Transformative Dreaming – Dream Analysis 101, 202 and 303

By Phoenix the Elder – I am a master dreamer and what that means is I have mastered lucid dreaming, astral travel, out of bodies, full out of bodies (death suspension), remote viewing in waking and night dreams in both my mental astral body (dreamer) and my Soul astral body (dreamer) which are very, different bodies. One handles our life, and the other, our eternal life. 

After forty years of this, through painstaking work, living with the cycles of the moon along side my dreaming life, and nature, I dedicated to learning, applying, learning, adjusting, learning, applying and so forth. I began then to teach my return of my dreaming medicine to my dream apprentices, which added the second level of awareness for me in the subtleness of adjustments and changes needed in the dream work (as all teachers end up the student).

Then the third and final levels stages of life and symbolism began, the true weaver medicines. It came when I began to do collective work as a dream walker. But what started it all off was basic and unforgiving Dream Analysis. I was never satisfied and I involved signs and syncronicities of real life situations into the work and began to see real results in communication with the inner self through Mirror Work.

Mirror work is a very complex and deep workings of divination combined with real life awareness practices. These dreams we have are multi-leveled, multi layered, very personal, inter-personal and have quite a bit of illusion within them,  which is the hardest mastery of dreaming to conquer because it involves your fears, blind spots and unconscious of your being. Of any spiritual practice out there, Illusions and Mirror work are the most difficult, because it includes our eternal life and our heart and a host of other subtle realities internal and external.

transformative dreaming

After about 25 years of this kind of work, along with daily spiritual practices with analysis, I strived to bring a formula that made dreaming very personal and very focused. This is because when I was young, I found no dream book holding the secrets of ancient dream practices. My fate this lifetime was to bring that forth and I would have loved to taught many more people about my ancient dream process and analysis, but it takes so many years with diligent practice.

If I could open a real Ancient Dream School I would. But through my life, the demands of my wrathful dismemberment (shaman sicknesses and initiations) kept me from the ordinary parts of giving full time work to others, and with my three lifetimes of karma to be purified through debilitating consequences, it left little time.

In the beginning I had to come up with a new way to train my own mental body the symbols that my dreamer showed in my regular dreams. I had to pierce that blind mirror open and shatter it. I didn’t master Zen and the Tibetan Bardo for nothing, these spiritual mastery practices open you up greatly and I had to apply that opening to something and that something was dreaming.  I finally came up with a large amount of symbols by deduction, of taking the most common symbols that were in several cultural teachings and beginning to see the commonality among them in symbolic meaning.  For example:

Death in a Dream as a Symbol…

Death in dreaming in many cultures, races, indigenous races have many meanings. But as I studied them all, I found the over whelming amount of them meant Change. So I used Death in a dream as the Symbol of “Change”. Then there are the “Tools’ of change, such as violence, guns, knives, etc and each of these have different meanings to the ultimate symbol of Change.

The hardest parts of in-depth dreaming symbolism is to not take dreams as personal as you would as your waking life. If you dream of your parents who have passed on in life, it does not mean that they are there for real, in your dreams at night. You must understand that Nature’s Laws are completely different than Humans religious and spiritual laws around such things as archetypes, divination and dream symbols. These are Sun works, but dreaming itself is moon works. And that means its MIRROR work and reflective only.

I finally learned how to train my mental body dreamer with years of studying and testing my mental body dreamer with symbols, to receive the information of image (symbols) to translate the story to me from my inner dreamer (mental astral body) who is receiving information in the form of images from my soul (astral body) who is the wisest or darkest part of our multiple soul’s and their fragments through our past life karma.

The Bride of Death 170 years ago by Thomas Jones Barker - Dream Symbolism, Elder Mountain Dreaming.jpg
The Bride of Death 170 years ago by Thomas Jones Barker

Even the apprentices I have taught how to work with dreaming, and with their own self healing journey, learning how to heal themselves, I could say one teaching for five years and the heard it unconsciously but will appear in the future to have never heard the teaching. I learned very young that this was normal for people to do. Its very hard to have complete mastery and awareness of our subconscious mental astral body and our subconscious soul astral body. And both of these bodies dream, along with our waking conscious mind and emotional body.

At first it was very hard work the first 15 years of study and then I began to flow with it, then began to teach it to clients and students and apprentices which even deepened my work into interpersonal dreaming symbolism. With my collective work as a shaman, it added the third layer and level of dreaming symbolism.

Our inner dreamer is that small inner voice, it is that wise counsel as a truth teller at night without the interference of the mind, mental body or ego. We get information from our Soul translated into images to our mental ability in dreams to receive that information, even if our conscious mind is untrained, or even if its too fearful for us to see that deep of a truth once we train our self.. to see the answer from our inner dreamer.

There is a particular and very specific way to train the mind dream symbols and one must be very disciplined, consistent and flexible at the same time to receive results that work. I have tested them on myself through the processes of three decades, tested them on my students and apprentices, and they worked and then my clients after that and its worked…

Example of my Dream Analysis from my dream last night.


Elder Mountain Dreaming Master Dreamer.png
I was at a small western town somewhere and there was a wedding going on, with the bride, groom, the families and a wedding planner. The bride was shot and in the commotion the wedding planner took her to the hospital where she then bride died. I had followed the bride planner to help her and she then went to find out what happened. I was still in the hospital after the bridge died and I saw that the two nurses were involved somehow.

Dream Analysis 1st Level:
I was at a small western town (a foreign but familiar place) and there was a wedding (ritual of commitment) going on, with the bride, groom, the families (unfamiliar aspects of my committed self) and a wedding planner (actions of organization of the committed masculine and feminine self / inner and outer life).

The bride (the inner self) was shot (completed transformation) and in the commotion (chaos) the wedding planner (actions of organization) took her to the hospital (sickness) where then, the bride had died (transformation of commitment completed).

I had followed the bride planner (actions of organization) to help her (assist) and she then went to find out what happened (information). I was still in the hospital (place of sickness) after the bride died and I saw that two nurses (healing a problem or tough situation) were involved somehow in the death (transformation of death and rebirth).

Analysis 2nd Level:
I am in an unknown situation, but its also familiar, I’ve been here before. In my rituals of commitment, this is a new unfamiliar aspect of my committed self in the way my actions of organization of my inner and outer life are concerned.

My inner committed self has been transformed within the chaos of change and my actions of organization showed me the sickness that occurred was for the completed transformation.

I had assisted myself in this in order to find information of the place of sickness around me and I am healing the tough situation which I was involved with in the actual transformation of my own death and rebirth.

Analysis 3rd Level and Core Dream Message and Meaning:
My situation is new at this ending and new beginning, its familiar in my rituals of commitment. I am organized with these actions of change of my current inner life and I have transformed because of it. This is also a completion. It was tough situations that I was involved with, for my own final death and rebirth.

The set up for this dreaming… In the last three months I had a final letting go of my own daughter after both of us have had a long and difficult life this lifetime. After a life of all things karmic, when things are actually karmic, there is no resolve, there is only struggle, pain and hurt, and after trying everything for decades, letting her go broke my heart but was the right action to take. Without her seeking help and healing and the inability to forgive, there would never be a two sided resolve.

The second is my inter-personal working professional life with a situation of my “last apprentice” this lifetime, which I usually work with apprentices between five and ten years. This was connected to the end of my third and final karmic debt which started in 2010 that coincided with this apprentice. Each of my three karmic purification of pain and loss took about ten years of situations, healing and life living.

Working for my last apprentice (who was a dark apprentice),  for seven years giving her my service and healing everyday, at the end – when I caught several bad things shamanically from her like an attack from here werewolf and then discovering her past life demon magician (finally) who hid from everything in my abilities as a shaman to see it (which is unheard of at my level), I had to end our work together abruptly once I found this demon.

Upon my departure I asked for money for service rendered, she refused to pay and so did her family (who are very rich). I left with nothing after dedicating almost 8 years to her, her divorce recovery, her children, land, animals etc. and even doing shamanic work on her whole family (except her father) to their betterment. My life has always been fated within the realms of karma as a person and my shaman grew out of these types of loss with forgiveness.

This is what my dream was about, these two collective ends of my long forty year journey, as I moved to a new place two months ago to recover. The rule in dreaming is:

The simpler a dream is, the more focused the mental body dreamer and the more it mirrors your life if you can only learn how to master symbols, the right symbols and symbolism.

Those who have long, detailed, big epic dreams are living with a mental body that is not mastered and is projecting every kind of busy mind there is into your dreams. When I work with people, these dreams settle down and come down to normal amounts. Also when I work with others, I start them immediately on a mastery of Meditation in general, without that, many spiritual practices of any kind can never be mastered.

The simpler the dream, the more focused the mental body. Less is More.

bride, dream symbolism.jpgNote: When looking for a photo to match this article of the Bride who got Shot, I put in the word Bride Killed to search on the web and wow, the world is so so dark and so many bad things to females from age 9 to 30 and their deaths resulting from getting married. I was not shocked, but surprised at how world wide this issue really is, deep darkness.

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