Silent Songs of the Soul’s Awakening

By Phoenix the Elder – Our new Social Distancing discipline today is what an those who  already awakened have done naturally for a long time. That is because its too painful to be with more than just a few people. There are many types of spiritual walks, there is the knowledge path, the creative artists and musicians paths, there is the healing path, there is the study and magical paths etc. But none of these are an awakening, they are called living or living a desire and passion. Social distancing has always been necessary for Empaths (with or without there awakening).

So then, what is a spiritual awakening, awakening or kundalini rising?

It is when the dormant soul is timed to wake up, sort of the same process that happens when a pregnant woman’s labor begins. It starts naturally to free the soul into new change, an awakening for us (the soul is already awake) it just lays dormant.  And this effects our mind, body and emotional states when this part of our dormancy begins to move and find movement in the awakening.

There is a disorientation that occurs. Some people have a flood of information come and I suggest to journal and write it down because it maybe things you need to understand in your future. It can also be a burden, sickness and loss of balance in one’s life through the changes. for everyone its a horrible and difficult transition, just like giving birth naturally is a very painful experience. Those who haven’t had it, don’t know how its different from anything you’ve experienced before.

Not everyone goes through an awakening, so its wise not to confuse sickness, mental sickness or emotional sickness from stress, an abusive relationship or the two saturn returns that are very difficult. Its not those life challenges, this is the awakening of a part of you that doesn’t live in this material world.

Because illness can be karmic (in the context of which I am speak of), the closest thing to a real spiritual awakening is when the dormant soul within, begins to expand and loosen the constraints of being dormant. That doesn’t happen with regular intense illnesses or even karmic sickness and diseases.

Its closest experience would be like a nervous breakdown and the first year is the most difficult. Then it reaches its peak and wanes in the second year and then by the third year, you have changed and begin to see your existence from a whole new vantage point and what was once important, now has changed. This also includes one’s spiritual beliefs or the learning of a spiritual belief.

If you’ve ever wondered what life is all about or seen random signs and symbols throughout your day, you may be curious as to what they mean or represent. Also dreaming and finding yourself experiencing new dreams and waking up at 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 etc every night.

You might even feel reassurance to know that these feelings, symbols and signs are all common occurrences of a spiritual awakening and this can happen at any when you are young, middle aged or under 57 years old.

Know that you are not alone, others have been through it before and learned to ground the euphoria or ecstatic states. Your not saving the world, even if you believe you believe you are. What you can do is save yourself. This process is about your soul wanting to expand within your body.

Minjae Lee is from South korea
Minjae Lee, South Korea

We get about twenty percent of our soul to be able to reincarnate and some people have come to awaken (but not the majority 85%). If they all begin to awaken, then its the end times and death is the outcome like a full on pandemic.

You can assist your soul by starting disciplines like yoga or meditating. By unplugging from politics and arguments with others and use your direction in life to help survive this expansion as it happens rapidly and doesn’t last forever.  Same too with the beginnings of lucid dreaming, which is only beginner stages.

Here are some clues to having a spiritual awakening or kundalini rising and their symptoms of the soul’s first awakenings…

Mind vs Mindfulness
Mental breakdowns, full on and if you take medications its even worse so you must go natural and heal it with meditation, not medication. You’re not content with the answers you are being presented with by life since you were young, or you don’t see eye to eye with the world anymore, this is a bi-product. You voice your opinions loudly like a town crier, because you are angry and just won’t hush yourself anymore.

If the mind starts questioning things more and more because your energy vibration is expanding, these discovering have two sides 1. You discover the truth, which means your hunches that you never acknowledge, you now are very determined in believing. But in truth lies somewhere in the middle of all things. The good vs bad must eventually be wrestled with and you have to find “balance”

If you keep an open mind, with controlling the minds fanatical sides, you actually open up the possibilities for new growth spiritually and your beliefs and values begin a new cycle of self discovery. Questioning can be a healthy practice as it can help you to become unstuck but remember not to get too lost in the urgent signs of a spiritual awakening and where it leads you. Seek help from a master teacher who has been there herself.

Illusion and feeling disillusioned
Feelings of the emotional body opens up very wide and boundaries are necessary during an awakening. Many feels that there is more to this reality than what you are being presented or what you have never noticed before. Those two are quality in proportion. If you only point your awakening towards society’s flaws and darkness, then you are missing the whole understanding.

You may experience distant feelings that seem unfamiliar to you or acting in ways that feels like a sense of freedom. Many women who have held back their truth, start yelling it out to the world. Just know you are expressing your deepest feelings finally, your not saving the world or opening or closing the vaults to hell.

If you do not want to isolate yourself from everyone, remembering that the mundane world (food, love, shelter etc) are the very basic foundation of our existence. We don’t loose it all just because we are having a spiritual high.

Perspective vs Perception
You don’t have perception yet, that is just a word, not a reality. You will learn it through this journey and it takes as long to learn the perspective journey. The perception reality is much more difficult and clarity begins through sobriety (no pot, drugs, medications, shamanic plants etc) because those cloud up the perception bodes and then one is just choosing an unclear and illusionary perception (rose colored glasses).

Personal issues begin to intensify
Many people “see” but this is different, our soul is rising up to call out, is the silent confusion. And if you miss all the signs and the karma stage begins, then you will be in trouble or life will shut you down. We all have issues, and troubles in life before this awakening happened, so don’t look outward, look inward as you progressed along your awakening kundalini rising state.

As this awakening happens, whats happening is the soul energy (astral body) is freeing itself from the dormant grip that everyone has, and you are following suite with your words, actions, arguments, study, etc. Acting it out per say of whats happening internally.

There is a soul vibration on a different level that starts to shake you up, or you start to realize that the things that you once held value and importance such as status, material wealth, marriage, approval from others, recognition or power, can and will losing its main importance. One’s interest begins to lesson or one finds less meaning in them.

But if you do not recognize this change thats happening is about you and not the world then everything in it including you will slip off center.  As an astrologer we call this Neptune, the great spiritual initiator because Neptune rules spiritual awakenings, Entering the energy of the spiritualization of self, no boundaries, self undoing, addictions, psychosis, mental hospitals, lucid experiences in waking and in dreaming. It rules dreams and the yogi or spiritual one and the spiritual path.

A spiritual awakening can give you the freedom to let go of the fears or change the isolation you have lived. It can bring a new self worth and changes coming forth. But you are not a know it all spiritually, your just having your first baby steps the first ten years after the awakening time. This new self is not permanent, its just a wake up call and its strong.

I have worked with apprentices the last 30 years full time when each one was having either a death call from their karma and dark behaviors, or the other apprentices were having chaos in their awakening and on the very edge of death of the old self, even if they were young. There is a path that structure such chaos, and I not only lived it but teach it.

Rather than letting this intense energy of the soul run rampant through anger, confusion, ecstatic knowing and disgruntle issues you are having, try to realize its about you. If you are acting completely different than you were three years ago in dramatic ways or ways you never have, ask a best friend or a family member you love to validate that.

There is no shame in a spiritual awakening, the problem is, that there is just no path for the soul, only the mind, body and emotional body’s feelings. My advice is get help to your expansion with a trusted healer or wise counsel. Never a doctor or psychiatrist because they will put you on meds, and that is so bad for the soul who wants to expand.

This is when most people stop the ranting or enacting fearful behaviors and start seeking some kind of therapy, healing, holistic healing, meditation, disciplines, sweat lodge, a self love path to calm down and get grounded. This is mandatory because we cannot handle their transition well, and the worst case scenario is mild to severe schizophrenia paths begin to develop and we have to get off that train by sheer will. This is the signs of a real awakening.

Drugs and medicines only make it world, where one falls at the end of the awakening and can’t get back up, especially those who are on a few regular medications or drink and or do drugs, smoke pot or do shamanic plants.

Changing Moon
Sometimes we reach an age in our 30s or 40s where we have become sick, bored or tired with our life. Mix this with a spiritual awakening and we may leave our job or marriage or go run wild with the wolves. These things happen anyway in life, but under the diress of a spiritual awakening its much worse. Sometimes the awakening also opens up ones karma and that energy begins to flow forth for the next ten or twenty years.

Nothing is good or bad in kundalini risings because we are suppose to change. Our soul during this time is trying to experience itself, and you might be in the way if you don’t settle down the euphoric highs of your amazing insights that are happening. Keeping a journal and ranting there is at least a record keeping practice that you can look back in there years and say what the hell, what was I thinking?

All illumination fire settles into burning the wood, our foundation, and then turns to ash. The goal is that you don’t completely turn to ash, that you eat well during this phase, that you maintain some connection to ordinary disciplines and the everyday life. While still exploring and moving into new territory.

The pride (group) of a lionesses den, do not go in for the hunt if they know they will not be successful to nourish themselves or their family. They are cautious and take their time scouting the large prey. In a big spiritual awakening, we too must do that, be around like minds but weeding out the know it alls going for those who have been through it already.

If anyone brave in your life to tell you to settle down and you are acting like a crazy person (within the context of a spiritual awakening not normal crazy), ask:  What can I do to challenge myself today in a healthy way, to stay focused on what is filtering through me and around me. How can I remain grounded and still accept what is happening.

I remember when I was going through mine 30 years ago, my sister offered comfort with my big awakenings and said you know, sometimes a nice piece of juicy watermelon on a hot day can sooth the soul too. That just clicked with me, it had been a year and half in my expansion and I realized she was right.

I also was touched by her true look of worry and concern on her face which she never looked at me that way. I knew it was serious. Remember this is a Neptune experience, this spiritual experience, and that phase lasts from 4-8 years but the first 2 years is the huge awakening, the rest is hard self work in self healing, if you chose the disciplined and self love path.

Disciplining your mind is a great practice and a starter necessity. Listening and reading to other spiritual advice on this subject can give you some perspective and relativity during the expansion.

Empathic, Compassion and Having a Relationship with You
Spiritual awakenings make us have quick illuminated consciousness and empathetic towards all living beings, but that soon fades and we have to get down to the hard work of making that a reality.Empathy is a powerful trait as it can connect you to others’ emotions.

It raises awareness above the ego during this time. But that ego requires a real death and that takes years of mastery to do it right. Nothing is free in a spiritual path, we must earn every step.Some people think that purification with vegan or vegetarian diet or care for the environment takes care of this awakening.

Although it can lead you to a path of your calling, don’t judge the first thing that drops on your path or in your mind. Change is a journey, and many things will come for you to have discernment after the rising awakening is completed.

spring full moon Keishi Sakurai.

Moon, Dreams, Signs and Synchronicity
This is a huge part of our awakening, because our soul does not “see” like mind body and we have seen and lived in our mind body, even if we are into divination, signs and synchronicities. Our consciousness rapidly for a reason and you will begin to see with your soul, the signs of synchronicity appearing on a daily basis.

This is normal, but again, it won’t last if you are constantly chasing a rainbow that is not physically manifesting. For many birds begin to show up, because they are the symbol of your soul. Snakes show up because they are a symbol of your healing, They are a sign that you are on the right path. While synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, they are often a call for us to keep going, trust the journey and to focus on being our Best Self.

Some people report seeing repeating numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 or 999. These numbers have meaningful messages and are signs to step up and pay attention to your surroundings and life circumstances. Usually its your sequence of numbers that should repeat until you “get it”.

My number is 3 and I used to wake up at 3:33 am every night until I started astral traveling and then it topped and I didn’t wake up anymore at that time. Once in awhile now, 30 years later, I will see a 333 on a licence plate, so I know that I have in the coming month some collective challenges with my work as a shaman.

But if I see a 3 or a 33, it wont be collective, the challenge will just be personal. Numbers are the mind beginning to notice, but after that, it shifts into non numerical reality and that is the soul’s language so pay attention along the entire journey.

Other signs may include randomly seeing a white feather, thinking about someone and then running into them, hearing a phrase or sentence suddenly and then seeing it everywhere or seeing multiple signs over the course of a day. For example, you may think of an owl and then see an owl on the TV, or while out shopping come across an owl necklace.

I want to be Alone
Social distancing is not new to those of us who went through our awakening, its normal. Its also normal for empaths to learn that as a walk of life to literally be well. Feeling isolated is a common happening because the people in one’s life have been from your past up to the present, your changing and they are not and that causes conflict within.

The big words for this is energy vibration is rising. But unlike what others teach, it moves an inch every ten years. Our perception starts to awaken and we have a hard time understanding that through our well developed perspective. That is the first level of conflict that beings.

It’s important to still feel connected to others so we begin to seek out like minds or those with more experience at this than we do. This is when the saying come, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I cannot tell you how true that is. We are social creatures at the core, pack animals if you will, but spiritual awakenings make us back away from the whole, from the tribe or circles we have been in so we can begin a new path and a new life. This isn’t easy but its necessary. Less is more.

Sensitive and Being Sensitive
Those of us who are emotional, and have sensitive gifts, or being artists, we begin to see eventually that being sensitive has its strengths that can be developed in the beginning of our awakening journey. Make sure you are surrounded by like hearts, not like minds. This makes all the difference in your day and journey when others have more compassion for you than their judgment. You of course can still love everyone who you have been with up til today and should still respect family unless they harm you.

When you become spiritually awakened (and that is a twenty year path from the awakening stages forward), your sensitivity will increase as you become more conscious of your life and your actions, your ego and eventually your shadow. Its a long journey. But self healing and self love is the first part of the journey after the first two intense years are completed.

This is mandatory in a kundalini rising, so let go of all of it…  no pot, no shamanic plants, no drugs, no meds, no alcohol, no tide pods, absolutely nothing and address your addictions of any kind such as shopping addictions, love addictions, drug/pot addictions, lying addictions, secrets addictions, shame and victim conscious addictions, sex addictions etc. Spend the next 8 years getting sober of the one that applies to you, you will thank me later.

The Big One: Personal Fear
We are not fearful until we have “no control” and a spiritual awakening phase the first two years is exactly what it looks like. Literally everything you do is love or fear, you just don’t know it yet. We are not made to love everything and everybody as our response to this awakening, that is love and light bullshit.

As women we need boundaries and healthy ones and that is love in a huge way. Some people do not make it through the awakening, its too psychologically difficult and they shut down, go back to the old ways and start drinking again or life as usual path they were on.

That is understandable, only the spiritual warriors with good sound guidance can make it past phase 1 and go into the other thousand and one phases of “change” and people fear change, you and I are no exception. So get support.

A spiritual awakening can open up a lot of emotions if your mental body is trained and worked on with meditation, especially Zen meditation, because its a practice “without” all the sounds, bells, guided talking or distraction meditations our there.


Living in a Material World
Awakenings are for old souls, not for the rich. There maybe a handful that wake up to do the right thing and help others with their 1/2 million a year or more, but fate chooses this destiny, not us by our choices.  On ends up at the top of society (the pyramid cults) from lifetimes of choosing power and wealth and those lessons.

During this awakening realize that money and material things cannot make us happy. That is a big sign when you are in the intense energy of the awakening. I have seen people at circles burn their credit cards to acknowledge their addictions to spending etc. There will always be more things to have and it will never be enough.

Every decade we change and when young in our 20s-40s we have goals, and those of course do required money and commitment and its wonderful to have what we are achieving, but they do not equate to personal happiness. And this can change drastically during a spiritual intense awakening.

I remember all the big moneymakers in the spiritual worlds of the 90s and 00s kept pushing money, make more money, Landmark Inc. or the you deserve money and abundance books. Seems the writers and teachers were the ones making all the money and I rejected that stuff right from the beginning. This is not why the soul, who doesn’t live in this world, is expanding in the first place.

Don’t be swayed by cheap spiritual ideology especially by those who have never experienced long term awakenings and self healing.


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  1. Deep Between says:

    If a person hasn’t experienced kundalini rising by age 57, then they will not experience it at all?


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