Phoenix the Elder is a master dreamer and a part of the ancient bird clan Dreamers (last level of a shaman). Her initiations were long and enduring, bringing her into, through and out of the great mystery of the wrathful dismemberment most of her life. A master teacher of apprentices and students, who has not only given guidance and great attention to, but she also follows and practices what she teaches.

She is very experienced at dream medicines and dream intiations, traditional folk healing, the river of life rituals and ceremonies for healing, a seer, astrologer, dream languages, mystical languages, ancient feminine mythologicst, teacher of the path of the orginal 13 moons as a living practice, stone healing, vision quests, remote viewing, out of bodies. A mol’farka, whisperer and wind whisperer (exorcist, dream huntress). She is also a sacred artist who makes traditional Slavic talisman folk dolls for healing.

Her journey began at birth and the fated intitiations started in 1987 when her out of bodies bagan and her mystical intiations, shaman wrathful dismemberment and self healing, three karmic lives purified, mastery over many disciplines and long endurance of pain of the middle and underworld, were all completed in 2019. She has been devoted to her spiritiual journey throughout her adult life by necessity and fate, to remain focused on the path of maintaining self-healing, self-disciplines, the path of purity (sobriety). This left her continually sick, bouts of homelessness, the vow of poverty, and many mundane step by step self healing to purify and dissolve her karma.

She allowed pain to become the healing fire that purified hers and risked death to prove that we can heal even the deepest sickness like cancer, mental illness and emotional destruction. A combination of Chaos, Fire & Water was her medicines (which allows pure pain to purfy the body, mind, emotional and soul karmic bodies and eventually unifies them as one over time).

She is a more intense or severe empath, and became an energy healer to understand the deeper energetic forces of self, her apprentices and clients and then eventually land and water spaces on earth. The more she personally healed each of the three main bodies, the energy of the in-between veil and the land of shadows and the underworld forces began to open. Fate then opened which led to the second half of her spiritual journey.

During these levels and processes of what she calls pressurized self-healing and working with many other talented holistic healers, master teachers of many different healing teachings, and spiritual teachings, she began to sustain her health during her shaman intiations. By the end of her forties, half her past life karma had been purified. This allowed her to work with her own students and apprentices starting in the late 90s, in the ancient tradition of the indigenous grandmothers (of all nations, including her own Slavic traditions) teaching spiritual daughters how to heal themselves and their daughters.

She has facilitated after 1993 moon circles, dream circles, women’s empowerment and healing circles, sacred ceremonies for her apprentices, and dream journeys in her home. The last twenty years she entered a more retreative life, because the veils between the waking world and the dreaming worlds began to dissolve completely and shadows were a very dangerous path as her shaman depth began to evolve. She then entered the Mystery of the sacredness of pre-patriarchal reality, within nature, the ring of fire, the overcoming of the depths of energetic and physical illusions of dreaming (both waking and night dreams), only working with her closest and most dedicated apprentices.

Everything she learned about healing, she did on herself to face death or to learn how the body heals itself and how women heal with support from other women.