First Moon of Spring 2020

By Phoenix the Elder – Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Spiritual Seekers and Lovers of the Moon, Spring is finally here! The birds sing, the clouds rumble and the flowers awaken. This first of three New Moons of Spring on March 24, a few days before the Spring Equinox on March 19. Watch your signs this week for the next cycle coming, as we settle into the changes happening around us, within us and in the world. For newbies, here are the directions of this work-study.

The global virus is upon us, even if its not “the last of them or the final one”. This starts us off at the 3-year mark, past the Moontime shift of August 21, 2017 Eclipse. The final death of the 3,000 year Sun Cult (time / patriarch). Anyone who studies and works with cycles for a long time,  knows that the impact or “tension angles” are a 3, 6 and 9 degrees  or year sequences. Those numbers are our “difficult cycles or intensity building” and the more flowing and balanced cycles are 2, 4 and 6.

I did share last month that the 13th Moon would be very powerful, they always are and with the pandemic it was. I talk to my daughter this week and she reminded me that all my prophecies I have told her over the years, since she was little have come true. In her mid-thirties now, she does believe me.  She also told me this week that I said ten years ago, that I wanted to move to this Village I am living in (recently). I don’t remember saying that and ten years ago was like a lifetime ago.

Spring by Avery
Illustration by Avery

Our first moon of Spring is a time to celebrate with nature and with joy because that is what nature does. Our rebirth and nature’s rebirth of the next four Seasons is something to be happy about. For those who burn your Marzanna on the Spring Equinox, let the whole previous year go and state in your ritual, what you are letting go of before you set her ablaze. Also tell mother earth your burning her because we are ready for the maiden spring and grandmother winter needs to recede.

When Summer comes, that is the mother energy and we treat our rituals differently for each equinox and solstice of maiden, mother (woman) and grandmother phases. Rare are the people on the planet who sing to the rivers so they heal, or pray to the earth goddess at the equinox and solstice seasonal shifts. Its important to do so for our connection with her and how nature responds to our love.

This moon, lets talk about our Heart
I realized a long time ago that the word “Heart” describes in spiritual work, either brokenness, because the heart is fragile and that it belongs to our masculine sides because the heart has expectations and many endings in our life path. To heal our heart, its wise to know which body we are dealing with, the emotional body or the heart body? They are not the same thing.

The Heart is very popular in spiritual teachings and in religions, the love and light movement, new age, the books and holy books have created approximately 1,440,000,000 numbers about the heart on the web.  There are approximately 70 web listings of quotes about the emotional body.

That is a huge difference?

All the quotes about the Heart, come from men and some women who are honoring their masculine sides, their actions that belong through the experiences of the mind and body. These are the upper chakra realities, closest to the brain and the mind and operate in the day as a functioning of life.

Because men tend to be the ones who have Heart attacks, this shows us that when the heart is not open, not vulnerable, nor fully operational because of the ego or fear, it can shut down (if thats your main healing issue). The heart can get really sick along side the lungs or at the least, feels the stresses and pressure of the everyday world and everyday relationships through the difficulty of love.

We have a million songs about falling in love and another million about the break-up leading to a broken heart. The heart is fickle and also flexible. The term “heart felt” is applied when a journey to heal the heart begins. We use the term as if to say… “I am still alive and I still have a heart” even after all that I have been through. But that is not just limited to emotion and feeling.

The Heart is a distant cousin to the epicenter of the Mother of all feelings…

We are speaking about the… “Emotional Body”

New Moon of Spring

She does not sit way up high on the throne of the body where all the action is and its relationship to the action of the world. Nor does she lay near the throat’s communication or its fullness or lack of expression. In fact “Mind Body Spirit” passed by the Emotional Body and doesn’t even include the words in its 30 year spiritual movement dialogue. That is where I left that path along time ago and its 1,440,000,000 evolution of love and light, and settled to understand the 70 instead.

This imbalance in healing work and spiritual work, avoids the all important emotional sensitives that we have with a relationship to our self and what we are responsible for when it comes to our emotions. That makes a grave different from the heart scenarios. With the heart we can play victim of being abused by others. But with the emotional body, we have a responsibility to heal her, be accountable for that part of our self and to not only nurture deep emotional experiences and expressions, but also to learn where to draw the line with emotional drama.

Then we have karma, we have the psychosis, the crazy, the rage, the storms of the emotional body, the drugs, medications, alcohol and pot abuse, addictions, sugar and all the things that spike our emotional experiences without disciplines and self love.

There has been no justice for the emotional body and the justice for the empath, the sensitive, the seers of the world and the dreamers who do not understand how their emotional body operates nor how to heal it. 

The actual Emotional Body is centered in the womb area, its a complicated, feminine in nature, huge river that flows into the ocean of chaos and freedom of the self and needs to flow around the entire being on the inside. When we feel good we flow and are in harmony, when we have upsets everyday and week, then we need to heal. The ways to heal it and calm or sooth its pain requires effort, reaching out, working with healers and positive self talk and sometimes restricting the ego’s involvement with triggering the emotional body.

The emotional body is the one who feels both shadow and karma of self or others The heart does not. The emotional body can be in denial and deny its sickness, the heart does not. There is also the dormant or moving in chaos of emotions which are triggered by other peoples emotional life within them that can trigger our emotions and we think their emotions are ours.


Empathic natures require a lot of healing to tell the difference between your emotions and others. But drama has nothing to do with the empath, that has to do with the mental body that doesn’t like to be made a fool of or have restrictions put on it. I know, I slayed my mind to the core with Zen. Best thing I ever did for my emotional body.

The Emotional Body is the feminine body, the one that belongs to women and some men (lower chakras). The emotional body’s emotions are much more complex than any level of the heart, it dreams at night, where the heart fantasizes in the day. It experiences both tears of sadness and joy, anger or delight and the ever distant journey and avenue of just feeling all. Sometimes it includes others in our struggles but not always. We have a word for all of this, and its called the Soul.

The Emotional Body is the sister of the Soul and both sides feel, like twins who are close or do not like each other. Our emotional body suffers off the karma we have created in our past life and when that “gate” is open and a person must live that, its an emotional hell, not a roller coaster.

When the Heart is lost, stressed out, worried, missing something, or in a state of loneliness, it doesn’t mean your not emotional. This is because the emotional body is always active unless shut down by pot or medications or suicide.  Our Soul has longing, and has karma – which needs the involvement of the emotional body to show us that the two must work together.

The soul is the hidden part of our reality and the emotional body is the known active part. It must express pain or joy because it speaks for our soul. The Emotional Body is the is the great transformer and the bridge between…

Mind-body reality and soul spirit reality.

…and that is why the emotional body is our true truth sayer. Because the heart and the mind are known to hide and not speak the truth and when it does, its all mixed up with illusion and denial. A sick emotional body will fall into hysteria, psychosis and lies as well. Nobody likes emotional body truth in its sick or well stages, because it invokes changes and plants the seeds that once we hear it and it rings true, even in denial, we change at that moment forever.

So, the next time you are trying to describe how you feel or work on your past to heal old wounds of your inner child, take the time to recognize “what your actually trying to describe.” Is it the heart in this world or is the inner world of your emotional body and your soul? Define and clarify this subtle reality and then give yourself a hug. Tell yourself you love yourself and will take care and nurture yourself… everyday if you have to.

Andrey Andreevich Mylnikov (1919-2012) yellow dress
Andrey Andreevich Mylnikov (1919-2012)

The Oracle this Moon Cycle
The Elixir of the Soul…

When we are ready and willing to stand and allow all of experiences to pour through us without resistance… both the good or bad, the dark or light, the horrific or the wonderment. We are then ready to work with the enchantment of our natural self and return to the wonders of the beauty and difficulty of life because they are both perfect. As a child we do this, but as we grow up, we must learn to keep from abandoning our self, and not follow the piper who always leads us off the cliff into danger.

Our struggles or our joy is a state of being that requires our involvement. It must be invoked and honored and worked through each and every day. The inspiration must come through us to truly be real, for we cannot sets the self on fire without our own involvement. That is the world of love within us, the place in which we find strength and endurance and acceptance that others are not perfect and either are we. Its the place we can touch the eternal memories of who we truly are within wholeness not the separate parts of the self.

Now that doesn’t sound like its in harmony with a pandemic flu does it? Why should it…

Most freedom from sickness, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually comes from a devotion to one’s own real life, one’s health as a living lifestyle. Being honest with others and the self, making sure to deal with confrontation or any fear we have. If we don’t we continue our misery and worry, stress and blindness. To see requires work and its the self we must truly really see and not agree with our self within justification, but challenge the self.

Then there is the sobriety of everything, the facing one’s fears with real actions along our path to get healthy in all three bodies. If not now to start, then when? It takes many decades to heal, its a long journey and we can change small things year after year and if young, decade after decade.

The buckling down to accept ones karma or struggles with great attention and devotion. Its never to late to start “that way of living” and it takes lots of commitment and practice. In fact it takes more than your forty hour a week job.

While the whole world worries, those of us who do this kind of work, should be rejoicing in their triumph and success, be that into your 10th year, 20th year or beyond as a devout practice of self love to allow the self to awaken to your own problems. I know I am and I have worked hard for every single joy within me now.

So where do we need to start?

Start with your one intention this moon cycle and pay attention to how you and life respond to it. Start with dedicating to your own peace, calmness and health.

Polish countess Evelina Ganskaya yellow dress
The Polish Countess Evelina Ganskaya with her dog, mid 1800s

Only choose “one”  and the intention is only about “you” ! Whatever you feel you are struggling with that is where you put your intention. For example, if you are not Self Nurturing, then set that as your monthly focus with the intention: I am Self Nurturing on the day of the new moon, light a candle or some sage, or stand out in nature and speak your intention out loud to make it real and valued. Here are some sample ones or make up your own, as long as its simple and focused on one thing. Then watch the entire month how it manifests within and with your own relationship to your heart and your soul.

I am strong
I commit to my personal health
I give myself permission to feel my grief
I express personal anger with honesty
I assert my will to change me
I accept myself as I am

I am creative
I am honest with myself
I have healthy boundaries
I practice safe sexual boundaries
I practice safe energetic boundaries
I express my competitive nature in a positive way

I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested
I take care of my needs first
I live authentically in the present moment
I am disciplined

I am nurturing
I nurture myself
I am respectful
I am healing my thoughts

I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I assert my will to change
I accept changes
I am listening to my heart

I express anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express myself in a positive way

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I say what I feel
I say what I think
I mean what I say

I am dedicated
I am healing
I embrace integrity
I practice speaking my truth
I listen deeply

Watch how your intention manifests and after you set it on the New Moon, see its hidden syncronicities slowly unfolds until the Full Moon two weeks later. Then set one release intention, based on what surfaced on the day of the Full Moon.

Moon work is Mirror work… Meaning that Life and our life will mirror back just how patient we are, how focused we are, how deeply we listen. And for those really struggling, how our karma pays its debt. If you set your intention as: I am Patient. Mirror work is based on opposition made manifest – and the struggles between the mind and the emotional body will appear for you to recognize the root of the impatience.

Of course this takes time, I have been doing every moon cycle, my one intention for three decades. This work only gets deeper, but it is a practice of the most powerful and wisest of all self love work.

In the Sabian Symbols it says:

The symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion. What has emerged in the first phase of the processes of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.

Blessings to you this Spring, Happy New Moon
and enjoy your month the best you can! Phoenix

Yulia chumaslova yellow
Slavic folk doll by Yulia Chumaslova.

Phoenix works with those seeking change, new perceptions and perspectives, dream work or counsel of any changes one is going through. Write

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