Fire Water and Wind

Phoenix has learned and practiced Self-Mastery, Dreaming Mastery, Healing Mastery, Lunar Alchemy, the Alchemist and Mystical fated one, alongside learning to be very Creative, and practicing being in Harmony with natural cycles to find solutions to illness, personal truth, our own personal value system (not our parents, family or cultures), practicing responsibility, accountability, and stability. To her, this is the truth of the foundation of spiritual endeavors.

As we age, most look for the “cure” rather than the “cause” of our pain or sickness. To truly heal and heal our past at the same time, requires great self-love and self-dedication. This can be as simple as a toothache issue and its meaning, or the bigger relationship issues, spiritual energy reality, and paranormal experiences or nightmares. It’s all connected and it’s all connected personally to you if you are willing to overcome turning away from the outer and facing the inner, which surfaces fear of empowerment in the whole sense of all four bodies.

She was a fated this lifetime since birth, as a natural-born Dreamer (last level of a shaman), re-attained all her Animism Souls, Slavic Folk-Shamanism (Whisperer, Wind Whisperer, and Mol’Farka); Ancient Moon Huntress (exorcist and dream exorcist); Traditional Slavic folk healing, and Dream Medicine healer. Energy healer, Meditation Zen Teacher, Nidra Yoga, Emotional Body Healing (Rebirthing, Breathwork, Energy Work), Soul Karma facilitator (how to work with the deeper levels safely).

All of her journey for forty years allowed her to master many things of the four bodies. She teaches from experience, works with Dreaming Moon Medicines, healing the Mental Body with Healing Practices, facilitating Vision Quests, Group Soul Retrievals, Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies, Professional Astrologer, and Weather Shaman (of the electric fires, clouds, rain, and thunder, a winter drummer of the ten-thousand shocks, right out of the Slavic Folktales or as the Taoists name it.)

Commitment and Devotion to one’s Path
When one begins a serious path as a spiritual seeker, or moving forward into self-healing as a way of life, we have to start with a solid foundation regardless of how old we are. Her mastery has been to ground healthily, internal feelings of chaos or other aspects that make us feel we have no control over our life. One thing Phoenix teaches is that we are in control – be it a world of proof or a world of energetics, subtle dreaming, emotions, and mystery. If we believe in self-healing, it is a step-by-step process of the mastery of letting go, so chaos, stress, depression, anxiety, and fear, can be grounded by us and for us. Knowledge only takes us so far, then we have to build a practice around such releases and letting goes, to feel better.

Old souls are very rare on this planet, and the gifted dreamers with sensitive emotional bodies, seership, and astral traveling or out-of-bodies, are the oldest. It is they who must learn to protect this part of the self at all costs and take risks in doing so, in both waking and dreaming at night. Most of these gifted people do not take dream medicine, purity, and sober dream practices seriously – when they should. Development of these gifts can be dangerous but also they require a lot of discipline.

Some say it’s a curse to have a powerful soul and the feelings that go with it, and having real common sense. Those who must face trauma, have vivid nightmares, and suffer in any of the four bodies greatly… are on the path to the gates of the mystery, the mystical and magic in real life. This is when the physical and the non-physical life of natural inheritance of Body and Soul, meets the forces and consciousness of the earth.

Phoenix’s ancient fluid and natural gifts this lifetime is her dreaming, dream medicine, and moon medicine for herself and others, dream walking, out-of-bodies, mystical, magical, and paranormal experiences, lucidity at various levels, seership, and being a spiritual warrior, which have all been extracted from long durations of great karmic pain during her four decades of healing.

As an elder, she is now a master dream shaman and exorcist and she is currently healing her physical body from such dark energy that her fated life thrust upon her. No one goes to the underworld with full consciousness, unless your personal fate at birth brings you to such death, poisons, suffering, soul sicknesses and losses. One may touch a few nightmares, pay some karma, but not the full on purification of all your past live’s demon fragments.

She did this path of self-healing for forty years every week and month, to stay alive and to only to burn her karma from three past lives which created many issues for her this lifetime. Hell is a cold and very dark realm like the night sky but in the belly of Mother Earth. For most, Phoenix guides their chaos and struggles with sound wisdom from experience in their ordinary lives.

Her dreaming began as a very young girl having been fully conscious in her dreams at night by 1966. In astrology, the lunar nodes had a great impact on this 9-year cycle where they would swing back and forth every nine years from her Taurus south node in the 6th house, to the spiritual 12th house of her destiny, with the dreaming planets Neptune and Jupiter conjunct her north node. She lives her whole life in-between, with lucidity which then moved into seership, which then developed into grounded visions when focusing, remote viewing (both waking and dreaming), dream shape-shifting, and time jumping.

In 1975 while in high school she began doing yoga alongside her love for horses, at 17, she began her journey into astrology, studying deeply, discovering, and working with evolutionary self-development as an Aquarian. When she was mastering Zen in the mid-90s she took a break from astrology and came back to it with a deeper level of understanding. She then began to adopt Collective, Evolutionary, Karmic, and Medical Astrology as her main focus. She also has a love for the Tao and Chinese mysticism, Arabic Mansions, and Asteroids. 

At 17 she was drug raped, then stung by 100 wasps a month later, which was her first step into her initiations as a shaman (no plants).  The next initiation was brain cancer she healed herself and it took eight years. After that came the soul sicknesses and at 28, she began to get sick in her fated life which lasted until 2022, always detoxing, and at the beginning of her journey, having deep soul-sicknesses rise from three of her three past life karmic lives, and the purification processes that had begun that would remain open for a thirty-eight-year cycle.

In 1987 she began having full out-of-body experiences in the waking day and knew she had to ground during this first of three awakenings she would come to experience. Awakenings are quite painful and very distorting. But mother earth and one’s soul know what it’s doing. She got intensely sick after this period and by 1994 she was detoxing small amounts of karma that did not stop until she turned 63 years old.

She has mastered the primordial, long-forgotten mystery of the Golden Baba this lifetime, of her Slavic, Balkan, Chinese, Egyptian, and Ionian lineages of her soul, and that mystery and ancient grandmothers were all around in her visions and dreaming awake experiences. As a shaman warrior, she never invited any souls, spirits, or disembodied talking ones into her life or space, she held extremely strict boundaries on that her whole life and still does. Being an exorcist is the highest level of a shaman that is pure (non-plant) and it requires great dedication and self-healing of one’s own past lives that had created karma. She still does her collective shaman work with her very gifted apprentices who moved into their own warrior shaman capabilities as they matured.

By 1997, she moved beyond lucid and astral travel, with the additions of Shaolin martial arts, mastery of Zen meditation, slaying her mind completely, and showing real dedication to spiritual practices as a full-time fated life path in order not to die as a shaman under decades of initiations.  She fully embraced the medicines extracted from the transformation of life and death walks, called the “wrathful dismemberment”  which started when she was young, and what real shamans must endure or die if they are not purified in mind, body, soul, and emotional body.

The majority of shamans are not, they carry very dark demon soul energy but those who cannot see will not see that depth. By the time she was 6, she had many paranormal experiences, and being fully awake in dreaming saw many realities that set her path into this real very young.

When the veil dissolved completely around 42 years old in the year 2000, a daily fight or flight life began with very high stress, and with the demons everywhere around her, her fate to be an exorcist was because the veils began to drop without her ability to control it. Seeing everyone’s demon astral bodies from their past lives was horrifying in the beginning – because it was so sharp. She kept committed to her grounding, her continual sobriety of everything, disciplines and practices and doing a lot of holistic healing with other healers to keep herself together. 

Her training as an exorcist came through experiences like that, and the forces of shadows, fate, and demons who walk the earth in-between the veil which she had to exist within all three. Her life got even more difficult, as most non-drug, non-plant shamans understood, and her spiritual warrior huntress was born as the tests of her own karma threw her down to her knees. These experiences made her leave the world at 32 and live a life training dream apprentices, and dedicated to her own personal daily and weekly karmic healing journey.

She understands the holistic path very well (healing all four bodies, from having to live it), because she chose when young never to go to doctors or take medications for any illness she had gotten from her karmic purification fate and its long journey. She had many illnesses, sicknesses, and diseases including the sickness that comes from demons. Hers has been a lifetime of healing with all holistic healing modalities and world disciplines to master the self. If we start young, we are able to walk a continual path that gets a deeper and more solid foundation.

Phoenix is dedicated to her Moon work,  the cyclical experiences of living by the moon, living with nature, and the ancient grandmother Slavic ceremonies, earlier study when young of synchronicity and signs, and how to structure them with the cycles of the lunar moon each month.  The ancient pre-pagan 13-Moons is a real practice for both the emotional and soul increases of consciousness and deeper levels of awareness. If Buddhism is for the mind, this work she mastered was for the soul. She led (sober non-plant) group Shamanic Journeys, Soul Retrievals every equinox and solstice and began having mystical experiences with Mother Earth’s consciousness.

Master Dreamer (Lucid, Time Jumper, Astral Traveler, OOBs, Death OOBs, Remote Viewer of both dreaming astral bodies within waking life and night dreaming. Slavic Folk healer family/ancestral traditional healing of the elements water and fire (emotional body and soul bodies), Emotional Body Energy Healer, Evolutionary and Karmic Astrologer.

Mythologist and Master Syncronist within natural settings with nature and the consciousness of Mother Earth when she shows herself. Wisdom cycle practices, Memory, Remembrance healing, Water & Fire elements in Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies, Healing within the Birth, Transition, Death, and Rebirth Medicines.

Karma, Crisis, Death, and Chaos purification rituals and rites. Practices of the shadow-self to walk that slow path to dissolve karmic energy in a safe and disciplined way. Chaos Magic (nature-consciousness, not human), Crisis Soulwork, Karma Wise Counsel; Mastered Zen and the Tibetan Bardo for the living (applying while alive when under the death medicines); Practitioner of the I-Ching, and at present, finishing the third stage of life by walking the Tao path of the Chinese Immortal Goddesses.

Her Lunar cycle teachings (moon medicines, dreaming medicines, and self-healing practices of one’s own journey to awaken emotions that touch our souls), help guide one into a deeper understanding of their own energetic and emotional cycles each month, as a first step towards self-awareness. We cannot heal anything about ourselves until we become conscious of the issue and aware of them, and for many, that is the steps they need to develop. Finding, locating, and getting onto the cyclical spiral path of one’s intuitive and perception sides.

These are the medicines of the Spiral path (and double spiral – inner and outer path as one). Everyone is unique, and the core root of all teachings all have the same things in common. We can have many gifts in life but never truly know how to develop them in practical, personal, and meaningful ways, but focusing on our internal life, for those who are more magnetic, is of great assistance to our path in life.

Her Slavic Traditional Folk Healing (folk shamanism), along with the structuring of dreaming with cycles of the moon for healing, along with dreams, and dreaming experiences, she has weaved these into a particular way to heal very deep issues but it involves participation for decades as a commitment to healing. It’s why she worked with dedicated apprentices this lifetime and a few clients here and there who also did holistic healing.

Phoenix excels in the link between healing the Emotional Body and the Soul Body, including the Soul Animism bodies, both the shadow fragments of all of these and the true and real higher selves. Dreams and Dreaming is her first language and are applied in various ways under the guise of safety, discipline, and pure sobriety (no pot, drugs, alcohol, natural or synthetic plants) allowing one’s building of their foundation to be strong, clear, and the commitment to clarity of mind and emotional bodies.

Phoenix has worked as an energy healer of both the physical body and the emotional body for the last thirty years as a dedicated practitioner and worked with other energy healers to help dig deeper into her own wounds and past life wounds. Energy work is one of the rare gifts that support emotional permanent healing, by addressing each energetic and emotional detox with dedication and care. Once the emotional body has done a majority of permanent healing, if one wishes to further into the karmic aspects of energy, that is possible in today’s world. It’s tough work (karmic past lives) and those doors cannot be closed once opened.

Lastly, is Phoenix’s collective work as a dreamer, in which some more advanced apprentices have assisted her in the ancient Dream Huntress work she does. Weaved within all of that, are the Lunar work, living by the 13 moons as a seasonal timekeeper of nature, in rhythm and alignment to our emotional body, soul bodies, and animism bodies; in adjacent to intentional work that brings feminine consciousness forth.

Dreaming, Moon, and Remembrance
This trinity is the feminine, the soul rites of each human being if they can withstand the sobriety and disciplines required to make advancements. She was fated to endure the furthest levels of Dreaming at the far edges of the ledge of the earth, with the realms of Illusions within dreaming (light, the dark, and death rites of the underworld), to be mastered without slipping into schizophrenia as she healed her deepest past lives. Mastering out of bodies, remove viewing, seership, empathic healing, symbolism analysis, closest to the principles of the Tao. Her validation of the Grandmother’s Ancient Moon practices defining the emotional body, soul bodies, and animism soul that she came to reclaim, was through hard work, and the holistic magic of nature, not hers, for she stayed away from magic and paganism this lifetime.

“I was born a nature lover as a child and found the spiritual life early in Astrology and Yoga at the local association at 17 while still in high school, and began yoga at 19 years old in 1977. I was dedicated to those as a first step. I still do astrological readings and Astro work for my collective work. I was beginning to experience my first natural out of bodies (no plants or drugs because I’ve led a sober life) in 1987 and there was no one I knew or read of that had these experiences sober.

“I have always been interested in all cultural spiritual disciplines after that, the ones that could help me ground the chaos of intense karmic purifications. And practices of self-mastery disciplines, starting seriously in my early 30s. These were done out of necessity and helped me stay grounded, emotionally and mentally balanced, and in some ways in the beginning, stay alive as the wrathful dismemberment started. I underwent my entire life as a shaman initiate and karmic purification. I carefully built, one board at a time, of a timeless bridge from there to cross the veil with consciousness and stability, in order to fulfill my purpose and fate this lifetime from 17 years old until the initiations ended at 63 years old.” ~Phoenix

Astrologer and the Lunar Path
Phoenix is a practicing professional Evolutionary, Karmic, Lunar Nodes, and Holistic Astrologer with side studies of Middle Eastern and Chinese Astrology. She uses astrology to help guide her clients into the deeper cycles of changes since most of her work has been Crisis work. Astrology is a mastery tool when you understand the right combination of karma and houses (how it plays out in one’s life and how long the cycles will last to endure such pain).

In astrology, the symbolism she walks is the nature of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Her Luminaries are ruled by these out planets and this lifetime the challenge of those on one’s personal life required great endurance. She has a north node conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in the 12th House in the sign of Scorpio and death was a requirement in order to pass all the tests to reach that fated destiny. These three planets are a reminder that we only have so much control in our life until something greater occurs and we soon learn that we do not control everything about our life, regardless of how positive we are. These are the greatest lessons the outer planets have taught her in her journey.

Phoenix’s Moon Work and its dedication started with her deep interest in the Astrological Moon. But after a while, she saw that the depth was not there and with her apprentices began to do Moon Rituals for healing. She had to let astrology go at this time of her life, in order to begin to saturate herself with the real cycles of the moon, to unlearn what astrology teaches about the moon.

The Lunar or Moon mystical and mystery of synchronistic began her deep mirror work with intention work at her first goddess circles in her home with some very dedicated women in the early nineties each month. This eventually led to the late 90s to the start her work with a handful of gifted dreamer apprentices.

The path of the real 13 moons of the yearly season path as a practice – she began to teach this ancient practice to her students ad experience in the sky of the 13th actual moon around 2014. She now charts the dates and has lived by the Seasons of the Moon since 1998 full time.

She lives by the ancient wheel of the moon’s two seasonal shifts: The Season of Fire (Spring and Summer Moons) and the Season of Night (Autumn and Winter Moons) which are older than the pagan paths and into how the ancient grandmother shamans worked. She let go of time around 2001 and began to live fully by the cycles of the moon as a way of life. Ceremonialist and protector of her apprentice dreamers and much more. Her goddess’s circles then evolved with her apprentices into her Shaman Dream Circles. 

Sobriety spirituality and devotional spirituality were necessary for her and her apprentices, and some clients, to master the purification processes of ancient spiral medicine to heal karma. The deeper she went in, the darker the extractions became, leading to a fight-or-flight lifetime.

Mystical Mystic & Dream Alchemist
Phoenix is also a devout artist her whole life, one who also loves the path of Divination, mastering Symbolism, a  Mythologist, and a Talisman and Effigy Artist. These all have brought in layers of creative knowledge that helped explain her experiences, by understanding the past through her three past life’s purification processes. She has had at least four hundred mystical experiences that all weaved into one great mystery story, and as elder, as grandmother spider weavers of fate understand, as bone mothers live out the warrior, and as shaman grandmothers wield such power, she has attained it all. She has also remained very grounded, very much out of the limelight, and honored greatly her simple mundane life with her vow of poverty for decades.

This lifetime started when she was young, which made from a great thirst, to study mythology to put them into the perspective of the oldest human stories of the goddess and the grandmothers before that. She went further back in time in her out of bodies and journeys to the primeval grandmother shaman and grandmother dreamer clans before that.

Her Slavic family’s ancestral traditions along with her fated life are the lineages of the gifts of the Mol’farka (Ukraine), and the Polish traditions of Whisperer or Sheptukha (folk healer) and Wind Whisperer (exorcist). Since her childhood, she was driven by fate, into spiritual paths and their depths out of the necessity of freedom from pain, soul-sicknesses, and nature’s challenges upon her.

Through the more extreme purification processes, this developed along the way, her gifts, her healed and transformed self, returned her many animism souls, and the unfolding devotion to the purification processes of real death and rebirth paths.

She also took a vow of poverty and a vow to never write a book this lifetime, nor do workshops, and would remain behind the scenes, so she would not be distracted off the path of her personal healing, karmic healing, and self-awakenings month after month and year after year. 

“The symbol in Chinese for Crisis (death and rebirth) is made up of two ideographs: The first means danger, the second, opportunity”

“As a Shaman, I know firsthand, the vast differences between Shaman and Shamanism that were not taught in books, workshops, and circles since 1979. I worked with myself under nature’s initiations, and my apprentices as the next step of my learning and evolution, and was very careful because real shamanism or being in the space of a real shaman, is a very dangerous path when one’s energy holds shamanizing qualities.”

The ancient spiral mirror discipline is a large part of her work, working with the moon and the reflections in life we don’t wish to face. It’s all revealed in this type of feminine mysticism of ancient female mysteries and teachings. But we cannot heal anything we are not aware ofAwareness then becomes the focus through the development of the observer, which she dedicated to that goal.

In her dreaming life, her Slavic Ancestors were one of the last tribes alive to sleep all winter long. In the northern areas of Russia, ancient people were called
 “the sleeping or hibernating people of the north” and they would remain asleep like bears for the whole winter season after harvest. This is a leftover tribe from the dreaming cultures which was before shamanism. Reclaiming this level of dreaming takes one’s whole life with great dedication and one Phoenix embraced, and has walked through until the end.

Photo of Phoenix’s yearly Slavic Marzanna Ritual… Her work imparts not only upon herself but those she works with, a commitment to deep creativity, spiritual warriorship, a focus on both personal strengths through undoing and healing struggles and fears, and emotional weaknesses, paying attention to reflections of the mirror teachings, and total sobriety of everything.

Visions came easily and she didn’t misuse her gift or miss the opportunities to strengthen them. It’s about the freedom from the mental body like the Buddhists teach in their practices, and recognizing the elusiveness and hidden aspects of the emotional body’s healing, so the soul and how it communicates through dreams, can be very clear, hence the sober path, and in both its dark side and its light.

The Slavic River of Life, I would come to find out through my journey was in alignment with the Sacred Grandmothers of the Shamanic and Dreaming eras, under the actual 13 Moons, Dreaming with Intention, and mastery of the feminine, energy work, the emotional body, and its counterpart the soul, grew out of her first of three awakening experiences, in 1987 (the day of the harmonic convergence), with a full out-of-body during the waking day. She has had monthly mystical experiences since birth and focused on the importance of self-healing, right relationships, the creative life as an artist, healing ceremonies, and dissolving her three karmic lives through pain (wrathful dismemberment).

“We were a small group worldwide during the first harmonic convergence which lead many of us to change our lives completely. Many began to experience soul-sickness also, and soul-shifting, spiritual awakenings because there are generally more than one, and of course personal chaos, me included.” She made conscious choices in her early adult life with three important choices…

1. To disregard hope and superstition to get down to the business of living, changing, and growing without ties to previous patriarchal taught spiritual teachings; 2. She left all spiritual, pagan, and religious patriarchal teachings of the grandfather in the dominance of the mind-body teachings and philosophies around those;

3. She allowed complete destruction to ravish her as she went deeper and deeper into her karma, including a vow of poverty to not be distracted by power, money or fame and to never share written content until her forty-year initiations were completed. Those were completed in 2020 and she opened this website to write articles of her experiences weaved from the oral traditions into wisdom teachings (along with her lunar work-study for the general public.)

Phoenix weaved all of her experiences, creative spiritual practices, disciplines, seership, energy healing, meditation, vision quests, emotional body healing, and the safe and grounded way to burn and purify karma that for anyone is painful but progressive. She devoted to understanding and returning the ancient Lunar practices of the grandmother’s wisdom of the real 13 actual Moons of nature’s seasonal year into her working path. 

In her long-enduring initiations of death, transformations and rebirths, she brought back the primordial cycles of the 13 moon medicines under the shamanic realities of healing which was one of her life’s work: The Spiral or Chaos Medicines of Transformation, Death, and Rebirth of the soul and spirit and its connection through our emotional body’s incarnation while giving the mind, less power and keeping her body as healthy as she could.

Always having taught very small sacred circles in the oral traditions in her home, she worked in service with select (quality over quantity) of students and apprentices, for three decades and is now into her fourth and focusing on healing her physical body from the damages as an out of body shaman and exorcist and one who has experienced a few deaths. Dedicating her healing journey, her collective work as a dream-walking shaman, and her very personal family that had a lot of karma and destruction.

Phoenix honors her own traditional Slavic healing gifts (peasant not pagan) of ceremony, of the wild winds, the spirit of the horse four directions, and goddess and grandmother rites, and applies them to those who must walk the very weary and scary path, of the frontier within the self, and the consciousness of dreaming which reveals both the unseen and the mystery of the ancient feminine, of nature, and her own mysticism, self-mastery, and mystery.

Now as an elder, with a trained mind, and deep compassion, all emotional issues healed and dissolved, the constant work at keeping the body pure and sober, and her karma all dissolved and purified for the last six decades, has enabled her skills to be a living and natural magic in the forms of her living relationship to all relationships, nature, birds, animals, the energetics of what nature shows her, people, the elements and more. Anyone can dedicate to their best selves if they are willing to sacrifice and let go of what the soul karma urges us to keep in our life. It’s not easy letting it go.

She mastered Zen meditation to heal her mind which had already experienced two nervous breakdowns and did not want a third and final one that would leave her paralyzed. She completed her 8 vision quests, and twenty-five years of sweat lodges, and survive the wrathful dismemberment as a shaman. She’s worked with stone massage, wildflower essence healing, Slavic water charming with flowers, Slavic Folk ceremonies, seer readings, a practitioner of the I-Ching, Tao, and Qi jing practitioner. A devout study of the applications of Chinese, Arabic, and Mediterranean Mythologist and her own Slavic, Balkan, and Baltic traditions of healing and mythology of the grandmothers (not paganism).

She attained dreaming medicines, dream initiations, vision quests etc. throughout her life, mostly alone because of what real karma looks like as it rises from the ethers. That led to a life of spiritual retreat. For the last thirteen years, she then entered the mystery of the sacredness of pre-patriarchal reality, within and all around the veils of earth, the veils of nature, animals, oceans, and birds opening at random times in certain moon cycles. Now the darkness roamed the veils in between and she had to master both dark animism attacks, shape-shifting sorcerers, and demon attacks not only across the veil in dreaming but in waking life as well. 

See Services for current work.

Images of Phoenix… The shaman headdress she wears at group soul retrievals;  her traditional yearly Marzanna Ritual (that she evolved into all four seasons and not associated with men’s paganism). Summer Solstice Ceremony with Students in the Season of Fire (spring and summer).