But both the mundane and the wonderment includes how we learn to nurture our pain, rejection, frustrations and other monsters we deal with within. 

Because Cancer Moons are the root of who we are under our exterior personality, likes and dislikes, this moon is the great mother, the great mothers love, love itself. This ability or inability to treat ourselves with respect, to treat others with respect both within our strengths and our fears, in the good and bad will actually show us the level of our spiritual journey where we really are, not where we think we are.

If we fear change, then we are quite normal of course, but if we structure our journey, to go beyond the fear of change limitations, we begin to tackle our personal fears and triggers. We slowly learn to love unconditionally because we accept the Great Mother in all things. Love your enemy and have strict boundaries while doing it at the same time. Its the most difficult spiritual walk in our real spiritual journey, and self nurturing makes it possible.

Fosters Pond, Arno Rafael Minkkinen 1989.jpg

ORACLE OF THE MONTH…  Repose – The Ornamental Garden

The year is a good one, the season is right
Cultivate your fields that stretch into the distance.
Peace reigns over all like majestic Mount Tai.
There will be no unseen reverses.

When the fields are starting to be cultivate to await the fullness of harvest, there can finally be  no ill fate for you. Your inner peace must be immovable, like the mighty Mount Tai. And you must learn to calmly survey your good work. All are in accordance and as a result, there are no contrary indications. If you have worked very diligently and paid due attention to the unfolding of the season so that all your actions have been timely within them, there is nothing more to worry about.

This is a good oracle for the month, so lets focus on our personal nourishment until the next Full Moon which will be in the sign of Capricorn on July 16, 2019…

Where is the “lack” of your personal nourishment of the self, under the rules of spiritual healing? Is it your defensiveness? Is it your lack of daily spiritual disciplines? Lack of Trust? Your addiction? Your fear of being found out that your not perfect? Your fear to take risks? Lack of honesty? Mind confusion projected onto others who you feel are opponents instead of helpers? Our first relationship of feeling secure is our own Mother or main caregiver if your mother was not there our first 21 years.

We all have our personal issues around this, and they usually are three deep ones, and a few simple ones. We always work on the simple issues of self nourishment first. The nourishing moon of the mother self, or your relationship to your own mother, mother in law, inner mother or mothering in general should be addressed this month. And this has nothing to do with having children.

Where do you fall short in the ability to comfort yourself when you are alone and upset, how do you hold up yourself with your own inner strength and how solid is that foundation? We all must eventually stand on our own two feet and walk toward growing up at 52 years old. After that, our time is up for growing up.

Choose an intention that deals with your personal issue right now, not the larger issues that span ten or twenty years in the past. Living in the present moment, means healing the past issues that arise each moon cycle.

If you were the perfect mother, how do you see yourself. If you are a dark mother who has had to fight for peace and truth, how do you see that in yourself? We all must learn to nurture ourselves and we start with the Summer Solstice again, just like last year. If you follow this teaching, then I suggest you look over last Summer Solstice’s intention of the Second Month of Summer and try to see what you chose for your one intention. Review that and either practice it again this month, or update it a bit.

Each moon cycle year after year will repeat the same circumstances, and its how deep we are willing to go inward, that helps us slowly dissolve those lessons. It seems the Summer and Winter Solstice, everyone wants to party around those times. Set the party aside and take your path seriously and invest in you.

x Vyacheslav Larionov w

The Goddess I chose for this moon cycle is a 6,000 year old Goddess named Geshtinanna, a Goddess of Dreams of Sumeria who is the sister of Dumuzid. Her parents are Ninhursag and Enki. She tries to save her brother from the Galla Demons, and when they took him to Kur, she mourned his death very deeply. In order to bring him back in the seasonal rites of the gods and goddesses, she agrees to take his place in Kur for half a year so that he would return to heaven with Inanna the Great Mother.

Sumerians stated in their poetry, while Geshtinanna was in Kur, the earth had became barren and giving rise to the Season of Summer. This is the opposite of the Greek story of Persephone and her Mother Demeter who ruled Winter, not Summer and was the goddess not the god who spent time in the underworld, not the upperworld like the Sumerian myths. Very interesting, but also the Moon God and the Sun Goddess were also changed by the Greeks into the opposition as well.

Though Geshtinanna was continuously worshiped throughout the Akkadian eras of Mesopotamia, her cult disappeared in the Old Babylonian period. She is mentioned in several works of the Seleucid era. Because she was a goddess of Dreams, it makes her fall into the Goddesses of the Night, including the Dusk and Dawn Goddesses of the cradle of civilization of the newly seeded Patriarch.

Some of the earliest ancient civilizations to work with dreams and Oneiromancy and Dream predictions were from Ancient Mesopotamia. Oneiromancy is a form of divination in which dreams are interpreted in order to live in the present moment and find the shadow and light of the self through one’s own dreaming.

Only later did dreaming become fortune telling when the government cults took over temples. Ancient civilizations that were based in the regions of Mesopotamia are Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, and their belief in dreams, still continues to this day. The interpretation of dreams in ancient Mesopotamia can be found in its literature, such as the famous Epic of Gilgamesh and the Atrahasis. Additionally, oneiromancy seems to have been practiced in real life as well, as evidenced by a compendium of texts known as the Iškar Zaqīqu (translated as ‘core text of the goddess under the guise of the god Zaqīqu’), or more commonly known as the Assyrian Dream Book.

The Dream Book škar Zaqīqu is an eleven tablet compendium of oneiromancy written in Akkadian. Tablets two to nine form the manual of deductive divination, while tablets one, ten and eleven provide rituals to alleviate dark dreams. Zaqīqu, which means “Spirit” or “Ghost”.

Beyond the sphere of literature, one can say that the ancient Mesopotamians took their dreaming very seriously. This can be seen in the existence of professional dream interpreters. One of the most well-known collections of dream interpretations from ancient Mesopotamia is the so-called Assyrian Dream Book.

This was a group of clay tablets discovered in the library of the Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal, in Nineveh in 700 bce. The inscriptions are said to be a record of how dreams may be interpreted.

Dream interpretations first appear in texts from Mari, whether solicited by the incubation ritual or spontaneous. The iškar dZaqīqu is believed to have been copied from an old Babylonian original. Visions from dreams came in three types:

Messages in dreams come from a relative, friend, spouse or deity, and are reflections of the dreamer’s state of mind, emotions or health and that can be revealed in prophetic dreams. The šā’ilu “questioner” or dream diviner could be a professional drawn from any of the disciplines of Mesopotamian temples: A. ašipu (exorcist), B. the bārû (diviner), C. ṭupšarru (astrologer), D. muhhûm (dancer ecstatic) or E raggimu (prophetess / prophet). These are similar with the traditions of ancient Egyptian dream hermetic oracles.


Example of Moon Intentions
(chose only ONE for the month)

I listen
I forgive
I am healing my drama

I am healing my emotions
I am practicing inner peace
I am learning to trust
I accept that I am an addict
I embrace my processes of detoxing / purification

I am healthy (if you don’t feel healthy)
I am creative (if you don’t feel creative)
I am passionate (if you don’t feel passionate)
I am healing my heart

I heal my heart
I am grounded in my emotions

I recognize my inner child’s behavior
I express emotionally honesty
I am positive in my detachments

I heal my drama
I practice self-respect
I practice stability
I practice my spiritual disciplines

I express my courage with compassion

I am honest
I come out of hiding
I face my struggle (name it____)
I am learning to listen deeply
I heal my narcissism
I heal blaming others

I accept more joy
I am nurturing my inner child
I allow love to come from deep within me
I use my anger in a positive and healthy way

I am mindful of my projections
I respect my talents
I judge only my own actions
I commit to healthy passion
I overcome my fear of rejection

Blessings and have a good moon cycle, do your work and prepare for your letting go at the Full Moon in Capricorn… Phoenix the Elder

Astrology Chart (CDT) for the 2nd New Moon of Summer (Midsummer)…

New Moon in Cancer and Eclipse July 2 2019

cancer symbol

Photos: Fosters Pond by Arno Rafael Minkkinen 1989; Mesopotamian Art; Slavic Midsummer Fires;

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