Saturn in Aquarius 2020 – 2023

By Phoenix the Elder – I tarted to study astrology seriously when I was in high school and attended my first local astrology community meeting when I was a junior in high school. I am now 62 years old and have had a long life as a professional and one who sees the value of astrology with great depth. I also studied Chinese and Middle East Astrology, Asteroid with Demetra George when they first came out and karmic and health astrology as a folk healer.

I gave up astrology (the mental art) when I was 40 and joined a zen temple for eight years. When I went back to astrology after that, I saw it in a whole new light. Now I write for impact and core of changes. Being an Aquarian Sun opposite Uranus (in a T-Square) with my north node, Neptune and Jupiter in the 12H, its been quite a journey and still Astrology speaks to me today with clarity and proof that cycles are at the foundation of Chaos.

As a shaman, I have taught apprentice women how to ground chaos with real structure, unfortunately its only the most disciplined of people who can do such in-depth work. When ever we deal with Aquarius or Uranus or the 11th house, we are dealing with change, chaos and rebelliousness which has many faces and hidden faces. Anytime a structural planet like Saturn enters that space, expect change. And there is one thing that humans hate the most… its change.

On March 19, 2020, the Spring Equinox graces our new Season.  On March 22nd (cst) Saturn moves into Aquarius and then retrogrades back into Capricorn, returning to Aquarius for good on Dec 21, 2020. On March 24, we have the first New Moon of Spring. Last time Saturn was in Aquarius was Feb. 6, 1991 @ 2 pm for four years. (see charts below).


Back then, Saturn was in Aquarius, while Uranus was in Capricorn. This gave Saturn a bit more leverage keeping Uranus, the energy of Chaos and Freedom at any cost, under its control. This time Uranus is in Taurus, another earth sign like Capricorn, but in a fixed sign.

The agenda of change is going to be stubborn as powerful shifts moves us away from the comfortable Saturn environments of stability of Capricorn and into the earthy Taurus territory where Uranus is. When it comes to outer planets and their mythology, they are symbiotic, both in their myths, in their nature and the energy they carry that influences us here on earth.

That means the importance of our basic earthly life of water, food, shelter and nature becomes the highlight. I wrote this article before the Pandemic bacteria made its way out of China, so you see how serious it will be when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2022 and Saturn soon makes its transition in Aquarius, already showing us signs of trouble to the status quo of economics, business and powerful relationships.

I have Saturn in Sagittarius and its complimentary by sign to my Aquarian Sun. But my Saturn is conjunct my Mars and they are in a Thor’s Hammer configuration (with Uranus and my Moon). This was and still is intense, but Saturn allows me to deal and work with disciplines as the pressures of chaos constantly embarked into my inner and outer life. Even though I do not profit off of Saturn like most, its given me what I needed this lifetime.

We will all be re-evaluating (saturn) and revolutionizing (aquarius) in the current structures (saturn) of our lives and our freedom (aquarius). I am predicting that Nasa, Science and Aviation of any kind is going to have difficulty during this period of time. That is already apparent with the Coronavirus as I was posting this story. 

We must accept “difficult (saturn) change (aquarius)” which is the Aquarian signature regardless of what planet enters that sign. We could see over the last four years that Saturn in Capricorn (its own ruler), has carried on and has been business as usual over the past two years, but in Aquarius, expect the unexpected… always!

The sign of Aquarius is an electrically charged “change” and fiercely independent, and the participles and principles of our lives are tested with Saturn in general, but more in Aquarius. If we become too stagnant or stubborn, and need a good shock, and that is whats happening. Saturn in Aquarius doesn’t like whirlwinds but must try to loosen up and let go a bit more to endure the changes. What we are dealing with is an opposition of elements (earth and air), principles and ideas, temping to control each other. Something will have to give.

Depending upon where the sign Aquarius sits in your chart in this transit, expect more discipline and accountability here but in an erratic way. Like going on a diet, you try and then get frustrated with that discipline. That is what Saturn is like in Aquarius. Or expect an opposite effect where you are tired of being tied down and too mundane, and need some spark, a love affair or creativity or even some behavior thats questionable for one who is so stable.

So many astrologers thought and predicted that when Pluto entered Capricorn, it was going to bring changes to the status quo, a death and rebirth…  it hasn’t, its been business as usual. Pluto and Saturn are very comfortable in Capricorn, even to the point of acquitting a President.

When Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius, just know its his least favorite place to be.  Can you blame him? Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2023 just as Saturn is beginning to leave and enter Pisces in March 2023.  As we focus on the more freedom loving Saturn, it can also bring up the Patriarchal Father Son issues. This can express itself with baby boomer vs the up and coming millennials in business, in families in relationship and there might be some tension.

Just like it did in the mid to late 60s when the son challenged the father during the draft dodging years of patriarchal father and radical ideas of the son. That is classic Saturn and Uranus behavior. Ask anyone born from 1966 – 1968 during the great earth changes called the 60s if Pluto and Uranus hasn’t caused upsets in their life. 

I often find it funny that in Mythology, Saturn was Uranus’s child and not the other way around. The loud mouth Uncle Uranus is unpredictable and embarrasses his son and cannot be controlled because he is the wielder of truth, the light bearer. When things are good, no one wants Uranus or Aquarius involved, but when times are bleak, yes bring him forth.


Saturn in Aquarius in 1991…
saturn in aquarius 2 pm feb 6 1991
Saturn in Aquarius 2020…

Saturn in Aquarius March 22 2020
For women, Saturn is a leadership quality that is refreshing because women do not have to uphold men’s long traditions of business as usual which Saturn rules. And more women, especially millennials with Saturn in Scorpio will not tolerate any of Saturn’s good ole boy structures and will be calling out their power environment with the blessings of Aquarius (in their chart).

Saturn as the ruler of karma along with Chiron’s wounds (metoo movement) and Pluto all have influences over the dominant powers and when it teeters on the edge of the cusp signs, leaving Capricorn into Aquarius, we see it much clearer and then it settles down a bit.

The long term male society just can’t seem to muster up quite enough power to win its case or hide from its shameful behaviors, expecting Saturn to still cover up its crimes and mistakes. These energies are about our old debts and in the sign of Aquarius, they will be eventually seen in the self, in one’s family and in society.

Saturn in Capricorn has paid no debts, in fact, he has cushioned the status quo of corruption so much that even the most likely president who has openly flaunted corruption and womanizing was not impeached.

A Saturn type of leader is better no leader and in Aquarius it says, lets get rid of him. Since December 2017, Saturn has exposed and convicted the shadow side of the patriarch only an inch. But Uranus is not kind in Taurus and this department says it should be 90%. This why wars are so common when Uranus is in Taurus.

the warriors death

Take a look where your Saturn is going to sit and work out those personal issues of power and the need to dictate. Always do the healing work, always be kind to yourself and others and learn to shake with a few thunderbolts thrown our way in your foundation or your family or friends foundations.

For the Uranian and Aquarian types, the Leo, Sagittarian and Gemini Sun types, a little chaos and change is enlightening and uplifting and we are more grateful after the chaos has settled down. For the more stable and earthy types like Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo Sun types, this will be more of a challenge. For the rest, its business as usual.

Even while I am writing this article, a gentle rain came with constant thunder and lightening of Spring. Saturn always keeps us in the more stern, restrictive, self disciplined and traditional task mastering and the parts of our lives that we find value to keep us in line. Yes that is boring but without discipline to achieve success and excitement, boring is a necessary element of the whole.

Saturn can take power for granted and be underhanded for power. If its hard for us to be accountable in our life, Aquarius just makes it more difficult.


Here is example of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Capricorn… Aquarius rules Idealism but also rules the Truth. Saturn in Aquarius will have to be accountable to itself, not anyone else….

Brian Kershisnik.

Phoenix is a 40+ years Astrology who does astro-consultations. If you are interested in a session, please write to:

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