Coronavirus Poem

Poem by Phoenix the Elder

I remember three months ago, when everything was life as usual. A friend would visit or I would hug my family or I would wonder how I would pay my rent. I lived each day not knowing what tomorrow would bring (for so many years). That tomorrow has finally arrived and I see what it has brought with it.

It warms my heart to think of the life I have had, one that was terrible, down on my luck, no luck at all and enigmatic. I cherished my life enough to give it my all, regardless of my complaining. I would have to painstakingly heal as if I would die each tomorrow.

I, maybe like you, had long spoken my truth at the cost of loss and listened to the truth when I knew it would always hurt. I listened anyway. I lived to forgive everyone up until today and now, today as the Spring returns once again and takes her form of the windy rain falling, and flowers rising, I see life as renewal everywhere.

Many only begin to see the doom, the hardship and changes ahead. That was my past and I have compassion for those who live in fear. I do not look nor listen to the establishment, government or media for any answers, but to the Spring that runs through the village and the river flowing – to see if I have risen higher than the turbulent spring waters.

I too am like nature and have been reborn in my yearly Spring of acceptance, letting go, peace and in friendship. Its only a practice my friend and one that is required of you every single day now. From here forth, just know, if this is what it takes to change you, it is for the greater.

Cig Harvey
Cig Harvey



Phoenix is a Folk Healer, Poet, Folk Artist, Dreamer (dream teacher), Wise Counselor. 

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