Phoenix the Elder was fated this lifetime, since birth to walk the path of the Dreamer, which is the last levels of a Mol’Farka, Whisperer and Wind Whisperer (exorcist or what was called in ancient cultures, the huntress of the moon of woman’s traditions). She is a master dreamer and has completed her forty years of the  wrathful dismemberment.

A traditional folk healer, astrologer, synchronist, mythologist, oral traditional teachings, energy healer, reader, seer (oracle), holder of power during journeys, 13-Moon living lunar path, dream and gate keeper, psychopomp and sacred talisman and amulet artist.

Her journey this lifetime was fated and focused on self-healing, karmic purifications that took up most of her path and life. She walked her spiritual journey through the power of sobriety, learning many world disciplines, mastering Zen and the Bardo over a lifetime out of pure necessity, through clarity of understanding the limits and dangers of perception when they open. She also  dedicated to purity (no alcohol, drugs, medications, pot, plant medicines) as a path to keep her mind, body and emotional body pure and clear. Her journey started at 17 in 1975 and completed in 2020.

In the traditions of all indigenous grandmothers of all nations, including her own Slavic nations, she entered the mythical Ring of Fire, a fate that was to master dreaming, out of bodies, exorcism, remote viewing, and when she set aside all human teachings in the 1990s, she asked mother earth and her mystery to teach her.

Phoenix has worked with students and apprentices from 1998 until 2018 and is now on a three-year break until Midsummer of 2023.