When Fairy Tales, Wonder Tales and Magic Tales become real

By Phoenix – I like it when full circles return of any kind, even my own. This is no different for grandmother, who was demoted over three millenniums. By the 12th century her leadership of the world and shamanism cultures were invisible and completely forgotten except for a few old souls that remained. Same is true today.

After that point in  the era’s of sorrows of woman, she begins to reappear after the dark ages in folk tales of oral traditions, and eventually written stories that flavored her as the evil one, the scapegoat, the bad witch, the one who grandfather in charge would project all his evils onto her as a myth. She no power in the world, but all the power of truth, at the same time.

Circles of time against woman’s spirituality return over and over again in the negative and that is what a patriarch does. For example, I was socked when I watched the movie The 13th Warrior by Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan back in 1999, where the great adventure leads Antonio Banderas at the end of the movie, to the great mysterious Cave Grandmother of a previous era from long ago.

And what do they do? They make her the evil of all evils. It is time for wise Grandmothers not to be portrayed as the evil one’s in the Patriarch, and hand this over to the patriarchal leaders of corporations, war, politics and religions to man up to their own three thousand year shadows.

Rauris Schnabelperchten - Bird Goddess Perchta 2

I love ancient pre-patriarch and prehistory traditions bird bread crumbs that are around, they are very far and few between and fall into the artistic and creative nature and can be expressed through forms of ritual, dreaming and our great imagination of creativity. And by imagination I mean the real, not the imagined. There are still a few of her stories of left, seen in small villages around the world that occur during Midwinter.

The proof is there, when men wear grandmother’s clothing and take on her persona of the huntress. We are so conditioned in media after the 1800s to think power comes to youth, but ask any woman over forty and they will tell you that is when a woman comes into her empowerment. We get wiser as we get older and that is just a fact of life in any era.

Our ancient grandmothers took care of her soul children, just like bird tribe cultures of Perm. She was the leader over the sacred circles, of dreaming, shamanism and spiritual wisdom, in many different ways. Bird in any of its forms, in ancient times, represents the symbol of our Soul. She still remains visible in modern religions as the Dove of Peace.

I have attain a deep understandings through my few hundred mystical experiences this lifetime (in the sober way), and that will continue until I move on. Mine was a fated journey to repay my ancient karmic lifetimes this lifetime that left me at the gates of the ancients and attain remembrance during and after my soul purifications the last thirty years. There is so much knowledge, but so little understanding that most of it is false.

With the complete destruction of the Grandmother’s way and leaving her out of early writings in particular, as grandfather built his kingdoms, there were agenda’s in the rising power of men after Mesopotamia to bring great destruction to the natural of the oldest soul cultures of the souls, of shamanic cultures and before that, the dreaming cultures. That is why we old souls have all reincarnated today, to return and pay great debts of karma to clear and purify their soul in order for remembrance and freedom in a world that has mastered control.

In many countries, men took over the grandmother’s rites and rituals so these would not be completely lost to religious heresy.  The men did it as an honoring of the grandmother. Some of them have become a joke in modern times, but others have not and those are the ones of value. Either way, they still hold some symbols and secrets in Slavic, Balkan and Baltic cultures.

We do not live in the middle ages anymore, nor two thousand years ago, and its time for the spiritual Grandmothers and women over forty to begin to dress in their own traditions rather than continue with the men (dressing as grandmothers) of these archaic rites in religions, in paganism and in shamanism. This is slowly changing now as maidens today are entering the costumes worn only by men (representing grandmother). It only takes two or three generations to completely create new myths based on ancient reality. Religious men did the same thing, but now their time has come to its completion.

In Germany, there is an ancient ritual that remains barely alive, what I call Bird Tribe Woman traditions that is still done in winter. It is a purification rite of the grandmothers just like Kukeri was. This ritual is called Rauris Perchta’s Beak (Rauris Schnabelperchten). Perchta or Berchta (English: Bertha), is a winter / night goddess, who is also commonly known as Percht. This ancient tradition is done in Alpine paganism of upper Germany. There are hardly any rituals left of woman at all in Germany for obvious reasons.

Shaman women of the Alps

Perchta Baba
A winter goddess who still survives in German, Austrian and Swiss  folklore but under the cruel grandmother guise. She is the leader of the Perchten people and has many names: Berhta, Bertha, Beraht, Perchta, Percht, Frau Percht, Frau Faste, Pehta, Perhta-Baba. She’s worshiped by ancient alpine Celtic tribes before the Germanic tribes and ancient Germany took her as their own. Jacob Grimm in his book Teutonic Mythology, writes of her cultures, centered in Southern Germany near the mysterious Black Forest, Switzerland, Austria, and into my lands of the Czech Republic, ancient Slovakia, France and Northern Italy.

Love this German Ornament Doll.jpgShe is a Night Goddess, which is one of the main goddesses of the Moon. This was before the rise of the Church men who tried to destroy both paganism and the previous rites of the cultures of the grandmothers. As most women know, men like Grimm theorize that she is not that old, but we women who are shamans, mythologists and symbolists, folk healers, spiritual artists and academic women know better. This grandmother is connected to the ancient goddess Nerthus, who falls into the night shaman grandmother’s real of Wild Huntress.

All moon goddess huntresses of the grandmother traditions eradicated darkness and shadows of the villages and community, and hence why she was gotten rid of long ago. One cannot build kingdoms and patriarchs with powerful grandmothers keeping the truth as a foundation.

I found this article on a blog from the Rauris Valley in Northern Germany…

  “Ga Ga Ga”, they make their way from house to house, checking that homes have had the appropriate upkeep, whether the floor has been properly swept and every corner has been dusted. Heaven forbid you don’t clean your house correctly – the ancient version of the legend says that, if that’s the case, the Schnabelperchten will slice open your stomach with a long pair of shears and empty all of the rubbish inside! Let it be said, however, that the Schnabelperchten are generally welcome guests – especially since they bring happiness and blessings for the coming year …

Rauris Schnabelperchten - Bird Goddess Perchta 1

This special manifestation of the Perchten is only seen in Rauris Valley, here in Salzburger land. In contrast to the noisy Schiachperchten – also known as the “Rauriser Toifin” or Krampus – but the Schnabelperchten make their way quietly through the streets and are more in line with ancient shamanic cultures, where Krampus appeared when demonic shadows of men in power took over towns and villages.

Schnabelperchten are figures with long beaks, knitted jackets, patched women’s smocks and straw slippers, and are equipped with a basket on their backs, large scissors, needle and thread, along with a broom, all the symbols of the grandmothers who were shamans who cleared shadow, and then later witches who were healers, herbalists and helpers of the sick.

The beak is artistically and elaborately bound from large sticks of wood and farmhouse linen. The Schnabelperchten make their way through town on the 5th of January each year, on the eve of Epiphany. Epiphany comes from the Ancient Greek word ἐπιϕάνεια (epiphaneia), which means an “appearance” or “manifestation, especially of ancient deities appearing to worshipers. Epiphaneia stems from the verb ἐπιϕαίνειν (epiphainein), to show forth or display.

Sources: https://otherworldlyoracle.com/berchta-goddess-women-children-perchten; https://www.raurisertal.at/en/region/traditions-folk-customs/schnabelperchten/

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  1. Linda Graham says:

    Most fascinating and i hope to get more people interested in traditions


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