Third Moon of Summer 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings Moon Lovers, Healers, Spirit Seekers! We enter our third and last moon of summer on Wed, July 31, 2019 with the Moon and Sun in Leo, conjunct at 8 degrees. This moon ends the six moon Season of Fire, and is also referred to as the Black Moon (third moons of any season always are).

Was your last moon’s cycle strong enough for you, did you work your intention out? It was very powerful for me, I would say it was one of the very few, most powerful Cancer Moons for me since I started doing lunar healing work a few decades ago.  For the newbies, start here with the Lunar Workstudy directions.

The elemental energy shifts from Water to Fire and Mercury also goes direct. This is our full peak of abundance and growth before the Autumn’s Harvest begins. Fire brings us heat, so try to remind yourself to keep your cool. Go swim in the rivers of life, go to a local creek or swimming pool to cool yourself off if you need it, if things get a little too fiery over the next month.

For those who welcome fire, just remember it must be kept under your control and you have that ability. When it does burst through, let the Dragon breathe its fire and then make sure you have some water in case it gets out of control! The focus this Moon in Fire symbolism or pop culture narratives are…


The Inner Child
Passion in Life

Playing / Having Fun
Heart or Wounded Heart
Bold or Demanding
Strength (or lack of)

Love (or lack of)
Anger or Impatience (or lack of)

Arrogant, Flashy or Egotistical

Children, Grandchildren
Drama or drama out of control

From that list, what area of your life is the most difficult right now? Can you see if any of these fire attributes are blocking you or making you off balance? When we chose an intention to work with for the month, its to help us be really specific so we can address what we are not conscious of and make it conscious. That doesn’t feel good sometimes but its necessary for our own monthly purification rites.

Each of us get three challenging Moons in a 13 moon cycle each year. For some struggling, it may seem like every moon cycle is a challenge. But if you truly chart your moon cycle struggles, you will notice that its not true. I am really professional at “fight or flight” and last moon in Cancer is one of my tough moons each year. With so much experience this lifetime in death and rebirth, when it comes to fire in a light or heavy dose, even if I am low on the fuel, I can still access that energy. This may not serve me in the moment, but it always does with hindsight.

This is how we live our life when it comes to emotional issues, personal relationship issues and family issues, so fire serves us all in the long run, but generally not in the moment when we are experiencing it. We are all different in how we approach fire, and this month I want you to focus on how it can help you!

If you take note, this lunar chart below has “no air element” this month, so we cannot strictly rely on intellect and must welcome some of our more instinctual and primal instincts in some cases to address what rises with the moon.

This month‘s chart hows us that we have Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus all in Leo which is a lot of personal fire energy. That means the energy comes out into our relationships which are very personal. And the Moon and Sun is square Uranus, so there will be some unexpected changes around our actions, our love, our inner child or children and our direct actions from our choices this month.

This can be a welcomed change to add some needed creativity, or a new door to open, or a new friendship based on creativity to appear. However the fire comes into your life, it can be something practical like an art class, or an unexpected old friend or a night of dancing when you expected it the least. Fire moons always spice up your end of summer a little bit in both positive and negative ways.

When Uranus is involved with anything, sometimes its swift process of change, or a swift falling in love that ends by midwinter. Or something comes in as fast as it moves out at the end of the moon cycle. Thats ok, welcome all these change anyway. The keywords I described above will be the energy that needs to burst forward into your life, so if you are feeling lonely, or frustrated or just went through a difficult month or two, then welcome this fire, because we can find love in the smallest of places and focus there.

This moon cycle helps us end the Season of Fire (Spring and Summer) and bring forth the cooler Season of Night (Autumn and Winter) and I know many people love Autumn including me!

New Moon Leo

Oracle for the Month: In Due Course
Earlier, things did not go as you wished.

Now you learn to follow your will.
Everything follows a cycle and pattern’
You know what you must do.

Begin by determining what it is that you really want this month. Your desire must be based on a strong morality and uprightness. Then, when you have brought everything into harmony, all will be well.

In your earlier thinking about a particular issue of yours, you betrayed an inner weakness. You were hobbled by selfishness and the mistaken belief that the world and everything is centered on you. You now have the strength to act in an appropriately unselfish fashion.

Do not serve the self only, know your place in the greater scheme of your life this month and act in the full light of this understanding. If you are able to do this, the consequences will be magnificent. We work the entire year on each moon cycle focused on one intention each month, this adds up to a years worth of self awareness, self mastery and is applied out into our life. Our struggles are really just personal growth, and that lasts our entire life, so focus just on one moon at a time. Step by step.

We all know drama and for those on a dedicated healing journey, we know our shadow and ego by working with it. So this month, focus on the basic inner child that surfaces wounds or if you are older, the woundings of others. Its always wise to have some support like a therapist, a healer, or go sit with nature alone. Whatever your style is to help ground that fire and put it out a little bit… do that.

Poem by Peggy Shumaker...

For an injured friend, he brings salmon fillets,
fish he caught dip netting all night at Chitina.
Needle nose pliers nipped out all the
invisible bones. Growing up at fish
camp, he’d sneeze.

Elders said, “Kus-sun-ar.” Otter.
They invoked otter’s name to wish
him close to one who lives in more
than one world. Shaman helper
on land, in water. He tells me otters
live inside women, curled up just
above the stomach, and this feels true.

I feel my otters, restless, disturbed.
My hurt body can’t rest yet, it was
so close to the other world. I’m an otter,
skinned in the round, my pelt pulled
off in one piece. Stitched into a kit bag,
I feel the shaman placing his healing
tools one by one into my emptiness.

Last Moon of Summer – Intentions Examples
(only chose one, its easier on your gained awareness that way):

I am healing my drama
I listen to my small inner voice
I trust in the process of purification
I am working at inner peace
I am healthy

I am creative
I am passionate
I am healing my heart
I am forgiving
I am grounded

I recognize my inner child needs
I protect my heart
I am emotionally honest
I am positive detachment
I practice self-love

I dedicate to my spiritual disciplines
I express my courage with compassion
I allow stability in my life
I have very healthy boundaries
I am nurturing
I am loving (if you don’t feel that way)

I use my anger in a positive, healthy way
I am mindful of my projections
I accept more joy
I respect my talents
I judge only my own actions
I commit to healthy passion

Blessings on your next Moon cycle, enjoy
the remaining of Summer! Blessings Phoenix

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