Grosbeak Totem

By Phoenix the Elder – I found a Black Headed Grosbeak Feather today after a month of great changes and it is a very welcoming sign today. These bird’s feathers are black and white on their wing and because they are both opposing colors they represent both our moon internal and sun external. 

Grosbeaks represent as a symbol, both our shadow and our light with the fiery passion (red and orange colors) and the serene love of family (blue grosbeaks). Both the Rose, Eastern Blue and Black-headed Grosbeak are medium in sized and seed-eating birds. They are in the same family as the northern Red Cardinal (family of the cardinalidae).

Positive Family and Family Issues
Past Life and Past Life Karma Families
Broken Family Relations
Healing and Repairing Family Issues
Completion of a Karmic Family Cycle
Healing of Old Family Wounds
The Letting Go of Family members
Family Values

There are 15 different Grosbeak birds. I highlighted three
Eastern Blue Grosbeak – Positive and Abundant
Black Headed Grosbeak – Struggles and Breaking Apart
Rose Headed Grosbeak – Heart and Heart Centered Family Issues

When you find a Grosbeak feather, there is sure to be some family issues on the rise, present or crashing down. The two biggest moons (months) of family issues are the months of the Summer or Winter Solstice (Cancer and Capricorn). In the summer its family vacations and in wintertime its family or family religious holidays. This is when many issues arise between family members, or adult children relationships or extended family and plain old family issues of parents.

The Eastern Blue Grosbeak is predominantly a brilliant blue, so family issues around this bird is one of happiness, more harmony and positive interactions between family members because its a solid color color. Green and Blue are the predominant colors on earth (sky and abundance) and thus the Blue Grosbeak is a good sign for marriage, a happy family, and a positive strength of the family lineage.

Grosbeak Totem Rose-breasted Grosbeak male on a Hibiscus tree,.jpg
Grosbeak Totem Rose-breasted Grosbeak male on a Hibiscus tree,

Families are our most complicated relationships that we have, and the root of all relationships in our lives. Some families are positive, strong, stick together and help each other out through thick and thing. Those that have strong families that work together are not generally the issues of difficult change, unless its a particular life crisis testing the strength of each individual in a family. This is the essence of the Eastern Blue Grosbeak.

The other side or opposition to the solid family, are those who have reincarnated to create a karmic family and chose to be born into them or create them through marriage or commitments that break apart. Does anyone chose to do this consciously, parent or sibling or adult child? Of course not, these things are fated.

They rarely stay together and were never intended to or to be forever. So its wise never to confuse the two types of families on earth. There are many subdivisions of these karmic and non karmic traditional or non traditions families.

Karmic families were created unconsciously in order to repay past life debts and serve one in their karma. These are the deep betrayal families, the sexual abuse etc. I would say half of the families on earth have karmic families and the other half does not.  Both parents and children who are in karmic past life cycle, will reincarnated again together to come to resolve their old past life issues that were not completed.

Grosbeak Totem Eastern Blue Grosbeak
Eastern Blue Grosbeak

Sometimes its just one person in the family and in more extreme  These are very painful in root relationships and effect us in many ways most of our life. Even if we work very diligently over long periods of time, karmic family relationships do not find resolve, they are competed by letting go.

Most totems only speak about the birds, the habits, mating issues and regions of the bird or animal. I have always learned from animals and birds in my signs and synchronicity in a living way as a shaman. Much of my work is dangerous and I have come to rely on these partners. So I wrote totem and animism work from what animals, birds, fish, insects etc teach me.

Matters of the Heart Song is what Grosbeak’s Songs are all about.  The Rose Grosbeak as a Totem, or finding a feather usually means that the healing of the heart is very possible and very old wounds can be healed when family members work together and stop blaming each other for old wounds. If one wants to and the other does not want to forgive, then nothing can be resolved.

black headed grosbeak
Black Headed Grosbeak

How has your family influenced, controlled, or set the energy for your life patterns? Is it time for you to change your tune and contribute in a new way, even if it makes people uncomfortable? Change often does and so does truth. Family restoration is possible with forgiveness in non-karmic families.

When a black headed grosbeak hangs around or one or few of its feather is found, this can also mean the subtleties of the family like someone is cheating, someone has been abandon (spouse or child/ren) the breaking down of a family (divorce), loss of a child, or any broken hearts of both parents and children, of the present or past experiences.

Finding a feather can also mean things things have been resolved and peace has come to both parties or at least one of them.  In some cases, the more severe, it means an ending and completion of one’s relationship to their family (blood family or any kind of family). In more extreme cases it means the end of the line.

Song of the Black Headed Grosbeak

Song of the Eastern Blue Grosbeak


Song of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak



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