Spiritual Initiations of Neptune, Pisces Moon or Neptune in the 12th House

By Phoenix the Elder – Most of my website is the expressions of my fated North Node in the 12th house, conjunct Neptune and Jupiter (who is the old ruler of Pisces) in the sign of Scorpio. Yes that is a full sentence of etheric, mystical depth into the frightful Scorpio realms of the deepest collective 12th house reality in dreaming.

The journey of my stable, predictable and abundant South Node in Taurus in the 6th House ended when I turned 35 years old. Literally, my life has never been the same since as the mystery of both the divine and the demonic began to leak through the veils and of my own past lives that had terrific karma.

There is an aspect to all three outer planets that rule letting go, and its called letting go of those who want something for nothing, letting go of those who do not wish to take risks or support those they desire to attain something precious from or letting go because the nature of the relationship is completed.

Letting go in a Uranian way is abrupt, like a flash of lightning without the need to linger; Letting go in a Neptunian way is a deeper sense of interplay between illusion and awakening; and Letting go in a Pluto way is the gut-wrenching horror and refusal to be used and abused within aspects of money, power or sex.

So when someone lets you go, know its not a simple choice, its deep, its gut wrenching or its saving the self from feeling total chaos, being used or instinctual reactions to danger. Its not you, its the power of you and the other together that drives the needs to destroyed or break apart for survival. Many times when large cycles (ten or twenty or thirty years) are over, these are when the outer planets activate this death or rebirth and we must let go.

This is because karmic purification is constantly unveiling itself and that is not easy to withstand. Neptune’s energies most of my life, were extremely subtle and as it revealed its mysticism and consciousness in nature or the souls of humans and the mystery, it became unsettling to have to interplay and witness such events. To be involved in the non-material spiritual world in which I was cautious, and used common sense and said no to anything that approached me, I found that required disciplines that built self trust. Neptune eradicates self trust and walks you blindly towards a greater need, the eternal needs of our elusive soul.

The effects are difficult to devastating, requiring discernment and spiritual sacrifices of sobriety, disciplines and healing, so that awareness grew to great levels. Neptune rules nirvana’s untouchable reality and the lost and hungry souls who wanders into her visions that leaves one isolated and desperate for survival, if not bordering the insane. Its as powerful as Pluto but in a completely different way.

These are the real undercurrents of our elusive and living Soul when the gates open,  connected to our living and feeling emotional body. It literally makes the emotional body a super charged empath, absorbing all unconscious energy, emotional and karmic energy of others, animals, nature etc. Neptune in the 8th house or 12th house placements, enhance anything which seeks refuge or the light. That is only dangerous if its the dark which searches your light.

This is how one becomes truly enlightened, truly saved by their own merit. A life through purification of real karma and that is extraordinary suffering for decades. The great mystery has nothing to do with the mental body, in fact its the mind which must be slayed first to enter any realms of the emotional body or the soul if one is to survive Neptune’s initiations. 

Where is that Moon that never rises or sets.
Where is that Soul that is neither with nor
without us. Don’t say it is here or there,
all creation is for the eyes that can see.


The Soul and Neptune

Neptune’s icon (visual symbol) is that of an upturned cup, symbolizing both the Moon and the Soul. The cross which extends through the semicircle points out the unity to the world. The arrows, pointing upwards, symbolizes a higher sphere of the body, mind and soul (and emotional body).

Because I have a Pisces Moon, this literally made me live a life of receptive undoing, unwinding a six thousand year journey to re-pay my debt of three past lives. Living in the present moment and training one’s self to live there is the only possible way of survival. Overcoming all fears is mandatory as well. Many chose alcohol, medications, drugs, plants to escape this harsh reality, but that catches up to you in the end. Neptune asks you to do it straight or pay the consequences with your mental, emotional and soul stability.

Neptune shows us the regions of intense and transcendental qualities in our life and the doors to hell, not the entrance (Pluto). For example, Neptune in the first house may be the disassociation of our body and our body issues around that, Neptune in the second house maybe the slipping away of security, through our hands expressed with the total loss of money and the values that went with them. With Neptune in the third house can be our inability to articulate verbal communication and brings forth great mental confusion, which then, the native makes up drama thinking its real when it is not etc.

On the opposing sides, which one must recognize is that healing through one’s faith and beliefs, can come through deep meditation, belief in the mystical, spiritual practices and disciplines that bring groundedness. Thus the contemplative life and or the creative life is mandatory for survival and one that brings relief. This is why Neptune rules “Soul and its Karma” unlike Saturn who rules the material world of karma or the karma of physical actions and consequences. Neptune is more ethereal than that and makes us question life beyond just a material life.

Neptune Astrology.pngWhen we are in touch with Neptune spiritual dimensions and have real mystical light or mystical dark experiences, we step into these other reality that are always frightening. They define our fears of having no control, no grasping of being safe in life and no boundaries which leaves us unsafe and vulnerable to our emotional upsets and sicknesses and no boundaries of our more shadowy soul which comes in many ways to us. That is why exorcists like myself exist as a shaman. The borders between the subtle and the material planes, gates or realms, are permeable and influential until we become lost. Boundaries disappear, and in my case the world becomes full of secrets, dreams and realities begin to appear to merge when others cannot see, taste, smell or experience what is right before you.

Artists appreciate the inspiring and sensitive nature of Neptune and those heavily influenced must chose a life of the artist in many ways if not professional. Second sight, intuition, and inspired creative processes all must be a part of the persons survival. This is very different from the Mental Body’s channeling, mediumship or psychic bodies that tap into Uranus and Mercury qualities, because Neptune is Emotional Body and Soul Body realities. The unconscious and connectedness is always the light and dark of a Neptune experience by putting your soul on the line. 

Danger exists until you face your fears, then they begin to dissolve, these experiences are real and not real (in this material world) at the same time. Its duality that has no separation between them. The over-thinker gets nowhere with Neptune, that is Uranian territory. In Neptune territory, there are grave consequences of self-deceit, intrigue and losses, illusions and false hope, pot, alcohol, plants and drugs.

Neptune embodies the universal principle of love, and it is everything else but love you experience to let go enough at greater levels to get to the core of love itself. Its an energy, not a mental philosophy. Transcendence is really just death and rebirth in a Neptunian way (rather than a Pluto way). The more fixed you are, the harder it is to deal with Neptune for the individual.

Spiritual ascension and all that other new age stuff has no real connection to the spiritual initiator of Neptune itself, its all pain, all transparent boundaries of the individual. We are more open to greater connections yes, but what comes with that is all of Pandora’s Box. In fact, Pandora would be the great shadow side of Neptune, while the light side destroys egotistical need which is painful as well in real terms of spiritual practices.  Neptune gives service to others for the collective mirror quality (being able to see one’s own suffering) and act upon that as well at the same time.

The twelfth house, ruled by Neptune, also rules the sign of Pisces and its the most sensitive place for Neptune to sit, as this is its natural ruling home. Since outer planets are not like personal planets, they influence only when woken up by transits or if natal planets and nodes conjunct it inside the 12th house itself. Neptune is the great initiator of the spiritual mystery and that comes with a very heavy price.

With inner planets, whatever personal planets that sit in the 12th house remain completely unconscious until instantiated by an outer planet. Or in my case, with north node there as a fated destiny to awaken, its incredibly debilitated when conscious. Its one or the other and when its the debilitated aspect, the person must become very disciplined on the spiritual path because the 12th house and Neptune will overrule the one’s life with sickness, self undoing, spiritual torture, all true. Within those experiences then, the true spiritual mystery is revealed.

This is why Neptune and its 12th house’s vibration is one of atonement of “self undoing, self sacrifice and humbleness” you are literally humbled, and in my case with a 12th house Scorpio, humbled to “death”. Every twelve years Jupiter goes around the chart and one of those months, it conjuncts Jupiter, but not all of them are in their natal house of the 12th. But milder effects will take place in the other 11 houses and one is aware and conscious of those, so its easier to make choices. In the 12th house, one is not that lucky, even with Jupiter’s benevolent archetype.

Astrological Neptune

If you don’t self undo all the time, then your 12th house planet is not activated and opened yet. People speak of the great Kundalini awakening which is distorting and somewhat painful, I have been through three of these Kundalini awakenings about ten years apart. Each one was more disorienting that the last one and got more and more painful.

This is because these realities occur across in the non physical life we life, some call that inbetween the veil and this is associated with the life of our mental astral body and soul astral body (yes we have two), and the incarnated you must endure that direct connection. If you are not conscious of those astral bodies nor trying to survive them, then its business as usual in a material world with a spiritual desire.

Those who must deal with Neptune in the 12th house, are in constant awakening states are dealing with incredibly sensitive and powerful forces operating in the unconscious mind and the eternal unconscious of the soul-self. Neptune in the twelfth house has the ability to formulate collective dreams into spiritual art if one has learned to let go and that can help immensely.

For anyone under the duress of Neptune in any house, its usually activated by progressions and transits in certain cycles of time and then moves on. Either way we all learn about the subtle self in which we have no control. The inner planets, especially our sun or our moon are effect the greatest when transiting Neptune makes contact.

I am ruled by all three outer planets: Aquarian Sun (Uranus); Pisces Moon (Neptune); Scorpio Rising (Pluto). All three are also activated by my set up: My natal sun and Uranus are opposite, my Pluto is conjunct the midheaven effecting my rising and Neptune on my north node. This set up in my life has brought the inability to manifest and the ability to endure death and initiations of karmic purification which leads to the sage and the mystics life of retreat.

The other main issue about Neptune is, if one is addict to or does a weekly or monthly  dose of drugs, medications, pot, shamanic plants, alcohol etc. then we enter the negative sides of Neptune and the consequences come later. We chose one spirit of perception altering things or we chose the spirit of healing our real emotional and soul’s karmic issues, that is the two choices.

Most chose the illusion causing substances to deal with the hurt and pain of their emotional or soul bodies. I always suggest getting help with various therapists, therapies, and spiritual disciplines instead of the medicated version. 

Neptune bridges my moon and connects it to my 12th house Neptune/North Node conjunction. My Pisces Moon had become a conduit in this waking world, of the night (Scorpio) world of the feeling sensory and seeing eyes of the expansions of an energetic (non-physical world) that exists along side this world. There are many names for that in spiritual contexts, I just call it the life of our soul, both dark or light. My Neptune expands this reality because its conjunct Jupiter.

Every aspect of imagination has a life of its own in a 23° Pisces, which one becomes deeply aware of this fact and acutely senses the aliveness of even those things which materialists think of as inanimate or fantasy because its not presented to them as it crosses the veils into this world.

At best this degree is vast and has a more complete rapport with everything that exists both physical and non-physical, which is the key to unending wealth of wisdom. We are in the midst of our prosperity of any form – all we need to do is see it and work with it.

That is what we call Magic in its practical form, but having karma, I have known better to access anything that has shade attached to it from my past lives that I am purifying this lifetime. I always step cautiously when it concerns my karma and have learned these lessons, but also having common sense, knew that nothing is a coincidence and with Neptune reality and energy we don’t control much in our choices when fate is our mother and father.

My moon sits in the 4 house at 23° Pisces and the older I have gotten, the more potent it has become, not only in my own 4th house issues of my own personal family, but my empathic reality with everyone.

Progressed Neptune is coming to conjunct my Natal Moon and is my last initiation. Just like Neptune did previously with my Sun, my Mars/Saturn, my Thor’s Hammer and my Venus/Chiron purification and dissolve of my soul and all its eternity.

I have no more planets after my Moon for any of the three outer planets to conjunct after that, so this is the last state of an emptying out and dissolve related opportunity (because one has no choice when it concerns an outer planet). Pluto when it goes into Aquarius in 2023, will begin to transform my Sun opposite Uranus (activating my T-Square including Neptune, Jupiter and my nodes) just as Neptune and Uranus did before that.

neptune astrology

Example of the different sabians symbols for my Pisces moon degree – which gives one a taste of its influences:

23° Pisces Chandra:
A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room. We come to meet our own karma, and then , whatever the nature of it, we eventually learn to give it the love that will raise us out of attachment to it. Someone lurking in a dark wood. An ancient gold scarab lying in the sand, a precious gift the lurker waits to give to the stranger or the one known long ago.

The Chandra Symbol reflects that whatever we refuse to confront in the light of everyday will lie in way for us to grab us when we are most unsuspected and unaware. Because of fear its easy to interpret this symbol as an attacker and also might be understood as someone who has a message for us, but who, for one reason or another, has not been able to make contact through the normal channels. So this degree makes the saying true: Everything happens for a reason both positive and negative.

23° Pisces Damabiah (angel):
Fear of God, Fountain of Wisdom.

23° Pisces Pleiadian:
At a séance the room fills with the scent of roses and a consoling female voice.

23° Pisces Azoth:
In the heat of summer, spiritual lessons quietly are offered in the shade.

23° Pisces Fulfillment degree: Leo 30.
A poetess wearing rings with large gemstones in them. She grasps her book of poems. (Omega Symbol). The life of whatever we create eventually gives back to us insights that lift us into the realization of eternal realities.

*Phoenix has been a Consulting Astrologer for the past 40 years. Sessions: $185 for a 2 hour session by Skype, world-wide. Book your session by writing to Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com

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  1. Thank you for this. I have Jupiter conjunct Neptune in my 12h, and Pluto on my MC as well. I’m Sag rising. Nice to “meet” someone with similar 12h placements. It feels like both a blessing and a curse.


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