Third Moon of Autumn 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings dreamers, moon lovers, artists and healers, we are now deepen our experiences as we enter the 3rd and last Moon of Autumn, starting Sunday, October 27, 2019. The moon is sitting at 4° Scorpio this month and anyone who has done this work for two years or more, understands that Scorpio moons are always very powerful.

I am listening to “Camille Saint-Saëns’ – Danse Macabre” near Halloween as I am writing this and its a wonderful symphony for the late Autumn season. The music also expresses the whirlwinds of my rumblings and fated new home this past moon cycle. My new home is three blocks from the shores of the powerful Mississippi River, steeped in nature, native lore and also the lingering times of the mid-1800s.


Once I got settled through these tumultuous last six moons of the eternal winds of changes and the last of my karmic purifications this lifetime, I am feeling very healthy in this present moon cycle, more than I have felt or been in the last fifteen years. I am very grateful to my entire journey and to those who assisted and helped me limp along to my new destination where I now have a solid footing and the very grounded energy of the midwest which I do have to admit I love groundedness.

As we enter this cycle for all of us this month, the entrance into the near winter, rules the night, the hidden, the unconscious and these are all powerful eternal interplay’s of fate weaving of our next steps in life. Unfortunately many do not believe in fate until its too late and then they have to experience both its power and its destruction and hopefully its rebirth if they haven’t been too stubborn in their beliefs in life up to that point.

There is no denying it once you experience fate, this cannot be avoided nor ignored and we sometimes do not understand the depths of our own elusive soul until she (fate) brings forth something that changes us forever in the ways of healing our soul. We are multi layered and so too is healing.

Trusting the hidden parts of your light soul means you have the strength to face the dark parts of your soul, and yes, its a mighty big task spiritually, especially that which you were not aware of previously. Fate is destined to keep stirring our soul until the event has softened with time, at least enough to allow the shock to stop vibrating so strongly.

Keep gentle with yourself this month, and remember that nothing is ever going to be the same after that Eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 and that is world-wide, because we’ve entered the “Moontime”. She oversees and puts demons upon our soul in our dreaming, nature’s seasonal cycles and cycles out of balance, our emotions, our souls and its lifetimes of karma. She also rules the feminine and the wheels of fate spinning circles of our evolutionary growth which just means soul growth. We evolve as we touch the parts of us that are rotten. We never think we have shadows and karma until fate shows us.

Like a gardener (Taurus, the energy that opposes Scorpio), we start weeding out those rotten parts so when the New Moon of Spring comes, our “inner garden” is a little healthier. Remember, moon cycles work in individual moons, three moons (seasons) and six moons (half a year) and that is is. So what happens this moon cycle is completed the last moon of Spring.

The astrology chart for this month shows the Sun/Moon conjuncting at 4° Scorpio, opposite Uranus at 4° Taurus. I call Uranus the unruly uncle, the one who is the agent of swift and unpredictable changes, positive or negative. This can leave us a bit dizzy or in great pain, wondering what the hell just happened, everything was fine last week? Uranus rules instability and also the need to be right (ego) at any cost.

If being right was concrete, we believe that we can levitate concrete with our will, we can’t and thus we are not always guided by truth from our thoughts and beliefs, so we must try when times are unstable to open our heart and soul to what is really going on within and all around us. Try to focus on softening you attitudes, convictions or belief system this moon cycle, the things you are real, might not be quite as real as you think. Thinking, that is the problem, so calm and quite those thoughts so your ‘being’ can see whats really happening this month.


If we take the time to sit down and see that the outer events have cause us grief or sadness or some emotion we must feel, we can get to the core of what it really is. But that does require meditation, silent walks in nature or anything that you need to feel grounded. If you find yourself getting really upset, scan the environment for a big tree, park the car and go hug it or just lay down on the earth and ask her to hold you or a friend or a pet to hold you.

This moon cycle it is wise not to follow the lead of one’s whimpsical thoughts either, think about what you want to stay or write it down first to read over it or come to terms with your boundaries in a new way. Venus 24° and Mercury 26° are conjunct in Scorpio this moon, and are in a tight conjunction, so we want to say what we mean, rather than say it with loose and wandering strings.

I call Mercury-Venus energy a Corset, either its too tight and we get all choked up or its useless and we would better off accepting that our desires need to change. What makes us want to change? One answer… Pain or Sickness. Nothing else compares.

The last moon of Autumn does have its celebrations of Halloween, the ritual of honoring the deeper mysteries of death or the dead in a spiritual sense. To make light of death too much with Halloween does come back to haunt us because Scorpio moons are a very bitter tea to drink.

Bitters can intensify the taste buds but something we need to sweeten it to temper our reactions to situations. I suppose that is why candy on Halloween festivities is a favorite. Four planets in Scorpio can be quite bitter,, so make sure you add some emotional sweetness to relieve any surfacing pain. In other words, you can dress up in your Halloween outfit, but in reality, be kind to yourself and others this moon.

Our moon is in its Water Elements again and this encourage us to clarify our emotions for our emotional protection, or for our feelings of being safe, or letting our emotional awareness of whats hidden begin to surface. Allowing the self to get unstrapped by big and shadowy swirling waters that can pull us down – should be kept in check.

So check in with yourself a few times this month, or answer yourself if you have questions in your head. Never leave questions in the either, always answer them and chose a side, its less dangerous that way. And of course this month especially, pick yourself back up no matter how shallow or deep your fall and remind yourself that life is bigger than us and sometimes we must obey the laws of time, of karma and of fate because they are… the boss of us.

Bernard Perlin.jpg

Oracle for the 3rd Moon of Autumn
“Follow your Heart – Mysterious clouds cover you above; Below are no deceivers. Everything flows along and all returns to its true state. Everything goes as you wish, others will aid you in your issue. The yin forces are properly honored by the yang forces below it. This trigram indicates that you should make a choice or decision in Autumn, be it a situation, an actual move, a change in relationship or something you’ve needed to address. Your powers are at their height and no one works against you. Everything will proceed if you take the first step.”

As the seasons begin to change in this third moon, we are still in the Season of Night, its a more serious time of the year and I remember even as a child after I went to journey to get my candy, I would then say prayers for the dead before I went to bed in a more serious tone. No one told me, I just did it naturally.

I remember when I was forty and by that time, my rituals were pretty elaborate that included prayers for the sick, the dying and those who had recently (within the year) passed on. It gave comfort and had a Buddhist flavor to the practice of Compassion so it would remain conscious with me all month. If we cannot have compassion for our self when we are down or hurting, then it does no good to help others. Lets all try to walk our talk a bit more the remainder of this year.

For those really suffering right now, the one’s experiencing the emotional bodies karmic pain, this pain can only be released by ‘letting go’ or forgiving or forgiving life and fate, there is no ‘fixing it’ or ‘resolving it’ when it comes to karma, again there is only ‘letting go’. This is the great difference between sickness, death or any great troubles we have, there is always a solution and resolve…. But not with karmic issues, forgiveness and letting go is the only healing, for that circle is dissolving, its not a circle that is ending or completing.

Here are Examples of your “one” New Moon Intention

I am energetic
I am in control
I am happy
I am receptive
I embrace humor
I am healing my moodiness

I am intelligent
I play well
I have proper perspective (if you are feeling lost)

I am successful
I am well rested (over tired or burned out)
I am safe
I am happy (if you suffer from depression)

I accept myself (issues of rejection)
I am abundant (issues of not feeling safe)
I am balanced

I am positive

I am magical
I practice simplicity (life is overwhelming right now)
I am patient (if you have anger issues)
I am grounded

I am enthusiastic (if you feel apathetic)

I am honest in my communication
I tell the truth
I honor who I am
I am loved (if you don’t feel loved)

I am strong (if you are feeling weak)
I turn defensiveness into the positive 

I am unique (if you are feeling too ordinary)

Happy New Moon, and may you keep your
Hearth Fires Warm all month long!



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