Mind Projections vs Soul Impression and its Woundedness

By Phoenix the Elder – I was in a group for a few minutes like I usually am, but then leave… and I saw someone asked this question: “Intuition verses Creation: Over the years having trained in both accessing my intuition as well as creating from my heart I have often wondered this: When I say ‘I’ve just seen something which is my intuition telling me that something has occurred or will occur’ how do I know if it is my intuition telling me something has created ‘out there’ or I have/am creating something ‘out there’?

I think there is a vital distinction I am not always sure about. So for example lets say I am consciously creating something from a vision my heart has given me… and then I see another vision I consider my intuition telling me it’s not going to happen at which point am I intuiting the delay or creating the delay? Or what if I intuit someone as untrustworthy (or anything else) – am I intuiting something I have no control over or am I creating this?

Phoenix’s reply…

Yin and Yang Horses by Anne Russell
Phoenix’s  Reply:
We have 2 bodies that involve intuition, sensory sensations, sense gifts etc…

The Sun (mind, mental astral body)
The first is the Mental Body’s Astral Body (which is what all psychics access) and what people who dream access. This is not a ‘gut feeling’ types of intuition, its more intuitive impressions and information because its based on “projections”. 

The mind is like the Sun, it is predictable and task oriented, be that in waking life or dream life, it rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Its linear and it seeks information. Sort of like why people have issues with Mercury Retrogrades. Its pretty much related to the reality of the mental body. So we have two mental bodies, one cognitive processes for basic everyday life decisions and one at night of the mental body dreamer (which most people access in dreams) and remain safe in dreaming. 

The mental astral body in the waking life, gets those psychic and intuitive impressions also. That is what “signs” are all about, but not “synchronicity” (which is a soul term and action of what the soul is looking for unknown to the mind).

Like a film in a movie house, the mind projects a ‘story’ onto a screen. We all know about psychology 101 when they speak of projections, well sometimes they are from the mind and sometimes they are from the feeding of the soul to the mental body via soul astral body and mental astral bodies communication systems. This is what dream analysis of symbols is for, to loosen and flex those two astral bodies to start communication.

We have capability with our mental astral body) that the soul does not and vice versa. The mental astral body can project far (such as remote viewing) or locally in an impression of something more intuitive or psychic which most people do. 

Mental projections are generally not personal issue at the level of real fears, they are those bothersome won’t go away “informative suggestions on an intuitive level”. Just like dream projections can project an issue in dreaming, even though the dreamer hasn’t entered the real “action” energetically of that dream. 

On the dark side, its why people hear demonic voices (of the dark side of the mental astral body), on its good side, it can hear beautiful music when there is not any in the physical levels (like clairaudio).

The Heart for those who have mastered Zen (the most difficult meditation to master out there), understand that the heart is the SILENT MIND which is hard to master, and one which evolves the self into a higher level of mind: Into the observer which effects our behaviors in a more positive way.

Most people use the heart as the higher emotional body, but when you really know both mind and the emotional body and the independent soul body thats not in this physical world but roams in various areas of the energetic worlds around us, at greater levels, you get to access raw emotion for negative and positive reasons that is connected to the soul, not the mind.

When we say we are not our car, our kids, our house, our money we are speaking of the soul. But the mind must process that belief system first. Love is something learned, and our belief systems tell us what we will love and what we will not. The same is true of mastering the mental body to even be able to touch the mental astral body, for most people that takes 20 to 30 years of strict disciplines and healing of great dedication and that is not the mother of it all, the source which is the soul body.

The Moon (emotional body, soul bodies, animism bodies)

The second one is the Soul Astral Body (which is what dreamers, intuitive and seers access when it comes to that kind of memory, remembrance and soul information). We have many souls, our regular soul within, which is about 20% of our overall collective soul. Our higher self soul which is pure, our demonic past life souls which are fragments of our original source soul, and lastly or oldest, is our animism souls which are pretty much dormant in about 90% of humanity.

Our Emotional Body and our inner 20% Soul Astral body work together as one… and we will usually sense a ‘warning’ intuitive prompt because both the soul and the emotional sensitivity are very different from mental body intuition. The prompting of intuition always comes from a soul place of needing protection and or healthy boundaries (always).

This astral soul body is generally connected in both waking and dreaming like the mental body, but has a deeper relationship to synchronicity realities because the soul does not ‘manifest’ like the mental astral body does… because the soul will see what the mental body cannot or is blind to.

When we die, the emotional body does not exist anymore, its only while we are incarnated that its active because its part of the soul and we burn soul karma off by pain. The fragmented soul astral shadow from our past life, does hold past life fragments of rage or addiction etc and that is why the soul astral body is so much more multidimensional and complex.

When we get intuition from this body, it generally has dread attached to it, fears, anxieties, or a life decision that involves soul matters of our greater collective. 

People who suffer from anxiety (severe) can never take medication big enough to deaden the soul astral body, because not all of it is in this physical plane. It may start off as a mental body disorder, but it goes much deeper than that into the soul and seeing and sensing what cannot see or fix with the mind. Meditation of course helps etc. So that is a tiny snippet of soul astral body.


Now, her question on Creation…
Some people manifest and some people are bound by fate and cannot manifest. There are many aspects of creation, creative, emotional, mental, physical, soul with the word creative and creation. So that would have to be defined by one’s own belief of what creation means to them… 

I am creating from a vision of my heart

Creating (action of creation)
Vision (mind projection when awake or dreaming)
Heart (the silent mind).

The soul does not create, it is creation, it exists and is the omni-energetic presence of our own soul, of mother earths soul, of the spirit (elementals of wind, rain, fog, storms, lightning etc), where Creation (energy) is combined with action. Think of it as Soul is Creation, Mind Body is Action of this Creation.

What if I intuit someone as untrustworthy (or anything else) – am I intuiting something I have no control over or am I creating this?

Guilt or Worry are powerful persuaders for us not to touch any raw wounds which we can or have stuffed away for years or even decades. Guilt of the Mental Body or the Mental Body itself has no real jurisdiction over emotional issues, but it can trigger confusion and complex sub-realities that are dormant within us.

The next time you have a trigger, hold it in your hand, have a relationship with it, otherwise it will overpower you and knock you down for years. Our fear or fears cause our diseases at more surface levels, for our true diseases come from original wounds of our karma. We can cause chaos through our truth and truth can cause chaos onto us, for every action does has a reaction. All of this is inside our head, mind, body, soul, emotional body and past life astral bodies. This is why truth and healing is so difficult.

Truth can be a mental body truth which is more narcissistic where we can bend it to justify our truth or hide it. I have seen some pretty professional truth hiders who hide behind their intense woundedness but also their fears and fights and flights. Even the greatest fear of admitting that we are sick, to our self tends to be one of the deepest illnesses out there that prolongs problems for the person and everyone they are involved with.

Emotional truth is the real truth, is your truth, interpersonal truth with someone else or collective truth (like the sun will rise tomorrow). That would be what if I held my boundaries against an abuser and the abuser died, is that my fault, am I creating that by having boundaries?

No, you are making choices with the best awareness you have at this stage of your life, you can base it on old wounds, present wounds, confusion, soul or emotional body issues you are not even aware of. 

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