Amazon Queens: Penthesilea

Compilation and Introductory comments by Phoenix the Elder – Where do you play out the warrior in your life? Is it rebellious or peaceful and grounded in its natures and  expression? Where is your anger and how do you heal that so you can become a spiritual warrior? Where have you had to be brave and stand up against projections, shaming, overbearing disrespect in your personal relationships or in your community? How far do you stand in balance, truth and harmony at the risk of rejection and not sacrifice your ability to tell the truth, your personal truth and universal truth?

These are all big questions to ask yourself. After all mental truth, words can lie and be in illusion, but emotional truth cannot lie unless you have a mental disease or deep wounded emotional fears. Are you a protectress of maidens, mothers and grandmothers as a spiritual woman if you are strong enough to live a full life of raw truth? Are you a protectress of yourself when maidens, mothers or grandmothers attack or manipulate you?

This was the life of an Amazon and an Amazon Queen during a time when men were gaining power in society and they finally turned against such women and wanted only the Venus maiden from there forth. Each woman today makes a choice to support themselves in truth. Speaking up has been punishable by death or banishment from family and society the last two-thousand years so don’t be so hard on yourself if you have issues with personal truth.

What goes with personal truth is the automatic actions naturally of healthy boundaries which certainly requires daily practices and that takes a decade or more if you do it everyday. There is nothing fast in self development, self care, self love, holistic healing or therapy of any kind.

Penthesilea - Kleist - Amazone


I have taught apprentices for a long time, and myself in the ways of spiritual warrioress practices, and found when they reached a level of grounding from chaos of the past or woundedness and building some strength, they would always attack me. Rather than the real issues of the people in their life they have struggles with.

I would tell each new apprentice when we started, that this would happen and their innocent faces wanting to be strong and do the work, wouldn’t believe such things, but it always happened, even if it was after our work was long done. There is something that happens to us when we touch some really core truths within and must face them… and they are not pretty. This is because our soul is ancient and holds our karma and to face that as it rises slowly is part of the most difficult work we can do. To face our untruths and illusions.

Women carry so much anger even in reincarnations, that all these powerful feelings of and wounds begin to surface when you do real spiritual work. Those who do not put themselves under a strict woman master teacher will never get to touch such things to heal at that second and third level stages of self. And who would want to? Its too painful. But its a noted spiritual detox for the souls that we all have and yes plural souls because they have been fragmented over lifetimes.

Its not appropriate anymore to just be on a social-spiritual path or a knowledge spiritual path anymore, these are too flat and meaningless without actions and without women spiritual leaders who are strong, enlightened and empowered who life tested, one does not advance in the healing of deep issues. Others will not understand nor have compassion for anyone walking the path of truth, because they do not practice healing their own shadows and behaviors with conviction.

I have Penthesilea (asteroid #271) conjunct my north node and I am always amazed at what I find at certain times of my life. I have a similar situation in my life right now between me and my son, the same as Achilles and Penthesilea had long ago. Archetypes are real for a reason, they bridge us with our past life karma and how we heal this part of our soul. 

Unlike two millenniums ago, I am an Amazon that doesn’t end up with tragedy in the end, although going through the tragic situations and karma, because I chose to heal myself all along the way in my spiritual journey.

Amazon warriors hunting on horseback. 5th century mosaic from Nile House, Sepphoris
Amazon warriors hunting on horseback. 5th century mosaic from Nile House, Sepphoris

Amazon Warrior Penthesilea’s story is not told in the Iliad because that story ends with Hector’s funeral before the Amazons had arrived in the Fall of Troy to avenge Hector’s death. Her story is told in the lost epic Aethiopis. Penthesilea’s reign as Queen was during the years of the Trojan War.

The Amazons did not take a particular side in the war, and Penthesiliea made an effort to stay away from the conflict for the most part. However, when Achilles killed the Trojan prince, Hector, and upon the accidental killing of her sister, Penthesilea decided that it was time for the Amazons to intervene, so the Amazons moved in on Troy.

During the war, Penthesilea was not a queen who sat by and watched the men fight. She was a warrior in the truest sense.  It is said that she blazed through the Greeks like lightning, killing many.  It is written that she was swift and brave, and fought as valiantly and successfully as the men. She wanted to prove that the Amazons were great warriors.

She wanted to kill Achilles to avenge the death of Hector, and she did.

But like all stories of history (his story), they evolved into myths in a short amount of time and turned in favor of the male, the gods, the heroes and the patriarch. So they were revised, manipulated and rewritten to suite men. Sad but true. Remember women as a societal rule in a patriarch, were not taught to read and write until the 20th century unless she was from a Noble family and even that was rare and considered a dangerous act (to educate a woman.) The first writing was created in 3,200 bce, so you do the math.

Although Penthesilea was a ferocious warrior, her life came to an end, at the hands of Achilles. Achilles had seen her battling others, and was enamored with her ferocity and strength.  As he fought, he worked his way towards her, like a moth drawn to a flame. While he was drawn to her with the intention of facing her as an opponent, he fell in love with her upon facing her. However, it was too late.

There is no disgrace in Penthesilea’s defeat, she was brave enough to fight Achilles and died just like everyone else did. The difference is that her story has so rarely been told by philosophers and historians. The last time it was told, it has been sexualized when Robert Graves told the story of Penthesilea in the 20th century, and he robbed her of her warrior prowess as a powerful


Amazon, so he could eroticize her corpse, on which his version of Achilles masturbates over her corpse. In other stories he was remorseful for killing her. Everyone who writes myths and stories comes from who they are.

She was said to have killed Achilles, but Zeus, who was against women in general as our prototype for god, brought Achilles back to life, and Achilles killed her. Penthesilea’s life and death strong medicine and she is portrayed as a brave and fierce woman who was deeply affected by the accidental death of her sister.

This grief, compounded with her desire to be a strong warrior who would die an honorable death on the battlefield, led her to Troy, where her death weakened Troy, but also led to unrest in the Greek camps due to her death’s impact on Achilles and his revengeful acts. In the end, she died the ‘honorable’ death on the battlefield that she had longed for, at the hands of the legendary Achilles, no less.

Ancient Roman poet Vergil wrote of Penthesilea:

The ferocious Penthesilea, gold belt fastened beneath her exposed breast, leads her battle-lines of Amazons with their Crescent Light-shields… a warrioress, a maiden, a woman who dared to fight with men.

Achilles defeated Penthesilea, catching her as she fell to the ground. Greek warrior Thersites mocked Achilles for his treatment of Penthesilea’s body after her death. It is also said that Thersites removed Penthesilea’s eyes with his sword. This enraged Achilles, and he slaughtered Thersites.

Upon Thersites’ death, a sacred feud was fought.  Diomedes, Thersite’s cousin, retrieved Penthesilea’s corpse, dragged it behind his chariot, and cast it into the river. Achilles retrieved the body, and gave her a proper burial. In some stories, Achilles is accused of engaging in necrophilia with her body. In other legends, it is said that Penthesilea bore Achilles a son after her death.

Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni and Amazons
The Hypogeum of Paola, Malta, is a subterranean structure dating to the Saflieni phase (3000-2500 BCE). It was discovered by accident in 1902 when workers cutting cisterns for a new housing development broke through its roof.

The workers tried to hide the temple at first, but eventually it was found.  The study of the structure was first entrusted to Father Manuel Magri of the Society of Jesus, who directed the excavations on behalf of the Museums Committee. Magri died in 1907, before the publication of the report. He was a Jesuit.

Amazon Caves of the Goddess

The Oracle Room
Roughly rectangular and one of the smallest side chambers. It has the peculiarity of producing a powerful acoustic resonance from any vocalization made inside it. This room has an elaborately painted ceiling, consisting of spirals in red ochre with circular images. Date of construction is between 3000 and 2500 BC making it around the same age as Stonehenge. This underground world was carved out of solid rock.

Minoan Labrys where just one cave uncovered over 300 enormous labrys in gold, silver and bronze, also the longest sword in the world, over 1,20 m long. These finds are not just about one cave, there have been many of them. It is well known that Labrys is an Amazon weapon, it is also known that Amazons were taller.

Amazon from the Favum region of Egypt, circa 2nd century CE. The shield picks up somewhat, on a theme of crescent-shaped shields carried by Amazons. Brown terracotta.
Amazon from the Favum region of Egypt, circa 2nd century CE. The shield picks up somewhat, on a theme of crescent-shaped shields carried by Amazons. Brown terracotta.

List of Amazons
(and some have astrology asteroids)

Aello means “whirlwind”, and was so appropriate because she was a killer fighter. She was a double-axe wielder and was killed by Heracles when he came to take Hippolyta’s girdle. She was the first to attack him when war broke out. She was easily killed as Heracles’ lion skin made him invulnerable. There were actually nine women who challenged Heracles to single combat, knowing full well that he was invulnerable, before there was a group attack. In order of attack, those women who died against Heracles were:

1. Aello
2. Phillipis
3. Prothoe (asteriod #22203)
4. Eriobea
5. Deianeira (asteroid #1244)
6. Asteria (asteroid #658)
7. Marpe
8. Tecmessa
9. Alcippe “powerful mare”

Ainia was one of Penthesilea’s followers who fought with the Queen at Troy against Achilles. Her name meant “swiftness.”

Andromache (asteroid #175) which means “man-fighter” or “man-killer,” and she was a famous and great Queen. Among other things, she fought with Herakles.

Antiope (asteroid #90) was the only Amazon ever known to marry. She was an Amazon Queen who was abducted by Heracles and brought to Athens where she fell in love and married Theseus (the King of Athens). She gave birth to a son during their marriage, and named him Hippolytus after her sister Hippolyta. Later in life, the Amazons attacked Athens, and Antiope fought on the side of Athens. She was run through with a spear by the Amazon Molpadia.

Hippo (asteroid #426) was a famous queen who helped found the cities of Ephesus, Smyrna, Cyrene, and Myrina. She conquered the Asia Minor and Syria, and then set up a wooden statue of Artemis next to a beech tree in Ephesus. Amazons would often go there to perform rituals like the shield dance, beating the ground in unison to the accompaniment of pipes playing a wild, warlike melody. The name Hippo, is the Greek word for “horse”, and not surprisingly, appears in many Amazon names.

Hippolyta (asteroid #10295) Barring perhaps Penthesilea, Hippolyta was the most well-known of the Amazons. She was the daughter of Ares, the God of War and the Amazon Otrera. A  famous queen who fell in love with Heracles when the hero came on his mission to retrieve the golden girdle of Amazonian queenship as his ninth labor, She would have been happy to give him the girdle without issue, but the rumor was spread around the Amazon camp (by Hera in disguise) that Heracles had come to steal from Hippolyta, and the Amazons made war on him. Heracles assumed Hippolyta had planned it, killed her, took the girdle, and left. The girdle was a belt made to carry her sword.

Lysippe was an Amazon Queen with a tragic story. But like almost all Amazon tales, her’s was a story of strength instead of martyrdom. Lycippe had a son named Tanais who was completely devoted to war and scorned marriage. Aphrodite was none too pleased and cursed him with falling in love with his own mother. Unable to deal with this, he threw himself into a river and drowned. Lycippe buried her pain in work and she built the Amazon capital city Themiscrya, consolidating the Amazon Nation and building lots of temples to Artemis (NOT Aphrodite). She established the policies that the Amazons are known for. She was a notable general, and the first to lead an attack force with cavalry.

Marpesia was an important military Queen who made a name (and an empire) for the Amazons. On her own she took over Thrace and Syria and later she teamed up with Hippo and they conquered Ephesus and Cyrene and basically anything that was in their way up until the Aegean Sea. She should have quit then, but an uprising in conquered land called her back to battle and she died fighting. She had a daughter named Orithia.

Molpadia was smart and quick and brave and a model Amazon warrior. She came with the Amazon army to Athens to rescue Antiope from her kidnapper Theseus and was one of the only ones able to infiltrate the castle. She found Antiope and tried to rescue her, but Antiope wanted to stay with Theseus so Molpadia threw a spear through her former Queen and killed her. Theseus quickly killed Molpadia, too, but that didn’t do much for Antiope. Molpadia is buried near Antiope and a temple of Gaia.

Orithia, or Oreithyia, was the daughter of the Queen Marpesia who inherited her position and went to work as soon as she got the job. She created an alliance with the King of Sythia who sent his son with and army and together they destroyed the Asian barbarians who killed her mother. She was also known as the mother of Chione and Cleopatra (different Cleopatra) and the two Argonauts Calais and Zetes. These children were the result of a kidnapping and rape by the North Wind, Doreas.

Otrera (asteroid #385571) was a very ancient original Goddess of the Amazons, most likely before the patriarch attained power and back in the time of nomadic people. When the patriarchy of the Sky Gods came, Otrera was replaced from the goddess into mother. Otrera also was demoted as the daughter of Ares and the mother of the Amazon Queens Hippolyta, Antiope, Lysippe, and Melanippe, the first Queens of the Amazons. She was also the founder of the celebrated shrine of Artemis at Ephesus.

(asteroid #271) was one of the greatest of the Amazon warriors and a hero by Greek standards known for her wisdom. These are the names of the 12 warriors who accompanied her to Troy:

  • Ainia, “swiftness”
  • Alcibie
  • Antandre, “one who goes before men”
  • Antibrote
  • Bremusa, “raging female”
  • Clete, (asteroid #385695) was looking to join Penthesilea at Troy, but was blown off course and founded a city in Italy instead, her name means “the Invoked”
  • Derimacheia
  • Derinoe, killed Laogonus
  • Harmothoe, “sharp nail”
  • Hippothoe, “imperious mare” (asteroid #134419)
  • Polemusa
  • Thermodosa

Thalestris was a legendary Amazon Queen around 320’s BCE. She was the best of the best and she knew it, likewise she knew that Alexander the Great was the best of the best and so she decided that if she had a daughter of this union only this daughter could be greater and would bring the Amazon nation great respect. So Thalestris went, armies in tow, to Alexander and explained her plan.

He agreed as long as he got any male children. For thirteen days (a sacred number to Moon-worshipers like the Amazons) the two spent all their time together – hunting stag and having lots of sex. After, Thalestris returned to Themiskrya and waited for the results – but they never came and Thalestris died soon after (randomly) without a child or a real legacy.

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