Second Moon of Autumn 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings and Happy New Moon dream walkers. The next new moon begins on Saturday, September 28, 2019 in the sign of Libra. I am still pondering over how powerful the last three moons in summer were and how many changes have occurred. For newbies or those who need to refresh how to do this awareness work, please read the Lunar Workstudy directions here.

Autumn is fully on its way this month of October and sets its course for the coming of Winter. The Season of Night is a completely different energy and rhythm and as we align ourselves to nature, we begin to slow our processes down. Thats hard if you have a very busy life, but we can always take time to find balance and rest.

For those who live where the big oaks and maples are, prepare yourself for the color changes this moon cycle. Get your sweaters out and your cute hats and apple cider, because the winds are about to blow.

Are you ready for Autumn and the changing of the season in a more dramatic way? Bring your creative spirit forth to balance your personal struggles… the two must always work together for sensitives!

Samuel Palmer

The most difficult thing in life was not spiritual self-improvement per say, as we thought when we were younger. But the fact that everything we gain spiritually, we had to sacrifice something else. The greater the loss the greater the soul heals. Constructs of the mundane and ordinary life is equally demanding to the unknown and fearful journey of the abyss of our soul.

In this way, our face will always change in the reflection of the pond and sometimes others or even the self may not recognize her at certain points. This is the subtle changes and effects of our ordinary life, the two can never really be separated and that is the great union of body and soul, when nature and the self become one.

This is our Libra Moon cycle which means it is an inter-personal cycle of you and the other. Its Venus ruled and Mars reflected and effected (Aries). Working with this moon cycle always invokes the energy of relationship (think about the time you were or still are in school and surrounded by your peers), that is the flavor of friendships, relationships and intimate relationships.

How do you want to improve your relationship skills this moon cycle? That is the question I want to ask you today. Not how do you change the relationships, but what can you bring to it that is new, that helps you and the other? Each one of us have unique issues going on in our life and we either wish to address them or its not the time to address them. Either way, this moon helps us with that peace or conflict resolve.   

autumn plushies.jpgOracle of this Moon Cycle
Repose – the year is a good one, the season is right, peace reigns over the mountain. there is no unseen reverses. When the fields are cultivated to await the fullness of harvest, there can be no ill fate for you. Your inner peace must be immovable, like the mountain and you calmly survey your good work. All is in accordance and as a result there are no contradictory indications if you have worked diligently and paid due attention to the unfolding of the seasons so that all your actions have been timely, there is nothing more to worry about. 

Lunar work is our personal dance between our emotional sensitives, our emotional fears, our unconscious wounds of our past, and our ability to calm them, focus on them, bring them forward into our consciousness and forgive. Learning how to manage our chaos when it arises a little bit each moon cycle. This month is a very interactive moon cycle and its these kinds of moon cycles that we must practice what we preach. Lightning, this is what you came for!

Our last dance with Libra was April 19, 2019 Uranus was conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, and on that full moon you let go of something in particular, that no longer served your highest good. We have come to this fruition on this Libra New Moon. I suggest you that you go check in your Moon Dream Journal and see what you wrote down for your release intention back then.

See if you’ve made any headway in your healing of that particular release? This will help you understand much clearer, the full six moon cycles that has occurred in the Libra/Aries archetype for you personally. Every Moon effects us different, the Sun always remains the same and rarely changes.

As you can see the chart below, we have a bucket of “personal” planets involved this moon cycle. Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars and not too far away is Juno. That is a lot of energy in a very personal expression. So be aware of those who want to start drama. Libra also has issues around open enemies. This means that a person acts like a friend, looks like a friend, seems like a friend but their behaviors show us their control issues, their dominance, their unwillingness to compromise or their subtle sabotage.

Be aware and pay attention and call friends or foe alike out if you have to, all in the name of Charm and Enchantment which Venus like Mercury rules (as you can see in the chart in that bucket of planets). In the 3rd house at the bottom of the chart, if you get lost in the abyss about your situations (Neptune), you can see who will give you trouble (Lilith) and cause you pain (Chiron), so just do your best and make those necessary adjustments and decisions this month.

Libra New Moon Astrology Chart.png

(only chose one and say it aloud in a sacred manner on the New Moon)

I am positive
I am doing the best I can

my desires are healthy
my needs are important
I have clear judgment

I listen with integrity
I AM RECEPTIVE (if your too giving)
I am giving (if your too receptive)

I accept my weakness with strength
I approve of myself

I accept where I am right now today (denial work)
I AM CLEAR MINDED (Libra is an air sign)
I am empowered

Lightning, this is what you came for! 
Happy New Moon, Phoenix


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  1. Cindy Magnuson says:

    “I have clear judgment!” Too many are running from this level of perception as the New Cage movement sells the word judgment as a catch all term for any observation or truth we call out, placing our judgment to being spiritually incorrect. There are many concepts attempting to be eliminated from our memories and turned upside down by wrongdoing..and your words are much needed to remind us of the truths in the same manner that we know the “flu” and “measles” are not to be feared.


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