The Folklore of Finding

By Phoenix the Elder – Finding things can be fun, sometimes mysterious and even abundant. They can also be very symbolic and a sign of what we are going through. They can also reflect the bigger picture of our life that are reminders of who we are. My eldest sister and I used to take walks a lot over the years, just us or with her group, and she would always find a “penny” from heaven and say that phrase every time.

I was always so disappointed, because I never found any (my entire life), no matter how hard I looked or gave up looking, it didn’t matter. The physical sign which was a simple blessing and a positive sign for abundance, safety and security never manifested for me at all. Then one day after thirty years of no pennies, I found a shiny penny and I was shocked.

And I found one the next day,  and the next day and everywhere I went the pennies would be all around me. Sometimes a penny would appear in my cottage on its own where it hadn’t been a few minutes before, or on my car seat in the morning when I went to drive somewhere. It felt really good and it made me so happy only because I thought maybe that my 30 year cycle of great struggle and poverty was finally, truly over. Then this past year I never received anymore pennies.

Yesterday after a very difficult year, probably the worst in my life by accumulation as a shaman, I was depositing a check for a friend who owns her own business and as I am finishing up, I see something shiny coming really fast towards me.

I didn’t have my glassed and I thought it was a bug. I stomped on it, but when I had lifted my foot, it was a golden shiny penny. Best sign all year. During the heavenly pennies, I found exactly 278, unbelievable.

I do honor divination, signs and syncronicities because its my professional work, and glad that I am given many signs which help guide my interactive life with nature. These always give me the heads up around caution, protection, awareness, and about something or someone who is going to be angry and pissed off and attack me. After that year.

Here is a list of signs and meanings of things found, if you have found special things, please do leave a comment and tell me what it meant to you…

6 of hearts cartomancy, folklore, elder mountain dreaming.jpgCards – Cartomancy
This is as old as Tarot, and finding a card stands for family, for beauty, harmony, order and completion or completion of some issues around family and I am going through that this summer after a few decades of family karma, this card shows up to that family debt has been paid or is just beginning.

So when you find a card on the street, in your home, a friends house or at a park, keep it and put it somewhere you can see for that moon cycle. It gives you insight into what struggles your dealing with and generally the duration of time. Of all the divination out there, playing cards are about the most psychic.

Around 2014 I was around 3 small children who loved to throw cards around, and I would always randomly find them here and there. I know my path well when it comes to divination and I generally get signs with physical objects in a more saturated way. When it rains it pours sort of finding. I found a Six of Hearts card today and it says it represents the Soul and the Law of Love which itself entails sacrifice and selflessness.

A Stone.
Special stones are a very spiritual find, they are the root foundation of mother earth and our spiritual foundation. Depending upon the stone or gem, its called a token and charm, an amulet which reminds us we are on the right path. Stones show up in the oddest of places and circumstances.

serpentine stone.jpgBefore I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I had taken one last walk in one of my favorite forests. When I got to the very end of the hike, before I turned around, I sat down and rested a minute and drank some water.

I was along side the path next to a small creek and I looked down and there was a large pink stone in the shape of a heart that had “always” engraved in it. It was a very good sign for me because I wasn’t sure if I should go. When I have chosen to move in life for my spiritual journey, it was always incredibly difficult and challenging.

It was a very nice message on a very heart warmed stone. Returning from the Northwest in 2019, it was very challenging and I lost a lot, but it was fate and a responsibility I had to accept even though it was karmic.  So be aware of precious natural stones from nature, they keep you reconnected to your soul and that is one of the most difficult paths to take.


A Button.
A button that is accidentally found must be likewise raised and put in your pocket. After all, the button also has the ability to attract the energy of happiness. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to store it in a dark place, or carry it constantly in your pocket.

Buttons keep things together, they bind two pieces of fabric together so it doesn’t fall apart or keeps us warm with coats and clothing. Finding a button means there is something you need tending to, to protect yourself or keep your heart warm if its too open and too innocent or vulnerable.

Hands symbolically represent our purpose, and a glove is protections of the hand from the harshness of weather or for the fashion sense of decoration, a very Venus act. The person who was lucky enough to accidentally meet on the road, someone who has lost a glove, can begin to rejoice. After all, this is considered a good omen, indicating that bright days are coming. That which protects the hands from winter cold is a sign to work at protecting your skills or your new found purpose.

Once a wonderful belief was to find a coin and there is an explanation for this: this subject carries the energy of success, calculated on the sphere of finance. In this case, the coin must be hidden in a secret place of her home. It is important that only you know about it. Now it remains only to rejoice, since prosperity is sure to knock on your door.

essence of the divine.jpg

Nut, Bolt or Washer.
Washers are the tool that holds the pressure of the nut and bolt and keeps the balance to hang on in difficulty. In 2011 – I had found many washers everywhere I went. I was under a lot of pressure of an old cycle ending of karmic purification and a new deeper level of shadows of karma beginning (2012-2019). I saved them in a bag and must have found at least 50 within a year. It was always a good reminder.Finding a bolt means that one must anchor themselves to something physical, something grounded and something to hold onto.

This can mean a place, a home, a relationship etc. Finding a screw can mean the ending of the bolt/washer wholeness, meaning that its time to put a cap on it and complete the job, complete the relationship or project.I knew every time I found a washer that week, there would be another pressure in my life, a stressful situation or attack from someone in my waking life. For the average person, washers mean the same thing but not so severe of a duration. Bring more balance into the pressure of holding on by accepting that one needs very healthy boundaries to navigate the cycle you are in.

Abundance comes in many ways and money is one of them. Sometimes this can be a a good find and a blessing, and other times it can be some of curse from other peoples misuses of money. Those who find the largest sums tend to have some sort of curse issue because of the person whose hidden or buried the money to escape being caught in theft. Either way its about our values and what we do with them.
I have found money twice in my life, once when I was about 18 and riding my bike a long distance, looking down at the road and I flew passed a man’s wallet.

I stopped, turned around and picked it up. It was an older gentleman’s license, about 3000 dollars, social security checks and regular checks, I would say about 8,000 dollars. I looked at the address and I was standing right in front of the house. I knocked on the door and a woman answered, I asked if she knew so and so?She said yes that is my father, he just drove to Florida early this morning to retire.

I said he’s not going to go far because here is his wallet. She was so happy that I was honest and said here is a $10 tip for being so honest. I said mam, I could have had 8000 dollars a few minutes ago, and a ten is kind of disrespectful of a reward. So I left and didn’t take anything from her. I was young back then, today I would have just said thanks!

The second time was recently in the last few months, I was with a friend and found a wallet of a woman with everything in it and about 800.00 cash. We located her and she gave us each 100.00 and I said thanks.

Bones are a sign of ancestors, death and rebirth and the root of our foundation. As a basic sign, if there are issues in your life when you find bones, its time to begin to dig a little deeper into your past, your family and your ancestors. Bones are the most ancient part of us and our spiritual past, to not only honor the dead but also the patriarch’s mayhem.

finding a bone of a human is a sign that something needs to be uncovered and a death and rebirth around this finding needs to take place. When its animal or bird bones, then its a soul or spiritual issue, not a physical one. This falls more into the nature of your soul and even animism. Nature always gives us signs, and when it comes to bones of animals, it means that a sacred ritual of burial of things that have hurt your soul, wounded your soul or where you have sold your soul, needs to be rectified.

A Key.
When this is found unexpectedly lying on the ground it can bring luck for the day for some, and for others it can protect against the influence of evil forces and dark energies that day. It is worth saying that people of an older generation usually believed or believe in it. It is important to find the key, be sure to pick it up, clean it from rust and dirt. Then he should be put under the threshold of his house. Only in this case, nothing will threaten your home.

Contemporary key symbolism of Pagans represent the goddess Hekate of the Night (the inner mystery). Hekate as Kleidoukhos is the Keeper of the Keys which is the main source for this epithet is found in the Orphic Hymn to Hekate:

A Lock.
In other folklore its half of a whole, for the lock must be found to. If we find a key we can open doors, and open things that have been locked away inside of us. If we find the lock, then we know we have something that is off limits or that we need some boundaries to protect the more precious sides of our self.  When we find both within the one moon cycle or opposing moon cycles, then we have found balance.

A Note.
Notes when found are Mercurial Messages (Thoth, Hermes) and are direct messages that have something to do with where you are headed or dealing with in the present. Sometimes they are direct and understood and sometimes they are clues to be solved. Either way, they always come when you need them. Today with cell phones, there are not as many notes and cards blowing in the wind, but its been replaced by random messages on text, email and social media. If something pops up on your feed, see how it fits into your life right now.

Folklore of Finding, Pennies from Heaven.jpg

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  1. rikosun says:

    Last weekend I found a hundred dollar bill after driving to work and playfully asking for something miraculous to happen. It was the strangest feeling as I made the wish like an elation. Then I found the bill during my lunch break lying on the floor when dozens of people who were around me didn’t notice. The experience reminded me that the universe does listen sometimes at the strangest intervals. For my monthly intention I picked being mindful of my projections , and picked a goddess oracle card – Lalita.


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