Thor’s Hammer and the 8th Harmonic

By Phoenix the Elder – Thor’s Hammer is called Mjolnir (pronounced ‘miol-neer’) and is perhaps one of the best known Norse mythology symbols. In astrology the symbolism also matches the Nordic meanings, but has more to do with where we struggle and where fate does not change that struggle, even if you overcome its challenges.

I had found the asteroid Charis (asteroid #627), which the Greek Goddess surrounded by delight, graces and pleasures and Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia are the three Charities of charm and grace. In our natal astrology chart, Charis by house and sign indicates where and how you can experience and enjoy good luck, joy and delight. If afflicted by inharmonious aspects, then she shows the opposite.

Of course, mine is the opposite and afflicted, and she is part of my Thor’s Hammer. She is conjunct my Mars/Saturn by 1 degree and involved then in my Mars/Saturn, Moon and Uranus Hammer. Thor’s Hammer is an astrological aspect pattern consisting of a square (90 degrees) and two sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) interconnecting aspects. I have known about Thor’s Hammer for decades, only because I have one and I have experienced its wrath over and over this lifetime. 

Northern lights over Iceland by King Harald Fairhair.jpgAccording to astrologer Alice Portman: 

“it is the dynamic series of aspects that are based on the 8th harmonic (45 degree) aspect series… thus the 8th harmonic are aspects of planets that fall into the 45°, 135°, 225°, and 315°.”

I have a Thor’s Hammer, its the most challenging of all aspects, due to tight squares and its resistant to change, even when the person is changing and makes all the changes required of a square, the challenge  remains.  8th harmonic aspects are very hard aspects that drives the person to take action and confront obstacles and in a Thor’s Hammer, the drive is almost destructive, both externally by fate and nature, but also the person’s karma.

All surfaces and will be revealed.The reason for this in a Thor’s Hammer is that the fate of the person must accomplish the entire process of the difficulty of the square because the 8th Harmonic orb is a very tight 2 degrees. The 8th harmonic indicates polarity and resistance, reminiscent of the poles of a magnetic field at the top of the earth. The 8th harmonic aspects are hard aspects and are also motivating because of that pain. The 8th aspect indicates an inner need or drive, and the 3/8th aspect is a bit more openly expressive, not as intensely driven, and more easily achieving of one’s goals.

The 8th harmonic chart without a Thor’s Hammer, shows a more balanced and practical side, with a good sense of how to design, plan, and organize and the side of a person that is evident as well. I have found that on occasions near deaths would occur for me, and on the positive side, the Uranus aspect of  my Thor’s Hammer would throw the hammer so I do not die.

Adelle Davis (born Feb 25, 1904, 3:00 am, Lizton, IN). She has Uranus, a Mercury-Saturn conjunct, and a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in 8th harmonic. She was a leader who overturned the stronghold of the scientific establishment’s emphasis on drugs and surgery for all illnesses. She was in favor of proper nutrition as the underlying healing of the body. The urgency and intense drive she felt also pushed Davis to overstate some claims rather than patiently working through the scientific literature.

More than 40 year after some of her books, we still see the proliferation of some of the unhealthy dietary habits in America continuing. Because hard aspects of the 8th harmonic are highly motivating, they are also very difficult to confirm though normal research, they do not convey as many specific qualities and “coloring” as the “minor aspects”. (

I also have Pluto on my Midheaven, trine my Scorpio North Node, Neptune and Jupiter in the 12th house, which also has caused some of my deaths to attain my collective wisdom, but Pluto also saves me from permanent Spiritual Deaths. Not only from the intensity of my reality between the worlds, but also from attacks from the collective hidden aspects around the earth. Even though not dying, is a blessing per say it stills comes with extreme pain. The Thor’s Hammer in one’s chart is not forgiving and one must succumb to this part of their whole, because it effects everything and every aspect of one’s life.

The “Focal Point” of the planets involved in a Thor’s Hammer is the aspect of the sesquiquadrate. Uranus is my sesquiquadrate focal planet of my Thor’s Hammer. In the example of my chart and for me, its extra impactual because my Sun in Aquarius is also opposite my natal Uranus which are both involved in a T-Square. That makes the Thor’s Hammer three times the intensity. And my Moon is also involved in the Thor’s Hammer as well. For newbie astrologers, the Sun and Moon and Rising (Luminaries) are the most important planets in your chart). The sesquiquadrate in the chart is most sensitive of the three (called the focal point) in this tight triangle.

The Focal Point planet also makes one’s life very sensitive and vulnerable when progressions and transits hit the Thor’s Hammer. I have had Neptune, Uranus and Pluto all go over my Mars/Saturn part of my Thor’s Hammer in the last 30 years, and Uranus go over the Moon part of my Thor’s Hammer. Now I am presently having Neptune conjunct my Moon, so it will activate the hell of Thor’s Hammer again.

To me, inner planets are nothing compared to when Outer planets his my Thor’s Hammer. Even though for most people inner planet impact by progression and transit may seem difficult in ordinary chart combinations, the Thor’s Hammer makes it difficult with inner planet, but not life threatening as it does with outer planets.

Take note of one’s dispositor of the focal planet in your’s or your clients chart. Mine is “Uranus” which is in the sign of Leo and Leo rules the Sun. So my Sun (in Aquarius) will be the dispositor or Uranus. In other words, my Sun will dispose Uranus in my chart. This means that constant change, chaos, and freedom, along with the winds of change, will be projected onto me, by these natural forces through the will of Uranian chaos.

Having Uranus opposite my Sun and in a Thor’s Hammer with my moon, mars and saturn, this specifically spells out those issues, which were my past life karma. Even though Uranus happens to be the natural ruler of my Sun in Aquarius, and of Thor’s Hammer in general (lightning God) it seems I get the triple whammy in regards to Thor’s Hammer, just like the triple whammy of my T-Square. Every planet in my chart is involved with these two aspects.

If the focal point dispositor were Mercury instead of Uranus, it would result in lies and mental illness, if it were Saturn instead of Uranus, it would result in teeth or bone issues, bone cancer, amputation etc, because Saturn rules the very physical just like Mars. If it were Venus as the dispositor it would be rape or some type of feminine issue.

With my Thor’s Hammer, I have had to learn by experiences this lifetime, to honor pain, to bow to adversity and challenges because its the making of a true warrior. Since the focus point is Uranus, its more etheric, more outer planet mystical in complex ways, and being the higher levels of consciousness or higher vision as an air sign, I have had to work hard to figure out predicaments of spiritual and ancient spiritual quandaries I have found myself in because my Uranus is in the 9th house.

“In a world where death is the hunter, my friend, there is no time for regrets
or doubts, there is only time for decisions.”  ― Carlos Castaneda

Thor’s Hammer is the primary weapon of Thor, the Viking God of Thunder who guarded Asgard where the main tribe of Norse gods and goddesses, Aesir had their home. The origin of the hammer’s name, Mjolnir is not very clear. Some scholars trace it to the verb ‘Molva’, which means ‘to smash’. Most of the others associate it with the Welsh ‘Melt’, Russian ‘Molnija’ and Old Slavic ‘Mlunji’, all of them interpreted as ‘lightning’.

The Norse myths depict Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir as a very powerful weapon that could even level mountains. It was said to return (just like a boomerang) after being thrown which in symbolic terms, one must endure the constant hammering from the forces of life.

The hammer is supposed to have been crafted by Brokkr and Sindri, two dwarven brothers from Svartalfheim. Besides being a fearsome weapon, Thor’s Hammer was also used as a ceremonial object. It played an important role in hallowing and consecration rituals.

Thor’s Hammer not only represented destructive power but was also a symbol of protection and security from the evil and violent forces of life, shadow, dark humans and forces of nature. Thor’s Hammer amulets were often worn as a symbol of healing and protection. Even today, Mjolnir pendants are worn as religious symbols around the world by those who practice pagan faiths

Source: Alice Portman, Astrologer, #astrology #thorshammer #nordicpagansymbol

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