Phoenix the Elder

Phoenix walks quite a few paths weaved into wholeness, she is a Dreamer (last level of shaman) and has experienced the shaman’s deaths and the mystical transformations called the “wrathful dismemberment” this lifetime which started when she was young. By the time she was 28, she began to have the soul-sicknesses rise from past life karmic purifications that were needed, and ten years later, the veil dissolved, which lasted in a 42-year cycle.

By sixty, this long life’s journey began to come to its completion, a fated life that allowed her to focus on “permanent healing, karmic purification, and crisis healing” as a living experience.  She knows that the holistic path is not an easy path to walk, it’s traditionally known as an ancient Birth, Transformation, Death, and Rebirth healing in whatever teachings on earth that you partake in. She has done this self-healing consistently on herself, with a focus on the purification of all four bodies.

Her Slavic traditional folk healing (folk shamanism), along with the structuring of dreaming with cycles of the moon in relationship to nature’s four seasons. She facilitates relational dreaming, not as a knowledge tool or spiritual practice only, but as an applied art to heal very deep issues. She teaches the utilization of Mirror Mastery which has three levels (a complex system of the soul itself, and its manifestation of the symbolism and signs of a waking path integrated with the dreaming path).

In her relational Soul teachings, she is a master symbolist, mirror medicines, and mythologist who speaks many esoteric languages,  applied in various ways under the guise of safety, discipline, and pure sobriety (everything including plants) allowing one’s building of their foundation to be strong, and the commitment to clarity of mind and emotional bodies, and of fire to purify the self. With others, she has focused on the ability to withstand difficult changes or sicknesses.

She has taken both light apprentices, dark apprentices, and those in between to master skills through self-disciplined and self-healing journeys. The grounded, safe and mundane practices are needed for the true mystery of one’s spiritual nature, and of one’s self-healing work as a journey.

Her fated work this lifetime is a few things, personally it’s her Slavic ancestral shaman and traditional folk healing work, which allows deeper processes to manifest so you can become aware of what ails you. We cannot heal anything about ourselves that we are not aware of. Her second is interpersonal teaching and healing work with students and those who pass the two years of endurance have the opportunity to become an apprentice.

Lastly is her collective work as a dreamer, in which some more advanced apprentices have assisted her in the ancient Dream Huntress work she does. Weaved within all of that, are the Lunar work, living by the 13 moons as a seasonal timekeeper of nature, in rhythm and alignment to our emotional body, soul bodies, and animism bodies; in adjacent to intentional work that brings feminine consciousness forth.

In Discordian Magic, of the Goddess Eris, the process is when you set the self-tasks for structuring and enduring personal chaos and the pain of purification, one step at a time, eventually bringing one’s shadow out to the surface. Alongside her journey of the self through these decades-long paths, she also did the same to her community and then as a dreamer in many parts of the world, especially the binding energies of the past.

Phoenix incorporated journeys and purification through both her Slavic family’s traditional past of Folk Healing for its grounding and safe passages along with her many accomplishments of mastering various world cultural spiritual disciplines such as the death rites of the Tibetan Bardo and Zen Meditation for survival this lifetime.

She was fated to endure the furthest levels of Dreaming, the realms of Illusions within dreaming (light, the dark, and death rites of the underworld), out of bodies, remove viewing, seership, empathic healing, symbolism analysis, closest to the principles of the Tao. Lastly, the thirty years of monthly mastery of the grandmother’s Ancient Moon practices define the emotional body, soul bodies, and animism soul’s natures needed for four-body unity that all true female shamans and female mystics must complete. This is wholistic magic. 

A traditional Slavic folk healer, dream walker, and master teacher of dreams or dreaming medicine to her devoted apprentices; healer within the birth, transformation, death, and rebirth medicines. She mastered lucidity, remote-viewing of both astral bodies, astral travel, out of bodies, lastly death out of bodies, and time-jumping by the late 00s. The more her past-life karmic astral bodies were dissolved through her pain and suffering, her soul’s power increased (returning pre-karmic higher souls), and thus the ability of weather shape-shifting, ancient huntress of the moon and the true ancient meanings and experiences of ancient chaos magic (nature’s and her relationship), and a relationship with the consciousness of mother earth.

“I was born a nature lover as a child and found the spiritual life early in Astrology and Yoga at the local association at 17 while still in high school, and began yoga at 19 years old in 1977. I was dedicated to those as a first step. I still do astrological readings and Astro work for my collective work. I was beginning to experience my first natural out of bodies (no plants or drugs because I’ve led a sober life) in 1987 and there was no one I knew or read of that had these experiences sober.

I have always been interested in all cultural spiritual disciplines after that, and practices of self-mastery disciplines, starting seriously in my early 30s. These were done out of necessity and helped me stay grounded, emotionally and mentally balanced, and in some ways in the beginning, stay alive as the wrathful dismemberment started. I underwent my entire life as a shaman initiate and karmic purification. I carefully built, one board at a time, of a timeless bridge from there to cross the veil with consciousness and stability, in order to fulfill my purpose and fate this lifetime from 17 years old until the initiations ended at 63 years old.” ~Phoenix

Phoenix is a practicing professional Evolutionary, Karmic, Lunar Nodes, and Holistic Astrologer. Master Energy Healer, Master Symbolist, Mythologist, and Talisman Artist. She has had at least five hundred mystical experiences which made her study mythology to put them into the perspective of the oldest human stories of the goddess. She went further back in time in her out of bodies and journeys to the primeval grandmother shaman and grandmother dreamer clans before that.

She began her Lunar or Moon mystical synchronistic intention work at her first goddess circles in her home with some very dedicated women in the early nineties each month. This eventually lead in the late 90s to the start of her work with a handful of gifted dreamer apprentices. The path of the real 13 moons of the yearly season path as a practice – she began to teach this ancient practice to her students.

She lives by the ancient wheel of the moon’s two seasonal shifts: The Season of Fire (Spring and Summer Moons) and the Season of Night (Autumn and Winter Moons) which are older than the pagan paths and into how the ancient grandmother shamans worked. She let go of time around 2001 and began to live fully by the cycles of the moon as a way of life. Ceremonialist and protector of her apprentice dreamers and much more. Her goddess’s circles then evolved with her apprentices into her Shaman Dream Circles. 

Sobriety spirituality and devotional spirituality were necessary for her to master the purification processes of ancient spiral medicine. The deeper she went in, the darker it became, leading to a fight-or-flight lifetime.

Her Slavic family’s ancestral traditions along with her fated life are the lineages of the gifts of the Mol’farka (Ukraine), and the Polish traditions of Whisperer or Sheptukha (folk healer) and Wind Whisperer (exorcist). Since her childhood, she was driven by fate, into spiritual paths and their depths out of the necessity of freedom from pain, soul-sicknesses, and nature’s challenges upon her.

Through the more extreme purification processes, this developed along the way, her gifts, her healed and transformed self, returned her many animism souls, and the unfolding devotion to the purification processes of real death and rebirth paths.

Fated and bound at birth to a mystical life, she also wanted to be free and rejected three thousand years of grandfather’s or men’s teachings. She wanted nature and the feminine of the earth to teach her the mysteries and herstories of women before the patriarch. It was quite frightening but one she had to do alone after a certain point. She has not spent much time in public life or the world because of her own long personal healing journey which opened up her karmic purification journey in the late 90s. When the demonic energy rose all around her because she pierced the veil of her own karmic past lives, it became a matter of life and death.

She also took a vow of poverty and a vow to never write a book, nor do workshops, so she would not be distracted off the path of her personal healing, karmic healing, and self-awakenings month after month and year after year. After ten years of this, and working with apprentices, she knew it was time to take karmic dark apprentices which began in 2005,  rather than just light apprentices.

“The symbol in Chinese for Crisis (death and rebirth) is made up of two ideographs: The first means danger, the second, opportunity”

In astrology, this symbolism is the nature of Neptune and Pluto. These are a reminder that we have control in our life until something greater occurs and we soon learn that we do not control everything about our life, regardless of how positive we are. We can choose to turn a personal crisis into an opportunity for awakening or healing, and these have no outer rewards in life that people are used to. Or we can turn it into a negative experience that feeds fear and gives fear a more powerful grip on your future.

“As a Shaman, I know firsthand, the vast differences between Shaman and Shamanism that were not taught in books, workshops, and circles since 1979. I worked with myself under nature’s initiations, and my apprentices as the next step of my learning and evolution, and was very careful because real shamanism or being in the space of a real shaman, is a very dangerous path when one’s energy holds shamanizing qualities.”

The ancient spiral mirror discipline is a large part of her work, working with the moon and the reflections in life we don’t wish to face. It’s all revealed in this type of feminine mysticism of ancient female mysteries and teachings. But we cannot heal anything we are not aware ofAwareness then becomes the focus through the development of the observer, which she dedicated to that goal.

In her dreaming life, her Slavic ancestors were one of the last to sleep all winter. In the northern areas of Russia, ancient people were called
 “the sleeping or hibernating people of the north” and they would remain asleep like bears for the whole winter season after harvest. This is a leftover tribe from the dreaming cultures which was before shamanism.

This is when they dreamed fully with their soul that long (12 weeks or so), and in uninterrupted states. When Phoenix’s disciplines and vision quests reached higher levels of holding still, the realms broke open and she began to sleep a lot. She moved to Seattle to be in a dreamy place where she knew no one. She worked as a temp to survive and that gave her opportunities to work for a few weeks, make money to pay rent and then take off and sleep for weeks at a time. It was necessary because Neptune was conjunct her Sun and five other planets in a T-Square and initiated her into the dreaming. 

These Slavic indigenous tribes phased out around the 11th century because the middle ages were coming when the wrath of religion set the fire out to eradicate any tribes of ancient times and their ancient knowledge, especially those that held the ancient dreamer’s spiral understandings. Reclaiming this level of dreaming takes one’s whole life with great dedication and one Phoenix has walked through each day for thirty years.

Phoenix’s yearly Slavic Marzanna Autumn through Spring Equinox Day Ritual. The Shaman and Folk Shaman’s version of Marzanna is much deeper, it protects the builder of the effigy, and the land or space she lives on and is vital when one is an exorcist. This is a very ancient ritual and not tha close to the current festival one. Her Marzanna from 2021.

This work is about deep creativity, spiritual warriorship, focusing on both personal strengths through undoing and healing struggles and fears, emotional weaknesses, paying attention to reflections of the mirror teachings, and total sobriety of everything. As a natural dreamer, visions came easily and she didn’t misuse her gift or miss the opportunities to strengthen them. It’s about the freedom from the mental body like the Buddhists teach in their practices, and recognizing the elusiveness and hidden aspects of the emotional body’s healing, so the soul and how it communicates through dreams, can be very clear, hence the sober path, and in both its dark side and its light.

Self-love is about finding your own story, your own real-life story, your past life story, your dreaming stories, and your spiritual uniqueness through your changes each season. Intention, creativity, and dreaming as a trinity through the cycles of each one of the thirteen moons is a very powerful ancient rite and guide that we can walk every moon cycle.”

The Slavic River of Life, 13 Moons, Dreaming with Intention, and mastery of the feminine, energy work, the emotional body, and its counterpart the soul, grew out of her first of three awakening experiences, in 1987 (the day of the harmonic convergence), with a full out-of-body during the waking day. She has had monthly mystical experiences since birth and focused the importance on self-healing, right relationships, the creative life as an artist, healing ceremonies, and dissolving her three karmic lives through the pain (wrathful dismemberment).

“We were a small group worldwide during the first harmonic convergence which lead many of us to change our lives completely. Many began to experience soul-sickness also, and soul-shifting, spiritual awakenings because there are generally more than one, and of course personal chaos, me included.”

Not everyone from that group took the devout ancient path of self-healing, self-mastery, and total sobriety for clarity of mind, body, emotional body, and self-discipline along the journey but took the new age path instead.

She made conscious choices in her early adult life with three important choices… 1. To disregard hope and superstition in order to get down to the business of living, changing, and growing without ties to previous patriarchal taught spiritual teachings; 2. She left all spiritual, pagan, and religious patriarchal teachings of the grandfather in the dominance of the mind-body teachings and philosophies around those; 3. She allowed complete destruction to ravish her as she went deeper and deeper into her karma, including a vow of poverty to not be distracted by power, money or fame and to never share written content until her forty-year initiations were completed. Those were completed in 2020 and she opened this website to write articles of her experiences weaved from the oral traditions into wisdom teachings (along with her lunar work-study for the general public.)

Phoenix weaved all of her experiences, creative spiritual practices, disciplines, seership, energy healing, meditation, vision quests, emotional body healing, the safe and grounded way to burn and purify karma that for anyone is painful but progressive. She devoted to understanding and returning the ancient Lunar practices of the grandmother’s wisdom of the real 13 actual Moons of nature’s seasonal year into her working path. 

In her long-enduring initiations of death, transformations and rebirths, she brought back the primordial cycles of the 13 moon medicines under the shamanic realities of healing which was one of her life’s work: The Spiral or Chaos Medicines of Transformation, Death, and Rebirth of the soul and spirit and its connection through our emotional body’s incarnation while giving the mind, less power and keeping her body as healthy as she could.

Always having taught very small sacred circles in the oral traditions in her home, she worked in service with select (quality over quantity) of students and apprentices, for three decades and now into her fourth. Dedicating her own healing journey, her collective work as a dream-walking shaman, and her personal family that had a lot of karma and destruction.

Phoenix’s incarnation was fated this lifetime, as an Aquarian to bring into real proof of both the light and dark in its form that is personal: Both Karma (astral bodies of one’s past lives), and revolutionize the boundaries of opening the non-embodied reality to burn karma through any means possible. Creativity, discipline, sobriety, and letting go of patriarch’s ideas of healing. There is so much more that she has experienced over her lifetime.

For Phoenix, this cost her everything this lifetime, and even this lifetime she cannot teach it all because she had to live it… as some shamans undergo the death process over the years, to go back into the true past beyond their mental astral body. She spent most of her life practicing, disciplining, growing and retreating like the phases of the 13 Moons. Dreaming is her first language because she was born without the ability to do math or comprehension of reading and after a lifetime of experiences, decided to share her stories (which were always in the oral, in-person tradition at her home), she opened this website for her few clients, students, and apprentices.

Phoenix also honors her own traditional Slavic healing gifts (peasant not pagan) and applies them to those who must walk the very weary and scary path, of the frontier within the self, and the consciousness of dreaming which reveals both the unseen and the mystery of the ancient feminine, of nature, and her own mysticism, self-mastery, and mystery.

Pagan eras were led by both men and grandfathers, but the Pre-pagan eras were led by the wisdom of the Grandmother and this wisdom is from love. Phoenix walked away from all patriarch’s knowledge when she was very young in order to begin the process of purification for her karmic extractions. “When I was growing stronger from such guidance, I began to share my life and journey with apprentices and students over the last thirty years and I have seen them grow and heal.”

The sea of awareness is huge in our journey and those into it ten years are less can be hypnotized into things like new age philosophy that does not really serve their soul. It’s fine for those who only want Knowledge-Spiritual paths or Social-Spiritual paths, but for the true initiates, spirituality is much deeper, its a mystery that requires discipline, caution, and step-by-step for a long time. The self as a commitment to change and experience deaths, transformations, and rebirths without faltering. 

Now as an elder, with a trained mind, deep compassion, constant work at keeping the body pure and sober, and her karma all dissolved and purified for six decades, has enabled her skills to be a living and natural magic in the forms of her living relationship to nature, birds, animals, the energetics of what nature shows her, people, the elements and more.

She worked with the River of Life teachings when she was young, gaining ancient wisdom as a dreamer-shaman and weather shapeshifting (shaman). She didn’t want to control the weather, her fate was to become it. As a Dreamer (last level of a shaman), Mystic, in service to nature’s magic by nature (not human magic), then attained her Slavic Folk Healing mysteries. She has worked full time since her early thirties and now in her mid-sixties, has taken the less active role as a wise-elder teacher. Only those who are sober (of everything), can work with her as a master teacher.

A master dreamer, dream teacher, master symbolist, dream walker, time jumper, mythologist, lunar-synchronist, empath-healer, energy healer, grounder of chaos, karmic soul initiator, a seer in waking and dreaming, remote viewer of both mental astral body and soul astral body, reclaimed her ancient animism souls, meditation teacher, oracle seer, and exorcist in waking and night dreaming and a few other paths in her full-time work.

Phoenix has done so many disciplines from world teachings and began with yoga when she was 18 years old (until she was 42). During that time she studied Astrology and began giving counsel, she studied Metaphysics at an organized school, she joined many goddess circles until 1995 when she started her first women’s goddess circle, then a dreaming circle ten years later, then shamanic circles to lead journeys.

She also began to meditate, completed 8 vision quests, twenty-five years of sweat lodges, she mastered Zen and the Bardo in order to survive the wrathful dismemberment as a shaman.

Phoenix divides the Spiritual Path Practitioners into four groups of Mind, Body, Emotions, and Soul, of the manifestations of their spiritual journey, including her own journey into all four…

She moved into the discipline of Dreaming when her visions became weekly and the veil began to drop between night dreaming and the visions during the day. She began to astral travel around 1987, and experience out of bodies by the late 80s, and they peaked around 2012. After completing her mind-body spiritual disciplines around 2001, she began a monthly practice of going to various healers of many modalities in order to endure the suffering of her initiations. She still goes to healers til this day but not as often.

In the mid-90s, she completed her zero thought at will Zen training, and then the Mastery of the Death Bardo in the 00s. Before covid, she led large groups of shamanic mystical journeys and shamanic soul healing journeys for a few decades. She is a pure shaman who can vision (and has never used plants, drugs, alcohol, pot or hallucinogenics of any kind, because they would have diluted and destroyed her gift this lifetime and as an exorcist, destroyed her chances at her dedication to burn off through pain, three karmic lifetimes.) She has also never worked with those who do plants that enhance visioning.

She’s worked with stone massage, wildflower essence healing, Slavic water charming with flowers, Slavic Folk ceremonies, seer readings, practicioner of the I-Ching, Tao, and Qi jing practitioner. A devout study of the applications of Chinese, Arabic, and Mediterranean Mythologist and her own Slavic, Balkan and Baltic traditions of healing and mythology of the grandmothers (not paganism).

This long spiritual journey led her to the doorways of her dreaming and the dream medicines as a dream walker, time jumper, and dream huntress by profession (the ancient exorcist traditions). By 2001, she had burned off enough karma through pure pain, that her deeper purpose in spiritual terms began to manifest. She had no choice but to be fully committed to a life of self-healing, learning disciplines from many different types of spiritual disciplines worldwide, anything to heal the soul wrathful dismemberment pain and deaths.

She attained dreaming medicines, dream initiations, vision quests etc. throughout her life, mostly alone because of what real karma looks like as it rises from the ethers. That led to a life of spiritual retreat.

The purification process was through great dedication of her karma and that loss, grief, pain, and suffering lasted from 1975-2020 when all three past-life karmic lives were dissolved and completed. This made Phoenix a dream huntress in the ancient tradition, a spiritual warrior, and a natural dreamer and chose never to alter reality but allow it to bend her until she broke (free).

Her longest devotion this lifetime is the mastery of dreaming and dream walking and overcoming illusions and projections in dreams, and the longest dedication to the 13 moon’s path, living by the moon as a seasonal guide as the ancients did, doing lunar ceremonies, shamanic lunar ceremonies, the simple and complex path of the awakening of the emotional body and its connections to the soul bodies (astral bodies of the mental body, the soul bodies, and animism bodies).

She returned cautiously and step by step to the ancient ways of the shaman and dreamer grandmothers reality deep within her remembrance (when enough karmic purification was dissolved), and taught it strictly to dedicated women apprentices who were serious about their path as dreamers (quality over quantity). As she was entering midlife around 40 years old, the depth began to appear on her path, and she added dreaming to her circle and moon goddess work and entered into the fire of the shaman, leading journeys, and sharing ancient teachings of the grandmothers. 

She was meeting mystical initiations in waking and dreaming and was living a life ofa “do” or “die”, the path of the fight or flight for a grueling twenty-two-year period, the pure deaths and rebirths over and over again in cyclical time and prepared with spiritual disciplines twenty years before that. One day in hell or the underworld lasts 1000 years and its endurance is surviving death.

For the last thirteen years, she then entered the mystery of the sacredness of pre-patriarchal reality, within and all around the veils of earth, the veils of nature, animals, oceans, and birds opening at random times in certain moon cycles. Now the darkness roamed the veils in between and she had to master both dark animism attacks, shape-shifting sorcerers, and demon attacks not across the veil in dreaming but in waking life as well. 

After a long life lived committed to self-enlightenment and self-healing, Phoenix still follows this common sense and grounded ancient spiritual paths as a practice and integrated, leaving her wiser and very healthy. “Our journey to healing karmically has a window of opening, between 30 and 60 years old, but our lifetime of healing continues before that and until our final death.”

Her two specialties are Cycles (signs, synchronicity, and its pure magic) and the Cycle of the Moon coinciding with the cycles of Dreams, Dreaming and Dreamtime and its complex synchronicities in waking animism, and languages (which are her first language) including the most difficult which is the Illusion and Mirror teachings. She has mastered Chaos Magic, has dedicated her lifetime, to living by the seasonal moon cycles and lunar changes, studying and becoming prolific in her own ancient stories, both karma and light; her clients, students, and apprentices’ stories and how these relate to mythology, symbolism, synchronicities, signs and mirror work, and how to integrate them into cyclical work with the soul’s walk with our mind, body and emotional body.

Her work for herself and dedicated students are the ancient feminine moon work and mythology taking real forms, the wisdom from the ancient artists, dancers, painters, singers who told folk stories of real living mysticism. She brought this into a living circle and began to lead and facilitate women circles, goddess circles, dreaming circles, and shaman journeys to help extract their stories from their own souls and those women who joined in the circle over the years grew and matured spiritually because of it. Now as an Elder, her focus is not much hands-on healing or group soul retrieval or magical journeys anymore, but the wisdom teachings and her collective work as a dreamer. 

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