The 13th Moon 2020

By Phoenix the Elder – Greeting Dreamers, Healers, Empaths and Artists! We have finally reached the end of our seasonal lunar year! We have one more passage to go before the arrival of the Spring Equinox! Most astrologers treat the lunar path as if it were the sun, and use that knowledge and sun’s perspective.

But this isn’t really accurate, because the moon is the complete opposite of the sun, it is a mirror reality, a reflection and reflective experience, within favorable and unfavorable feelings, empathy and instinct.

This month is the elusive and the real 13th Moon!
Savor it, because it doesn’t happen very often.

The 13th Moon begins February 23, 2020 @ 9:32 am (cst)

Leap Year February 29th, followed by the Spring Equinox, March 19th
and then the First New Moon of Spring is March 24.

You haven’t experienced “consciously” a real and actual 13th moon cycle over 4,000 years and I decided to include this 13th moon in my lunar work-study for the first time publicly. Be prepared to learn and experience something new this month to capture your imagination and hopefully you too will step out of time like I do. This is a real and living 13th Moon and its not rare, its just that time and history pushed her out of our consciousness and then we all fell asleep a few thousand years ago.

Whats left of the moon in societies and on earth, is only calculation dates of the sun calendar fitting in the moon cycle, minus the thirteenth moon for the patriarch’s religious holiday dates.

When the Eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 occurred, the gates of the Sun Cult (patriarch) had ended and finally closed for good. It may not seem like it when you look into the world, but it has. Now the Moontime or whats known as the Dreamtime to the aboriginals of Australia replaced this and it begins at the first seeds.

The moontime will get more intense in terms of our karmic relationships, our soul relationships and our emotional and dreaming sensitivities because that is what she rules. She is now beginning to collect her soul debts of karma, so get your moon birds in a row, take your path more seriously to heal your sensitivities, seek and find forgiveness for those who have hurt you, or where you’ve hurt yourself or others and move in the healing spaces to find balance.

For us dreamers, empaths and soulful people, animals, birds and oceanids, we are moving into the moontime where individuals no longer rules, but karma does, and no one is excluded from this purification process.

Also, for those of you here who make your Marzanna Fire and Water Ritual effigy each year from your home with us, this moon, at the very end of the month, is the Spring Equinox. Take your Marzanna to a water source (lake, river or ocean) and set her ablaze on the day of the Equinox and either set her in the water to burn or throw her in the river to burn in order to release Winter and the year in our ancient Slavic traditions.

She also represents your personal ceremony to release what no longer serves your highest good so you can fully experience your Rebirth at Spring. People celebrate the new year on January 1st or in Mid-February, but those are human male religions. The 13th Moon is Mother Earth’s renewal at the Spring Equinox, is the Ritual of Life, Transformation, Death and Rebirth. “I’m with her” is the saying. For the newbies, read the Lunar Work-Study Directions here. To build a Marzanna go here.

Irina Babushkina
Irina Babushkina

What is the 13th Moon cycle of the seasonal year? She represents both the end of the natural seasonal year and the beginning of the new year. Remember that the physical Moon in the sky is always without light, it is black and emits no light at all and only reflects the Sun like a mirror. It is about our inner light, that is Lunar work at its greatest collective. That is why moon healing and moon work is mirror work, a reflection of your life reflected back to you… both negative and positive.

This mysterious 13th Moon is the old silent moon, the black moon, the moon of stillness. She is the original ancient void (moon) of emptiness and it is both the moontime and dreamtime. Eclipses have always carried great superstitions in a worn out patriarch, but woman’s light that shines from within her by dealing with struggle and pain and healing it, is lunar work at its essence.

13th moon cycles are not consistent and sometimes don’t don’t occur for a few years. But they are the balance of nature’s calendar that aligns with our menses cycle and and our dreaming cycles. The Moon is the River that Flows from the Sacred Mountain (not the Tree of Life). =13th moons gives us a great opportunity to heal without interruption of the sun, or our  waking life and its distractions. It brings more synchronicity experiences to the waking life. One note of interest is that from last Dec 2019 to next Dec 2020, each individual moon cycle (month) is consistently 29 days long.

The 13th moon is about the inner light, stillness, the joy, peace, discipline, balance and harmony within, that shines outward. If not, then our shadow always shows up seen (acknowledged by us) or its unseen (unconscious). Our Inner moonlight is strong if we nurture the self properly each moon cycle, because its our original light of our Soul which feeds our life with living energy. 

Prepare to turn on your “internal” light this month to walk with strength within your challenges right now.  Remember that your life is about you,  its not about others, even if it hurts dealing with others, so focus within this month. Do the dance with others of course, but set strong boundaries, speak the truth directly to the ones you have issues with, while still practicing kindness and be strong anyway regardless of fear.

Even if others are not kind to you, believe in the self by taking action upon what you need to address or heal, that is how we stay humble, that is how we self train the victim or our ego who gets angry to melt within our hands.

Its your personal healing journey the entire month and if you don’t do the work, then your shadows or others shadows will knock you down at any opportunity. Nurture and Renew is our strong focus this month, for we caste our own shadows or light, so be aware and take notes in your dream journal.

The window of changing mirrors
This is where we look outwards into our life, and see our inner reflection on the glass, encouraging us to work with both. This is the positive energy of duality. I don’t see duality as negative like some new agers and philosophers, I see it as a balance that is required with the rhythm of the natural earth, the sun and the moon, the spring and the autumn, the ups and the downs. This is the pull of the earth’s magnetic energy (the earth’s aura) that creates tension and release. If your sick, then there is lots of tension and no release in any of our four bodies.

We can learn to both express our emotional truth and stay grounded – within healing the habit of blaming others for our deeper emotional pain from our past or even past life. That is not where we focus to heal (on the other person). Its ok to forgiving  or ask for forgiveness, even if its not our fault, do it anyway. Letting go is a practice so practice.

At the thirteenth moon we reset our soul cycle for our rebirth into the coming new year. This cycle is the empty space between the old season and the new season, the places between our past and our present. It is where our memories and remembrances live and the love between our mother energy and mother earth. Between what has gone before in our karmic lives and how this plays out in our struggles and sorrow in the present (when we cannot remember that far back into our soul’s lives).

Dreaming is also a huge gift of the thirteen moon, a gift bestowed to us from our ancient ancestral grandmothers and the grandmothers that went before her to carry on the dreamers traditions. If this were grandfathers teaching over the last 3,000 you could guarantee it would fill up every history book from cave times to dream and shamanic primordial times. But its not.

I want you to set your internal lunar intention very wisely this month, keep it very simple of what you wish to heal in your behaviors, in your inner emotional life, and in your attitudes in your life etc. 

13th Moon Oracle
I wait for the change of season
with my old eyes
seeking new peace.
y keepsake is to remember my lessons
and soften the
sorrows of my heart.

Bird of Paradise shall fly to the
mountain peaks as clouds will
descend and hide her majestic ways.
This is not detrimental and eventually
my soul is not far behind. F
or I have
walked every step of my life,
to end up
right where I am today.

No more walking in blindness,
no more listening by speaking,
no more climbing hidden mirrors

nor accepting the victim self. I tell
myself each dawn, I
 am the difficulty
and I look at my life closely in order
to change. I can heal, I can love,
I can experience my rebirth(s) every moon.

13th Moon, Door at Herceg Novi in Montenegro
13th Moon Door at Herceg Novi in Montenegro

I want to share a Dream Teaching and Analysis for this 13th Moon Cycle, because life always shows me syncronistically what to write here, about three days before the next New Moon. Since we do not have a 13th moon very often, we should take advantage of the awareness by paying extra attention. Sometimes it can be a bit boring to read others dreams or listen to other peoples dreams if your not a dreamer. But I am writing this today as a teaching to show you how I work symbolism, the ancient dreaming I brought back and I encourage you to keep up with your dream journals along side this lunar work, or start one.

My dream below occurred at the changing three days before the New Moon this month and it was a “waking dream” (occurred during the day). I treat both my “waking dreams” (syncronicities) equal to my “night dreams” when it comes to analyzing them and breaking them down. When I say I am a dreamer, that means I dream day and night in a dreaming circle that has no beginning nor end in the continual cycles of the moon each month.

My “Waking” Dream
“I went outside and went to clean up trash and things in front of the house to the end of the street. There was a parking cone that seem to wander away from the High School at the end of the block. So I carried it and return it to the school. Two robins flew right up to me and then a friendly crow was cawing to saying hello and flew by tipping its wings.

I crossed the street and out of nowhere I see a four-foot helium heart shaped balloon floating up the sidewalk towards me, guided by the wind bringing it right up to my body. I grabbed the string with a smile and tied the large valentine’s helium balloon heart onto the parking cone. I stood looking at it and said: “all i need now is to mend my heart and I am good to go.”

1st Analysis – The Symbol Breakdown
“I went outside (natural environment) and went to clean up trash (healing) in front of the home and the end of the street (path). There was a parking cone (creating order from boundaries) that seem to wander from the High School (place of learning) at the end of the block (path). I carried the parking lot cone (creating order from boundaries) and return it to the school. Two robins flew right up to me (new beginnings of my soul) and I kept walking and then a friendly crow was cawing to saying hello and flew by tipping its wings (soul in flight).

I crossed the street (intersecting path) and out of nowhere I see a four-foot helium Heart shaped balloon floating up the street (a light heart) on the sidewalk (path) towards me, guided by the wind (spiritual change) bringing it right up to my body (embodiment). I grabbed the string tied to it the parking cone (creating order from boundaries) with a smile (joyful) and tied the helium balloon valentines heart (celebration of love) on the parking cone (creating order from boundaries). I stood looking and said: “all i need now is to mend my heart and I am good to go.” 

2nd Analysis – The Symbol Story
(you take the symbols and create the dream story)

I am in my natural environment and take action in my path. I see their is a sign of both safety and restriction that is a place of learning. I embrace creating order, and safety in this new beginnings of my soul and my soul in flight. I come to an intersecting path and I see a light and huge heart guided by a spiritual change in my embodiment. So I hold the safe boundaries in a joyful celebration of love with a light and loving heart. I stood looking and said: “all i need now is to mend my heart and I am good to go.” 

3rd & Final Analysis – Symbols Simplified into Alchemy
I take action in my path, creating order from boundaries, embracing and healing my heart with celebrated joy. Guided by this spiritual change, which impacts my embodiment. All I need to do is mend my heart and I am good to go!

13th Moon Heart
A heart that floated up the street and landed in her arms!

Our Dreams show us what we should do… not what is already accomplished. In this type of symbolism dream work and breakdown, I teach that the “first analysis” is the most important. Its more important than the other two analyzation breakdowns of symbols or even the outcome. Why?

If you get the first symbol breakdown off kilter just a bit, or don’t know your symbols and their kindergarten meaning from less experience, then the entire message at the last analyzation is completely an inaccurate message.  The first difficulty when learning dream symbols is bringing emotion, personal opinion or personal desire into creating that symbol from a dream action. This dilutes its foundation and root meaning. One must break down a symbol as if they were a child in the first grade who never heard of life’s actions, variables or difficulties before and has no opinion or association with the action. Try to be a first grader when you decipher a symbol from your dreams.

In the learning process of symbolism, you just keep boiling down that symbol (alchemy) until you get a pure single detached “root” meaning. Simple is the most difficult mastery in any spiritual teaching, including dreaming, which is the most complicated practice and teaching.

My example Dream is an alchemy process of dream distillation of symbolism. This is the same process I did with each monthly “Lunar Intention” I share below. It comes from thirty years of moon circles in person with women who wanted to heal and to learn ancient women’s teachings. Spiritual disciplined practices are worth doing and worth doing wholeheartedly, with dedication, sobriety and perseverance! 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.


The 13th Moon Healing
So… my questions to you today at the beginning of this 13th Moon cycle is:
What does it mean to be “safe” to you right now in your life and where do you need to set new “boundaries”? Do you need to be heard and speak or express your truth in a personal situation right now? Do you feel physically, mentally or emotionally safe? Has the heart turned cold from being wounded emotionally in some way and if so, what is that? Do I express other feelings like anger instead of compassion or empathy in my personal life towards myself or in my personal situation?

What has wounded my heart over the years that is like a thorn? Am I willing to address, face and confront this in order to heal it? Does my mind cause me more trouble, or should I restricting my thoughts and beliefs to push through into being conscious of my heart and my pain? What does my heart need right now to heal or to be listened to by the self?

These are very simple questions that are very difficult to answer because we all have a root from our past. All true spiritual work is painstakingly difficult. Many of us don’t listen to our heart or can’t get others to listen to our grievances, or we have karma wounds and that angry or impatient self is connected to something we are not even conscious of. We may have not dealt with our woundedness or healed it deeply enough or long enough from our personal past.

13th Moon pisces new moon february 23 2020

Examples for “one” 13th Moon Intention, chose one that
feels right or make up one of your own for this month:

Cardinal Moons
I am beautiful or I heal my jealousy (Libra Moons)

I am strong or I keep my body healthy (Aries Moons)
I heal my wounds or I nurture myself (Cancer Moons)
I have purpose or I am dedicated (Capricorn Moons)

Fixed Moons

I am creative or healing my heart (Leo Moons)
I am humble or I am free (Aquarian Moons)
I am grounded or I have values (Taurus Moons)
I accept my deep feelings or I am open (Scorpio Moons)

Mutable Moons
I am listening or I am healing my mind (Gemini Moons)
I am focused or I use my energy wisely (Sagittarian Moons)
I give service or I am committed to my self healing (Virgo Moons)
I am sober or I embrace who I am (Pisces Moons)

13th Moon
I Am

Happy 13th Moon, may your walk
seek awareness, may your heart
find its healing and may you
with gentleness and self care, self love
and sobriety…

Phoenix the Elder

Giedražolė art
Lithuanian Artist Giedražolė





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  1. littleacornstudio says:

    Thank you for this beautiful offering. I enjoyed your approach to dream analysis and will be trying it myself on my New Moon dream.

    I have a question about Chrysanthemus? I noticed you included it in the New Moon Astrology Chart. I am an astrologer and have used all sorts of fixed stars and asteroids and other points in my work from time to time but, I’ve never heard of Chrysothemus. I looked through your very extensive and impressive search categories and didn’t see any previous writing on this either.

    This Pisces New Moon conjuncts my natal Moons Node (North Node) and feels like such a powerful time for me. It helps also that transiting Pluto is creating a grand Trine in my chart to my natal Taurus Sun at 22 degrees and my natal Pluto at 24 degrees Virgo.


    1. Hi Little Acorn, yes Chrysanthemus is not very well known and I think I ran across it on a Russian website. And so you know, it takes about five to ten years for my apprentices to learn this type of symbolism breakdown the way i teach, its a very precise work, and may seem easy but its not. as I stated if the symbols are off in their alchemy and break down even of one symbol, then the interpretation will be way off, so the main study and work must go there in breaking down symbols. I do work with clients, if you ever want to do a six month intensive on dream work.


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