Fundraiser For Phoenix

Phoenix of Elder Mountain: Dear Patrons and Newcomers… I have left Oregon (the Retreat), the last of the Summer Moons of 2019. Oregon nor my apprentice panned out as I had hoped, nor did it earn me any income for the last seven years of my professional work with my apprentice. So, I had to retire from working with apprentices and students for good. I might continue with clients with folk healing and esoteric divination work at some point in the future.

I will of course, continue to write my wisdom as a dreamer (last level of a shaman) on this website for those who are dreamers, artists, healers and moon women. I am embarking on my next journey with some excitement and settling into a small village in Illinois along the Mississippi River, to embrace my talents as an artist. I have done sacred art most of my life, but now it will be my full time income.

I will need the very basics such as art supplies, brushes, paint, paper, etc. to begin my next journey and ask for your support because I couldn’t bring any of my possessions with me. So I would be honored if you could donate to my fundraiser to help me get started on my huge change, it would be greatly appreciated and will fill my time with artistic passion. I have never done this before (asking for donations) and have always worked for everything this lifetime and given four times more to all I have worked with.

The art I am focusing on is traditional Slavic Folk Art which will fit in with the Village life and it will includes textiles, traditional folk art and folk dolls, miscellaneous painted items on board and canvas and more. I will get a new wordpress website with the fundraising donations also. I will be creating works over the coming winter, spring and summer to build a body of work.

Fundraiser page:

or Sarah (graduated apprentice’s) Paypal (add note its for Phoenix): 

Thank you so much and Blessings, Phoenix



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