First Moon of Autumn 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings Dreamers, Healers, Spirit Seekers and Moon Lovers! The summer is coming to its end and I hope that your last moon of summer brought you some wisdom and changes that were healthy. I know they have for me, big changes at the end of the three summer moons. Our first New Moon of Autumn now begins on August 30, 2019 in the sign of Virgo, the health and service archetype. The Autumn Equinox will follow on Monday, Sept. 23rd right after the Full Moon in Pisces.

The reflective moon is all about our health this month, be that physical, mental, emotional or soul-wise, so chose your one intention for the month wisely and stick with that inner decision. Remember moon work is only about you and the rising of awareness of your own emotional issues, soul issues and karmic purification. Cyclical work of women is very ancient, much older than this patriarch we have lived in the last four-thousand years. It is her time, her story and the moon is our guide. For the newbies, you can read our Lunar Work Study directions here.

I started writing three years ago to share my work with the world, the last 30 years I have only share it with dedicated apprentices and select clients who could do the intense dedication that my work requires. This is because like all true enlightenment practices, it takes a lifetime, if not twenty to thirty years. So too with the ancient teachings I brought back as a dreamer (last level of a shaman).

In the ancient times before the patriarch (before men lead communities and spiritual things), we always prepared to enter our “Season of Night” (Autumn & Winter) with a deep heart for change, and leaving once again through the movement of natures wheel, of the Season of Fire (Spring and Summer). Just as we can do the same today by living with the balance of the moon (feminine, responsibility to our internal life, our feelings, and most importantly learning not to sell our soul or how to heal and reclaim what we have sold, lost and stolen from us). Our waking sun life (mind, body) is very different than the lunar or moon path.

This is what I teach each moon in my free lunar work-study, for women to dedicate to themselves. I started with goddess circles for maidens, women and grandmothers in my home in the 90s, always keeping it small and creative. I have not changed to that path, for in the small, great things can be accomplish and the personal is always worth its investment by us and our dedications to our spiritual journey, regardless of what surfaces.

Equinoxes each year reflect the natural changes of the half year (6 moons – 6 months) shifting into the oppositional season (either Fire or Night). Solstices are our markers for the peaks of this half year. (6 moons – 6 months). The 13th moon is the void moon cycle which clears out the whole year and varies in time. It can be a few days or a few weeks and it skips a year or two as well. It took me a lifetime to remember and then test the practices of the moontime or dreamtime as it called in a real way of living.

summer moon and autumn sun, new moon in virgo
Artist David Galchutt

Those like myself who actually work at existing with the natural time keeper of the moon, along with the menses cycles rhythm with the full moon, and with our dream and its cycles, we have much to learn to return to mother earths natural rhythm.

The birds migration and the natural seasonal of life each year has a slow and steady repetitive cycle and we are a great apart of the rhythm of the earth if we can align with both the sun (our waking life) and the moon (our emotional and soul life and dreaming life) and make them equal.

Nature is simple but very deep in both its light and dark energy, so too are we. The year was cut in half, not in quarters (like the medicine wheel). The Moon or Lunar Wheel as a way of living emotionally in the present moment, based on the principles of our internal nature, more specifically our soul’s relationship to the embodied self along side with nature.

This is a trinity or triangle of energy is very different from the Sun Wheel called the medicine wheel in male Indigenous and pagan teachings, which is the principles of four (directions). The moon is based on the trinity of the three internal spiral movements of the circle. 

My poem for the month…

September Remembers
but I cannot remember who I
was ten years ago. She is no
longer here, I had to let her go.

September changed my earthly life
but I cannot remember who I was
ten-thousand years ago, when all
memories floated away like a leaf
in the gentle wind.

Never look at a cloudy moon, only
the clear and shadow reflections in
your mirror. Changing too much makes
us forget who we are, only you can
remind me of who I used to be.

September lastly makes the fire and brings
a warm sweater for me to sit along side
the quiet river bank. I am only change,
and in my eyes I am eternally
the coming of Autumn’s yellow
and gold. 

Slavic Autumn

Synchronicities and Signs
Each moon its important to set your one intention and pay attention to how it appears in your own behaviors to help you modify small changes each month. Its like a dance with your soul, and its important to keep account of your subconscious-syncronicities coming forth into the material world, especially the three days before the actual new moon. These will be the signs that give you the flavor of the whole moon cycle, also help you set your actual intention on what you need to stay focused on.

My Moon Wheel that I want you to have, is a circle image with 13 lines in it. You can create it for each moon cycle. Write down what signs “appears” to you that month around the new and full moon. Such as birds, animals, insects, oceanids and mysterious things, license plate words, strange emails or phone calls etc. The same things will appear the following year in the same exact moon cycle until you have completed the signs or totem lessons. Just like a dream that repeats, which means you need to give that repetitive symbol attention to heal it. The repetitive yearly moon cycles work the same way.

Give the moon wheel a try for one year, by taking a piece of paper and drawing a circle or wheel and drawing 13 lines like a pie, for the 13 moons. This is a lesson and practice to learn who your allies (helpers) are and who your enemies are (those that give warning).  This first new moon of Autumn for me in my Moon Wheel started with these signs which all came the day before this new moon… Are you paying attention to your signs?

KINGFISHER – In Greek mythology, the Kingfisher is a symbol of faithfulness, peace and prosperity. The legend says that it was originally a dull gray bird in its color but ended up changing into brilliant colors. This makes it a sign for shape-shifting from the lower vibration or dullness in one’s environments or situations, into a higher vibration and more colorful (since birds rule the soul as its main symbol).

In European legends, the fisher king is the keeper of wisdom because its a water bird because both birds and water are the main symbols of the soul and the emotional body. With Kingfisher appears, you may seem risky to others, because of your life situations, and circumstances, but a new situations appears when Kingfisher shows up. You not only have the ability to see what others cannot see, but the changes help with the best results in your situations. Kingfishers are about the nourishment that is wisdom which comes from much experience.

DEATH & REBIRTH – My friend I am living, lost her oldest cat today, very upsetting for her, but I was glad her cat was over its long sickness and suffering, and had moved on naturally today. Death and rebirth medicine symbol.

BEATRIX – The name of a woman I was talking to today which was an unusual name.  Beatrix is a given name derived from Viatrix, which is a feminine form meaning “voyager and traveler”. Later influenced in spelling by association with the Latin word beatus meaning “blessed”. 

LICENSE PLATE – I AM and a second one SNOW LIT.

FERRUGINOUS HAWK  (Butea Regalis – light morph) – Largest of the North American Buteos family and is often mistaken for an Eagle due to its size, proportions, and behavior. This hawk is majestic in its light or dark morphs and are often used for Falconry for the more experienced hunters, due to their size and aggressiveness in hunting. There is both a white morph and a black morph and the symbolism is appropriate to the yin yang symbol.

If its the white morph (which mine was), its about success in hunting the dark, and messages that come will be positive. If its a dark morph hawk, then one is being hunted somehow and needs to become aware. The light is a positive messenger and the dark morph, is a challenging messenger. Both can cross over into day or  night. So the totem reflects this uniqueness.

Virgo New Moon, Elder Mountan Dreaming, 1st Moon of Autumn

Oracle of the Month
To crow at dawn, the rooster ascends
to the roof and stretches its neck.
The hen below the wall is startled by a fox.
If the rooster stops crowing and leaps down,
loss of life may be averted.

In whatever you understate now, there will be at first difficulty. It may look as if there will be no help for you in your situation, but in the end, there is no further cause for worry, so do not panic. The rooster and the hen refer to the symbols of pliant and flexible and that they cannot triumph when the hard and yielding is within you.

We have a tendency to push our abilities too far, to the detriment of our weaker attributes. Recognizing what your weaknesses are from your strengths will make you aware of what kind of energy you are investing in, in your issue this month. Use your strengths to shore up your weaknesses and you will find your current weakness, paradoxically, a source of strength.

Astrological Moon
This month we have a very powerful line up in the New Moon Chart. For those who have a sun, moon, rising sign in early Virgo and Pisces (0-10 degrees), expect some changes. If you look at the New Moon Chart, you will see a “bucket” of Virgo planets which is always an intense source of energy. It also effects the squaring of Sagittarius and Gemini Sun or Moon and any planets in the first ten degrees. So be aware – it might be a bit challenging if it makes a direct hit to your chart.

We have a Red T-Square which is unsolvable tension as all T-Square people like myself know well, will is only effecting Venus in Virgo. We also have a wonderful Blue Trine, which means the energy will flow. So even if you have any of the four Mutable Planets mentioned, the trine will help things keep balanced.

In the elements of air, fire, water and earth, there is no Air this moon cycle, so solving any issue this moon cycle means that its wise not to ‘think’ or think things over. Rather, use your intuition and your physical body energy to push through struggle (see all the earth planets in green in the chart below).

Also there is no water for the lunar month, except for Neptune, so this means use your instinct known as common sense. The applicable and earthy energy to solve issues. Go to the practical and grounded methods this month rather than feeling, fears or mental power… and that will help you a lot. In other words, go ride a bike, take a walk, get a massage, anything to keep you grounded “in your body”.

NEW moon in the virgo moon cycle
FULL Pisces moon in the virgo moon cycle.png

Chose “one” Intention for this New Moon below, of something you wish to practice, or come up with “one” of your own (making sure its only about you, not the other).

I am positive
I am doing the best I can
my desires are healthy

I balance my desire
I have clear judgment

I listen with integrity
I AM RECEPTIVE (if your too giving)
I am giving (if your too receptive)

I accept my weakness with strength

I approve of myself
I accept where I am right now today (denial work)

I am empowered
I am beautiful
I am comfortable

I am graceful
I am healthy
I am patient

I am open (if you hide or an introvert)
I AM LISTENING (instead of drama)
I monitor my fear


Blessings on your Lunar Month, Phoenix

autumn by dorthia steffan.jpg


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