Natural Guidance, Signs, Synchronicity

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Life will always send us signs and synchronistic events in our life if we pay close enough attention. For those who work with divination, working with lunar intention each new and full moon (working on your stuff) is an internal process and the signs become even stronger, clearer and more important. the development of focus, clear minded, paying attention and listening to them should get clearer the clearer your four bodies gets.

As everyone knows here, to heal emotional issues and for soul issues, purity is best (no pot, shamanic plants, drugs or anything that alters our perception bodies. Life is hard enough without that continual cloudiness.

Synchronicity and signs are difficult and stressful when you are trying to see clearly what and how your shadow works. But we have to accept those signs regardless if we truly want to go deeper or beyond talk therapy.

nc wyeth white herons of summer.jpg
N.C. Wyeth Summer Cranes

Sometimes these signs are good and supportive, but we have to accept those signs regardless. It doesn’t always means you can solve problems right away or even find acceptance or solutions right away.

The most important thing is to just “learn” how to first see the signs all around you, this is the visual ‘small inner voice” version of life rather than thoughts or beliefs, then eventually you can begin to read the actual signs and only then do the signs flow as a living process.

Divination is when you seek answers that have meaning to guide your life. And Coincidence, Signs, Synchronicity, Non-Coincidence Guidance are nature’s fortune telling when we need it most. Learning to separate random busy mind noise, and truly seeing repetitive symbols requires practice.

People come up with fancy names like CMPEs (Conjunctions of Meaningfully Parallel Events) and define them in the bigger is better super-synchronicity, sort of like the Super Moon new age jargon today.

But all real signs and syncronicities, totems and non coincidence events are generally small and meaningful. If you cannot spot the small and hidden, then life with bash your head with a sign and yes, that is CMPE, but we “never” want those. We want to pay attention all along the way in our journey and take the small and steady signs seriously.

four seasons and syncronicity.jpg
These occurrences are so intelligently organized as to go far beyond chance and convey a remarkable depth of wisdom and insight for our lives. Filled with dozens of real-life examples, the book is both a how-to guide

Karmic relationship never have an ending in the great circle of life. This is how you know the difference because they linger for decades or ones entire life and no resolve and true peace can ever be attained, even if both sides try.

Sometimes deep wounds of our past or physical, mental, emotional or soul abusive relationships can truly in the end, only heal by letting go  Letting go seems like a defeat in these cases but it is not, its resolved of lifetimes of abuse on both side. As a 3rd house person in Astrology, a lot of my signs come through in two ways, animals and birds (because I am a full time shaman).

And they come in the mail or email, phones, communications of any kind – because my sun sign is in the 3rd house of communication’s archetypal manifestations. Some people are good at manifestation of a car, job or house or love, I am only given the gift and being good at my life’s events and circumstances and karma when it comes to manifestation.

To read more about the directions of my New Moon and Full Moon intentional work with dreams and seasons


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  1. Catherine Motteler says:

    I have found your words to be true for me and appreciate your posting this, thank you.


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