Third Moon of Winter 2020

By Phoenix – Greetings Dreamers, Healers, Artists and Empaths, we have now completed Mid-Winter and begin our final moon of winter on Friday, January 24, 2020. It is also the time of the Chinese New Year, on Saturday, January 25. And its the moon cycle of Valentine’s Day in the very independent and humanitarian lover of Aquarius. The Full Moon of Leo is on February 9th. This month, remember that when our soul talks, it speaks loudest with chaos!

Those of us who follow the River of Life belong to the Flowing Golden River that rules the Ancient Soul. This may not sound familiar, and that is because its an older time of the primordial dusk and dawn of humanity. This is the life of a dreamer and we do not conform per say to the whims of humanity. We stay stead like nature and flow like the rivers that bring life to our soul.

In Slavic traditions she, the Moon is shown to represent Spring and Summer, the Season of Fire in her Rebirth after Death. In her Night expressions of Autumn and Winter, she is called the Midnight Sun (the Moon). She is the eternal rebirth of our Soul and its Reincarnations. As we are near the ending of Winter now, we begin to prepare for Spring at its earliest light at the end of this month.

Finishing up our last month, I found for me, that it was a very strong moon with all the Capricorn planets conjunct and opposite the full moon. I completed a huge thirty year cycle ending. I know many of you were tested last moon, with that opposition of structure and family verses our very personal needs and healthy groundedness. I hope the winds didn’t knock you around too harshly and if it did, that you were able to sit firmly on your solid foundation from your practices, meditation and stillness of winter.

I chose the Goddess Amaterasu for this moon’s ending of winter and the entering of the void time of the earth of the 13th moon. She is the Japanese Sun Goddess and her story is her brother menaced her into hiding in a cave, which caused big problems for her and the Earth. To get her to come out, the people made a lot of noise to get her attention. She peeked her head out and they held a giant mirror in front of her. When she saw how beautiful she really was, she came back into the community.

helen warlow
Helen Warlow Illustration

This moon rules humanity and coming together in friendship and good will. Its not easy to be the things we wish to idolize, that takes courage, faith in the self, that we can change and learn and grow. It also takes love and care of our own path when things get us down. To be alive is a gift, for I have seen too many after death and watch their soul wander until its time for them to leave.

Without a body, our soul is not protected, same too in our dreaming at night. What we do to protect our self, love our self, purify our self from alcohol, pot, shamanic plants, drugs and medications and have appropriate boundaries, all add up to self protection, year after year.

Others will not understand our path, but thats ok, we all need a good dose of Aquarian energy to do this or have a healthy Aquarian and Pisces friend to remind us to be healthy, compassionate and forgiving. This goes for us too, when others let us go and have boundaries with who we are, Its all a part of our life, death and rebirth, just like nature.

Because the second moons of Winter have a certain predictability to them, family issues that arise around the holidays and its full moon, are generally the most emotionally  stressful. So be thankful we all made it through one of the strongest moon cycles of the year and now enter a little more freedom this month, to express our unique self and our creativity applied to all areas of our life. Creativity and Imagination is the key to healing the heart and soul of the Dreamer.

Nearing our end of the winter season, and then the 13th moon, our rebirth into spring is not that far away. When we have great challenges or decisions to make near the ending of winter, I remind you that the cold weather of nature can make people feel cold, more isolated or more separated from that needed friendship in life. Its wise to take a walk in the winter weather, even if your climate is warmer, because nature reminds us that we are warm inside, that we are all alive, and we are all connected, even if we are struggling.

Struggles come and go, but our dedication to healing our mental health, emotional health, physical health and spiritual health is there every single day. Life is two things: 1. A complicated mess sometimes and 2. An opportunity to heal our soul in these complicated messes we seem to find our selves in as dreamers. So recognize when the flow of the River of Life is frozen, when its cooling and when its warm and adjust your life appropriately.

I was born on a crescent moon in the cold and late January winter, so for me the winter  path is necessary for my transformation. For our summer, spring and autumn dreamers, you have your rights of passage as well, of your moon phase the day you were born. It makes all the difference of your unique walk and path to know what cycle your moon started in because that will repeat over and over again.

I have loved sharing lunar astrology with my clients, students and apprentices over the year because our birth moon is so unique and so important in lunar cycle and dreaming cycle work. I find this way of life as a dreamer very magical – once we understand our own emotional and soul’s cycles that move with the rhythm and cycles of the moon.

We are all still going through the big changes of the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn and its dominating this winter’s changes and challenges in our work, our family and accountability. This month in Aquarius we may rebel that a bit and that is what this moon is for. Imagine such greatness within you wanting to come forth, but the environment is the dead of winter? It takes courage to act upon your truth this month.

There is mental truth (what you believe to be true) and then their is emotional truth, which is greater than the minds limitations because its perceptive, that pineal gland that needs to stay flexible. So whether there are newer or present challenges continuing or same old issues from the past resurfacing, focus on what needs attention and is most important to you this month.

People think the feminine teachings of the moon’s persuasion are selfish, they are not, they are the root of selflessness. That means that we love and take care of the self first in order to balance and heal our shadows. If we don’t, we have secrets, we fear and have anxiety of different proportions. So struggle and love yourself into the molding of a very honest person. If you’ve always been one, then nurture yourself and tell yourself that you are doing the necessary path of truth and that comes with much trouble and sorrows to overcome.

No one really cares for the truly honest and truthful person, its too uncomfortable in a veiled and covered world. Be truthful anyway, even if your rebel comes out, try to share your feelings this month with honestly, groundedness and self respect. That is the flavor of this moon cycle. Be unique and be yourself.

We can never really heal all things in our life at once, only what surfaces during the lunar cycles each season, when it comes to emotional issues. So try to be patient and trust that everything will work out and bring new changes, because Aquarian moon cycles are about the fresh air of change (for the more extreme changes its call chaos).

Oracle for this Moon Cycle:


Truth is an ogre to her enemies
and yet like any woman,
lovers find that her beauty grows
the more they gaze upon her.

But listen up, you senseless clowns,
who think you’d like to catch her —
she is hunting you in fields and towns
and you are never her master.

by Void, 1998

Phoenix applique Maslenitsa 4
Phoenix’s applique of the Sun Goddess Maslenitsa, as she slowly returns as Winter nears an end.

For those of you here who are dreamers who study symbolism, write in your journals weekly, trust the projections of your dreams and challenge your waking projections, its very important for you to give your self permission to dream as winter turns into the void thirteenth moon and then the first moon of spring. This void period we are entering can be very contemplative.

Its necessary for us to maintain our natural emotional health, regardless of the season, so try not to be swayed by the fire or earth clan people who don’t need the extra sleep and dreaming like we do. We need mother nature, we need the serene river’s flow, we need the cloudy and clear skies to remain our mother’s soul children.

I am reminding you dreamers to compare yourself to the natural order of life, not to other people and their whims, their sicknesses, their karma and their woundedness, not even your own children. We take responsibility for the self as Dreamers have a special and older relationship to this earth. We make decisions in life fate at various stages and ages in our life and that circle always returns like the moon. This gives us a deeper opportunity to heal, to love, to grow. Pain comes with that. The more pain in your life, the greater your opportunity to change.

Carrying the sword of truth and its sharp edge, both received and given is a delicate walk. The better the delivery of truth, the more grounded and healthy we become and our releases that let go of our old worn out ways, thoughts and beliefs. There is always a chance for healing if you make that a priority and a practice in life. The world and people and family are too complicated not to make that choice. We learn to love at a more expanded level and what comes with this is even more responsibility, sensitivity and truth in a world that is very harsh, cruel and fearful…. and a big bully.

I ask people in the third moon of winter:
“Where is your conscious Rebel? Where is he or she hiding from you that either sabotages you or stands up for you? Where is she to kick start you out of your sadness and depression. Also for those who are naturally this way, temper and control the mental body with meditation and learn to slay the self instead of others.

Most non-warrior people generally get physically hurt trying to flex that spiritual warrior archetype when its not theirs to flex. Remedy: Know thy self. I ask people at this time of year: “Where is your conscious Rebel? Where is he or she hiding from you that either sabotages you or stands up for you? Where is she to kick start you out of your winter sadness and depression?

Remember all fixed “energy” must work together in the symbolic. If we are too stubborn, then we end up lonely, if we are too rebellious we can loose the focus of the bigger picture of our idealism or goals in life.

Practicality, Love, Difficulty is what we must see in the: Rebel vs Chaos vs Visionary type of life. So be the visionary, handle the chaos and heal and temper the rebel when needed and this is just a small monthly practice over and over again. Then when the last moon of winter comes next year, you can see how your practice this month has improved.

Many feel people guilty for their rebel side or their chaos and other people make darn sure the rebel feels guilty for it. So in this cycle, the natural rebel must be grounded and emotionally secure and put on some armor and when next month comes, we take the fixed armor off, be the compassionate emotional and throw that armor into the ocean for cleansing.

Wise words for a wicked world. Don’t be wicked, be transforming, loving and changing spiritual victory of your own path and walk in life (always) !


NEW MOON INTENTION Examples… only chose one  

I am independent
I practice clarity around my truth
I embrace my inner spiritual warrior (if you are fearful)
I increase my self awareness

I nurture myself
I practice silencing my busy thoughts
I soften my negative
I live in the present moment
(for the worriers, guilty ones and anxiety ones)

I protect my intimacy with honesty
(those who fear speaking their needs)
I am capable & grounded in confrontations
I recognize my toxic behavior
I express my anger with self-control
I trust my feelings

I recognize expectation
I breath to relax
I am intelligent
I am beautiful
I bring my idealism into an action
I make balanced self-judgement

My needs are real
I trust my process
I am creative
I am grounded
I practice self compassion
I express my feelings more openly
I am observing more (for big talkers)

I have healthy boundaries
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I express myself more honestly
I am practicing healthy behavior

I open my heart
I trust myself
I have self compassion
I meditate for inner peace
I give myself permission to express my anger

I am free (if I am feeling pressure)
I accept where I am
I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I am emotionally honest with myself

I practice inner peace
I practice inner stillness
I practice loving myself
I practice nurture myself

My Aquarian Moon video compilation for this month…
I hope you have an auspicious, enlightening
and loving moon cycle on this New Moon,
I will see you at the 13th Moon into the first
moon of Spring….

Peace, Phoenix


Guido Argentini Amaterusu 1995
Amaterasu by Guido Argentini  1995, Vienna, Austria


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  1. Nicola Mitchell says:

    Thankyou.. Just perfect and perfectly timed.. as always.. Much Love And Peace from Wales UK


  2. raventooth says:

    I was born on a Waxing Gibbous. I love crescent moons very much


  3. Catherine Motteler says:

    I so needed to see this, to read this…this morning. Thank you.


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