First Moon of Winter 2019

By Phoenix the Elder – Happy New Moon Dreamers, Healers and Artists! The first moon of winter begins November 26, 2019 and I hope your last moon was gentle and forgiving. I calculate my “13 Moons of the Year” on seasonal shifts that occurs four times a year. That is the base to be precise (which moon cycle is the ‘first’ moon cycle of a season). This moon cycle includes the Winter Solstice, thus its the 1st Moon of Winter.

Its wise to learn to live by the moon as a seasonal timekeeper – for that is what our soul (not mind) understands for millions of years. Mothers teach your young ones to learn how to live by the moon for the future! And for newbies who want to learn here, please read the directions of this workstudy here.

We all completed our final Autumn Moon in Scorpio and wow, it was a very powerful past season, wouldn’t you agree! I hope it was a good intention you set and an awareness surfaced. I had a total change of residence, an ending to my three decades of initiations and purifications of karma and I moved across the country to a small Village called Elsah.

I am eager to start my winter solstice with an open heart as my autumn equinox three moons ended with a broken one. But hearts that break always heal if you do the work, then it makes you much wiser. My first sign the day before the new moon was a black ermine (weasel) and since they are part of the trickster family like coyotes and foxes, something will expose itself that is dark (since its the color black).

As you prepare for letting go of the last season and enter the new one, do allow the magic of the winter season to bring you some joy and more healing, even if you are struggling and going through difficulty. You can do both by allowing both realities to guide you.

We slow down in the three winter moons to allow our four bodies to naturally  “regenerate” from the previous three seasons we lived, just like animals and nature do. Of course the holidays get us all excited and makes more active, so try to slow it down a bit as winter also includes hibernation dreaming for our healing and rest.

This is a Sagittarian moon, the sign of the Magician, the Tricksters, they Heyokas and can be troubling or for some, feelings of being deceived. Look back last year at your last Sagittarian and Gemini Moon intentions in your journal and see what happened in that moon cycle. Because in our inner life, and our soul life, it is cyclical and play out again. Trick or Treat should be a Sagittarius/Gemini moon cycle, not a Taurus/Scorpio!

For those of you who are on a healing journey and a spiritual journey, rather than just a spiritual journey, remember that pain is a great part of our work and its very necessary. The sooner or younger we accept this fact, the more we can become aware to structure chaos in the seasonal year.

Changes and healing and holistic healing comes with consequences, so never be in denial or fool yourself about that. Painful detoxes relieve and remove emotional toxins, mental toxins, physical toxins a small moon cycle at a time because its how we attain the power of our soul and our soul is our greatest ally in healing and wisdom in our own lifetime. We want to connect with this part of our self – so we unfortunately must do the difficult emotional and inner work.


Oracle for the
First Moon of Winter…

Sabian Symbol: An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree – A poised and wise approach to one’s existence is based on clear perception of unconscious factors and their operations to manifest to become known.

The wise old owl has always been a symbol of wisdom and also of coming hardship and death, and its hooting call has evoked a rise to both the unborn, the mysterious and the hidden elements in life when its call echoes through the forest at night. The owl functions on lucidly in the night aspect of our life ask us to become conscious in our dreams, to not withdraw from the signs and symbols we see during the day that catch our (soul) eye.

Owl eyes see what we normally fail to perceive. This moon in Sagittarius is the last of the five symbols in the forty-ninth sequence. It suggests the possibility of developing a wisdom beyond your real tragedy, or to find a peace and poise beyond your sorrow or grief or to make amends with real letting go in your struggle of conflict. 

We always can begin anew each morning and each new moon to be able to guide our path with some self respect, and saying no to our minds insistence to stay routined and never changing. Change is difficult yes, but not changing adds up to more difficulty. Let the owl show you how to fly in silence through the forest without missing a beat.

Moon Transits for the wee.

The Influencing Energy this Moon Cycle…
Taking a look at this astrological chart for the first week of the new moon including Thanksgiving (if your in America), you can see all the planets are grouped on the left of the chart in what is called a bucket (3 signs). The moon will go over each planet and bring that energy to our emotions.

There is also an absence of air in this chart for the whole moon cycle, except the sign of the midheaven in Libra. When we have no element of air, it means less mind and more emotions and more physical actions are needed. Don’t think about things too hard, just focus on intuition that comes forth. If you come up against a problem this month, don’t over think it, go do some supersize or something that makes you feel emotional good and grounded.

Our bucket is in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and the Moon (Nov 23 – Nov 30) will be transiting and conjuncting over all of these planets. If you have any personal planets in this bucket from your own natal chart, then the moon will emphasis and turn on those energies, at least its a short transit of a week.

It will make us a bit more sensitive so don’t throw the turkey bone at your sister or in law. If you have a good cry, know it will pass and just be kind to yourself (and others with healthy boundaries). Some may experience anger coming to the surface because once the moon hits the sun (the new moon) its in the Trickster and sometimes Angry Sagittarian sign (all fire signs can be, not just Aries or Leo Moons).

The things we’ve been working on and healing last winter comes to their frustration now at the start of this first winter moon.  If you’ve keep your moon and dream journal up to date, take a look back at the intentions you set for the three moons, and see how you have resolved or made headway since last year.

We also have double planets this moon cycle, and that is usually termed “burnt” where one, usually the lesser powerful, is blinded by the stronger or more personally influenced. Mars/Mercury, Moon/Sun, Jupiter/Venus and Saturn/ Pluto. So whatever surfaces for you this month, you have to chose one or the other (ways of responding) to any struggles or choices.

… for example, if you find yourself with any love relationship or family issue, you can ask yourself: Do i need to communicate this problem out loud or settle my thoughts and judgments (mercury) or just take some action (mars) to resolve my part of the issue?

Is this making me uncomfortable from what I am thinking and believing of whats going on  (sun) or is it my feelings that are just upset (moon) and I am angry (not sharing that)?

Should I pull my inner authority card (strength) in this difficult situation (saturn) or let all hell break loose (pluto) and let life work its course out.

Making a choice and a good choice takes some time and practice in life. We make instinctual types of decisions, calculated discussions, avoidance decisions and so many more. I always say take 3 hours, 3 days, 3 months or 3 years to answer an important question to find the right answer. The more important it is and life changing, the more time we need when young, we get better as we age.

How we respond to life effects our balance and not everyone has personal planets conjuncting these planets this moon cycle – but if any of you do, then that will arise somehow specifically. The last six months I had each new moon sitting exactly on either my sun, my moon, or my north or south node which resulted in a lot of changes.

That is why so much detox and purification in my letting go of the old and embracing the new had so much personal impact with these new moon hits. This month I get a breather and none of them are directly on my natal planets!

nature paradise

Mythology of the Energetic Upperworlds…
I wanted to share this article about Hyperborea by V. N. Demin, Doctor of Philosophy, Head of the Hyperborea Research Expedition. I added some wisdom from my experiences to it. Read if you want, if not you can skip down to the end where the examples of this months lunar intentions are!

Hyperboreais is a word coined by the Greeks in order to somehow name the inhabitants of the Far North, whose autonomous difficult names were not recognized by them, they nicknamed them in accordance with an imaginary border “Beyond the North Winds”…

The Greek “hyper” is translated in different ways: “above” or “on the other side” – over time it took root “for Borey”. Hyper + Borea = hyperborea, that is, “those who live beyond Borea – the north wind.” The northern country was then called Hyperborea.

The distribution of the countries of the world “in the wind” at all times is a quite common thing. According to the ancient Roman tradition, the north wind was called Aquilon. The inhabitants of Hyperborea have been reported by many ancient authors.

One of the most respected writers of the Ancient world was Pliny the Elder, who wrote about the Hyperboreans as a really ancient people, living at the Arctic circle and genetically associated with the Hellenes through the cult of Apollo Hyperborean.

Natural History says: “Behind these Riphean mountains, on the other side of Aquilon, the happy people called Hyperboreans live, would reach very advanced years and are glorified by wonderful legends. They believe that there are loops of the world and the extreme limits of the circulation of the stars. The sun shines there for six months, and it is only one day, when the sun does not hide from the vernal equinox to the fall, the stars there rise only once a year during the summer solstice, and only set during the winter. This country is all in the sun, with a favorable climate and devoid of any harmful winds. Homes for these residents are groves, forests; strife and all manner of diseases are unknown there. Death comes there only from the satiety of life. There is no doubt about the existence of this people.”

Even from this small excerpt from Natural History, it is not difficult to get a clear idea of ​​Hyperborea. First, and most importantly, it was located where the sun may not set for several months in the circumpolar regions, called the Sunflower Kingdom in Russian folklore. However, even earlier, Russian oceanographers and paleontologists found that in the period from 30 to 15 millennium bce, the climate of the Arctic was quite mild, and the Arctic Ocean was warm, despite the presence of glaciers on the continent.

The classic mythologem of permanent prosperity, is the famous tablecloth-self-assembly, as well as the image of the Golden Kingdom, the story of which is preceded by a saying about the place where the rivers of milk flow with jelly banks. (It is also worth remembering once again that the symbolic image of the “milk rivers” is directly interfaced with the Milk Sea.

In the oldest days its what the Indo-Europeans used to call the Arctic Ocean covered with white snow and ice. The mythological “milk or milky rivers” also reflects the reflective Milky Way on the waters below, connecting the magic of heaven, and is subtle and present in the famous descriptions of the Golden Age in ancient authors perspectives.

Another name for Hyperborea was the Land of Bliss and Happiness, which migrated to medieval times and then to modern culture, as Elysium or the Champs Elysees. On the foundation of these archaic ideas, in the final analysis, the Christian concept of paradise was formed. In other words, the true origins of this fundamental concept are from the Russian North not Greek or Mediterranean cultures.

There was a northern island, named in the ancient Indian mythology of Svetadvipa. In the Ramayana, the great Indian epos full of reminiscences, this is the description of the blessed land where people live, who know neither troubles nor worries: “Here is the great White Island (Shvetadvipa) near the Milky (Arctic) Ocean (Kshiroda), where great, powerful people, beautiful as moonlight live.

They are slim and shoulder-length, endowed with great physical and spiritual strength, and their voice is like thunder. The luminous land of happiness – Svetadvipa (White Island) “in the north of the Milky Sea”, where “people are bright, shining like a moon”.

In the Russian popular worldview, this mythologeme of the country of universal happiness and individual bliss is known as Makarei (Makarii) islands which, in fact, is the Greek equivalent of the Blessed Islands: Makariosmeans “blessed”, “happy”:

In the Macari Islands, where our countries do not look

where death and fear do not go and the giants do not reach, –
In the Macari Islands people live without grief
there in the emerald shores where purple rivers flow.
Valuable stones bloom there, everything is in bloom everlasting
birds of paradise live there – magical Sirin with Gamayun.

~ Konstantin Balmont

Hyperborea is not just a socio-cultural phenomenon, it is also a worldview. You could even say a heaven philosophy. It is the heritage in a refracted and symbolic form that has survived to this day in the form of the mythology of the Golden Age. Golden Age philosophy seems to be lost forever. The Sami also are strong believers as indigenous people of this place as well (see video below).


Examples of the Lunar Intention for this Moon Cycle… (just chose one):

I am energetic (if your feeling drained)
I take action

I embrace humor (if your feeling sad)
I am intelligent

I have proper perspective
I express my humor

I am successful
I am well rested
I am happy with who i am

I accept myself
I am abundant

I am responsible
I am balanced
I am positive

I practice simplicity
I am patient

I practice healthy desire
I am strong

I am grounded

I am enthusiastic
I am capable
I listen deeply

I love my body
I embrace and heal my emotional body

I practice listening deeper
I am doing the best I can

I speak with integrity

I love myself
I am grounded
I am healthy

I am focused

I learn from my mistakes
I am peaceful
I accept that I am angry (or whatever you need to accept right now)
I am nourishing myself

I am beautiful

Happy New Moon and blessings to you
and your friends and family… Phoenix! 


Theme song of the Sagittarius Moon: History Repeating

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