Mythical Swans

By Phoenix the Elder – I am a dreamer and when I was 32 years old, my mother died (1990). I was spending the night at her home. That night as she slowly departed I had my first real Spirit Dream and that was the basis to know the few and powerful Spirit Dreams that I have had in my as a Dreamer.

I have seven brothers and sisters and it was my turn that night to be with my mother that night as she by fate, was leaving that night and gone by nine in the morning. I took care of her and then I feel asleep on the couch around one am. It was very hard and sorrowful to lose my mother of course, but because I was given that night, a spirit dream  it was both spiritual ecstasy and great sorrow which seemed somehow to balance my experience all out.

In fact, the spirit dream was so divine it balanced my mothers own death and about two years later, what remained was the positive Spirit Swans and that my mother didn’t have to suffer. My daughter and myself have talked about both of our relationships with death that its not the same as other people. Even my mother had the same aspects in regards to her parents and siblings deaths… we all have Pisces Moons.

The Hamsa, the heavenly divine Swan Goose of the Sufis, Hindus, Persians and more is an aspect of the Phoenix

 That night as she was departing this world, I had my first real Spirit Dream…

A great Storm was coming, a hurricane and it was beating against the house and me and my niece who was 2 years old then, had waited for it to pass. I could then see the bright sun shining into the house after the storm was done and we went outside and it was bright and sunny just like it was after a real storm.

Then two mythical Hansa Swans were slowly flying towards the house in the sky. They were the size of the entire sky and as I looked up, it was an amazing experience with sound and feeling and sensations that are not normal in a dreaming. In all my work as a shaman this lifetime, my applied studies of mythology, mythos, animal mythology and animism experiences, I never even looked up these Mythical Hansa until today.

The Swan represents purity, perfect union with the divine earth (and heaven) and wisdom. The only reason I have had great mystical experiences is because I have experienced great darkness, monthly for decades. B

Here is my story of the Divine Swans and why they appeared…

My friend Jim and I were both astrologers and I flew there to Seattle from the midwest with an invitation to work on the Astrology University via my introduction to him by my sister and her friend (both astrologers).

Jim is one of only a few people in my life who got to experience with me, one of my many mystical experiences that manifested in the daytime or waking life. We had gone on a long hike October 30, 1996 outside of Seattle, and this was a period of time when I kept having mystical experiences every week, if not everyday. 

On our hike that beautiful Autumn day, I kept asking Jim if he could hear the monastery bells in the mountains which I was experiencing. He said no, he didn’t see or couldn’t hear anything that I was experiencing earlier that day on the hike, as I had stepped inbetween the worlds in the waking world and he could not access that level of the realms.

Finally half way to our destination to the ocean sound, on the hiking path, we met a beautiful tall woman with darker skin, with long beautiful black hair who seemed like she was from India. I thought she was a model. She was just standing there on the hiking path with her two children and every time she spoke it sounded like she was laughing, but I looked at her mouth and it wasn’t open nor was she speaking.

I was confused at that moment, as I often am at the beginning or first few minutes of a mystical experiences that would just happen. This is because when I was younger my focus wasn’t self-mastered yet. I stayed a few minutes and said hello in this beautiufl yet strange mystical experience I was having, and then me and Jim continued on our hike and I said goodbye to her. A few more mystical things had happened as well before we got to the water at the end of our hike.

When we reached our destination at the ocean sound inlet of water, and we just sat along the water watching nature very peacefully and a large golden eagle flew towards me and landed on the big tree I was sitting under. I grabbed a stone in honor of what was happening that day. Then as I was just peacefully relaxing and resting and watching the water, the water of the sound, began to dance and move up and down about eight to ten feet moving in a forward line.

At that moment I asked my friend if could see that? And he said yes and then out of nowhere, 1000 birds flew from the water into the air slowly, when there had been none. We were both a little taken back to say the least and just looked at each other and then watched the birds fly upwards into the air until they disappeared in the sky.


We then got up and continued on the hike back, and we reached the halfway point back to the parking lot, the woman was still there with her two children. This time there was a man with her with blond hair, about her age, they both looked like they were in their early 30s. The daughters were also still there, the older one with black hair (whose name was Lilith) was about 8 years old and the younger one with white hair (whose name was Sophia) was around 5 years old. I asked what their names were this time.

I had picked up a stone when we were by the ocean sound when the magical birds in the waking day began to appear, and I pulled it out of my pocket at that moment, got on one knee and put it in Lilith’s hand. I asked her to tell me what she saw.

She looked over at her mother and said: “That’s not how you draw the Sacred Symbol mommy” and she took the stick from the India woman (who I called Chenna from that day on) and she began to draw a symbol I’ve never seen before. I am a mythologist and symbolism and I have seen everything in my studies.

I knew it was very important and a gift given to me, so I pulled out a pen that seemed to manifest on its own in my pocket and I drew the symbol on my hand. I don’t even think my friend Jim saw it because I had no idea where he had gone, and couldn’t see him at that point.

Then it was all done, the symbol was drawn, and she just disappeared with the two girls and the blond man walked into the forest with a basket. I looked around and finally saw Jim just standing there. We continued the hike to the end where the parking lot was. We both just stood there looking back at the hike where we had just come from and he said: ” You know, that wasn’t real”… I replied and said, it was real, in the flesh and it was also divine. Then I said are you hungry, lets go eat!

Because I have lots and lots of mystical experiences by this time in my life, Jim turned to me and said: “I have lived with a mystical Guru for over 20 years with my wife and daughter, and never had one mystical experience with him and I spend one day with you and I do.”

I didn’t know what to say except, I am glad you got to experience one and smiled, now lets go eat, I am starving. The next day was Halloween and we went to the warf in Seattle and it was very foggy and there were lots of kids dressed in cute outfits walking in the fog on the pier with their families and it was a very beautiful experience and then I flew back home that third day. On the airplane both to and from Seattle, there was an MTV video on the Airplane, a different type of mystical experience because they didn’t play MTV videos on airplanes back then.

This weekend in Seattle was in 1996, a year before the song of the Sting  Aswad collaboration of the reggae version of “Invisible Sun” even came out. This song was for The X-Files 1998. Because I saw it twice on the way to Seattle and the way back two days later, and it was the only thing playing the entire 4 hour plane trip. I asked myself sitting on that plane… .what is an “Invisible Sun”. I answered myself and said: An Eclipse. It has to be an Invisible Sun, it has to be an Eclipse.

That going to be the sign for me, that the Sun Cult (Patriarch) is over. A month before the Great Eclipse of August 21, 2017 marking the end of the Patriarch and the Great Shift beginning, I had a dream and in that dream I was in a cave and a man came in and said: Its time to start the Moon Clock. I said Moon Clock? Oh Moontime. I woke up and said, next moon cycle will be the beginning of the end of the Patriarch and the collective dreaming time.

The two huge Spirit Swans that came in my dream the night my mother died six years earlier, was not an accidental dream. The mystical life of my very ancient past life higher self Chenna (before my karmic Roman Soldier) I estimate her to be about 10,000 years old. This is because my first karmic lifetime was in Mesopotamia around 7,000 years ago the one I finally finished in 2019. She is why the Hansa Swans appeared when my mother died.

Back then I was 32 years old and I thought the Spirit Swans only had to do with my mother’s death. I had no understanding nor life experiences enough to know that the  mythological swan birds belong to Chenna. When she returned to me that day, it was actually a Prophecy for me in my life. I decided in 2002 to moved to Seattle and I lived there for four years. My karmic purifications of my second karmic past life started then (the 1800s Rich Bitch), and this was making my life get darker all around me and inbetween the worlds and over on the other side in my dream life.

The veils of light and dark had begun to drop more fully then and I was frightened all the time, but knew I had to just continue on my self healing, self groundedness, self love, self awakening disciplines and self karma purifications – regardless if I would die.

After I moved back to the midwest from living four years in Seattle, Chenna of her fleshy higher soul form the late 90s, then returned to me in her pure white light (astral body) in 2005 and entered my inner astral body. This is because I had healed “enough karma of my past life Roman Soldier”, which I had burned off in enough horrific pain of all the bad he had done to others in his lifetime, he was dissolved, and my vibration was high enough for her to return.

Its a shame that Religion had become the middle man of our higher pure dharma souls and our deep demonic past life souls, instead of teaching people about both, but it was a time of no consciousness, only another form of power of the patriarchal societies and clans world wide.


This is why Buddhism has lasted and the story of Buddha’s path to enlightenment showed the way (or at least one of the four bodies, the mind), to purify and attained the pure mind. Of course the mind is only one of the four bodies to be purified to attain dharma or purity of the souls.

It was an incredible ecstatic energetic experience in the middle of the night one night, when my bedroom turned all pure white and I woke up and it was still all pure white light, that is all I could see.  I stood up and looked out the window but it wasn’t from there… Then I laid back in my bed and more confused than afraid.

Then all of a sudden, a gigantic pure white energetic light waves of intense and powerful energy began to vibrate all around me, it was so intense and then it began to enter me. I knew it was Chenna and I knew by then that Chenna was my own personal higher self.

After all the energy came in me, all was quiet, calm and back to normal and I could see my room. I got up, made some tea and tried to accept that my first higher self returned. My life would get darker and dark though with the purification of the next two dark past lives to purify.

This is why every since I was a child, I never channeled anything, I turned all of those types of  things away spiritually.  I never spoke to any spirit, nor any souls, nor dead souls, nor light souls nor demon souls until I met Chenna in her light beautiful form in the flesh. I have always been 100% purist in my spiritual path, about such things as boundaries against the living dead fragments that roam inbetween the worlds and in the dream planes. I was never tempted … ever to listen to their lies and knew better, as an old soul.

At a certain point when my higher self returned that day, then I knew why I was a purist and why my bar in spiritual work was the highest. On the day when Chenna returned, this ancient dreamer higher self of mine, returned not in her feminine higher self form, but was pure light. She was from lands of what are now called India, yet she lived long before the patriarchal Hindu religions. When she came back home to rejoin my reincarnated soul aspect, all my dreaming gifts returned.

Until that point in my life, I only dreamed in pure black void, the nothingness, no sound, no image, nothing, no thing. But because of this, I could easily see “mental astral bodies” dreaming, because they are clear energy. That would save my life many times after all of my dreaming gifts, color, etc returned.

Written stories can never really truly describe the vastness of emotional, soul and dreaming reality when they are experienced as one, they can share the experience of course!

Screenshot (1251)
Firebird mask by

All Birds of Paradise and Birds in Mythology are representations of our light Soul, and many of the ancient Birds of Paradise or Heavenly Birds, in their many names, are the Phoenix. Variations of these birds are described differently in different cultures at different levels leading up to the largest birds like Thunderbirds and Phoenix, and they all have something in common…

The supernatural Swan is the Solar side of the Phoenix and
the Thunderbird is the Night (moon) side of the Phoenix.

The Phoenix
The Slavic Phoenix of my own ancestors (this lifetime being Slavic), is a common folklore about the Firebird and it is seen as a majestic fire flaming bird who glows in bright red white and black colors. Legend says that the patriarch wants her and wants her feathers for its divine power, but her feathers are not magical if you imprison her or try to remove them, so just one feather could light a large room if not covered. The truth is that you die if you try to harm a real Firebird (Phoenix).

Some believe the Firebird can see the future and her origins in the Slavic mythology just like the Indian, Persian and other mythologies, like Hamsa and Hama, she that she is immortal and from Heaven.

The Firebird parallels in Iranian legends of this magical birds, the Golden Bird, and related Russian magical birds like the Sirin. The story of the quest itself is closely paralleled by Armenian Hazaran Blbul. In the Armenian tale, the bird does not glow, but rather makes the land bloom through its song.

In Czech folklore, it is called Pták Ohnivák and is a Fire Bird and appears, for example, in a Karel Jaromír Erben fairy tale, also as an object of a difficult quest. Moreover, in the beginning of this fairy tale, the bird steals magical golden apples belonging to a king and is therefore pursued by the king’s servants in order to protect the precious apples. The story of the firebird comes in many forms.

Some folk tales say that the Firebird is a mystical bird that flies around and at night swoops down and eats all the golden apples which the Kings have stolen. Others say that the firebird is just a bird that flies around giving hope to those who need it. Some additions to that legend say that when the firebird flies around, her eyes sparkle and pearls fall from her beak.

The pearls would then fall to the peasants, giving them something to trade for goods or services. In the most common version of the legend, a Tsar commands his three sons to capture the firebird that keeps flying down from above and eating his apples. The golden apples are in the Tsar’s orchard and give youth and strength to all who eat them. The sons end up missing the bird, but they catch one of her feathers that glows in the night. They take it to a dark room and it lights the room completely.

From The word “Phoenix” is a derivative of the Greek word “Phoinike.” The Greeks also used “Phoinike” to refer to the Phoenicians. No one knows what the word “Phoinike” means. Some scholars suggest that the word “Phoinike” refers to the color purple or crimson-red. Because the Phoenicians acquired fame through the use of the purple-dyed wool cloth, the Greeks used this to refer to them as “Phoinike.” And this is also why the Phoenix is called the Phoenix. Some have suggested that it was the other way around. The Phoenicians were called Phoinike. And the purple-dye acquired the name from them. And then the Phoenix obtained its name from the name of the purple dye.

But if the ancients already referred to the Phoenicians as the “Phoinike,” then why did they come to be called that in the first place? At this point, we return to royalty. Menander of Ephesus, as quoted by the famous Romano-Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, compiled a list of Tyrian kings. The first king he listed was called “Phoinix.”

Slavic Phoenix with her White Spirit Wolf.jpg

Slavic people call the Firebird in their language:

  • Bulgarian: Жар-птицаZhar-ptitsa;
  • Croatian: Žar ptica;
  • Czech: Pták Ohnivák;
  • Macedonian: Жар-птицаŽar-ptica;
  • Polish: Żar-ptak;
  • Russian: Жар-пти́цаZhar-ptitsa;
  • Serbian: Жар-птица or Žar-ptica;
  • Slovak: Vták Ohnivák;
  • Slovene: Rajska/zlata-ptica
  • Ukrainian: Жар-пти́цяZhar-ptica;

To all of the the Slavic people she is a Magical fire bird from a faraway land (heaven or upperworld), which is both a blessing and a bringer of death to its captor.

The Secret Doctrine says that the nature of this bird symbolizes life on earth when the world is ready to be destroyed by fire, flood and the gates of heaven close. All birds are symbols of the human soul at different levels, sizes and colors, but the Phoenix is the Thunderbird who has attained Fire (spirit purification).

Which comes and goes back to earth from heaven again and again with the death and birth cycle. In ancient times, the Phoenix is a symbol of divine power and she has appeared to humanity but all of humanity missed her return except for a few.

The age-old Russian tale of The Firebird lights up the sky when the constellation of Cygnus the Swan (the fiery-plumed bird) returns to northern skies at the beginning of June / end of May each year.


Buddhism Hamsa
A relic of the Buddha was placed in the goose swan reliquary for the benefit of Sira’s parents in a future existence. The Hamsa was also used extensively in the art of Gandhara, in conjunction with images of the Shakyamuni Buddha. Gautama Buddha is also known as Siddhārtha Gautama in Sanskrit or Siddhattha Gotama in Pali, Shakyamuni Buddha, or simply the Buddha. He was an ordinary monk who became a mendicant, a sage, philosopher, teacher and religious leader on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. The Hamsa is also deemed sacred in the Buddhadharma.

Hamsa (bird) India
The hamsa (Sanskrit: हंस, haṃsa or hansa) is an bird of passage, either as goose or swan. Hansa is also called Aryannas, and its icon is used in Indian and Southeast Asian culture as a spiritual symbol and a decorative element. It is believed by Hindus to be the vahana (or vehicle) of Brahma, Gayatri, Saraswati, and Vishvakarma.

The hamsa is a Swan often identified with the Supreme Spirit, Ultimate Reality or Brahman in Hinduism. The flight symbolizes Moksha which is the release from the cycle of Samsara (the cycles of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound).

The hamsa is also the vahana of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and creative arts, and her husband Brahma, the god with powers of creation, in Hindu trinity and his other wife Gayatri, the goddess of Vedas (vedmata). Lake Manasarovar in Hindu mythology, is seen as the summer abode of the Hamsa and poetical images are derived from the flight of the swans to that lake in the Himalayas.


The Homa, Hamsa or Huma Bird of Vedic times, lives and breeds in the air, lays eggs in the air, and, before the eggs reach the earth, they hatch and the baby bird flies upward to join its mother. They never touch the earth. The Persian, Turkish, Hinidu and Sufi poets praise them as divine birds, and birds of paradise. There has been an interchanged in Greek and Persian stories that relate to the same bird of paradise. Six becomes Hexa in Greek. The Soma bird is also a version of the mythical Homa bird.

In Persian mythology it was believed that if this bird flew over someone’s head, and its shadow fell on him, he would become a mighty king (of shadow, lets make that clear unlike the lies of the patriarch). This belief made Tipu Sultan of Mysore create a golden throne with the Homa bird, in gold and jewels on the canopy. All of woman’s divine rights were stolen by such kinds all over the world and they used her power and divinity for their conquests of killing and war.

The mythical Hamsa or Swan or sometimes known as a Goose represents purity, perfect union with the universe, divine knowledge. The Hamsas, also called Aryannas, and live in Manasasaras (Mansarovar) in the Himalayas. They are the children of Dhritarashtri, who is the daughter of Kashyap and Tamra, according to the Valmiki Ramayana. The Hamsas were first black and white, but they became pure white as a boon from Varuna the god, who once took their form to hide from Ravana. The gods had assembled for a havan and had to change into various bird forms when Ravana attacked them. The Hamsa eats pearls and separates milk from water from a mixture of both.

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Navagunjara is a creature composed of nine different animals and birds. Navagunjara has the head of a rooster and stands on three feet – those of an elephant, tiger, deer or horse, the fourth limb being a raised human arm carrying a lotus or a wheel. The beast has the neck of a peacock, the back or hump of a bull, the waist of a lion, and the tail of a serpent.

For me having attained everything this lifetime of the light from living a life of burning the dark and past life dark, as a bird tribe shaman grandmother, I know he levels of the mystical and mythical birds in world mythology. Each one is just a step to the completion. I have a raven and a crow animism bird soul and they have served me well as a shaman. 


The Homa Mythical is an Air or Heavenly Bird, which India, Persian, Turkish and Sufi poets praise them as divine birds, and birds of paradise.

Huma (bird) Persian

Huma , pronounced Homā, Avestan: Homāio, also Homa, is a legendary bird especially within the Iranian mythology and Sufi fable. It is said to never come to rest, living its entire life flying invisibly high above the earth, and never alighting on the ground.

The word Homa which has a Persian origin in its current form is reflected in Avestan Homāio. The Sufi teacher Inayat Khan supposed that “in the word Huma, Hu represents spirit. In Turkic mythology, it is referred as Bird of Kumay or Bird of Umay which was used as a symbol of Çepni, one of the 24 tribal organizations of Oghuz Turks. Umay is the goddess of fertility in Turkic mythology and Tengriism.

In some variations, the Huma bird is said to be the Phoenix. The Huma bird is said to have both the male and female natures in one body, each nature having one wing and one leg. The Huma or Homa is considered to be a compassionate bird. It is named as bird of fortune since its shadow (or touch) is said to be auspicious.

The shadow (or the alighting) of the Huma bird on a person’s head or shoulder bestows the rising of one’s karma so they can see their shadow. Its true meaning is that when a person’s mental body is purified and mental astral body, its emotional body, its soul bodies, its animism soul bodies and its physical body is purified, one is enlightened.

In Sufi tradition, catching a glimpse of the Huma or even a shadow of it is sure to make one happy for the rest of his her life. It is also believed that Huma cannot be caught alive, and the person killing a Huma will die for lifetimes.

Huma is the most referred bird of all Legendary birds in Diwan poetry of Turkish literature. Also, it is used as a symbol of unreachable highness in Turkish folk literature.
It is also mentioned in the Diwan of Yunus Emre. Some references to the creature also appear in Sindhi literature, where – as in the Diwan tradition – the creature is portrayed as bringing great fortune.

In the Zafarnama of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, a letter addressed to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb refers to the Huma bird as a “mighty and auspicious bird”. The Argentine writer J. L. Borges, in his short story The Aleph, briefly mentions a Persian mystic’s talk of “a bird that somehow is all birds”.  The Garuda is another form of Huma.

  • Simargl and Zhar Ptica are the Phoenix.
  • Konrul, Turkic mythological Phoenix
  • Anzû Mesopotamian Firebird
  • Ziz, giant griffin-like Firebird in Jewish mythology
  • Nue, Japanese legendary Firebird
  • Pixiu or Pi Yao, Chinese mythical Firebird
  • Fenghuang, a mythological Firebird of East Asia
  • Simorgh, Iranian Firebird

Hindu Garuda.png

Garuda (bird) India

The Garuda is a large Vulture like bird, much like the Condor, and in Indian mythology its the Byangoma-Byangomi legendary birds of Bengal. They look like hoopoes, are wise, strict and assist whom they consider deserving. They are born blind and need a few drops of blood from a donor to activate their sight. When they tell the future to someone, that person hears a bird song or holy bells and sounds, and suddenly has an intuition about something which is to happen or happen to them.

Gandaberunda is a two headed, long tailed mythological bird which possesses enough, immense, magical strength. The bird is depicted as clutching elephants in its talons and beaks. In the ancient coins of Madurai, it is shown holding a snake in its beak. In the Chennakesava temple.

The Chennakeshava Temple, also referred to as Keshava, Kesava or Vijayanarayana Temple of Belur, is a 12th-century Hindu temple in the Hassan district of Karnataka state, India where there are depictions of a chain of destruction: A deer is eaten by a python which is destroyed by an elephant who is attacked by a lion who is destroyed by Shiva in his incarnation as Sharabha. Sharabha is then destroyed by Narasimha (man-lion) as Gandaberunda.

The folk tale (spiritual mythos story) is like this: The demon Hiranyakashipu is killed by Vishnu who comes as Narasimha. But even after he was slain, Narasimha, who had tasted blood, did not change back his form to Vishnu. The gods grew scared of his raging form and they appealed to Shiva.

Shiva turned himself into Sharabha – a combination of man, lion, bird in order to subdue Narasimha. But Narasimha changed into Gandaberunda, with two heads, fearful rows of teeth, black in complexion, and with wide blazing wings, and fought with Shiva-Sharabha for eighteen days, killed him and then died in a massive explosion of energy

Joseph Samsonadze Raven

Chakora (bird) India
The Hindu Chakora bird is a legendary immortal Crow (Raven) lore that it lives on moonbeams. On the full moon night, the Chakora cries passionately for the moon, shedding tears of unrequited love for the moon in all her glory shining high in the sky. The Chakora is believed to bring good luck. The Chataka is a mythological cuckoo, a smaller version of the Phoenix or one of the steps to it.

It is unwilling to drink water found on earth, choosing to drink only fresh pure rain water as it falls from the sky. It has a shrill voice and the Chataka pleads with the clouds to bring in rain so that its thirst can be quenched. A black, yellow and white bird, smaller than the dove, has a long tail. The long crest on its head is shaped like a bow with an arrow stretched tight on it.

The chataka and chakora depend on natural resources – rain water and moonlight, a lesson that nature needs to be preserved without destruction. These are only very few of the world’s mythological birds, and you need to tell your children about them.


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